Robinson to be Rangers Head Coach Soon?

According to, step 1 between the Rangers and Robinson is completed and it may be successfully completed.

Sather, Robinson meet over Ranger post

Larry Robinson has won numerous Stanley Cups, as a player with the Montreal Canadiens and as a coach with the New Jersey Devils.

(posted Jun. 19, 4:41PM EDT)
Larry Robinson and Glen Sather were finally able to meet to discuss the coaching vacancy with the New York Rangers, Sportsnet has learned.

The two met Wednesday in Toronto, while Sather was in town for meetings and Robinson was headed through the city on his way to his summer retreat. All indications are the meeting went well.
Larry Robinson
Robinson was special assignment coach with the New Jersey Devils for the 2002 season. The former Montreal Canadiens defenceman became head coach of the Devils in March of 2000 and led the team to the Stanley Cup, making him just the third coach in NHL history to take over a team in mid-season and win a Cup. Robinson was fired by the club in January of 2002 but re-joined the Devils a month later as an assistant coach.

Robinson also spent two seasons as an assistant coach with the Devils in the mid-90s, including the 1995 Stanley Cup Championship team, marking his first career coaching assignment. He re-joined New Jersey as an assistant coach in May of 1999, after spending the previous four seasons as head coach with Los Angeles.

Elected to Hockey Hall of Fame in 1995, Robinson was a member of six Stanley Cup Championship teams with the Montreal Canadiens and was a two-time recipient of the Norris Trophy as NHL’s best defenceman (1977, 1980).

14 Responses to Robinson to be Rangers Head Coach Soon?

  1. defenestrate says:


    I CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. trademan says:

    what is it that you cant take anymore

  3. defenestrate says:

    The Rangers and the Leafs – I feel like I’m in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers!”

    They’re Everywhere!!!!

  4. trademan says:

    I know what you mean but you also have to admit that the rangers and the leafs have been the two most active teams in the nhl for quite a while now.

  5. defenestrate says:

    If, by “active” you mean “frantic” and “desperate”, I am forced to agree…..

  6. MantaRay says:

    I would be very surprised if actually took the job.

    Alas, poor Larry. We knew him, -a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy, maybe its his sense of humor that makes the Ranger job attractive.

  7. mikster says:

    Deal with it. We’re not going to hear the crying and whining and do people a favor by not posting news and rumours about Rangers and Leafs.

    Not our fault if the Rangers dominate the media, and that Leafs fans are the most involved. Hey, maybe you should try and ‘hire’ a Leaf fan for your SCTP group, since the work ethic in that group is mediocre.

  8. mikster says:

    Poor Brittish humor on your part. Drank too much tea?

  9. DaMick says:

    Yeah…i believe he will take this job…because he wants a ‘high profile’ job

    whether he’ll suceed in the Ranger Corporate monster…is a different story.

    he’ll never be able to put his imprint on this team…


  10. MantaRay says:

    Let me guess? not sophisticated enough to comprehend british humor? Not surprised.

  11. MantaRay says:

    A tarnished reputation, IF he takes the Job and after he gets fired when they don’t make the playoffs again.

  12. defenestrate says:

    Quality, not quantity, is the SCTP work ethic, Father.

    I would do more “tickertape” postings, but the media here is not as rabid as it is there.

    And, I would become a Ranger fan, but I already have other outlets for my masochistic tendencies…

    SCTP – “Every time I drink cocoa, my eye hurts”.

    “Take the spoon out of your cup…..”

  13. NYRrule says:

    You think so huh?

    Hey Mick, maybe you think it’s cool putting your stamp at the bottom of all your posts but it looks retarded. Please stop. We all know who is posting the message

  14. NYRrule says:

    I love the Brits but they wouldnt know humor if it walked up to them, slapped them in the face, kicked them in the nuts and took a dump on them. They would just say (in my best British accent) “Oh, pardon me sir. So sorry mate” and move on.

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