Robinson New Rangers Candidate? Devils Accuse Cheap Slap Shot, Refs Ruining Hock

Devils accuse a cheap slap shot? Was it!?

Devils point finger at ref, refs ruining the game?

….auvoir Patrick Roy? Should he go, yes…no? If so who will be the replacement?

Rangers quiet in coach hunt.Only 1:17 into the game, Pavel Kubina took a hard slap shot entering the neutral zone, which hit Scott Steven’s left side of the head knocking him flat on the ice.

No skull damages to the Devils captain, however, was it a cheap intentional shot?

Marty the ‘Shh, don’t tell mom i spent time with your aunt’ Brodeur commented on Kubina’s shot.

“It’s a pretty strange way to shoot the puck. “There are three ways to dump the puck, but you don’t do it that way. It’s strange that he took a slap shot at him that hard. I don’t know what he was trying to do. It’s hard to say if he did it on purpose.”

Daneyko adds… “I probably shouldn’t say it, but you really wonder whether that might have been planned.

“The way he made the play, it didn’t look very smart. I wondered about it.”

I mean, come on….don’t get ridiculous! I don’t care if Kubina is stupid to take a careless shot like that, but to say it was planned? Outrageous! Then if that’s what they think, they ought to think Scott Stevens’ hit on Lindros was planned as well. Hmm, 88 is back from a head injury, numbnut’s head is down, I will knock him out. That play was more intentional and “planned” than Kubina’s slap shot.

John Tortorella responds: “Absolutely not. That’s bullshit. That does not happen. That will not happen with this club.”

I thought it was bull____ as well to accuse the Bolts and Kubina to have planned that. That play means just as much as careless use of stick. The Devils are the only ones to think of such, while no media source has not agreed with the Devils response to that event.

While making angry gestures, Devils Head Coach Pat Burns commented on the referee’s decision in last night’s game. “But I think, after all these years in the league, am I that stupid that I would put four forwards and one defenseman in a 3-3 tie in the third period? I think everybody who knows me here knows I’m not that stupid. I might be halfway stupid, but I’m not that stupid. It was the wrong call!” says Pat Burns.

Was it? Ref Joanette made Colin White leave the ice and forced Burns to leave John Madden on the ice to have four forwards and one defenseman. It was the shift that caused the game winner for the Lightning.

I would have to see the replay of that again, but I would trust Pat Burns. These refs are competing for dumb and dumber while NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is acting like Baghdad Bob by saying that the refs are doing a great job. Sure they are! He’s got GM Lou Lamoriello and GM Bobby Clarke as the two latest complainers on the refs. Officials have been horrible all season long and especially in the playoffs. No one should deny that…the refs have proved it enough times.

Bad refs = bad games.

Is it time to say ~~~Auvoir~~~ Patrick Roy!?

From Spector’s Rumors: DENVER POST: Adrian Dater reports RDS commentator and former Montreal Canadiens coach Jacques Demers suggests Colorado Avalanche goaltender Patrick Roy may retire in the coming weeks. Quoting a source supposedly close to Roy, Demers – who coached Roy in Montreal and supposedly maintains a close relationship with him – believes the future Hall-of-Famer may decide to pack it in while his skills are still “relatively sharp”. Demers also cited concern over Roy’s ailing hips. Meanwhile, Roy’s agent, Bob Sauve, is denying his client has made a decision to retire, saying only that Roy is still considering his options. If Roy does retire this summer, Dater claims the Avalanche will have to dip into the UFA market for a short-term replacement, and could make a pitch for Phoenix’s Sean Burke.

It’s something worth mulling. Roy is getting old, he is not the goalie he was two years ago. SHould he retire? I say no and I will say this for both parties, Avalanche and Roy. There is one more season left before the CBA expires. The Avalanche are a playoff team and can definitely make a better run for next season. Roy should give it one more shot, however, he must play less games. Five rings looks better than four! On the Avalanche side, there is not much on the market to replace Roy. Sean Burke is a possibility, but he will come at a very hefty price. Worth it? No. The there may be Byron Dafoe avilable if he declines his player option with the Thrashers. And…that’s about it. Felix Potvin? No. I mean, conclusion is….no goalie will replace Roy. Any acquisition will be a downgrade in the crease.

Last year, deja vu, the Rangers were hitting headlines during the playoffs for the coach hunt. This year they have been very quiet. Larry Robinson has been the first candidate to be reported in the media. NYDailyNews reported that Rangers GM Glen Sather contacted Devils GM Lou Lamoriello to ask permission to talk to the former Stanley Cup winner Devils Head Coach. The DailyNews believes the Lamoriello did give permission, and Robinson was asked about the situation.

“I’d be stupid not to talk to anybody,” Robinson said. “I’m not going to just jump back into (coaching) because the first job came along, but if it’s the right situation, I’d consider it.”

While he may be the right choice, definitely a top option, for the Rangers, does Larry have the character to handle a Rangers team such as this? Who knows, and I kind of doubt that. I heard that he is a player’s coach and may be too nice and not demanding enough. However, he knows the right systems, which the Rangers need, and he knows how to turn defensemen’s careers around, which is what Poti needs.

Rangers should hire a coach by mid-June.

35 Responses to Robinson New Rangers Candidate? Devils Accuse Cheap Slap Shot, Refs Ruining Hock

  1. UsedandAbused says:

    Yea I am sure they all planned to take Stevens out during the game with a slap shot. Shit if they are that good at aiming they would be giving brodeur a much harder time. In fact why not take Brodeur out as well. Aim for the neck. lol… Thats got to be the stupidest thing I ever heard. Maybe he was trying to get the puck on net…

  2. Enchilada says:

    I would not be surprised if Kubina did it on purpose as a way of sending a message, although the truth may never be known. That was a pretty clever middle name you gave Brodeur by the way, wish I was smart enough to think of something like that.

    I do not think it is for us to say whether someone should retire or not however we sure can criticize their decision either way.

    And I could really give a rat’s ass who coaches that clusterf*ck of a team in the big apple, it honestly will not make a damn bit of difference.

  3. cwhockey says:

    Do I think the refs are doing a good job in the playoffs? Honestly, they have been a bit subpar. But there seem to be so many people around here (not just mikster) who think the refs shouldn’t even be allowed to work a junior C game. I just think it’s about time we put this subject to bed for good.

    I can fully understand the need for people to get it off their chest, but at some point it has gotta stop. But what in the hell do you actually expect? Refs will make bad calls, fact of life in hockey. Sometimes they aren’t in perfect position to see a play. The players are stronger and faster, and there is a ton of clutching and grabbing with the teams that play their version of the trap. They aren’t always in the right spot to see through that mass of humanity to spot the infraction. No possible way they can catch everything.

    We can, though. Through replays, slow motion replays and a slew of camera angles we are able to see just about everything that goes on. The refs have to do it in real time, at ice level, and be quick and decisive about it. We see a hell of a lot more than they can of any given play(eventually).

    I’m not making excuses for the refs. Number one because even taking into account what I said above, there are some calls they have flat out missed. Number two because my bitching and moaning one way or the other isn’t gonna do a damn bit of good; it would only serve to make me angrier and it still wouldn’t effect the outcome of a call in the least little way. Sometimes you just have to accept the situation as it is and move on, no matter how much you may detest the outcome.

    Not trying to preach again. Just whipping my opinion out there.

  4. mikster says:

    You writing from a mental institute?

  5. mikster says:

    Look, i alsokeep saying that i understand it is not easy for the refs to call certain penalties where the action is too fast or there is too much traffic.

    What i am complaining and criticizing them on, is when they do not call the obvious.

    The replays do show that the ref is perfectly looking at two players and when a stick hits a player’s face, they don’t call it.


    Or, when they see a guy’s stick is clearly being held.


    Why don’t they call the obvious ones that they see. That is why i am criticizing them. They call to many iffies.

  6. Overtime says:

    If the refs are ruining the game and these players are that accurate with their slap shots, why not nail the ref in the head or in the nuts, but make it look like an accident?

    I don’t think the shot on Stevens was planned. I don’t feel at all sorry for Stevens, who injured many a player with his “planned” open ice hits.

    Patrick Roy should retire if the Avs are serious about winning. He’s had an awesome career, but I bet Roy will likely make next year his last. People forget about these huge contracts. How do you just walk away from $8.5 million a year? I guess I have a working class mentality. Sub-par performances haven’t kept future Hall of Famer Mark Messier from retiring.

    If Roy does hang it up, Cujo’s available. Hee hee hee!!

    Robinson to coach the Rangers? Hmmm. Not sure if that’s the answer. Didn’t he lose control of his team in New Jersey? Scotty Bowman and Barry Smith might make a better choice.

  7. Cyrax89 says:

    Yah right. Kubina was aiming to hit Stevens between the eyes but his aim was off a bit and he got his ear. Give me a break. NJ always complanes about something that a player did after a game. They think everyone does things to them intentionaly.

    I hope that Roy does retire because in so tired of his ego. If he does then Sean Burke might be a good replacement for him.

    I bet if the Rangers got rid of Bure for some younger players then they would be alot better. Sather should still coach the Rangers, and I hope that Robinson will be the coach of the leafs next season.

  8. Just-Checking-In says:

    To hear the Devils and people close to Scott Stevens bitch and moan about getting hit in the head with a slap shot is really absurd.

    I wonder where are all of those Stevens comments about a player needing to be aware of his surroundings and such that he used to spout when quetioned about his heavy hits that he loves to lay on people.

  9. Enchilada says:

    Shhhhh!!!!, if they hear you they will make me stop.

  10. bruinfan37 says:

    For someone to say that he intentionally did that, is beyond ridiculous!! They deserve to be shot and pissed on for saying that. Kicking Colin White off the ice, was the wrong call. No doubt about it. Do refs make mistakes? yes! do refs make dumb mistakes? yes. do refs make really dumb mistakes? YES! and have they made these calls in the playoffs? HELL YES. But, on the plus side of it, it hasn;’t been towards one team. They’ve made crappy calls for everyone.

  11. wingerxx says:

    The idea that Kubina hit Stevens with that slapper intentionally is extremely farfetched. Come on…he can sure hit it hard, but Kubina is not that accurate with his slapper to start seeing bulleyes on other players’ heads. If he had that kind of accuracy to do something like that on purpose, he would have a few power play goals by now at least.

  12. cwhockey says:

    I’m not calling out anyone who complains about the officiating. In some cases, I do agree with you that complaints are justified. My take is that the refs are doing a below-average job.

    One of the things we do well is point out such errors. I guess you could say that is part of our jobs as fans of the game. I hate it as much as the next man when the outcome of a game can or possibly does hinge on a call (or non-call) by the officials.

    This may just be me talking, but something so far out of my control just isn’t worth getting that aggitated about. Every now and then I’ll get a little miffed by a bad call and say to myself the refs should be better or have better guidelines to follow. The next moment I simply let it pass. It’s not for any lack of passion I have for the game, but just my own realization that it will happen whether I like it or not. I accept and move on.

    I’m not saying others should look at it the same way. Very far from that. We’re all different, and we will all act differently to such situations. It is just my belief that it’s not worth getting that upset over. But if you feel strongly enough about it to voice your complaints, more power to you. I may have spoken with too much pique before about how I think this subject isn’t worthy of much response; when I get rolling sometimes it’s hard to stop.

  13. mikster says:


  14. mikster says:

    You know, i think you are the calmest, most respected, and well liked member on here.

    Really! And yes, you bring up a good point that something so far out of my control…i shouldn’t get too pissed off about.


  15. mikster says:

    lol, yeah….i like the nail the ref with the puck part and i agree with you on Stevens.

    I think should stay, there is not a better goalie out there that would make the Avs a better Cup team without Roy.

    I was hoping Mess would retire this season, but he wants to break that record and why not finish the career before the CBA? Hopefully he will remain a 4th line guy. He was awesome at it this season, until he played 17+minutes a game again.

    Yeah, the Devils did tune out on him but it happens to every coach now. Look at Hitch with the Stars. Heartley with the Avs.

    Bowman is a llllllllllllllllllooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg shot. Barry Smith maybe.

    But, Bowman would rather be Rangers GM.

  16. mikster says:

    Hey Cyrax,

    Yeah really, the Devils made themselves look stupid on the Kubina shot.

    Thing about Burke is, how much would it take to land him? If Roy retires before the draft, it will definitely be a 1st rounder and probably a key young player.

    I think Slats should coach. This is his team, his responsibility.

    And, i would like to see Robinson as Leafs coach as well. The Leafs would be an elite team with Larry in there.

  17. mikster says:

    Great comment there lol….

    And this part: “Do refs make mistakes? yes! do refs make dumb mistakes? yes. do refs make really dumb mistakes? YES! and have they made these calls in the playoffs? HELL YES.”

    That sounded like one of those local car dealerships commercials. Heheh, that was great dude, really great!

  18. defenestrate says:

    1.) What possible harm could come from Scott Stevens getting hit in the head?

    2.) Brodeur couldn’t see correctly because he had a pubic hair in his eye…

    3.) Rangers coach – I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – in order of preference:

    1.) Nicky Fotiu

    2.) Reggie Dunlap

    3.) Emilio Estevez

    4.) Mikster

    5.) Howard Stern

    6.) Chris Jehrico

    4.) Patty, I love you, but it may be time. There will be no free agent search. The goalie will be Phillipe Sauve. he will be next year’s J.S.G.

    Help, Mr. Wizard!

    Twizzle, twazzle, twozzle, twome – time for this one to come home.

    CTP out.

  19. Leb_Boy says:

    id take emilio estevez for sure. he did wonders with those mighty duck kids..

    the flying V ..i can see it now.. big E in the middle!

  20. defenestrate says:

    I don’t want to lead the wedge, then – there’s no way I’d trust Lindros behind me….

  21. Freezer says:

    Yeah, he might get Greek on you.

  22. defenestrate says:

    I wouldn’t want a “Carl’s jr.” dripping on my skates..

  23. TML51 says:

    If Kubina’s shot was that accurate, wouldn’t they be ahead in the series? I don’t think for one second that he intentionally hit Stevens with the puck. That IS B___ S___.

    As for the refs, well… this is probably the worst Stanley Cup officiating I can remember in YEARS. It’s not only bad calls, (or lack thereof) but overall consistency. I honestly feel that some teams are getting screwed…and it is becoming very obvious. The number of calls on the Leafs all year (OK granted…they are no choir boys, but still…) the lack of calls on the Senators (Last game for instance), it has to stop. I feel refs should be fined or suspended for bad calls, or allow a ref to view video replays if challenged by the opposing team (or other watchdogs) to ensure someone who slashed/high-sticked/tripped/interfered/boarded, etc. gets the gate. It’ll never happen, I know, but I can dream….

    As for Roy…best to go out on top, dude. Maybe the Wings are interested in trading Joseph for some young talent? (hehehe)

  24. mikster says:

    Me as coach? No way, i’d lose my temper and quit in a week. Probably get suspended for cussing at the ref too.

    Fotiu will definitely be a good coach. He did well in his 1st season with the Pack.

  25. defenestrate says:

    I just want to hear the announcers say his name –

    “FOTIU”! (fotiu too)..

    Besides, mik, losing your temper is not a liability. You could be hockey’s answer to Bobby Knight.

  26. mikster says:

    Pff, i’d throw chairs in the locker room after the buzzer if my players showed no effort. Who the hell they think they are to get paid that one night for not doing their job? And if they don’t show effort for the whole game, i’ll make them pay next practice. And if they bitch and whine, i hope i’d also be the GM to send them in the minors.

    And it’s up to them to ruin their reputation if one of them demands a trade.

    See, i could never coach. GM yes, but not coach.

  27. newnoiseimage says:


    1. it is very easy for a pro to hit another player with the puck, did he do it? probably not, he dumped it in really weird, maybe wanted to send a message to stevens, to whiz it by his head, but not hit him.

    2. if you watch the replay white was already on the ice, so the ref whould have kicked either madden or gionta off, not a random player already on the ice, totally blown.

    3. Roy shouldn’t retire he is still effective, although i hate him

    4. robinson should avoid the rangers like the plague. he left a good caoch and should go to a good team, not the rangers who have too many problems.

  28. defenestrate says:

    Mik is channeling the spirit of Eddie Shore!

  29. Pock says:

    I think that was just a comment made to get the devs blood going, they looked horrible in the early going of game 3. Brodeur looked off his game, and the whole team looked flat footed. That first period they looked worse then game 4 against Boston. That comment is just a motivator to get them going… on another note, quit whining Burns about Tampa’s game winning goal, its called home ice advantage, thats why you put your players on the ice first and your opponent counters. If your looking to blame someone, look in the mirror. AND, don’t be afraid to put those guys that are paid to score on the ice, no wonder every games so damn close, Madden playing almost 10 minutes in the first period is ridiculous, and stop benching Gomez for christ sakes!!! Damn, i’ll just writing an article later.

    Go Devils!!!!!

  30. mikster says:

    He is killing Gomez.

  31. devfanman4 says:

    I agree with mikster…cwhockey, not only are you a dedicated fan of a team who hasn’t come around yet, but you have the most restraint when criticizing any part of the game. That takes alot of patience and yes you are very respected around here.

  32. devfanman4 says:

    The Devils weren’t accusing Kubina of hitting Stevens…they were just questioning it. Look at the quotes.

    Brodeur – “It’s a pretty strange way to shoot the puck. “There are three ways to dump the puck, but you don’t do it that way. It’s strange that he took a slap shot at him that hard. I don’t know what he was trying to do. It’s hard to say if he did it on purpose.”

    Daneyko – “I probably shouldn’t say it, but you really wonder whether that might have been planned.

    “The way he made the play, it didn’t look very smart. I wondered about it.”

    After saying that, I think Kubina could’ve been sending a message to Stevens by shooting it towards him, but I don’t think he intentionally hit him. Again, what Pock said, the Devils’ comments were made to get their blood going. They sucked in that first period.

    If White was already out there, he shouldn’t have been kicked off. I didn’t see the replay, but I’m sure the referees made a big mistake there. If the Devils were better in the 1st, they still wouldn’t have lost.

  33. mikster says:

    Hmm, those quotes don’t just question…..they make it look like they question Kubina’s shot. They are not going to tell the press “He did it on purpose”, they would be a joke if they did that.

    But, i understand your point.

  34. defenestrate says:

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  35. devfanman4 says:

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