Rocks Rumors: Who will Replace Bure?

With the recent news of Pavel Bure not meeting the New York Rangers standards for player conditioning, Rangers General Manager Glen Sather must turn so trade options in order to replace one of his best wingers.

As I see it, there are two options for Sather. The first, and most likely option would be to aquire Jaromir Jagr from the Washington Capitals. This would add $11 million to the NYR salary list, which would have to be either compensated by the Capitals, or salary would be sent back to Washington. There are several options regarding players. One could be Jagr for Lindros, one could be Jagr for picks and prospects, which would be a major salary dump for the Caps, or there could be a 3 way deal with Detroit. This has definately been discussed before, however now there is an actual chance of Jagr to NYR for someone.

The other player Glen Sather could look at is Bill Guerin of the Dallas Stars. He suffered a midseason injury that sidelined him for quite some time, and only played 5 playoff games. The remaing $9 million contract is better than Jagr’s $11 million, but Guerin would be the 2nd option because there has been significantly more interest shown in Jagr.

The most plausable deal that could go down would be the Jagr to NYR for another high priced to medium priced player, as well as picks/players depending on what the Caps want (either salary dump or equal return).