Roberts will be in Toronto, either way

According to, Florida Panthers winger Gary Roberts plans to be in Toronto next season, whether or not the team trades him.Roberts told Panthers GM Mike Keenan that he is leaving Florida for Toronto, either to play for the Leafs or retire.

Should Roberts retire, his entire $2.25 million salary would go against the Panthers’ salary cap.

While the Leafs sit back and wait, Keenan plans to assess his roster before making a decision.

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  1. leafstopgun says:

    dont want him well i dont personally 2.5 not worth 40 games i bet he plays just retire please

  2. rollinfatty says:

    IF…Roberts was to stay healthy he might be good for up to 20 goals….probably not. He has alot of plus sides as he is a tremendous leader…and a workout addict. At is current age he is still healthier than most of these junior leafs they’re bringing in. I wish toronto would pay florida to buy him out and then trade him…we can’t handle the cap space but he would help Jeff O’neill tremendously and none of those ottawa blowouts would have occured with Roberts’ leadership…..I don’t think. He was Keff O’neil’s mentor in carolina and he would get the maple leafs into good shape as he did in his previous time here.Can a player retire then sign with a team…i think so…he should do that. Otherwise he is too expensive.

  3. phat_cat says:

    if he retires florida would retain his rights for the remainder of his current contract, which means if he comes out of retirement this year he would have to go back to florida! We saw the same situation a few years ago with hasek coming out of retierment and he had to go into detroit because they still had his rights. that was the year he and cujo both had to be in Hockeytown!

  4. detn8r says:

    It is very interesting. Obviously Roberts cannot actually play for Toronto as he is still in a legal contract and owned by Florida. Ferguson isn’t likely to pick up over $2-million on a player older than 40.. I believe he learned that with Belfour. My views on this situation are, Keenan wants to trade him (obviously), Toronto doesn’t want the burden of health issues and money so the best solution, especially for Keenan (if Roberts pushes for retirement) is to buy him out. Toronto would obviously then sign him for much less (because they now have the upper hand in the contract negotiation).

    Ferguson knows what to do.. let’s see how Keenan does it.

  5. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    would it be a risk? sure,

    can the leafs sign anyone better at 2.25 million, not a hope, unless carter agrees to sign for that amount. cap space is limited, so it might be an ok trade, but keenan will want the trde to benefit him, or he’ll just let roberts retire

  6. detn8r says:

    Uh, I don’t think so. Why would Keenan pay the entire $2.25-million for him to retire when he can buy him out for cheaper?

    I don’t think Keenan would go thr rute: “if we can’t have you, nor can Toronto.. na na na boo boo”.

  7. lukeleim says:

    pshh trader gill for roberts; haha

    gill is garbage, ive watched him play in boston; to be completely honest i think berg is better.

  8. Teppy1954 says:

    I believe that Gary Roberts is at this point a necessity in the Leafs dressing room. We have a very young team with certain veterans that have struggled in the last year. Sundin’s leadership style is rather laid back. Roberts tends to motivate. That and given his physical fitness levels and nutritional leadership, he would be a definite plus in the dressing room, age or no age. Aside from all else, one more season in a Leaf uniform and then he retires and begins the process of becoming part of the coaching staff.

  9. jayhabsjay says:

    leafs suck but at least they’re trying to improve. unlike the habs

  10. Scottman75 says:

    If JFJ can make Keenan eat a good chunck of Roberts’ salary, why not pick him up? He would work out better than Lindros did most likely, and would definately be a better mentor to the younger guys on the team.

    Either way the Panthers have to eat his salary, the question is how much? JFJ just has to sit and wait.

  11. Turnbull says:

    I really hope roberts doesn’t come back,..way 2 old. Heres what I hope the buds will look like next year:










  12. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    if roberts retires florida doesn’t have to pay him a red cent, but it would still count against the cap, which nobody cares about in florida. The buyout deadline was june 30 he cant buy no one out anymore.

    Obviously keenan doesn’t care if roberts plays or not, what I’m saying is Keenan will never accept guys like belak or antropov (which peple are suggesting the leafs get rid of in a trade for Roberts). Keenan won’t take our garbage players, he wants something usefl, which is why he’ll most likely trade roberts for a 3rd round pick.

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    nice to know you have something intelligent to say.

    i think the habs will do better than the leafs this year, but thats just my oppinion

  14. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    NO NO NO NO if roberts retires his salary counts against the cap, but the panthers wouldn’t actually have to pay him. Florida would rather see him retire than flush money down the toilet to trade him

  15. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    replace ondrus with roberts, and its a great team in my oppinion, (maybe replace colaiacovo with Harrison)

  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Keenan can’t buy him out because the deadline has passed

    if he retires keenan pays him nothing

    keenan will trade him because its better than losing him for nothing,

  17. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    i know, at least Berg never took 120 penalty minutes

  18. Senatorsfan78 says:

    The Ottawa Senators whould trade for Garry Roberts.

  19. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    yeah, but roberts doen’t want to live in ottawa, he w3ants to be in toronto so thats a mute point

  20. Scottman75 says:


    But the Panthers would rather receive something for him rather than lose the money or the cap space. Either way the pressure is on Florida.

    I am sure you read it that way too!

  21. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    sure, but keenan won’t lose any sleep or money if he retires. he’ll go for a 3rd round pick

  22. the_word says:

    Here is a scenerio that could be worth getting Roberts. Pick up his contract, which would be somewhat of a bad move this year (news flash Leaf Nation, you’re not contending this year anyway), let him play 47 games, then you could sign him to a one year contract the next year at a discount. He’d be a good foward to have cheap a year from now, he’d fit somewhere on the top two lines and fit under the Leaf cap that as always will sure to be razor thin.

  23. the_word says:

    The Senators could sign Mike Weir

  24. rollinfatty says:

    I really like Turnbull’s lines. I don’t know about wellwood as a second liner but it could work. The defense is exactly how i would make it. I love coliacovo and i’m glad someone sees that gill is only a third tier guy. Might prefer wozniewski, probably harrison over white but yeah…one of the young guns with gill works. Forgot that my leafs had ben ondrus….i like the guy alot. Like to see him with tucker…two pesks-one line. Good lines….GO LEAFS!

  25. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    News Flash, toronto is a big question mark (new goalie, new coaching staff) so for all you know the leafs could come around and own the eastern conference. and roberts doesn’t have enough gas in the tank for 2 seasons

  26. the_word says:

    The Leafs are a contender this year? Surely you jest, the Leafs aren’t even the most promising question mark in their division, let alone conference. Getting Roberts isn’t going to make or break their season anyway, and he played fine when healthy.

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