Roloson an Oiler

Edmonton Oilers acquired Wild goaltender Dwayne Roloson for a 1st round pick and a conditional pick.mikster’s view:

Good trade for both teams. The Minnesota Wild end up trading the goalie that they would have lost through free agency, so to get a first rounder for that kind of player, it’s excellent; plus, they picked up a conditional draft pick.

I wanted the Edmonton Oilers to get Curtis Joseph. I know his stats are not as good as Roloson’s, but Cujo layed on a so-so defensive team, while Rolly played on a team that best performs on defense. The Oilers must understand that Roloson is good, but he also needs to rely on the other 5 teammtes on the ice to help him out. We should see how Roloson performs with the kind of game that the Oilers play.

Personally, I think a 1st rounder is always too much to give for a playoff rental, unless it is a superb player, which is Roloson is not. Still, if Roloson and the Oilers also decided to a contract, then this should be a pretty good trade. If not, then Roloson has to put the Oilers in at least the Semi-Finals in the Western Conference.

I am not too fond of this trade, but Roloson is a good goalie and one that was looked after other teams. GM Lowe should be making a bigger push here by dealing a 1st rounder, though. He can’t lose two draft picks for Roloson and face a possibile first round exit in the playoffs. Expect the Oilers to make another move.