Rocks Report: Flyers Buyout BOTH Leclair and Amonte! Nolan to stay in Toronto?

The Flyers have bought out both John LeClair and Amonte out of their contracts, which makes them the first buyout victims of the new CBA.

LeClair was going to make $6.84 Million this year, and Amonte was going to make $4.26 Million. Both figures include the 24% rollback and adjustments.

According to the FAN 590, Owen Nolan is claiming that he was injured at some point between the 8 months that the NHL was bargaining, and therefore would need to receive his 2004-2005 salary of $6.5 million in FULL, as well as the buyout price of $3.8 million. The Leafs could be on the hook for $12 million if the full salaries are commanded by Nolan if he was to be bought out. However, more investigation is going into the matter to determine if the injury sustained is such that it occured before the start of the labour dispute, or whether it was during.