Roenick Makes Nice-Nice with Flyers Brass

Jeremy Roenick is known and loved for his openly and honest comments but as Flyers’ GM Bob Clarke said recently there is “no speed bump between JR’s brain and his mouth.”

Despite reports of trouble in Philly for JR, he publicly came out to apologize for his comments and actions of late. His comments included alluding he wanted to be traded to Chicago (along with Tony Amonte) or returning to Phoenix to play with his golf buddy, Shane Doan. JR did little help his situation when a scandal broke out about his betting of football. It wasn’t a Pete Rose situation but it was certainly a black eye for the often concussed Flyer center.

Roenick’s latest drama was over being able to collect his salary for being injured with a concussion despite playing in playoff games after the alleged concussion as well as passing a team “exit” physical exam at the end of the season. After meeting with concussion specialist Karen Johnston in Montreal, signs point towards JR being able to play again. And when he does, it will be in an Orange and Black jersey and for a whopping $7,500,000 per year.

The media was quick to draw comparisons to the Eric Lindros situation suggesting that the Flyers force their players to play hurt. This simply isn’t the case. Philadelphia is still a destination location for NHL players – especially free agents. To imply teams force players to play hurt is absurd. The negligence opens the team and their deep pockets up to law suits that the would lose. When Brett Favre was concussed last Sunday and then waived HIMSELF back into the game for one last TD pass – was that the training staff forcing him? Hardly. Is JR playing with his bell rung for perhaps his last chance at winning a Cup something the training staff or Flyers executives forced? Certainly not.

The media needs to cut Bob Clarke and Ed Snider some slack. The franchise they have built and their winning tradition is second to none in their time in the league. Their past players stay with the franchise and are loyal to a player.