Ron Hainsey Wears a Blue Jacket.

In the wake of the 3 game suspension to Andrei Markov for abuse of an official the Montreal Canadiens decided to call up defenseman Ron Hainsey. Upon calling up Hainsey, he would have had to have cleared re-entry waivers to play for the Montreal Canadiens, but he did not. Today the Montreal Canadiens lost young defenseman Ron Hainsey on waivers to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Due to the fact that Hainsey is on a a contract that pays him $550,000, and is a young player with potential, it was highly possible Hainsey would be piked up by another team. The Habs will have to forfeit half of Hainsey’s salary which will count against Montreal’s cap. Not a very bright move by Bob Gainey in my estimation. In essence Gainey chose to keep off season signing Mark Streit over an emerging young defenseman of Hainsey’s stature in the system.

Your thoughts.

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  1. habsoverserver says:

    Gainey has been trading or waiving many of the prospects selected by Houle. He waived Hainsey a while ago but there were no takers.

    Kovalev and Dandenault were good signings. Streit was a mistake. Bonk was a mistake.

    If Begin was the third line center and the Habs spent $2 million on a second line wing, instead of $3 million on a third line center, then the Habs would be in much better shape.

    Habs need a skilled wing who can save Ribiero and Ryder from their defensive shortcomings. Pairing them with Dagenais exacerbates their weaknesses.

    Markov was a complete idiot for shoving a referee.

  2. habfan1160 says:

    Bonk was a clear mistake. There were much better third line centres availible this season. Now, Streit over Hainsey.

    And, why call up Hainsey for three games? They should have called up some other defensman. With the way they are playing, these three game are not important. They will be in the Phil Kessel sweepstakes anyway.

  3. lrdstanley says:

    Hainsey would never have been more than a 7th d-man for the Habs,,,,,so this is not much of a loss. Gainey needs to get a big forward to play with Ryder and Ribeiro, someone who can park himself in front of the net. Easy said not so easy done though.

  4. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Big deal. Hainsey wasn’t that good anyways.

  5. habswinthecup-again says:

    It is a big deal because now the Habs only have 5 defenseman for the game tonight and maybe longer, depending on when Komi gets back.

    Perhaps a trade will be forced upon the Habs.

  6. itone79 says:

    Hainsey is a young player with potential, but just not in Montreal. He was given many chances to make the team and if Gainey thought he could cut it, he would have been on the roster by now. Look at Mike Komisarek, he was drafted a whole year after Hainsey. Also if Mark Streit gets the chance to fully adapt to the play of the NHL, you will see that at the top of his game he has FAR more potential then Hainsey will ever have.

    And as for people that say Bonk was a mistake, when the team is healthy that line of Bulis/Bonk/Sundstrum has been a HUGE part of the Habs early success.

    Lastly about Hainsey’s loss IMHO I think Gainey has a plan. I guess we will see soon enough.

  7. habsoverserver says:

    Trading away your talented back-up goalie to overpay for a guy (1) no one wanted (2) who would have been a free agent anyway (3) who has yet to score a goal and (4) has a negative plus minus = mistake.

    Bottom line, for $3 million a guy has to score.

    Gainey’s plan is not to have idiot defensemen get themselves suspended. He could have sent Hainsey to the BlueJackets without recalling him.

  8. wayne2 says:

    As a sens fan an since habs are already giving Bonk 3 mil a year(or around it) why dont they try:





    untill Kovalev returns at least give it a try and see,

    Bonk isnt the best offensive forward but his good on face offs and defensivily.

  9. habsoverserver says:

    Not sure they want to move Ribiero to the wing.

    I think they are better off getting someone with potential like Huselius from the Panthers.

  10. habsoverserver says:

    Pretty neat when you pay your first round draft choice $275k to play for another team.

  11. robinson19 says:

    Hainsey’s problem has been laziness season after season. If he sheds that playing in his home country the US of A so much the better for him, but he’s made an early career out of proving over and over that he doesn’t care to play in Montreal

    Streit is adapting slowly but surely to the style of play in the NHL. He has more raw offensive talent than Hainsey, and the main difference is he works hard. It was a fine plan to let Streit develope gradually as a 7th D, but now deprived of Souray and Markov it’s a real test for him.

    The Habs have called up Jean-Philippe Cote, an AHL veteran stay-at-home D. Anyone who thinks Gainey didn’t know there was a good chance of losing Hainsey is dreaming; what you don’t realize is that the Habs and their fans accepted his obvious intention not to play here a long time ago.

    Bonk is a major dissapointment offensively, for sure, but only if you watch the Habs games day in day out would you notice his decent defensive play with Sundstrom, Begin and/or Bulis, which makes him not a complete bust. Worth upwards of two mil, however? NO.

  12. robinson19 says:

    No, they have 6. They called up Cote.

    A trade would be good if it involved Souray, Bonk, and/or Dagenais.

  13. itone79 says:

    1) Trading away a talented back-up goalie is a mistake. Unless you get a talented back-up goalie in return. The Habs did in Huet, not to mention they already have 2 or 3 just as talented back-up’s in their system (Danis,Price,Halak).

    2) Bonk isn’t getting a $3 million dollar paycheck to score goals. Gainey made it clear Bonk’s job is to play defensive hockey on a defensive line and to prvent other teams from scoring on us. I know his +/- does not justify his play right now but it will sooner rather than later.

    3) The fact that Hainsey cleared waivers on the way to Hamilton means that no team wanted him at his current salary. So why would the Bluejackets have wanted him this time at full price? Now the Canadiens just announced that they called up Cote from the bulldogs. So, if Gainey had no plan, my question is, knowing that there was a good chance he would lose Hainsey at half price why not just call up Cote, as he did not have to clear waivers. Another reason I think something might be going on is that a while back the Bluejackets picked up bouillion on waivers from the Habs then sent him down and the Habs picked him right back up again.

    As for markov’s suspension I agree, not the smartest move. But all they can do now is get through it.

  14. mtl_prince says:

    Hainsey was garbage, year after year, he never panned out. if he ends up playing well for columbus, thats fine with me, cause he woulda never played well for the habs.

    As for bonk, if he were making 2 mill. instead of 3 mill. then i would have no complaints. his defense is good, but for that extra mill. i want to see a least a few goals!!!

    but every team has a player or 2 that is overpaid…

  15. jouby says:

    Bouillon did not go to the jackets, he went to the predators.

    And it was worth the shot. You want the best team on the ice, and the best player was Hainsey, not Cote.

    It seemes to me the re-entry waiver kinda doomed Hainsey to the minors this season

  16. robinson19 says:

    Waddya mean, Boullion? Don’t give me a heart attack.

  17. morrissey says:

    Well good luck to Columbus, they just picked up a complete dud, a cheap dud, but a dud nonetheless. Career minor leaguer at best. We don’t need him at all, some games even Dandenault was playing FWD as we had 7 dmen in the lineup

    As for the Bonk bashing, he’s been doing a good job in the role he ws told to play. He’s been matched up to the opposing teams top lines night after night and has been shutting them down. Overpaid? Well yes, somewhat, but not playing badly by any stretch of the imagination. That said, I second whoever wrote on here that he should be playing with Ribeiro and Ryder, those 2 need a guy with size and defensive skill, who isn’t an offensive liability… sounds like Bonk to me. Begin can handle 3rd line checking duties to perfection.

  18. Saku11Habs says:

    What are you talking about “an emerging young talent”. Ron Hainsey has been the biggest flop for the Canadiens. He underachieves every year and was almost gone before this season even started.

  19. Mikeyribs says:


    Yes, Habs are Hainsey free! Seriously, that guy is a punk.

    Terry Ryan

    Alexander Buturlin

    Dan Brown

    Matt Higgins

    Marc André Chouinard

    Marcel Hossa

    AND…….Now Ron Hainsey.

    Rejean Houle probably made the most HORRIBLE draft choice in history! I think every single 1 rounder he drafted where busts! Im telling ya, he was BRUTAL.

  20. Mikeyribs says:

    SHut up! If the ref was in Montreal right now, he would be lynched like a nigga. Much worse than being shoved by Markov. Seriously, Rob Schick needs to be fired. If I was Markov,I would have done the same thing.

  21. habswinthecup-again says:

    Oh that is brilliant you idiot, way to talk like a bigot you a**hole. Thank God most Hab fans are not like you, because if they were I would have to find a different team to cheer for. I vote for this guys banishment.

  22. habfan1160 says:

    Wouldn’t Gaullieme Latendresse look good right about now?

  23. Air33 says:

    lol wow man. not a very smart comment to make. But funny.

  24. habfan1160 says:

    Come on, Houle did a great job with the Habs. He stocked the team with the best ECHL, CHL, and QSHL players known to man.

    I think a single-cell amoeba would have done a better job than Houle.

  25. mojo19 says:

    I actually like Marc Chouinard, I didn’t know he was a first round choice though..

  26. thatleafsguy says:

    Don’t tell me you can seriously say that Craig Rivet didn’t deserve a tripping penalty on that last second clip on Antropov???? Honestly Rivet got off easy, he dove head first into Antropov’s knee he could have seriously injured him and could have and probably should have got a 5 minute major or an intent to injure penalty. Whether he was going for the puck or not, you must always be sportsman like in your efforts to play the game, and diving head first into a guys knee was not very sportsmanlike in my opinion. Rivet got a justified penalty and Markov did something really stupid to deserve his punishment.

  27. Air33 says:

    He’ll probly be like Marcel Hossa and light it up on a new team. oh well shit happens

  28. habfan1160 says:

    Its not that Chouinard who has been playing above expectations for the Wild. It is ERIC Chouinard who played a few games for the Habs, Flyers, and Wild. He now plays for the Philadelphia Phantoms.

  29. lrdstanley says:

    Oh hell yeah, maybe after he plays in the world jr’s Gainey will bring him up. Let’s hope

  30. habs_punk says:

    Wow you sure are looking at things through blue and white glasses aren’t you? There was no intent to injure, he was diving to knock the puck away and Antropov skated over his back. That’s why I can’t even believe it was a penalty. He didn’t trip him with his stick. It’s the same as if he went down to block a pass on a two on one and the guy tripped over him while cutting across.

  31. habs_punk says:

    I’d rather keep him in junior or the AHL for at least one more year before bringing him up. The sooner we bring him up, the sooner he’s a UFA.

  32. habs_punk says:

    A couple years back, Bouillon was picked up off waivers by the Preds I guess. The Habs picked him right back up off of waivers not long after that.

  33. thatleafsguy says:

    not really watch the replay again he dives head first into his leg its a tripping call no matter what team is playing your habs. its not the same as dropping to block a shot, ablock you just drop down, he dove accross right into antropov, you are just defending him because he is a haband it happened to a leaf player.

  34. morrissey says:

    He’s not as good as Hossa, he did clear waivers on his way down and I doubt Hossa would have, hence Gainey’s trading him for at least some kind of return.

  35. Air33 says:

    intent to injure penalty? Did someone hit you with the retarded stick several times?

  36. habswinthecup-again says:


  37. jouby says:

    Yeah, my bad.

    I meant this post as a reply to another one. guess I screwed up…

  38. jouby says:

    I was replying to someone who said Bouillon also went to the blue jackets and he hoped that the habs get evensomehow for them repeatedly “stealing”.

    And to prove my point, I want to post the link of the post. But I can’t find it any more. Must be something in the water I drink…

  39. thatleafsguy says:

    did you see what happened? if nik would have got seriously injured, i guarantee the penalty would have been more severe, it was similar to that of a clipping play in football…..either way he deserved the penalty he got no ifs, ands, or buts about it eventhough he went for the puck you just can’t plough into a guys leg to stop a scoring chance. habs fans have to stop being homers step back and assess the situation, because had a leaf player done that to a hab i would also say the same thing, just like as if it were any other team.

  40. rojoke says:

    Dan Brown? Or Brad Brown?

  41. habs_punk says:

    He had to dive forward to knock the puck away. If he just dropped down to knock the puck away he wouldn’t have been anywhere near the puck. And it seems more likely that you’re just attacking him because he’s a Hab and it happened to a Leaf player. No one, not one person has mentioned anything to do with intent to injure except you. Not even the damn bias Leaf announcers on CBC mentioned anything. You’re way, way off on this one, I’m sorry. You’ve got no one to back you.

  42. lrdstanley says:

    What kind of return?!?!?!? He got a guy that will never see any ice time in the NHL. He could have gotten a bag of pucks to be used during practice, at least they would have helped the team……..

  43. dcz28 says:

    By your logic a goalie racing out of the net to get the puck before the forward gets to it and collides with the player should get “attempt to injure” penalties also

    I have to say i agree with the others on this…your way off on this attempt to injure thing…by the way i’m a Wings fan so no bias here

  44. Mikeyribs says:

    I wasn’t sure about his firt name….. Its probably Brad

  45. Mikeyribs says:

    That was the point. Everybody knew it was stupid.

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