Rocks Report: Zhamnov to B-Town

TSN is reporting the signing of Alexei Zhamnov to a 3 year deal, terms not disclosed yet.

Zhamnov has 248 goals, 461 assists and 638 penalty minutes in 12 NHL seasons. He has scored 20 or more goals in nine seasons and a season-high 30 goals with Winnipeg in just 48 games in 1994-95

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  1. Leafs_Win says:

    Boston is trying to get the hasbeen Defense Core… next up… surprised they didn’t sign Hatcher.

  2. hockeyman17 says:

    alright, so wheres thornton going?

  3. ndnhockeyfreak says:

    now time to make a blockbuster trade wit dallas… for mo…com on make BIG D fans happyyy

  4. gmg316 says:

    This is unbelievable…after making a serious run after Mike Madano, the B’s immediatly go out and get a top notch player. As well as getting Brian Leetch on the blue line, if this doesn’t convince Joe Thornton that the Bruins are serious about winning the cup, then I don’t know what is….

  5. hockeyman17 says:

    what money does boston have left to sign thornton, not to mention samsonov, boynton, and axelsson?

  6. BosBrn77 says:

    What does that mean? Last I checked, Zhamnov is a centerman!

  7. desertdog says:

    for rizzle

  8. bigdog says:

    Boston has a fair amount of cash left.

    Right now, the Bruins have 10 players under contract (with terms of 2 – Alexei Zhamnov and Mark Stuart – undisclosed) for a total $13.2m. Rumors put Zhamnov’s deal around $4m/yr and Stuart’s deal is a rookie job, so at most another $4.8m against the cap for $18m total. That leaves $21m to sign & trade Thornton and sign Samsonov, Boynton, Axelsson, Raycroft, and whoever else would look good in black and gold.

  9. Neely_8 says:

    Here are the facts…..

    Player Contract Notes 2005-2006 Salary (US)

    Glen Murray Re-signed UFA (Boston) $4.15 million

    Brian Leetch UFA (Toronto) $4 million

    Dave Scatchard UFA (New York Islanders) 2.1 million

    Brad Isbister Acquired in trade from Edmonton $1.102 million

    Shawn McEachern UFA (Atlanta) $1 million

    Patrice Bergeron $646,000

    Tom Fitzgerald $475,000

    Ian Moran $456,000

    Alexei Zhamnov UFA (Philadelphia) Undisclosed

    Mark Stuart Signed rookie deal Undisclosed

    10 players 2 salary undisclosed $13,922,000

    When looking at the above, my guess is that Zhamnov got around 4mil per year to bring the team total to about 18-18.5 mil (including Stuart’s deal).

    So if I do the math correctly, that leaves the B’s yet another 18-20mill to sign the likes of Sammy, Jumbo Joe etc…..not to mention another free agent or 2 for the D-corps and/or 3rd/4th liner.

    In a nut shell…the B’s still have lots of money to spend….YIPPEEEEEEE!!!

  10. bash023 says:

    IF Joe and Sammy accept thier Qualifing offers the Bruins still have 12 mill left to spend. They have imposed a cap of 36 mil on the team. They want 3 mil wiggle room. So if they up Joe’s offer from 5.1 to 6-6.5 and up Sammys offer a bit. they still got about 7 mil to spend on free agents.

  11. hockeyman17 says:

    JFJ should take some lessons…the Bruins have signed 2 big names and still have all that money…good job JFJ, you are a fu**ing hero man!

  12. Aetherial says:

    … OR convince him that they have no money to sign him.

    Would not be at all surprised if there is something to the rumor of Thornton to Florida for Boumeester+

  13. bsfan30 says:

    bs only have 17 million in salary joe for 6 mil and sammy for 4 or 4.5, axelsson will settle for one million because he is not an offensive force.

  14. wingerxxx says:

    Zhamnov is a forward. And if you’re referring to Leetch, he is NOT a has been.

  15. dudemar says:

    Thornton to Florida sounds more plausible to me as well.

  16. tacitus says:

    that comment shows just how much you dont know about hockey.

  17. PensFansRejoice says:

    maybe had keenan succeeded in getting Neidermayer or Pronger… Doesnt make sense to trade bouwmeester unless they shore up their D first.

  18. Aetherial says:

    You can get a Joe Thornton and then trade for any number of serviceable NHL defenseman for draft picks or a fair prospect.

    Just as an example… Aki Berg or Kaberle in Toronto may be available.

    No, I am NOT saying Berg for Thornton or Kaberle for Boumeester. In fact, I am not proposing anyting at all. I am just saying that there are D-men that can play … if you have a chance at Thornton.

  19. bruinfan_2 says:

    your a freaking dumass hes a centerman you dumb shit learn shit about hockey *****er

  20. bruinfan_2 says:

    madano and a 3rd round pick would be good for joe

  21. hockeyhead says:

    i love how all you guys think these free agent signings mean the end of thornton in beantown…..

    maybe what it really is, is that you fear they will sign joe, sammy and whom ever and be right up there with philly as the best teams in the NHL.

    its like the 70’s and late 80’s all over again. looks like New England will have another great team EH.

  22. mikster says:

    Joe will want at least $6.5M a season since Iginla got $7M and Naslund $6M. He’d go for about that. I’ll stick with what his agent said since O’Connell is full of lies and BS everytime he talks to the media.

    Right now their roster is like this:

    Isbister, Scatchard, Zhamnov, Leetch, Murray, McEarchen, Bergeron, Fitzgerald, Moran.

    That takes up close to around $18M. No team will go reach the max of $39M since it will give them zero flexibility, so the most i can see the Bruins go is $36M.

    The Bruins have yet to resign:

    Raycroft, Samsonov, Thornton, Boynton, Gill.

    Now let’s see… Raycroft was Clader Winner, and he will at least go for close to $2.5M a season.

    Samsonov will look for a number close to $4M, i’d be fair and say $3.5M.

    Thornton will go for $6.5M a season.

    Gill and Boynton…. with what the defensemen are making right now, they very least they would go for is between $2.5M and $3M a season.

    So that adds up to… i’d say around $18M with 2 +/- margin error.

    That would push their payroll up to….

    $36M. And, they still have holes on the team with that roster of 14 players.

    They still need a back up goalie, unless Toivonen is ready. And, 4 extra skaters.

    They won’t have room for that, and Thornton wants his money, his agent made that clear.

    Doesn’t look like the B’s have that much more spending power after all.

  23. mikster says:

    I’ve dealt with this for years…

    A team that has too many UFA’s on it will have chemistry issues.

  24. BosBrn77 says:

    This is why we don’t do drugs!!!

  25. EmptyNetter says:

    Dude, chill. He was probably thinking of Alexi Zhitnik(sp?). Honest mistake.

  26. BosBrn77 says:

    Actually Thornton’s agent said it would take 6 million to sign him, not the five he was offered.

    Due to Samsonov’s injuries, they could most likely get him for 2.5 to 3 mil a year… with possible incentives or increases over the contract.

    Gill is FAR from wortht 2.5 to 3 million. At best 2 million. Boynton could be had for 2-2.5.

    Calder winner or not…. that was only one season. Raycroft will get 1.5 -2 million.

    You add the rest around 1 million each… and yes… they still have some spending power!!

    We are not talking the Rangers here mikster. I know you are used to the blueshirts over paying for everyone! I can see where you could get confused!

  27. nelsog says:

    I’m scared now hockeyhead. This guy is still among the best (if not the best) puckhandler and passer in hockey. Beantowns Nov’s are too much for me to handle right now. THey should do the smart thing and hand the C to Leetch and the A Zhamnov and let Thornton be Thornton and not a leader. But we are talking about Boston where nothing is handled rationally, it’s almost as bad as Philly up there.

    I hope that the Mikster is right and there won’t be any chemistry.

    Nice e-mail there hockeyhead. My 4 year old nephew is saying the samething about all your teams up there too.

  28. bruinfan_2 says:

    well shows what he doesnt no if he dont no dont make comment hes a jerk

  29. bruinfan_2 says:

    i was kidding dude no joe is bad

  30. bruinfan_2 says:

    staying in beem town

  31. bruinfan_2 says:

    there still fine

  32. mikster says:

    Well, i think $4M for Leetch and Zhamnov is overpaying.

    That’s what the agent said before Iginla and Naslund were signed.

    Boston will not have much spending power, and making a team up of a lot of UFAs will not make everything great, chemistry will be an issue.

  33. Bruins4771 says:

    What team isnt going to have chemistry issues? No one has played together for year, and a ton of NHLers signed on in Europe playing with eithier Nhlers not on their teams, or foreign players. Every team will have chemistry issues. It doesnt matter who is on it. Its all attitude of the players.

  34. BosBrn77 says:

    I was just messing with you as well……

    If I’m trading Thornton…. it is to Florida with a pick for Bouwmeester and Weiss.

  35. BosBrn77 says:

    I will not argue with your first sentence. I don’t think Leetch at his age should have got any more then about 3 to 3.5. And I like leetch. As for Zhamnov, unless he proves me wrong, he should only have gotten about the same… 3-3.5.

    But if Boston is done, they can fit the rest under their cap limit. I think if they gave Joe a contract of 5mil for the first year with incentives that would put him to 6.5, and then 5.5 the next year again with incentives, up to about 6.5 the final year of a five year deal… that would be fair.

    He has to look at the team now and see that O’Connell was serious about trying to win a CUP. All in all, I think Boston did good….. so long as Joe and Samsonov are signed long term.

  36. mcpickl says:

    Raycroft doesnt even have arbitration rights. He’ll be less than a million

  37. mcpickl says:

    cant deal him now. they’d sell no tickets if they deal their best player now.

    but if he signs his qualifier, lookout at the trade deadline, cause he’ll be going then……

  38. BruinsGM says:

    Thornton isn’t going anywhere because Zhamnov was signed as a #2 center… the same position Modano was in about 2 days ago…

    I am still pretty confident that the Bruins will sign Thornton, they are just waiting for a market to be established…

  39. BruinsGM says:

    Ok this is how it works….

    Thornton should get a deal for about $6.25M for about 4 years

    Samsonov will not get offered more than $3.5M from Mike O’Connell…. mainly because he has not had the phenominal season we have all been waiting for…

    Boynton should be offered a deal in the $2.5M range… great defenceman… but he does not stand a chance to even make mid-level money in this CBA

    Finally, Axelsson is a defensive specialist…. he will never get enough credit for what he does… no matter where he goes, so I cannot see him making more than $1.75M

    That puts the Bruins at about $28M in committed salary

    That’s $11M (but realistically about $7M) that the Bruins can use to sign Raycroft and other clean-up guys

  40. BruinsGM says:

    for the record… all reports out of Boston are that Toivonen is ready and will be the backup next year

  41. BosBrn77 says:

    After what he did two years ago he won’t sign for less then a million. Plus that would be a slap in the face. He gets 1.5-2 million for a multi year deal.

  42. bruinfan_2 says:

    joe will sign long term

  43. bruinfan_2 says:

    i agree buddy

  44. bruinfan_2 says:

    although that was an example if boston got berg i would hunt u down,……. just kidding or am i?

  45. mcpickl says:

    then he wont sign. hes got no service time, hence no leverage. its business, young guys make no money. if he doesnt sign cheap his options are sit out, or sit out.

  46. DaBruins_77 says:

    Zhamnov is gonna be a great addition to the Bruins. He’s gonna play with Samsonov like Nylander did last year. He’s as good as a playmaker as Nylander and a much better goal scorer.

    Now for all you who keep saying that Joe is leaving, I’d be very surprised if he does. He’s gonna take the Bruins 1 year 5.13$ millions qualifying offer. Then, during the season, the Bruins are gonna try to resign him. They’re going to have to offer him between 6-7 million per year for 3-5 years and if they do, he would accept it. I pray to God that they resign him. 1 thing is for sure, if they don’t resign him for whatever reason, they will not loose him for nothing. The Bruins are gonna ask the world in return for Jumbo!!!!! But like I said before, we need Thornton as a Bruins for Life!!!!!

  47. Heinzee57 says:

    As McPickle pointed out, certain RFA’s have little leverage. (see Raycroft)

    Inside the Bruins office, hangs a large picture of Jim Carey to remind us not to go crazy over a netminder with one good year.

    Do any young players want to miss another year??

    The Bruins have signed experienced NHL caliber players. They will fill in their roster with Boyes, Huml, Jurcina, Samuelsson, Zinovjev, Kutlak and Hilbert. One or two of them are bound to come of age.

    Thornton will not sit out when the sides are 500k apart. The Joe Thornton situation is far different than those of Billy G or Jason Allison.

    If there is any player they would let walk, I’d say it was Samsonov. He has had many injuries and is undersized. For these reasons, he’ll come cheap.

    As to Miksters chemistry concerns, when you bring in guys with huge egos (see Jagr) or overly generous contracts (see Holik) I agree chemistry could be an issue. Until the NHL adopts a multipuck format, having a team full of superstars won’t work.

    However, I don’t forsee Brad Isbister upsetting the apple cart here.


  48. nelsog says:

    Not the Sharks or Habs, I know that much.

  49. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Phoenix, Tampa and Ottowa are also pretty much the same teams.

  50. BosBrn77 says:

    Service time or not…. he won the Calder and carried the team. No way Boston offers him less then a 1 million.

    Young guys make no money? Tell that too DiPietro, Luongo, and Nabokov. Granted, he won’t make 3 million… but 1.5million is due!

    As for leverage… I think he has plenty… especially after all the UFAs that have been signed by the Bruins. Hmmmm… let me think, do I sign Raycroft for 1.5 million, or do I bring back Hackett? or sign Shields again? or sign Tugnutt? Hmmmm the choices are amazing…….. I think he has a little leverage!

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