Ronnie Franchise's Number to be Retired… but not the way it should be…

The Carolina Hurricanes have announced they will retire the number of one of the best players ever. Ron Francis will have his number retired in a game against Atlanta, but that’s what I have to take an issue with.Why in a game against Atlanta? Why not Pittsburgh? Where he played half his career. Why not Toronto? He only played a bit there, but he said he always dreamed of player here, and even that is better then Atlanta.

Generally when retiring a players number, they do it in a game where they are playing another team the guy played for, or a team they currently work for. Paul Coffey works for the Coyotes, and that’s why the Oilers retired his number in a game against the Yotes, Sittler grew up a Habs fan, and that’s why his jersey was honored in a game against the Habs.

I know it’s a little thing to get pissed at, but still.

Ronnie better get early induction this HHOF induction… if not… well their are plenty of other good players eligable… but still, this guy deserves to be in.


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  1. monley89 says:

    well see, atlanta is a bad organization with hartley at the helm, and guys like boulton running around, there a classless team, they also suck horribly this year

  2. Viller02 says:

    Your an idiot, you have no right to dish shit at Hartley, you need to shut the ***** up asap simply…

    Funny that Toronto is even mentionned in this arcticle, he didn’t do SHIT for them and hates the organization…

  3. thatleafsguy says:

    As well his number should be retired, Ronnie Franchise should be a lock for the hall of fame.

    The only problem with this is that his number should be retired at a Carolina vs. Pittsburgh game.

    Pittsburgh, you know, the team he won 2 stanley cups with. If you’re gonna do it, do it right!

  4. thatleafsguy says:

    Francis doesn’t hate the organization……Hartley is a piece of trash coach.

  5. Viller02 says:

    Hartley is trash? Didn’t he win a cup a few years ago? Where’s Quinn’s ring? oh wait… Ive seen Hartley coach since he started in HAwkesbury, Ontario and he doesn’t have shit to do with the Bolton thing, no way… thats not his style at all. Sure he iced him when the thrashers where losing, but why risk his supertars when they have no chance to win?

    I cant think Francis likes toronto in anyway possible, he got benched in the playoffs when players like Antropov were centering the 2nd line and at times the first… Thats like slapping Francis in the face.

  6. habswinthecup-again says:

    This is Carolina, not Montreal. As I have said before I do not know why other NHL teams (and all sports for that matter) do not emulate the Habs when it comes to ceremonies and treating their alumni properly. They know how to do it right and no other team comes even close.

  7. thatleafsguy says:


    Quinn has a gold medal, a world cup, the final piece to his puzzle is a stanley cup, he will get that one day. Pat Quinn is one of the most winningest coaches of all time. I’ve lost respect for Hartley, alot of his antics during Colorado’s cup run in 2001, what he did to the leafs and then paul ranger just further add to the disgust for that french canadian named hartley of all names. Last name hartley but heart he has not. Hartley basically coached an All star team to a stanley cup. Case in point….

    David Aebischer, Rob Blake, Ray Bourque, Greg De Vries, Chris Dingman, Chris Drury, Adam Foote, Peter Forsberg, Milan Hejduk, Dan Hinote, Jon Klemm, Eric Messier, Bryan Muir, Ville Nieminen, Scott Parker, Shjon Podein, Dave Reid, Steven Reinprecht, Patrick Roy, Joe Sakic, Martin Skoula, Alex Tanguay, Stephane Yelle.

    Ask Marc Crawford what its like to coach a team like this, he won one with them in 1996….

    Rene Corbet, Adam Deadmarsh, Stephane Fiset, Adam Foote, Peter Forsberg, Alexei Gusarov, Dave Hannan, Valeri Kamensky, Mike Keane, Jon Klemm, Uwe Krupp, Sylvain Lefebvre, Claude Lemieux, Curtis Leschyshyn, Troy Murray, Sandis Ozolinsh, Mike Ricci, Patrick Roy, Warren Rychel, Joe Sakic, Chris Simon, Craig Wolanin, Stephane Yelle, Scott Young.

    Does that make Crawford a better coach than Quinn to? I think not.

  8. Viller02 says:

    Quinn will never win a Stanley Cup. Not with this generation of Leafs players that for sure. They are missing way too much to even be considered contenders.

    Quinn makes ALOT of bad decisions simple as that. Hes in love with Antropov, Belak and Berg because he drafted them (correct me if im wrong) and wont say they are busts when he could of had ALOT better.

  9. thatleafsguy says:

    He can be in love with them all he wants, JFJ is the GM he will make the player personel moves that are neccessary. Quinn will win a cup one day, mark my words.

  10. Beckfan5 says:

    Messiers # is getting retired against the Oilers.

  11. Viller02 says:

    “JFJ is the GM he will make the player personel moves that are neccessary. “

    Why are Berg, Belak and Antropov seeing soo much ice time in toronto still? JFJ has the same mentality has Quinn, thats the problem. I wouldn’t even be impressed to see the leafs trade youngsters away for rent-a-players at the deadline again…

  12. Viller02 says:

    One more thing, you say Hartley won the cup with an all star team in colorado, Quinn won his gold medal and world cup with far better teams, so get better arguments… When canada won that gold medal they probably had one of the best teams ever assembled on earth.

  13. Scottman75 says:

    They should put his number on a Whalers uniform instead of a Canes uniform. Most people would agree that his best years were when the team was in Hartford.

  14. Hanzo says:

    And to add to that, Quinn was using his pet goalie, JOseph and it was’nt going good. And word is that is wasn’t him who like to put Bordeur in the net. Which was the move that saves Team Canada to look stupid not to win that year because of poor play.

  15. thatleafsguy says:

    his best years were in pittsburgh

  16. Linden_Rules says:

    Just about to post the same comment – gotta love the Whalers!

  17. Linden_Rules says:

    Yeah, but there he was part of a superstar team while with the Whalers he was the leader of a constantly struggling team and still managed to post consistently decent numbers. Plust the Whalers kick ass!

  18. G0LEAFSG0 says:


  19. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Well your wrong *****. Belak was picked off waivers from Calgary and Berg was drafted by LA.

  20. gg_idiot says:

    Really not much else to say other than you were idiots. Sure Canada was an All Star team, but its not like everyone else wasn’t. Do you remember all the other teams stomping Canada in the first 2 games? Or how bout hot the USA went undefeated to make it to the finals? That USA team was pretty frigging stacked too.

    Sure Quinn coached an All Star Team at the Olympics but it was an equal playing field. You can’t honestly argue that during the Cup reigns of the Avs and the Wings that every team was even close to their quality.

    Come on, think before you just make a stupid comment. Also I’d be interested to hear where you heard a ridiculous rumor that Quinn didn’t want to put Brodeur in net? Joseph was playing the best at the time of the Olympics, thats why he got the start. He sucked in one game, got pulled, simple as that.

  21. gg_idiot says:

    haha, i guess humor is lost on you

  22. Neely4Life says:

    Why would it be so bad to retire him under a whalers jersey. I still find it hard to believe that they still have a Team in Carolina, and if this team folds, or gets moved, where is number 10 going to be?

    Lets say, by some miracle, they move to Winnipeg, rename the Team the jets, SO Francis is a Jet now, no! He was a Whaler and a Penguin! And i like the idea of retiering the number when Pitts comes to town, Good call. Shamless Toronto plus though haha. But i saw ur point.

  23. Neely4Life says:

    ment, toronto plug*

  24. Neely4Life says:

    WOuldnt worry about him getting the the Hall, hes a lock.

  25. n0rea11y says:

    Francis got the choice of several games one of which being the home opener against the Pens. He apparently didn’t want to distract from that. Classy guy.

  26. TheCanadianHozer says:

    It doesn’t matter WHO is better out of those two… what matters is that Pat Quinn is a joke and toronto will never win a cup with him behind the bench. What a joke

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