Ronnie Franchise's Number to be Retired… but not the way it should be…

The Carolina Hurricanes have announced they will retire the number of one of the best players ever. Ron Francis will have his number retired in a game against Atlanta, but that’s what I have to take an issue with.Why in a game against Atlanta? Why not Pittsburgh? Where he played half his career. Why not Toronto? He only played a bit there, but he said he always dreamed of player here, and even that is better then Atlanta.

Generally when retiring a players number, they do it in a game where they are playing another team the guy played for, or a team they currently work for. Paul Coffey works for the Coyotes, and that’s why the Oilers retired his number in a game against the Yotes, Sittler grew up a Habs fan, and that’s why his jersey was honored in a game against the Habs.

I know it’s a little thing to get pissed at, but still.

Ronnie better get early induction this HHOF induction… if not… well their are plenty of other good players eligable… but still, this guy deserves to be in.