Rocks Rumors: Who will Replace Bure?

With the recent news of Pavel Bure not meeting the New York Rangers standards for player conditioning, Rangers General Manager Glen Sather must turn so trade options in order to replace one of his best wingers.

As I see it, there are two options for Sather. The first, and most likely option would be to aquire Jaromir Jagr from the Washington Capitals. This would add $11 million to the NYR salary list, which would have to be either compensated by the Capitals, or salary would be sent back to Washington. There are several options regarding players. One could be Jagr for Lindros, one could be Jagr for picks and prospects, which would be a major salary dump for the Caps, or there could be a 3 way deal with Detroit. This has definately been discussed before, however now there is an actual chance of Jagr to NYR for someone.

The other player Glen Sather could look at is Bill Guerin of the Dallas Stars. He suffered a midseason injury that sidelined him for quite some time, and only played 5 playoff games. The remaing $9 million contract is better than Jagr’s $11 million, but Guerin would be the 2nd option because there has been significantly more interest shown in Jagr.

The most plausable deal that could go down would be the Jagr to NYR for another high priced to medium priced player, as well as picks/players depending on what the Caps want (either salary dump or equal return).

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  1. headpushslap says:


    Only a complete outcast from normal society would have the gumption to use this in a comeback.

    Sorry Heywood, this ‘kid’ is old enough to be your dad (I won’t even go there), and as I stated in the last post, I only do this because it’s fun for me and none for you.

    Your alleged ‘basic knowledge’ has been wrong more times than right (LaCouture LW or RW?) (Cherry-Picking?) (your complete miss on the Jagr rumor being true) and your posts reflect your lack of this.

    I sound smart because I am smart. I only waste my time on you to hone my already considerable skills with verbiage and taunts.

    The reason I call them ‘non-friends’ is because I don’t like to use the term ‘enemies’. You claim to have an inside track on the NYR organization, an aunt or somesuch, now if only we could bend your powers to the side of good…

    You choose to use your (allegedly) considerable intelligence to moan and groan about the other posters here. I can tell for a fact that you did not fully read or understand many of the posts which you replied to. Dig up some news from within the NYR organization, put up an article, in short, be a positive influence on the site, rather than a bottom-feeder who is quick to action and slow to think.

    I am quite finished with you for the time being, as my brain grows weary of devising treacherous turns-of-phrase with which to belittle you. I hope we meet again, under more productive circumstances.

    p.s. In regards to my not seeing the sun, you do know that I can see you posting at all times of the day and night. Most normal people go to work on occasion.

  2. NYIchooch75 says:

    Honestly, Sather has tried to get defensemen, but he always seems to get the wrong ones. I’m really curious to see how DeVries does, now that he’s not on an awesome team like Colorado was. They should try and get McKee, not Satan, Oates, or Jagr. Enough with the offense. Yeah, it’s nice to have superstars, but one, two, maybe even three per team (not including goalies). But by having so many, they begin to cancel each other out. Not enough room in the locker room and not enough time in a game.

    One thing that seriously baffles me is how the hell did the Rangers not sign Arvedson to a 1 year deal for $1.5 million? They lack a true 2-way player.

  3. GretzNYR99 says:

    Why do you think there’s such a long time period between some of my posts? It’s something called a social life, check it out.

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    As for the heywood… is that supposed to be an insult? Or is that an attempt to make me laugh at you?

    Since when did I say the Jagr rumors were never true? Jagr said it himself on a report on a Czechoslovakian site, which was posted and translated on here about around a month back (estimated). GM’s are bad liars, this goes to show you.

    This part is hilarious… “I sound smart because I am smart. I only waste my time on you to hone my already considerable skills with verbiage and taunts.”

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    As for LaCouture being an LW or an RW… if you read one of the other posts, you’d see that I said LaCouture is an LW. What he’s going to play this year, I don’t exactly know, because I can see Sather shuffling up some positions as he did last year. Hell if you ACTUALLY WATCHED the Rangers, you’d remember that Eric Lindros was put on the Left Wing for the latter part of the year. Matthew Barnaby was playing left wing, then went back to right when he played with Lindros and Holik.

    “I can tell for a fact that you did not fully read or understand many of the posts which you replied to.” And you’re talking about me being quick to think? Touche!

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  4. GretzNYR99 says:

    Arvedsson didn’t want to play in NY. “His shit don’t stink.” As people would say it.

    What happened here is that Arvedsson was offered concrete deals from about 5 different teams, the Rangers obviously being one of them. He rejected 4 of them, and then when talks ceased with Toronto, he waited and waited, and realized time was running out, and signed with Vancouver for a price he didn’t want to sign for. But that’s all he’s worth, is 2 at most. His “threat” to go play in Sweden was just a bluff, as many other players do the same. I’d say a good 95% of players are bluffing when they threaten to go play in Europe. They’re just trying to work against the market, and it’s hard to, especially when it’s a buyer’s market. The only reason Tverdovsky and Yushkevich went to play in Europe is because of the obvious, potential, and seemingly imminent lockout season in 2004-05 with the new CBA coming into effect.

  5. GretzNYR99 says:

    By the way, once again, well said.

    You hit it dead on. Smith got a lot of the wrong defensemen too. Washed up veterans that had no effect whatsoever. I think Jay McKee is actually a great idea, I’d love to have him. I’d say he’s one of the top 20 defensive defensemen in the league, and is a great penalty killer too, both areas that we obviously need improvement in. The only problem here is that if we get McKee, Fedor Tjutin (our top defensive prospect) won’t get the ice time needed to develop. He pretty much has a spot locked with Leetch not playing, but wouldn’t if McKee became a Ranger.

    As for the whole superstar thing, like I said, dead on. Not enough time for each one, and each one needs a lot of shots and a lot of time to produce. That’s what I think was a big part of the problem with Eric Lindros last year. He had used a stick that he was uncomfortable with (Still baffles me why he continued using it when Sather suggested that he used a different stick many times), Didn’t get enough time, and played in a different position. As a center, you handle the puck a lot, and can get a lot of shots. Lindros was moved to left wing, didn’t touch the puck as much, had a lot less ice time to produce, and on top of all of that, had to get used to a different position after playing center for all of his life. I’m not saying Lindros should be excused for last season, I just think he was handled wrong, and instead of turning everything inside out just because he went into a slump for a while, that’s bullshit. I think if he was given some time to break out of it, he would have.

  6. GretzNYR99 says:

    As Homer Simpson says it best.

  7. GretzNYR99 says:

    Yes, Sather has tried to get defensemen… but not any of impact. I wish he would have persued Rob Blake a bit back in 01 at the trade deadline, or gotten Khabibulin then (which we were close to doing). I know Blake was signed at the first minute of free agency, but Sather should have asked permission to speak with Blake. I’m not implying that he would defenitely come here, but still, it’s well worth asking.

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