Rod loses backing….

Rod Bryden loses backing for bid to repurchase the Ottawa Senators. Does this mean the Eugene Melnyk will step back into the fray and buy the team. Who knows.

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5 Responses to Rod loses backing….

  1. mikster says:

    Good, i hated Bryden anyway.

  2. Stuv_Dogg says:

    The creditors monitor should realize that Bryden is a useless con-man who is trying to finance the team on a tax loophole that might get cut off at the pass.

    This is the same guy who drove the team into bankruptcy. Brutal.

    The NHL should put a restraining order on him so that he can’t enter more smoke-and-mirrors bids for the team. Get the team a stable owner (the BioVail guy comes to mind) and back into the black.

  3. Aetherial says:

    Bryden is not a bad guy nor a con-man. The debt that crippled Ottawa had nothing to do with him.

    I think there wil be no more deals for the Sens though this year until they get solid ownership.

  4. orlandomac says:

    Good for Ottawa,

    That team deserves better, Mr Melnyk from Toronto said last night he was still interested in the team.

    With some money behind Ottawa and an owner that is willing to spend some money maybe you can attain a Cup next year.

    It will also be the last free spending year, but your team is as close as ours, with a few solid buys, maybe we win this year you win next. Leave the Cup in Ontario where it belongs.

    Just a shame someone from this area didn’t buy up the Sabres, could’ve put them in Hamilton a city that would appreciate them, and support them.

  5. Rico71 says:

    If Melnyk is ready to buy the team, go for it!

    I’d prefer a canadian buyer with deep pockets than an american buyer that will move the team to some stupid city like Portland or Kansas City.

    And if he spends money to acquire some good players, watch out! Ottawa will be a real powerhouse. They are almost there, but they lack some key elements. Some good old canadian grit.

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