Roenick Makes Nice-Nice with Flyers Brass

Jeremy Roenick is known and loved for his openly and honest comments but as Flyers’ GM Bob Clarke said recently there is “no speed bump between JR’s brain and his mouth.”

Despite reports of trouble in Philly for JR, he publicly came out to apologize for his comments and actions of late. His comments included alluding he wanted to be traded to Chicago (along with Tony Amonte) or returning to Phoenix to play with his golf buddy, Shane Doan. JR did little help his situation when a scandal broke out about his betting of football. It wasn’t a Pete Rose situation but it was certainly a black eye for the often concussed Flyer center.

Roenick’s latest drama was over being able to collect his salary for being injured with a concussion despite playing in playoff games after the alleged concussion as well as passing a team “exit” physical exam at the end of the season. After meeting with concussion specialist Karen Johnston in Montreal, signs point towards JR being able to play again. And when he does, it will be in an Orange and Black jersey and for a whopping $7,500,000 per year.

The media was quick to draw comparisons to the Eric Lindros situation suggesting that the Flyers force their players to play hurt. This simply isn’t the case. Philadelphia is still a destination location for NHL players – especially free agents. To imply teams force players to play hurt is absurd. The negligence opens the team and their deep pockets up to law suits that the would lose. When Brett Favre was concussed last Sunday and then waived HIMSELF back into the game for one last TD pass – was that the training staff forcing him? Hardly. Is JR playing with his bell rung for perhaps his last chance at winning a Cup something the training staff or Flyers executives forced? Certainly not.

The media needs to cut Bob Clarke and Ed Snider some slack. The franchise they have built and their winning tradition is second to none in their time in the league. Their past players stay with the franchise and are loyal to a player.

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  1. 19Yzerman says:

    Its those vicious Philly fans that force atheletes into either playing injured or face the wrath of those rabid fans. JUST KIDDING! Neurology is very strange with intermitent symptoms. Unlike a broken arm or leg where you just wait for it to heal and can’t do much until it has healed. One minute you think your fine and the symptoms have subsided next thing its back and you can’t believe it returned. The Favre example is a glowing testiment to players being like little kids that just want to play.

    I just couldn’t let you article go UNPOSTED on.LOL

    Come on you guys help JR beat the Hasek article that had only 2 posts.

  2. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Jeez – a JR post and nobody wants to comment.

    Call him a gambler.

    Predict he will retire.

    Post links to him and Karen Johnston getting naked in a doctors office.


    I am bored here. There is NO HOCKEY in case you didn’t notice and my fantasy NBA draft isn’t for anoter few weeks. And I still know NOTHING about the NBA’s players.

  3. 19Yzerman says:


    R. Hamilton

    C. Billups

    R. Wallace

    B. Wallace

    T. Prince

    I don’t know much about NBA players either. What I can tell you is the above pistons had a great post season run. Pacers Jermaine O’Neal is a good one.

  4. hockeyhead says:

    nothing really to say about jr. he’s a big mouth…he sucks at broadcasting…..and he has been past his prime.

  5. Phillyfanatic says:

    Love him or hate him (And I love Him), he has a right to say whatever he wants and the media loves him for being such an accessible and charismatic personality. His best years are behind him but he still is an accomplished NHL presence and has chipped in with some major goals and assists when it counts. (Leaf Fans take note: Remember JR sending you to the golf course in Game 6 last year!)

  6. hockeyhead says:

    i really do believe he sucks at announcing but this article got no feedback….just trying to get a bite.

  7. 19Yzerman says:

    Hey hockeyhead Kadi Sickel Scored a Game Winner In OT vs #8 Michigan whose ranking will drop now with that loss.

  8. hockeyhead says:

    really!!!! another owl tearing it up. we beat 11-1 goffstown yesterday as we climb the ranks.

  9. 19Yzerman says:

    Is that in NH west of Manchester?? Owls? She is a Hawkeye now. Interesting how this Owl metamorphosed into a hawkeye. Are you in Plaistow, NH at Timberlane Regional HS? I have a summer cottage on lake Sunapee and I go out there twice a year summer and winter. I go skiing at Mt. Sunapee and snowmobile the trails of Sullivan and Merrimack Counties in the winter and spend a couple weeks on the lake in the summer.

    This link to see U of M vs Iowa game recap.

  10. hockeyhead says:

    you are correct on all accounts. has the standings. we were 7-4-1 and the grizzlies were 11-1 on their turf during their senior day and we crushed them 3-1. in field hockey, that is a spanking.

    kadi has twin freshman sisters on the team, one who set up the game winning one timer on a corner penalty.

    there were so many give and goes it was unreal. one of the best games we played all year. one more game at the beach and it is tourney time.

    i miss the nhl but right now things are pretty exciting.

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