Roenick out for the Year?

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– Flyers center Jeremy Roenick could miss the rest of the regular season after breaking his jaw in a victory over the New York Rangers.

The All-Star had surgery at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York today, a day after he was hit in the face with a puck, leaving him bloodied on the ice and briefly unconscious.

“He will miss significant time,” coach Ken Hitchcock said after today’s practice. “I don’t think anyone knows the exact time. It’ll certainly be a lot longer than 2-3 weeks. We’ll see how he feels in the next week or so.”

Roenick, Philadelphia’s second-leading scorer, was hurt early in the third period last night when a puck struck him on a shot by the Rangers’ Boris Mironov.

“His jaw was broken pretty significantly and his laceration is pretty significant,” Hitchcock said.

The Flyers, who are tied with Colorado for most points in the NHL, also lost All-Star center Keith Primeau less than a minute after Roenick was hurt.

Primeau was injured after a collision with the Rangers’ Bobby Holik. But Hitchcock said Primeau felt better today and could return for tomorrow’s home game against the Rangers.

“this news will probably force Clarke to make a deal”

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  1. Viller says:

    he never said ANYTHING about retirement, are you retarded?

    He said, he will take it easier this time around, unlike the 8 other times (wich he played through)…

    So basically he meant he wont be back until the consussion is completely gone, will give the jaw time to heal at the same time.

    Stop inventing crap, thank you.

  2. Viller says:

    all those concussions were mild ones, nothing to really worry about. His concussions can’t even be compared to the Lindros type.

    IMO, his physical play might go down abit, concentrate more on his offensive/defensive game.

  3. mattklaman says:

    yea no shit…. retirement… he isnt a pussy boy like lindros.

  4. flyersfan10897 says:

    yes i can, but that doesnt mean the flyers are a sure shot to win. i would love to see them win. i was fairly young the last time any philadelphia team won(1983) and have never felt the excitement of winning a championship.

  5. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    Gotta give it up to the NYR fans, what a class act! wow that gave me chills, truly class fans giving JR a standing O after that horrible injury. The guy is a warrior and its good to see the class fans in NY react the way they day. With the concussion history, and hearing him talk during the game today he seems pretty unsure about playing next season, Heres to a speedy recovery the NHL could use more guys like JR. How can a guy on a liquid diet for 6+ weeks come back in game shape for the playoffs? If im Clarke I have to make a move, and Im sure ther will a move of some sort, honestly I wouldnt be surprise to see Gratton or Langkow back in the orange and black, Carolina wants a player off the roster so I cant see the Flyers making a move off current stock for Brindy. The Flyers might be playing well right now, but we all know the current line-up will not hold up against the Sens and Devils in the playoffs..

  6. Athens2 says:

    I agree, class act by both parties. Ranger fans, you surprised me I must admit. But Roenick, I would expect nothing less.

  7. Athens2 says:

    Rangers fans really earned my respect with the class they showed when Roenick got hurt, and as much as I HATE the Rangers, that’s saying alot. But you’re just a moron.

  8. Athens2 says:

    No… I won’t say that until the Flyers are parading down Broad Street.

  9. Athens2 says:

    I don’t like to get into arguments… But he did talk about hanging up. Darren Pang asked him about having 9 concussions and asked if he was thinking about retirement. And JR responded by saying “Yeah, when you starting getting that many, you have to think about the rest of your life.”

  10. Athens2 says:

    That was verbatum, not an exact qoute.

  11. MantaRay says:

    I have too agree with you. As I post prior to yesterdays game. Philly is a great organization–a winning organization. Clarke has given the team depth and alot of strength in their minor league team.

    After the Burke theft, and the injury to Stevens==only the Sens remain in the Flyers path to the Finals.

  12. mattklaman says:

    here is a link to the flyers article where JR explained his situation.

    even with what he said about more then likely not comming back this season, i would bet he will be back….

  13. hockey_man1468 says:

    First, verbatum means word for word and therefore would be considered an exact quote, but the article is on where Roenick says retirement has crossed his mind

  14. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    it would be sad if had to retire

  15. veggetto1725 says:

    Your A jerkoff Why waste time On cheering losers!

    The only Decent Player that you have is Jagar dont kid your self they wont make the playoffs.

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