Rolston Joins the Wild

Various reports have confirmed that the Minnesota Wild have signed Brian Rolston to a three year deal worth $9M.

Rolston joins his former coach Jacques Lemaire.

The Boston Bruins have now lost their second forward from their top six. Mike Knuble has signed with the Flyers earlier this month while. It is expected to see Glen Murray sign with a team soon, which would mean that the Boston Bruins have lost three top forwards in their lineup, Murray, Rolston, and Knuble.

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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Good aquisition but I think Rolstob could have gotten the same deal from a better club.

  2. mikster says:

    I think the Wild will be a very good club. He doesn’t have much pressure, he will get playing time, and Lemaire will give him the role that he knows best.

  3. Habfan1234 says:

    As a fan of the Habs I am overjoyed at the dismantling of the Bruins. With the way their going it will be Joe Thornton playing all by himself with only pylons, otherwise known as cheap ineffectual minor leaguers, as his wingman.

    But seriously, if I was a fan of the Bruins I would be extremely angered at the fact that all of the team’s best players eventually leave via free agency because of Jeremy Jacob’s parsimony. The goal of a hockey team is to win the cup and not icing a team that is just good enough to make it into the playoffs while only going two rounds at most. But, unlike other teams who constantly strive to keep their best players or get more when they fail in the playoffs, the Bruins seem content to allow their best to play elsewhere and do not appear willing to delve into the free agency market for upgrades or replacements.

    For all Bruins fans it appears you are heading for a long season next year, that is, if there is one.

    And finally, how do the Bruins fans on this site feel about the constant inability or unwillingness of the front office and, especially, owner Jeremy Jacob, in spending some money to keep or gain better players? And how has this affected your attachment to the team?

  4. Keith_Tkachuk07 says:

    Good pick up for the Wild.. But I’m pretty sure Rolston would be better off elsewhere.. cough .. St Louis ..

  5. shady_records says:

    What does the Bruins first line look like now?

    Samsonov-Thornton and who?

  6. sumthingbruin says:

    For better or for worse, this has been a plan for some time now. O’c has said many times in the press that he hopes to have no large contracts the offseason of the CBA. The idea of course is to watch other teams spend and when they get hamstrung by the salary cap (Which simply has to happen, be it hard or soft), the Bruins will have a ton of room to sign and trade for players, taking on quality players that other teams are forced to get rid of or non-tender.

    Whether or not this will work remains to be seen. They’ve already dumped almost 10 mill between Rolston, Murray, O’Donnell, and Zamuner.

  7. Lint07 says:


    Now that’s a shocker! I’m glad he signed with the Wild, his style fits perfectly with this team and he’ll be very helpful.

    Great acquisition.

  8. Flyers_01 says:

    Samsonov is an RFA. Thornton is an RFA. Raycroft is an RFA. With all these RFA’s and the likelyhood of arbitration look for the bruins to lose even more players.

  9. OldNord says:

    Doug Doull I guess!

  10. GeniushockeyKID says:

    Thornton just agreed to play overseas next season…if there is some sort of season next year, it looks like Boston might have a shot at Crosby. don’t forget Samsonov & Gonchar may also be lost.

  11. OldNord says:

    I didn’t seen this one coming, exactly Lemaire’s type of player. I think he will be the forward on the Wild who will get the most ice-time.

  12. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Ok this didn’t get posted so I am telling everyone here. I am starting an NHL 2005 hockey pool. There is a season every month. A trade deadline on the 17th of every month you. Everyone PM’s me a list of 5 teams they want and I will post the people who got them. Sorry if you don’t get a team but you can join a teams scouting staff. The cup winner will be put on my website wich will be built later and his roster and staff will be posted too. There are no free agents and no draft just take what the team has. NOTE: Players not signed with teams will be on waivers and there will be a draft for them. Also don’t bother putting Toronto on your list because I am going to take Toronto. And leave your e-mail adress so we can e-mail you trade reports. To confirm a trade both sides of the deal must send me an e-mail. And the trade deadline is still at 3 btw. Also you tell me if you want your e-mail adress released so people can contact you with a trade proposal.

  13. toto says:

    Thornton just signed on with a Swiss team and told the Bruins to suck his c-o-c-k

  14. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I am pretty sure I read there was a run-away claus.

  15. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Gaborik will.

  16. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I think there is a run-away claus.

  17. big_booty says:

    Not necessarily a bad move by the Wild, but they overpaid for Rolston.

    Here’s a guy whose stats have been in decline for the past three seasons, but he gets a new deal for the same money? Doesn’t make sense – he didn’t really deserve it.

    Mike Knuble was just as productive last year, but is $1 million cheaper.

    Rolston will be nowhere near as effective in Minnesota as he was toiling for the Bruins.

    He goes from a first place team to a last place team? From Thorton, Samsonov, and Murray to Gaborik, Brunette, and Zyuzin?

    I don’t get it.

  18. Bruinman says:

    what can I say? I’m from sweden, and bin a bruin fan forever, yes you get sad when you lose players like Rolston, but hey! that’s the life in the N HL you lose some and you gain some, and from there if you are faithful to your team, like I am, it doesen’t matter, you always support your team no matter what! Go bruins! keeo up the god work 🙂

  19. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Yah he does.

    TFP says “Thornton, a three-time All-Star, is currently a restricted free agent and would like return to the NHL should there be a 2004-05 season.”

  20. LeafyMcLeaf says:


    TFP says”Thornton, a three-time All-Star, is currently a restricted free agent and would like return to the NHL should there be a 2004-05 season.”

  21. OldNord says:

    I don’t think so. Rolston is one of the best two ways forward in the league. He will get a lot of penalty killing ice with Walz, might play on the same line than Gaborik and get PP icetime on the blue-line.

  22. OldNord says:

    Keep in mind that Boston won’t be a first place team next season and Minnesota might be better in the overall ranking.

    I think it’s “normal” that Rolston got this contract, the joy of being UFA.

  23. sasketoon says:

    As a longtime Bruins fan, it can be very disappointing watching all these great players walk out the door, especially when we get nothing for them.

    Then again, most of these players have fallen off statistically once they were let go/traded from Boston.

    Dmitri Khristich

    Boston Bruins 79 games played 29 42= 71

    Toronto Maple Leafs 53 games played 12 18= 30

    Jason Allison:

    Boston Bruins 82 games played 36 + 59 =95

    Los-Angeles Kings 73 games played 19 55 = 74

    Anson Carter:

    Boston Bruins 59 games played 22 25 =47

    Edmonton Oilers 61 games played 16 26 =42

    Byron Dafoe:

    Boston Bruins 64 games played 35 wins 2.21 GAA 0.907 sv %

    Atlanta Thrashers 17 games played 5 wins 4.36 GAA 0.862 sv%

    Bill Guerin:

    Boston Bruins 78 GP 41 25 =66

    Dallas Stars 64 GP 25 25 =50

    Joseph Stumpel:

    Boston Bruins 78 GP 14 37 =51

    Los-Angeles Kings 64 GP 8 29 =37

    Bryan Berard:

    Boston Bruins 80 GP 10 28 =38

    Chicago Blackhawks 58 GP 13 34 =47

    Kyle McLaren:

    Boston Bruins 38 GP 0 8 =8

    San Jose Sharks 33 GP 0 8 =8

    I wish we had some of them back, and losing Knuble and Rolston 9and getting nothing back) is really going to hurt. I still love the team and I’m a huge fan. I wish management would make more of a commitment to winning, and I think they took a step in that direction getting Gonchar and Nylander.

    of course, who knows if we can even keep THEM. 😉

  24. mrdude75 says:

    rolston who do you think the article is talking about? its not that complicated keep at it you’ll get it

  25. mikster says:

    Not really though.

    You look at some of the popular two-way checkers that have done decent offensive work, they get paid around that range.

    Wes Walz…gets $2M

    Madden gets $4M per season.

    Rolston gets $3M

    Knuble is not the same type of player that Rolston is. Rolston is all-round, reliable on both ends of the ice, great to have on special teams.

    Knuble….you just have to hope that his linemates make him score.

    He goes to a team that made the playoffs and had a great run. Gaborik was greatly missed this past season and they didn’t make the playoffs due to surprising teams like the Predators and the Flames… the Oilers had a solid late run as well.

    But, they still finished above .500 with 83 points, which is not all that bad.

    Rolston knows Lemaire well and that was a plus for him to join the Wild.

    He goes from a first place team that has lost Murray, Knuble,….doubtful Thornton’s future with the B’s, plus O’Donnel and McGillis.

    Bruins have lost tons of depth.

    And, he joins a team that will keep the same depth, pretty much. Has young players, he will be given more ice time, a better role…..gets to lead by example.

    Why not? It’s a perfect decision for him.

  26. dkball7 says:


    C’mon leafy, lets go, stop slacking!!!


  27. LeafyMcLeaf says:

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    2.Philadelphia Flyers

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  28. dkball7 says:

    I don’t think 04-05 will be a combination of 02-03 and 03-04…

  29. brewstar03 says:

    At least boston will get draft choice compensation. They will get picks in next years draft from O’donnell, Rolston, Murray, and Knuble, and whoever else the lose. They might not be high ones since they are making 3 million or less now. Probably 4th, 5th,6th round picks.

  30. LEON says:

    Jacob’s did spend money last year…he got the most sought after D-man availiable and got a top picked up an excellent forward to boot…It didn’t work. As a Bruins fan, the thing I get tired of is…everytime the Bruins lose, everyone says it’s cause they won’t spend money…that’s getting old. They just flat out fall on there faces whether they are a good team or not. Because the money they invest is in cry babies like Thornton and player’s who are made of glass like Samsonov. Take a look at the payrole and compare it to the rest of the league, it’s not like the Bruins have the cheapest payrole…people just need to get some new material these days, if they want to bash the Bruins.

  31. big_booty says:

    The operative word in your first statement is “might.”

    The Wild were supposed to be a vastly improved team this past season. Instead, they took a huge step backwards – twelve points and two places in the division standings backwards. They were barely a .500 team. The only thing they led the league in was ties.

    Minnesota caught lightning in a bottle in ’02-’03. Is Rolston banking on that same phenomenon occuring this year? Or the next?

    If I’m a decent mid-level free agent coming from a first-place team, I don’t want to go to a team with a bunch of question marks. I’d rather go to another first-place team, one that has a decent chance at a Cup run in the near future.

    The fact that he got the money that he did from the Wild tells me that a) they overpaid, or b) the demand for his services was not all that great.

    The “normalcy” of players like Rolston continuing to get their contracts is what’s leading to a future without hockey.

  32. thomas2984 says:

    Don’t get your hopes up too high there – seeing as how Rolston, O’Donnell, Knuble and Murray are all UNRESTRICTED free agents meaning Boston gets absolutely nothing for the loss of these players….

    Just thought I’d clear that one up – only players who are restricted free agents – aka – Thornton, Gonchar, Raycroft would get you draft pick compensation….

  33. big_booty says:

    Wes Walz is a career journeyman. The fact that he makes $2 million is a travesty. He’s a bad example.

    Madden is a Selke winner and a Cup champion.

    As for Knuble vs. Rolston, despite your deluded beliefs, they are very much the same. Both players are almost the same size, age, and production.

    Knuble over the past two seasons: 51 goals (13 pp), 54 assists, 105 points, plus-37.

    Rolston over the past two seasons: 46 goals (9 pp), 61 assists, 107 points, plus-9.

    Looks to me (and to anyone else who knows the game) that Knuble was just as productive, better on the power play, and better defensively. I would call him the better “all-round” and “reliable” player.

    Yet Rolston is more expensive? And Knuble is merely a product of his linemates? I fail to see that logic.

    “Gaborik was greatly missed this past season.”

    What? Gaborik only missed 17 games! That is not being “greatly missed.” “Greatly missed” was Al MacInnis (missed all but three games), Scott Stevens (only 38 games played), and the Kings’ two-headed monster of Jason Allison and Adam Deadmarsh.

    Sure, the Wild finished above .500 – BY ONE GAME.

    Sure, 83 points doesn’t sound all that bad – UNLESS YOU’RE 9 POINTS OUT OF A PLAYOFF SPOT.

    The team had one decent run, but is now a question mark. The Bruins, at least, have been consistent in recent years by remaining extremely competitive despite losing their depth every season – i.e. Guerin, Dafoe, Sweeney, Berard, Hackett, McLaren, etc.

    Rolston gets to lead by example? Lead who? Alex Daigle? Eric Chouinard?

    “Why not?” There are tons of reasons. The only way the decision will be “perfect” is if the Wild win the cup in the next three years.

    Which isn’t happening.

  34. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Tampa’s gonna have the cup for a while.

    The only time Toronto will get the cup though is at the hockey hall of fame. Or on NHL 2005.

    Anyways it os not much of a combo of those.

    Actually this is how I see next season

    What were you guys waiting for something.

  35. StuWild says:

    Are the Boston Bruins going to have a team next season if there is a season? Maybe it will be the Providence Bruins who fill in just like Wilkes Barre Scranton did for the Penguins last year.

  36. wayne2 says:

    I`m a little dissapointed,he wouldve been a great

    replacement for Bonk with the sens.He`s a fast

    skater that is good two-way and is experienced.We

    still need a 1st line center,Zhamnov?Nylander?

  37. StuWild says:

    I agree that Rolston would have been a good signing for the Sens but…

    Zhamnov or Nylander? More soft euro’s. I would love to see that so my Leafs can make them crumble again come Playoff time. I think a guy like Mike Ricci would be a better signing for the Sens. They don’t need a guy who is considered a number one centre because they do have an even balance with Spezza, Fisher, Smolinski, White. A lot of skill on this team but I think a grit guy like Ricci would be a great move. Leafs have shown no interest in him unfortunately. I am also concerned that the Sens may land either Matvichuk or Zhitnik which would be a smart move.

  38. OldNord says:

    Not true, you get compensation picks from the league when you lost UFAS.

  39. wayne2 says:

    Gotta agree we dont need another softie but still

    Spezza is not ready enough to be number one center,Fisher has a tendencie to get hurt(he plays

    with grit and determination),Smolinski is not what

    he used to be and White(local boy)is not 1st line

    material.On the other hand,we would welcome Ricci

    which would bring about the same(two-way type

    player) than Bonk but with grit.We already have a

    ton of lefthanded defensemen,we need a good

    righthanded(Pothier is the only one).

  40. EmptyNetter says:

    Well that’s just annoying. Did you fall asleep on the RETURN key?

  41. EmptyNetter says:

    I got the feeling mid-way through the season that Rolston was feeling frustrated and not playing up to his usual standard. Bruins overused him on special teams and they started giving up A LOT of short handed goals. Since he’s originally from Michigan he’ll be much closer to home and will play for Lemaire, a coach he highly respects. I’d rather see him play well for another (non-conference rival) team than to see him struggle on ours. I hope it works out well for him.

    Frankly, I’m surprised that the Wild is starting to spend a little money. Now with Rolston on the team Marion “show me the money” Gaborik won’t have the leverage of being “the Wild’s only star player” in his next contract negotiations.

  42. EmptyNetter says:

    “And finally, how do the Bruins fans on this site feel about the constant inability or unwillingness of the front office and, especially, owner Jeremy Jacob, in spending some money to keep or gain better players? “

    I’d assume it feels about the same as seeing Alexi Kovalev walk out on the Habs fans who circulated a petition to keep him in Montreal. It’s not just a Boston thing. Any time it happens I remember Jerry Seinfeld saying that rooting for your favorite team is like cheering for laundry, since guys move around so much in pro sports.

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