Rookie Of the Year?

For years, poolies and hockey fans in general have always attempted to look out into the future to see if we could spot the bright young star of the year, or otherwise known as the future winner of Calder Trophy as the rookie of the year for 2002-2003.

Last year, everyone had narrowed the pick down to Atlanta’s two fine rookies, Ilya Kovalchuk and Dany Heatley. Personally, I chose Kovalchuk, who inevitably would have been except for his season ending injury. This also however affected his value compared to Heatley’s, giving you something else to look out for when choosing your pool rookie for the year.

When looking into the future this year, I have found a certain number of rookies with which i choose to focus on:

1) Henrik Zetterberg- Look around him, he’s got Stanley Cup champions and superstars in his lineup, learning from the best in the entire game, from Brett Hull to the young Pavel Datsyuk, the wings have it all. But with that comes the ice time issue, and will he play enough to be valuable?

2) Chuck Kobasew- Has talent, speed, size and smarts to play great in the NHL. Iginla could be a mentor, lots of opportunitity to play, but is it written in the stars?

3) Stephen Weiss- Playing on a scoring line with the likes of youngster Denis Shvidki, who knows, could be a similar performance as in Atlanta the year before?

4) Alexander Frolov- Talented guy could make NHL finally, has shown feats comparible to Bure or Jagr in the past.

5) Jani Rita- Great player with great future, but right team to play on?

There are many other possibilites as well, so many that I have no time to name them all. I have chosen Zetterberg as the number one guy, so send me your thought s on this.

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  1. saksfan says:

    1 Pavel Brendl

    2 Jamie Lundmark

    3 Vaclav Nedorost

    4 Chuck Kobasew

    5 Dan Hamhuis

    6 Stephen Weiss

    7 Jani Rita

    8 Alexander Frolov

    9 Henrik Zetterberg

    10 Jay Bouwmeester

  2. freshprince says:

    1. Chistov – Playing with Kariya and Oates

    2. Rita – If he gets the playing time

    3. Zetterberg – If he gets right linemates

    4. Kobasew – If he plays with Iginla

    5. Weiss – Put him on 1st line and will shine

    6. Frolov – Will be good no matter what

    7. Bouwmeester – If he gets team support

    8. Lupul – If stays healthy and makes team

    9. Lundmark – May play with Bure and Big E

    10. Hamhuis – Powerplay specialist on Preds

  3. le_joe2002 says:

    I call Ron Hainsey or Marcel Hossa…

    Ok… I’m a Habs fan. But still…

  4. PriceClub says:

    Lundmark has a great potential, but if the offense of the Rangers continues to sputter, they could see themselves thrown into a defensive game style, making him an unlikely candidate.

    Brendl has has lots of injuries, but I agree that he could very well be ranked #1.

    I didn’t even know Nedorost was still eligible, but that makes sense, considering he was sent to the minors early last year. Nice Job.

  5. PriceClub says:

    Will Chistov be playing immediately with Kariya and Oates? What about Sykora? Or are you assuming he will learn a great deal from them?

  6. saksfan says:

    I think the Rangers may have a top ten GF even though I don’t like them…in fact I hate them. Nedorost is still eligible, he played 24 or 25GP and had a good half a season in the AHL (49GP, 34P). Rick Nash may also contend if he signs with Columbus.

  7. mikster says:

    If a player plays 25 games, he is no longer a rookie. Nedo did play 25 games.

  8. Glen says:

    The one thing with your list is the fact that none of the players that you named will get significant playing time. Unfortunately to win the Calder you have to put points on the board. This doesn’t necessarily go to the most skilled player.

  9. mikster says:

    Brendl is a poor skater, and horrible defensively. I think he will drive Hitch nuts. Brendl will start as a 3rd line winger and he has to do more defense than offense as a 3rd line player. Not much scoring from him. But, he could explode on the PP.

    I think Lundmark will be top 5 if he plays with Lindros and Bure. But, as of now Lundmark has been playing on Holik’s side. I don’t know how well Lundmark would do as a LW’er. Though he is the player who plays well on all positions, i think first line is too much for him.

    Nedorost played 25 games and is no longer a rookie.

    Kobasew could score the needed points for Calder if paired with Iginla.

    Hamhuis…..we’ll see.

    Weiss is on Florida and he might be a top scorer on that team scoring 45 points.

    Rita could definitely make the Oilers this season, and he should. I don’t see the Oilers scoring the goals though.

    Frolov is a top candidate for the Calder. He is on a solid offensive team. But, can this team be as good on the PP now that Tippet is gone?

    Zetterberg should be in the top 5. Yzerman is out, so Zetterburg will find a spot. He will show valuable skills, but i don’t think he will score the big points.

    Bouwmeester is such a damn headache already with the contract. He is a defenseman on a team that has little offense. I doubt he’d be up there since he probably won’t be #2 d-man. But, he could rack up points on the PP.

  10. mikster says:

    Marcel Hossa? Definitely….

  11. trademan says:

    How come no one has mentioned Spezza. He will play with quality linemates and has not been rushed into the NHL.

    I think that he will have a shot at the Calder.

  12. Amazingoilers says:

    The Oilers have a few top rookies that may take a run at it if they make the team in Ales Hemsky, Jason Chimera, and Jani Rita. Of the 3 I’d go with Hemsky because he has the most offensive capabilities of them. He’s only 19 but if he does make the club, it’d probably on the 2nd line with York and Dopita and he could put up the points with those guys.

  13. habsrulz says:

    Ron Hainsey or Henrik Zetterberg

  14. PriceClub says:

    Hey, I’ve enjoyed hearing about your comments on the ones he listed, but who are you in favor of when it comes to the calder?

  15. saksfan says:

    Really? I thought 26GP. In that case, replace my tenth choice with Spezza and move whoever is tenth moves up to ninth, ninth to eight, etc.

  16. cwhockey says:

    I’ll have to say Weiss. Like the two rookies last year in Atlanta, Weiss will see a great deal of ice time with a sub-par team. He’s got the skill to put up good numbers even with Florida’s limited offense. His defensive abililty is probably equal to his offensive, which is something very interesting in a rookie of the year candidate. He’s got my nod.

  17. Overtime says:

    Suzanne Sjogren, TV3 sports reporter from Sweden had this to say about Henrik Zetterberg: “He is definitely the biggest star that we have in Sweden – that we had. I haven’t seen anyone that big since Peter Forsberg when it comes to national hockey. People expect a lot from him now. He really is that good.”

    I would tend to agree with you putting Z at the #1 spot. There’s no guarantee that he will be rookie of the year, but it seem like he has a good chance.

  18. PanMan says:

    I think the Rangers could have two top contenders in Lundmark and Tyutin. However it is not certain that tyutin will make the team, but I’m fairly certain lundmark will (especially after trottier mentioned that he likes what he sees from him).

    As for the trophy, hopefully brendl since I have him in a pool, but i also hope he is a bust since i don’t want philly to win the lindros deal. So i guess i’m undecided.

    Ah what the heck, Lundmark all the way!!!

  19. IslesFan17 says:

    How about one of Raffi Torres, Juraj Kolnik, Trent Hunter, or Mattias Weinhandl. All for have great scoring touches and are dangerous around the net. Whichever makes the Isles will most likely recieve first line icetime and PP time next to Alexei Yashin.

  20. IslesFan17 says:

    How about one of Raffi Torres, Juraj Kolnik, Trent Hunter, or Mattias Weinhandl. All four have great scoring touches and are dangerous around the net. Whichever makes the Isles will most likely recieve first line icetime and PP time next to Alexei Yashin.

  21. Habs4ever says:

    Even though he is still a year away, Mike Komisarek is more what the Habs need, a big, mean defenseman, but since the Canadiens’ defense is bad, Hainsey will help them alot, but come on, I seriously doubt he’ll contend for the Calder trophy.

  22. Habs4ever says:

    Zetterberg won’t get enough ice time this year to be great. By the way is Zetterberg a center? If he is, then he will get enough ice time(Yzerman’s injury) to be a Calder trophy finalist. Stephen Weiss has the perfect place to be a rookie, he will surely see alot next year, Panthers desperatley need someone to develop along with Kristian Huselius and Roberto Luongo. Man what a team they might turn out to be if Bouwmeester doesn’t flop. Hemsky is playing for the offensive-minded Oilers so that’s a plus. I’m going for Hemsky or Weiss.

  23. freshprince says:

    Looks like it will be



  24. RDeren says:

    What about Spezza. This guy is loaded with talent, and has not been rushed. He will get a chance to play with some quality linemates. Possibly Martin Havlat.

    Also Chuck Kobasew has a great shot.

  25. benji_ch says:

    Marcel Hossa proved he can score in the league when he scored 2 goals in his first 2 games with the Habs so i say he has a great chance. He will also probably get a lot of ice time if the Habs open up space for him on the 1st or 2nd line.

    If not Hossa, Hainsey for Montreal or Kobasew for Calgary should be good.

  26. mikster says:

    It depends on “Who plays with Who?”

    If Lundmark plays with Lindros and Bure, he’d be a favorite. IF Kobasew plays with Iginla, he’d also be a favorite. If Zetterberg gets a lot of ice time, then i’d take him into consideration. If Frolov plays with Palffy or Ally, then he’d also be a favorite. The choices will narrow down once pre-season is over.

  27. mikster says:

    Depends if one of them plays with Yashin.

  28. JClark87 says:

    Henrik has a good shot. He is likely to get quality linemates in Detroit, you have to be a good player to crack that lineup. Even if he’s on a line with Williams they could do some damage just like 2 kids and a goat. Henrik could certainly help out Robitaille as well. We’ll see what happens, but don’t count out henrik just because he’s on Detroit.

  29. flyer73 says:

    I would love to see Brendl win it and he does have an excellent chance because he has basically been given a chance on one of the top 2 lines as long as he doesn’t blow it.

    I like just about every one of your choices as there are alot of possibilities but I will hold off on my predictions until after pre-season to see who is playing with who.

    Another name that no one has mentioned Mike Cammallerri, he’s playing wih Allsion and Deadmarsh the first day of camp so watch out.

  30. darz says:

    it’s kobasew’s to lose. he’ll get the most ice time & power play time of the bunch, which will translate into the most points, and that will bring him the calder. i think weiss, spezza, and hainsey will all have successful first year’s but won’t generate enough ice time to put up the type of number’s it takes to win the calder (weiss, might have an outside shot).

  31. zx11 says:

    The 3/4 of the Guy’s mentioned are not even ready for the NHL !!!

    My choice:

    1- Antoine Vermette from Ottawa Senator (If you do not know that player, you will notice that he is really talented soon)

    2- Spezza

    3- Rick Dipietro : He is tallented. A little bit too confident at 18 year old but now he is ready !

    4- Ron Hainsey

    All these players could be playing either on a 3rd line (on a regular basis for Dipietro) and will be welcome on the team.

    5- Hossa

    ***Maybe if they play on a regular basis***

    6- Bouchard (another amazing players. I do not know if the will have the guts to bring him).

    7- Boyes

    8- Brendl

    **Lundmark ? A future trade bait. Forget him.

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