Rocks Report: Berezin set to replace Bure? is reporting that Sergei Berezin is set to begin negociations on a contract with the New York Rangers. Berezin’s role is set to become a replacement if Pavel Bure should be not able to continue this year.

There is no doubt in anyones mind that Bure is and always will be a better player, but think of this potential signing this way. Suppose Bure could not return, and there was a gaping hole on the wing, the only option is to trade. With Berezin, it ensures that there wont be a gaping hole if Bure leaves, at least there will be someone to step in.

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  1. -MJ- says:

    Berezin had a load of potential when he came into the NHL. He had a few good years with the Leafs, but he doesn’t know how to pass the puck. Now the same thing could be said for Bure, but Berezin is a pure puck-hog. I am not too sure that he would be good for the Rangers, but you never know.


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  2. mikster says:

    True, very true about Berzin. But, Berezin is a LW, which the Rangers need and he is a 20 goal scorer…especially when playing with guys like Nedved and Kovalev.

    Not such a bad addition, but i am not too pleased.

    And, great idea in posting your Yahoo league there 🙂

  3. -MJ- says:

    I would cry if Berezin was heading to my team. He’s a little speed demon with a streaky nose for the net, but he has NO defensive game, and he’s not a team player. Under the curcumstances, he is a good enough fit though for the Rangers.

    I feel your pain…when you put your foot through your TV this winter because you’re so mad at Berezin for not passing the puck to win the game to clinch the 8th seed, and the Rangers miss the playoffs again, Leaf fans all over the world will understand your pain, but they will rejoice because it’s not happening to us!! hahaha

  4. mikster says:

    Rangers need to improve their left wing. Bure’s end does two good things and one bad thing.

    Good: Frees up $10M on Rangers payroll.

    Good: Rids of ANOTHER RW.

    Bad: Big difference when having a 20 goal scorer replacing a 45+ goal scorer.

    There’s nothing bad to signing Berezin…he’s a depth 2nd line player….20 goals a year, why not? But, i am not to thrilled…not a big fan of. Still……he’d fit in well with Nedved and Kovie.

  5. mikster says:

    Ha ha ha lol

    But what does Bure do? He is not good defensively…, not such a team player either…doesn’t pass

    Same with Berezin, except he is a ton cheaper, a goal scorer putting up 20 goals, maybe 25 with Nedved and Kovalev, and he is a LW.

  6. Sands says:

    I Love Yahoo leagues if it’s a cool i’d like to join….

  7. cecilturtle says:

    Lets get some good physical defensive forwards to play with Holik… Forwards who could score if they put their mind to it, but prefer to score only when all of the players on the ice for the other team have already been knocked down!

    Cecil Turtle

  8. Pavel_Bure_NYR says:

    Who was it who said at the beginning of the summer

    “Rangers will sign Berezin!” every1 laughed and said it would never happen. scoff at everyone bwahahahah

    o.k seriously Berezin cannot replace Bure, but he hasn’t reached his full potential. I say that if Lindros up Berezin could wing him and play with either Kovie or Carter. He could I think at his full potential net 35 goals and have about 20-25 assists making to a 65-70 points. Especially if by fluke Bure makes a surprising recovery. I think he could help Berezin in the department only if Lindros shapes up and puts in the effort.

    With Bure and Berezin

    Berezin Lindros Bure

    Carter Nedved Kovalev

    Simon Holik Petrovicky

    Barnaby Lundmark Healey

    ********Strong Lines

    With Berezin ONLY

    Berezin Lindros Carter

    Lundmark Nedved Kovalev

    Simon Holik Petrovicky

    LaCouture Healey Barnaby


    Bure if there healthy could net 50-60 goals- **if Lindros shapes up and even not there we could see a breakout season from Carter and Berezin if yet again Lindros shapes up.

    And one peace of advice for the Rangers

    TRADE MALAKHOV to a team that lacks Russian checkers (Mironov, Tjutin, Kasparaitus)

    or just put him on waivers and sign Brian Berard, who was 5th in points.


    DeVries Leetch

    Mironov Poti/Berard

    Kasparaitus Poti/ Berard and am i the only one who spells Kasparaitus’s name right***

    Goalie Situation the same



    and DON’T SIGN MESSIER, let him sign somewhere where he won’t expect to be on the 2nd line, Detroit perhaps….joking but he will screw the Rangers up at this point. Appoint Lindros as the C, why because he may be a whiner, but he is one of the biggest team players, he invites the players to his house, if he shapes up I think he could be the same Lindros who netted 76 points in 46 games.Who knows.

  9. OldNord says:

    That will free around 6 millions for the Rangers that will be paid by the assurances. Rangers will pay the Bure’s salary for about 30 games. It’s how that work. I know that was the case with Koivu (not his cancer year, before that).

  10. Pavel_Bure_NYR says:

    Berezin has no ego because he puts up few points, he may be a hog but he is coachable.

  11. mikster says:

    None are available! No one really to sign. Someone i’d like to get, two-way F, is Eloranta….

    We’re producing those types of players in our system.

  12. mikster says:

    To be correct, as i got informed, it pays 80% of Bure’s salary.

  13. OldNord says:

    That could be that due to the fact that Bure might not play a single game in the season. The Koivu case happened during the season, he was injured early in the season and the club continued to pay his salary until about 30 games on the injury list and the rest of the season was paid by the assurances.

  14. mikster says:

    Yeah, most likely. Good memory! I can’t remember how the insurence dealtwith Pronger, do you remember?

  15. OldNord says:

    The fact is you said that Berezin, Fedorov, Whitney and many others would sign with the Rangers.

    Congratulation, you were right about Berezin!

  16. -MJ- says:

    ok ok, i give up…i just hate the guy…there i said it…i hope you’re happy now! lol

  17. -MJ- says:

    sure you can join, invite all your friends!

  18. PeterPuck says:

    Come on Ranger fans, really look at this, this guy has bounced around the league, he is a puck hog, 1 way player who has no HEART, is this what the Rangers need? come to think about it, he’ll fit in fine.

  19. OldNord says:

    No I don’t remember and never searched to know. I known that about Koivu through the local newspapers at that time.

  20. OldNord says:

    Exactly, we’ve got the proof with his short stay with Montréal. Damn, this guy will be in the historical book of the Habs forever cause he scored the 10000th goals of the franchise. That sucks!

  21. Donovan says:

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  22. defenestraete says:

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  23. defenestraete says:

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  24. defenestrate says:

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  25. defenestrate says:

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  26. scintilating says:

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