Rock Report: Arvedson, Larionov, Giguere, Storr and Legwand Updates

First of all, Magnus Arvedson has signed a 1 year 1.5 million contract with the Vancouver Canucks.

Also, Igor Larionov has agreed to a 1 year deal with the Devils, one day after the Leafs picked up Joe Nieuwendyk.

J.S. Giguere has apparently had significant talks with Anaheim GM Brian Murray. The two sides were reported to be progressing very well, and Giguere expects to be on a plane to training camp with his Ducks this week.

As far as David Legwand of the Nashville Predators goes, the talks have slowed. “We had some more discussions (on Monday), but it was more just discussions as opposed to any movement forward,” agent Pat Morris tells the Tennessean. “As it stands now, it appears he won’t be there (tomorrow).”

Lastly, Jamie Storr has opted to sign with an European team. He will get a one year contract.

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  1. mikster says:

    Never been to Vancouver, but is it really that much nicer than Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and New York City!? Signing a 1 year deal worth $1.5M is great for the Canucks.

    Well, the Devils see that Rangers signed grandpa Messier so they want grandpa Larionov from Russia. What for? I guess “leadership”.

    Well, in the end it will be at the very least a two year deal average between $6-7M. Giguere….i hope you suck this season.

    Legwand hasn’t shown that many flashes, why not trade him instead for a better youngster?


  2. distance7 says:

    Well I was trying to find out where Arvedson was going to go since the Leafs got Nieuwendyk. I still haven’t figured out why Legwand isn’t already locked up in a deal…

  3. SASilverbacks says:

    I tell you, Burke is slowly making the moves that will help the Canucks contend again this year. Arvedson is a bargain for what he brings to the table. Scoring 15-20 as a third liner in Ottawa, he should be able to get at least 20 as a second liner in Vancouver.

    Now who does he fit with? Sedins, Cooke, Linden? Any suggestions?

  4. dave1979 says:

    yes vancouver is that much nicer than all of those cities, as it is widely hailed as the most beautiful city in the world. from a hockey satndpoint it is also much better than all of the teams from afore mentioned cities as well. we have a very young and strong team which we all have high hope for the next season and seasons after. of course i an from just outside vancouver and have lived here and been a canuck fan all of my life so my opinion is obviously biased. lol

  5. dave1979 says:

    i cant think immediately as to where a nice fit for him may be but i have to agree with you on the burke comment. although i get down on the guy from time to time he seems to be quietly ( and i use the term loosely when referring to burke) going about his business and making the team stronger in small incriments. though i have to add i hated to see what he did with klatt and baron.

  6. dave1979 says:


  7. Little_Devil says:

    Lou, signing Larionov does not make up for losing Joe Nieuwendyk…the only way u will get my respect back is if u sign Oates to a cheap deal..and still….JOE!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kewl says:

    Yeah Vancouver’s nice…if you like wet and damp weather.

  9. dave1979 says:


  10. wheresthesoda says:

    he went for the money, no other teams were gonna pay 2 much on him.

    i dont think he’s worth the money

  11. TheCoach says:

    Actually, for the last 2 seasons Arvedson played on the 1st line with White and Alfredsson, but it’s still a great signing for the Canucks. I can’t believe that the Leafs payed 2.5 million for Nieuwendyk when the Canucks only payed 1.5 for Arvie. Arvedson would have benefited the Leafs much more the Nieuwendyk, though he probably didn’t want to go to T.O. All in all, the Canucks got a solid player or a good price.

  12. TheCoach says:

    Actually, for the last 2 seasons Arvedson played on the 1st line with White and Alfredsson, but it’s still a great signing for the Canucks. I can’t believe that the Leafs payed 2.5 million for Nieuwendyk when the Canucks only payed 1.5 for Arvie. Arvedson would have benefited the Leafs much more the Nieuwendyk, though he probably didn’t want to go to T.O. All in all, the Canucks got a solid player for a good price.

  13. GretzNYR99 says:

    Let me ask you, have you ever been to New York City? There’s a reason why it’s the world’s capital, and most well known city. I’m not being sarcastic either, when I asked you if you have been there.

  14. GretzNYR99 says:

    As a Ranger fan, I got to watch Cloutier for a while. He’s a great backup, but not a number one. I agree with you. But it’s a battle between Hedberg and Cloutier, so I don’t know.

    The only thing I disagree with you on is the fact that he hasn’t proven much in the playoffs. Yes, that’s true, but Vancouver is a one line team until the Sedin Twins breakout and start scoring big. How can Cloutier prove himself when his team has only one legit scoring line, and a defense which was somewhat depleted due to the fact that Ohlund was hurt? I’d give Cloutier his chance, but if he doesn’t pay off soon, put him as a backup. As for this year’s playoffs, I think Hedberg should start some games, he’s got some experience under his belt.

  15. GretzNYR99 says:

    Great signing by Vancouver, got Arvedsson for the price they wanted him for. I knew he was bluffing. I knew he wouldn’t go back to Sweden.

    As for the Devils with Larionov, this was an ok move. Larionov can still score, and is in great shape, but I don’t think he’s a real leader. I don’t regard him much as one. Devils should have signed Nieuwendyk, would have helped much more. Not bad, but not a great signing.

  16. defenestrate says:

    Finally – Vancouver gets a hole filled!

    O’course, it gets filled by a whiny, underachieving elitist who hides better than Waldo at playoff time, but still…

  17. titans says:

    I’ve been to Vancouver and YES it is nicer than all those cities…although I’ve never seen Ottawa.

  18. titans says:

    This helps Vancouver’s serious depth problem…but not enough!

    I’m amazed! Vancouver NEVER signs free agents!

  19. titans says:

    Wow! Thems some strong feelings!

  20. Treva says:

    now if only sopel could get a haircut….

  21. defenestrate says:

    You didn’t like Denver – so who’s going to trust your taste?

  22. defenestrate says:

    I’m just glad he didn’t end up here – I’d have to wield my cudgel.

  23. defenestrate says:

    He goes to Ricci’s barber……

    Besides, if he cut his hair you could actually see his face – probably not a wise move.

  24. comrie44 says:

    7 Swedes and counting…

    Great signing for Burke, a valuable 2-way winger at an affordable price.

  25. TheMinister says:

    Yes, Vancouver is a great place to live. People complain about the rain but it’s part of what makes our area so great. And it didn’t rain from June until this week, this year. It was nice but most people wouldn’t want it to happen again.

    I said before, Arvedsson didn’t want to play in the US, I think. That’s why he would take less money to play in a beautiful, easygoing city north of the border. Plus, Vancouver probably the most European city in the NHL, save Montreal. Our culture is as close to Sweden’s as NA gets.

  26. TheMinister says:

    Are you on crack? He took less money to play here.

  27. TheMinister says:

    I have, and for people who don’t like big American cities, it could get wearisome… fast. It’s exciting and there’s a tonne (ton) to do, but compared to Vancouver, it’s not a great place for little Swedish kids

  28. TheMinister says:

    Probably the one thing you and I agree on. Denver’s pretty good. I’d almost make it an honorary part of BC… if I hadn’t seen Bowling For Columbine…

  29. TheMinister says:

    I don’t think this makes Cooke expendable but Arvedsson is a great 3rd line lw, and a good 2nd line LW. I don’t know if he can switch to RW and play with the Sedin, so I’m expecting a trade within a month. What Burke’ll do… who knows.

    I think Crawford though may split up the top line to start the season, if the trade doesn’t happen by then. Then Bert will play with the Sedin. He and they were effective together.

  30. TheMinister says:

    On one hand you talk about immature, homophobic and racist comments, and on the other hand you just keep on keeping on.

    I made a joke with my articlr. Be an adult and laugh, then leave it alone. I bet you pick scabs too, don’t you?

  31. Treva says:

    ahhh, but if he cuts his hair, then he loses his excuse of “oh my hair was in my eyes”. Then we trade him. Then the cup comes to town. you see, it is all in the hair, like samson only the opposite.

  32. defenestrate says:

    I lost my “hair in the eyes” excuse 17 years ago…

  33. defenestrate says:

    How was that immature, homophobic, or racist? Or did you have to fit them in because they’re the “vocab” words this week?

    You will never – eeeeevvvveeeer – live down the “hole filling”.

    I only pick the scabs of others – and only so I can pour salt in.

  34. TheMinister says:

    And fill up HTR with your garbage.

  35. NHLman says:

    You want to know what I think about Cloutier?

    Here you go… He is the worst number 1 goalie in the leauge and I mean the worst. If the Canucks knew what was good for them they would trade for CuJo once he is back from his surgery.

    I don’t feel confident in a Canucks team with Cloutier as the no. 1 goalie, he stiiiiiiiinnnnnkkkkksss. There is a reason he was kicked out of New York and banished forever :p

    They should definitely draft a goalie with their no 1 pick next year

  36. titans says:

    Your right! D-strate is a homophobic racist! In fact I’m pretty sure he was Hitlers Shoe Shine Boy!

  37. TheMinister says:

    I think so too, really, but I was indicating that he does exactly like Jean Chretien… speaks one thing out of one side of his mouth…

    and is a hypocrite.

  38. cwthrash says:

    Basically, a newswire report. And one with two omissions to boot, as Giguere and Legwand have signed with their respective teams.

    I write an interesting article that gets bumped for this? Oy!

  39. titans says:

    No…I didn’t like Denver’s airport!

  40. JC21 says:

    You’ve obviously never been to Vancouver. It rained about once all summer and only a couple times since spring. It is also one of the best places to live in the world (as determined by UN evaluations).

  41. Kewl says:

    And thats why your Province is a blazing. 😛

    Face it Vancouver’s normal climate is rain, rain, rain.

  42. Macphisto says:

    Arvedson is a great signing for the ‘nucks…he will really help solidify a 2nd line, which they desperately need…but one has to wonder in the signing of another left winger is the right way to go about it…I mean they are already pretty deep at LW…they have Naslund, Bertuzzi (even though he plays on the right he is a natural LW), Sedin, Langdon, May, and now Arvedson…the have only 1 natural RW and thats Ruutu…so I think I would have liked to see them go out and strengthen up that side…but nevertheless, Arvedson is a great pick of for them.

  43. defenestrate says:

    Call me next time – I’ll give you the grand tour.

  44. defenestrate says:

    Okay – let’s take up a collection, and buy Minister a sense of irony….

  45. defenestrate says:

    Oy? Yiddish inflections from a Southerner?

    My admiration knows no bounds………

  46. Pock says:

    Igor isn’t meant to fill Niewendyk’s shoes. Hes a great two way player that still had 43 points in each of his last two seasons. Hes another faceoff specialists, thats what the devils need was. Losing Joe is definately a loss, don’t get me wrong, but we have a very capable team of defending our championship. Igor will be a great fit. He has great play making ability and would compliment Friesen or Langenbruner(who both have great shots) if he gets the opportunity to play w/ them. Great signing Lou.

    Go Devils!!!!!!!

  47. OptimusPrime03 says:

    It is very true Avedson did not want to live in the U.S. He said he was looking for a nice city to live in for his kids sake. And although Toronto, NY and Montreal are great, Vancouver is one of the nicest cities in the world.

    The real deciding factor is Arvedson’s father has lived in Vancouver and still currently resides there. Perfectly understandable if you ask me.

    Igor could be a big surprise in NJ. An old guy who can play a full season and a full playoff at his age is remarkable! I would have taken Oates!

    Storr is a dent goalie who turned out to be a #1 bust. Too bad, still is young and has potential.

  48. devfanman4 says:

    If he plays with Friesen and Langenbrunner then it sounds like he’s replacing Nieuwy. I’d like to see Larionov in a 4th line role so Rupp can get some playing time on the 1st or 2nd line.

  49. cwthrash says:

    We are a strange and different people here.

    Many parts of the sub-culture only seen by direct observation. I can almost see it now, a documentary of the southern people done much like a nature show,

    “Here, we see the southerner in its natural habitat…”

  50. defenestrate says:

    I thought that’s what “Deliverance”, “Southern Comfort”, and “Smokey and the Bandit” were – documentaries.

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