Round Three…Ring the Bell! Second Round Losers, Sundin/Leafs

Well, I have finally recovered from PPED and back to talking hockey with all you good hockey fans. Som interesting topics to further discuss and so click away to continue reading.I am sure some of you are wondering what PPED is. I was diagnosed with PPED on Sunday, May 6. PPED is Post Playoff Elimination Depression. Yes. My New York Rangers were eliminated and it broke my heart, but life goes on, right? I mean, what’s five months? It’s nearly six months, which is half a year, half of 350 days or so in a year. Time flies, right? Come on, someone tell me time flies…

So, the Third Round of the playoffs is coming in TV’s near you. The Ottawa Senators versus the Buffalo Sabres and the Anaheim Ducks versus the Detroit Red Wings.

Ottawa Senators vs. Buffalo Sabres

I am not much of a guesser as far as making predictions; I honestly stink at it so what’s the point to predict the series in this match? But, I will say this convincingly that I think Buffalo will win this series. I like their goaltending, their defense, and their well balanced offense. The only thing I like about the Senators is the offense. Yes, their defense has shut down the Penguins and the Devils, but Pittsburgh was young, the key players were inexperienced, M-A Fleury inexperienced, and apparently Sidney Crosby was not 100%; yet not many star players in the playoffs are 100%. So, I was not surprised that the Senators won that series. Against the Devils, well… had Martin Brodeur who was not able to come up with enough big saves, and yet instead he actually allowed some costly soft goals. The Devils offense looked disinterested and did not look sharp at all. Patrick Elias, what was THAT? Last year I praised your performance and would have loved for the Rangers to sign you, but you were like a total ghost out there. What happened? So, in the end the Senators faced an ugly looking Devils squad. They played them great, but I don’t think they needed to bring their A-Game against the Devils. The Sabres on the other hand most likely underestimated the Rangers, especially after Game 1, but when Buffalo really tried to play their best game they struggled due to a solid Rangers defense and a stellar Henrik Lundqvist. Before this series, the New York Islanders also gave the Sabres a hard time with constant work. It was only a matter of talent that made the Sabres win, but I still give credit to the Islanders for playing them tough.

In the end, we now have two teams in the East that have excellent offense and can definitely win the Stanley Cup. But I find the Senators to show their weakness when Ray Emery will have to make saves a la Rick DiPietro and Henrik Lundqvist against all four Sabres lines. Ryan Miller is a great goalie, beatable, but great, and all that the Sabres must watch out for are stellar talents Dany Heatley, Jason Spezza, and Daniel Alfredsson. HA! Easier said than done. But, I am pulling for the Sabres here. I think they should have won last year, they should win this year. It’s a team that worked hard to have such a great group of players to make it to the Finals. Everyone works hard, good leadership, good coach. Sure, they beat my Rangers, but I’m cheering for these guys. And while I actually tend to favor Canadian teams, I’m going with the Sabres since I believe the last US born goaltender to make it to the Cup Finals was Mike Richter in 1994…….possibly? So, go Sabres go! No hard feelings for Senators fans reading this. But hey, if the Senators end up winning the series then I’ll wish for them to win the Stanley Cup. Come on Leafs fans, it can’t be that bad, can it? At least the trophy comes back to Canada after fourteen years! Still, I think Buffalo has the better team and I think they will beat Ottawa.

Detroit Red Wings vs. Anaheim Ducks

This should be a good series. Actually, it HAS to be a good series because so far the games that I watched from the Western Conference have disappointed me. My favorite series from the West was Stars vs. Canucks. I thought the Ducks vs. Canucks series was dreadful to watch. San Jose was a pathetic team to watch. Nashville was even worse and the Flames only had a chance on home ice as they had in the regular season as well. All these teams were supposed to be great, yet none of them have really given me that feeling that they are. Detroit has been the better team to watch, I’ll give them that. They really win with talent and especially experience. The Ducks on the other hand did not look good at all in my opinion against the Vancouver Canucks. The one game where Vancouver had a 2-0 lead and they blew it in one period……that was tragic. I stopped watching that game after the second period was over. It was constant sloppy and boring play with point shots as the theme. Talk about zero creativity.

In this case, Anaheim HAS to be more creative against the Red Wings, or else they will really get beat. This is a tough series to call for me because I honestly did not see much greatness from either one. The Flames stunk, expected to though, Sharks were as painful to watch like it is when watching Nicolas Cage trying to act. So if the Ducks play sharp hockey for the whole series, how well will the Wings do? We don’t know. And what about Anaheim? Minnesota Wild looked as flat as Paris Hilton’s chest, and Vancouver’s offense died later on. What can I expect? I don’t know, to be honest. I have always like Scott Niedermeyer, though, and I think he is the kind of player that nearly guarantees his team a Stanley Cup Final. Chris Pronger and Scott Neidermeyer? I just have to pick that, so I think the Ducks will once again reach the Finals and possibly win it. Detroit’s defense is not 100% healthy, and at some point Hasek has to feel fatigue and show his age. Yet, I’d love to see an Original Sixer make it to the Finals again. So, good luck to both teams, let’s see what you both got.

Second Round Losers

The New Jersey Devils have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that they will have money to spend to improve their team next season. Other good news is that both Travis Zajac and Zach Parise will become the future of the Devils. Parise was an excellent pick and shame on the Edmonton Oilers for giving that pick away for nothing. The bad news………..buh bye Scotty Gomez. Brodeur for the first time in a long time has really played lousy in a series where he was slightly above average. The free agent pool is decent at best this year. Not much out there to make them improve. Also, who will coach the Devils? I hope that Pat Burns can come back healthy, he could use a nice comeback for his own piece of mind. Not much out there for coach candidates that would fit with Lamoriello and I don’t think he would attract much interest from unemployed coaches after he booted Claude Julien for no good reason that was proven anyway. It seems to me that for the first time in years that the Devils seem a bit lost and are starting to lose their identity. They have to redefine themselves and really regroup. Maybe it’s time to take a season off and allow their prospects to develop and maybe find a good draft position. I am not saying tank the season or NOT make the playoffs, but don’t push for Cup glory by making quick fixes.

The Vancouver Canucks proved a lot of people wrong, but I’d say Roberto Luongo and Alain Vigneault take credit. I said it in a message board that if the Canucks were ever to make the playoffs that it would be for Vigneault. His system was dull and very defensive, but it worked. It allowed Luongo to find himself quickly and feel comfortable, and the defensemen really responded well to the system, including the low profile forwards, such as Taylor Pyatt. The Sedin Twins are great. I think Trevor Linden MUST return. I like where Nonis is taking this team so far. Yet, I know he HAS to make changes. I would not necessarily go after the big shot star players like Peter Forsberg or try to trade for a Brad Richards (no I won’t accept the Lecavalier trade rumor). Keep it simple. I think he should add more talent, absolutely, but no one that would place this team on everyone else’s radar screen. I think the Canucks were not expected to make it anywhere and so they just climbed their way as underdogs. Remain underdogs! I’d like to see the Canucks as a speedy two-way team with more character and more scoring potential. I’d love to see management work on projects as they did with Pyatt. Go after Scott Hartnell, go after Nik Antropov…. sign a second tier forward in Mike York (works extremely well with forwards that cycle), possibly Todd White….take Marcus Nilsson. I’d like to see these players added. I also think that since they have Luongo (please Canucks fans, it hurts my eyes and mind when I see fans calling him “Bobby Lou”), they should absolutely trade Corey Schneider to add a scorer. Changes must be made, but nothing flashy.

The New York Rangers are one of the most interesting teams to follow this off-season. There is a very strong feeling in Manhattan that this team can make it to the Finals if it fixes things. What kind of fixing? Ha, I am not the general manager here so don’t expect me to tell you what these guys should do. Of course there is a little doubt about Michael Nylander coming back, after all….market value says he should be a $4M player. So, that’s up in the air, but many believe he will stay and he should. Shanahan will most likely come back, obviously for less than $4M. We’ll have to see what kind of contract Henrik Lundqvist gets; it will play a big factor on the budget for the salary cap. But, the Rangers really need to solidify that second line. I know many Rangers fans would like to see Nigel Dawes and Brandon Dubinsky make it to the line-up, but the Rangers, as Jagr said, handed the series to the Sabres. They should have won and I agree as well. They should have won Game 2, they should have won Game 5. They had them in their hands and if they beat Buffalo they could have beaten Ottawa. So, the big names are the obvious ones in Chris Drury, Daniel Briere, and Scotty Gomez. Personally, I don’t want any of them. That’s right. Gomez is really the most complete 1st line center. I think Briere will never produce 95 points again once he leaves the Sabres via free agency. Drury is not a great offensive star, but he plays well yet the guy is a chatter in the locker room and if he and Jagr, or Avery, collide then havoc starts. I’d love to have Drury as a Ranger had Jagr been leaving the team, and the NHL, this year, but it’s not happening. As badly as they could use a 2nd line center, I think the Rangers can go strong on the wings and get a player that is extremely hungry for success, badly wants to have a second chance at winning the Cup, and to me that’s Ryan Smyth. Yes, he will be overpaid (who isn’t these days) but this is the kind of player that will put the effort even if he does not get on the score sheet and will still play effectively. He has grit, skills, knows how to forecheck, play NA style hockey, has played with finesse player Ales Hemsky, so he could fit well with this Rangers team. Him, Straka, and Shanahan would make a heck of a second line, in my mind. And, Smyth, also known as Mr. Hockey in Canada, would love to give a vague resemblance of a 30-year-old Mark Messier walking on Broadway and helping the Rangers lead to the Cup Finals. I see him as the one wearing the C on his jersey after Jagr and Co Euros are gone, I want this guy. He is a Ranger in my mind more than Drury, Briere, or Gomez would be. The Rangers really need to add more potential on the second line that way they cannot overly depend on Jagr, who played like a god in the playoffs. The defense appears to be set, tight, and I don’t think the Rangers should overspend for a solid d-man. This was the best defensive team in the NHL in the second half. I think it should remain the same, lose Rachunek, and give Marc Staal a shot, who has thus far been the star in the OHL playoffs. I really do think this Rangers team can pull it off if it adds the right ingredient on that second line.

San Jose Sharks………..San Jose Sharks…….hmm. What to do with the San Jose Sharks. I thought this team was going all the way yet they love to disappoint everyone. How does GM Doug Wilson approach changes? Is it really possible to trade Patrick Marleau? I mean, it’s insane. This is one team that I think should go out of its way to make it to the Finals. I know it feels like a change is much needed, but I think that if they lose Scott Hannan, go after Sheldon Souray, keep Craig Rivet….., add a real skilled winger like Paul Kariya. Just go for it. Build a Cup team, add a veteran player that can be effective with experience, like Martin Gelinas. Just go all the way. Other than that I have nothing else to say about this very very very frustrating team.

Sundin, Maple Leafs

You know who should really get kicked out of Toronto? No Sundin. Not JFJ, not anyone else but Mr. Simmons himself who really put forth a story that shook Toronto. Sir, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!? He (Simmons) blew up this story that tried to disrupt Mats Sundin and the Toronto Maple Leafs AND get the fans to not feel so bad about Mats Sundin being left out. Who the hell does this guy think he is? Kick him out of Toronto. It was disrespectful towards Sundin. Leafs fans should be outside the newspaper’s building and demanding that Simmons be fired. I am not a fan of his material, I think his analysis of any topic in hockey is flawed. His rumors rarely make much sense to me……I mean, come on Leafs fans, don’t give this guy credit by reading such content. After such a pathetic story that ended up backfiring on him, and I stress the word firing in their because that’s what should happen, Leafs fans should really ignore this guy, not bother to read his articles, send in complaints and demand a journalist that thinks with his brain instead of his ass. This guy has brain farts that if flammable would burn the whole city of Toronto. Kick him out!!!

Mats Sundin should be back as a Leaf and he should retire as a Leaf. Yes, he deserves to have a chance to be in the Stanley Cup Finals, but sometimes it’s not meant to be and sometimes it is. Even if he may not win it, ever, the guy is a Hall of Famer, a class act, an excellent hockey player and if he chooses to finish his career as a Maple Leaf, then let him. He gave it all for this team and for the Leafs fans, and it would be such a back stab to have fans not wanting him anymore because he is old. It’s like adopting a puppy and once he is too old to play around with, you give him away to the pound. It’s a back stab and Simmons is a back stabber and is the anti-Maple Leafer. How about asking him to leave town before Sundin does? I’d love to see that.

Anyway, this concludes this fine edition of Challenging Mikster. What I covered seems interesting enough and my opinions can be quite different and outside the box. By the way, two things before this ends.

I know that there are many snowbirds here in South Florida, many of them from the Northeastern states, like Massachusetts. And, many Canadians come down here for the winter, which is cool because once in a while I see a Canadian and it’s like “wow…’s one them…..” and it’s fun to talk hockey then. But anyway, if you have any family friends or relatives that are snowbirds, or that want to move down to South Florida, then encourage them to check out tickets for the Florida Panthers. I know it’s not the same, (hey, to me nothing beats MSG), but it’s a nice stadium and the games are fun to go to. I’ve been a season ticket holder for two straight years now and they offer some great plans. There is this 13-game season ticket plan that is very affordable and you can choose a good selection of games. I had it with my dad and family last year and I really enjoyed it. This past season we had half a season and I’ve really come to like the Florida Panthers. You guys know how I am a diehard hockey fan first, so for me to say that it’s fun to go watch the Cats, I truly mean it. So, please…..anyone you know tell them about it and if they need more information, my e-mail is in my member profile, or you can leave me a private message. It’s a fun team and any Canadian who is a hockey fan and who spends the winter away from home MUST go watch hockey, and for a good price, why not? Spread the word!

Following this, there is a good message board out there for Panthers fans. But, you don’t have to be a fan to join. The Panthers Message Board It’s good to see what Panthers fan say about their team, how many felt about Luongo so if you are interested to get their point of view on anything, check that place out. I like it.

Thanks for reading as always,

Micki Peroni


21 Responses to Round Three…Ring the Bell! Second Round Losers, Sundin/Leafs

  1. Hoondog2 says:

    Totally agree about Sundin………Steve Simmons should definitely be fired, his article was written before Sundin even saw a hip specialist.  If a writer needs to make up information just to write an interesting article, than he should maybe find another profession.  Nice job by JFJ to address the media so quickly, and diffuse any assumptions about Sundin's hip.

  2. FarFromFreedom says:

    i didnt read your entire article (to long) but from what i did read your bang on especially the Simmons part, i feel the exact same way. it was obviously a plot to get Sundin out of town because im guessing Simmons doesnt want Sundin in Toronto anymore so he makes up stupid stories such as Sundin selling his house last summer to he wants to be traded and now this? obviously Simmons wants Sundin out of town, but Simmons is definatly the one that needs to go. good article.

  3. mundus80 says:

    good stuff, SJS i also thought would do better. i thought they were the only team to challenge the ducks.
    i was in Vancouver when they beat Dallas and i wish that they went feather, that city really wants a cup. everyone i mean everyone loves the canucks.
    i see the rangers and i think they have(if they sign shany and nylander) the forwards to win a cup. smith would be awesome to have. but i really think a solid D is needed. who cares if they over spend , the cap is going up and any money they don't spend isn't going to me or you. i dont want some huge name guy just a solid defensive defensemen. some one with a few years under him, like a witt. just someone that can tell these young D how to play in the NHL. and if staal makes the team this year he will benefit from someone like that, so will Girardi. if they do i think they should play 7 D, let the young guys learn throughout the season. they dont need o have 30 mins of ice time right off the bat. they need a older guy that you can trust when your up by one gaol and there is only a minute left. putting two good rookies out in that situation is not good, not for the team and to help them develop.

  4. Cleets says:

    Even if he may not win it, ever, the guy is a Hall of Famer, a class act, an excellent hockey player and if he chooses to finish his career as a Maple Leaf, then let him. He gave it all for this team and for the Leafs fans, and it would be such a back stab to have fans not wanting him anymore because he is old. It's like adopting a puppy and once he is too old to play around with, you give him away to the pound.

    I like your post. Sundin is an excellent hockey player. He is a class act.

    Your analogy is great. However, you cannot compare the emotional attachment of a family pet, to the business of a professional sports team. This is why, in some cases, teams miss out on winning championships.

    He's is old. If he can contribute, keep him. If you can get someone better than him, then you have to do it. I know, it sucks. There is nothing more I'd like to see then Sundin finish his HOF career in Toronto. Perferrably with a championship. But if they can use that money better elsewhere, or trade him for someone better in return, they have to take that chance. Toronto has been starved long enough for a championship, and if that means getting rid of Sundin for the missing peice….then do it.

    I'll get over it if there are raising that cup in June.

    Nothing personal Sundin. You are one of my all time favourites. But this is a business.

    PS….I've ALWAYS hated the *$%#@! Simmons

  5. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Great article, as always a pleasure to read.  Just wanted to post one small mistake.  The Canucks coach's name is spelled Vigneault.  Sorry it just really bothered my eyes when I saw it mispelled so many times ahha.

  6. Jrugges says:

    I'll agree that Buffalo will beat Ottawa. As for the ducks beating the redwings thats a joke. Also your a joke for saying the Sharks weren't a talented team and blah blha blah. San Jose simple didn't play as hard and detroits best players did better than SJ players. Game one and two the sharks pulled off a two nothing lead. Redwings lost the first one, came back the second game, Lost the third game, rallied late in game 4 to win in over time. Lang might be the most unnoticed player to have the biggest impact in that seriers. It was him who scored the goal to force over time in game four and then that resulted into an over time goal by schinder to win game 4. After that I felt that the sharks had no more heart especailly after losing game five. In game six it wasn't like the sharks played terrible hockey infact they took more shots than the redwings 28 and Hasek came up big many times, so did the best defender in the game Lidstrom saving the what would of been goal after Doms give away. That could have easily changed the outcome of the game and he's the best for a reason, Lidstroms ALWAYS in postition. He's been playing like an animal. Pronger/Niedimayer have more points maybe but the redwings don't consistantly rely on there defense to create offense(Ducks always take blue line shots.) Zetterberg/Datsyuk/Holmstrom have been almost unstoppable vs good defensive teams in SJ and CAL. Detroit also plays puck possestion hockey. It's extremely hard to get good scoring chances on them especailly b/c they'll have the puck most of the game. Ducks play an ugly dump in style game, tons of blue line shots with most of the goals they've gotten as redirections or rebounds. After Pronger/Neidimayer there isn't anyone that's a real SHUT down defender like them. Detroit offers four lines with scoring potential and there isn't one piticular player you can shut down to garuntee success. Detroit has Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Holmstrom, Lang, Bertuzzi, Drapper, Cleary, Franzen, Filuppla, Calder, and Samuleson to worry about and I personally don't feel Pronger/Niedimayer can stop all these players who are fully capable of scoring to not score goals. Also Hasek I feel has played better than Giggy b/c he is splitting time with their other goalie I know his name but I'm not going to attempt in spelling it. Also the only real offensive threats that Ducks have to offer are McDonald and Getzlaf. I think Lidstrom and Quincey will be able to shut down that line down, Chelios and Lilja can handle any other line I feel and Markov – Lebda should be able to do an equal if not better job than the second defensive line up. On the PP I'll give the edge to the wings b/c zetterberg, Datsyuk, Holmstrom, Lidstrom, Markov is a formittable line up and looks better to me talent wise than Pronger, Nied, Mcdonald,Getzlav, and who ever else. They also have a secondrary PP unit that isn't much of a downgrade with Lang, Bertuzzi, Calder, Samuleson, Lidstrom. The PK matches up well too with Drapper, Zetterberg/Cleary/Calder, Lidstrom, Chelios/Markov. Basically this series is going to come down to is if Lidstrom can continue to shut down the opponets best players and also avoid injury. They have been ridding on the back of Lidstrom all playoffs really and if he go's down the team go's down but never fear b/c unlike Pronger and Niedimayer he is Mr.Consistant so how can they go wrong? Not to mention this teams playing with a chip on their shoulders and feel they've been disrespected. Also Redwings have an advantage in Coaching as Bab***** is easily one of the best coaches in the game. I'd give anahiem the edge in goal only b/c they don't have a regular number starter every night and on the defense b/c schinder is hurt but I believe detroit still has enough to stop anahiem's sub par offense and will over power the ducks with their offensive power.

    As for Sundin he should defantely leave Toronto. What is there to play for there? The playoffs only to be beaten in the first round? They can't afford to bring in much help unless they buyout Kubina and get rid of Raycroft and don't resign all the scrubs besides peca which they'll most likely resign most of the free agents. Brining in a young player like Breire would be the best move and also taking the opportunity to sign one of the many great defensemen avaliable would be the smartest thing this team could do. Also Sundin would much rather play for a team thats ready to win and in serious cup contention. I could definately see him with the Canucks but he'd have to take a serious pay cut. Also the Leafs need a guy they can rely on late in games to give them the go ahead goal,tie, or just simply give more coushion. First and most important though is toronto needs a good goalie i'd give backstorm and  aebischer a serious look if they gave raycroft one.

  7. Sedin23 says:

    I think the Canuck's should get an offensive prospect for Schiender. Not quite a star yet, but someone who is ready to play next year and be a factor. Schiender+1st rounder (Take Michal Repik in the second round… he should go in the first, because of injuryies is ranked 58th. He was almost a point per game player this year, with 56 points, in 57 games).

    Maybe add a speedy winger. Hartnell, and Antropov are 2nd tier players like you said, but they need more of a 1st teir player. I'm not saying get someone like Gomez or Briere (impossible Cap wise). Someone like Jason Blake. Not a 2nd tier player, or a star. Sign him for 3.6 mil.

    extras: Cowen, Burrows

    extra: Columbue?


    That would probably work Cap wise, but I didn't do the math, so yeah.

    That's a pretty good team. Maybe not Cup contender, but close to it.

  8. wingerxxx says:

    After watching tonight's game…wow…if Ottawa keeps this up, they're going to take Buffalo down.  They didn't play any better or worse than in previous games.  They just ate the Sabres alive in this game.  Buffalo came out sloppy.  I didn't believe for a minute that Buffalo was going to win, even when it was tied up.  I think it was Keith Jones that said that Buffalo was going to win in 5, and I thought he was insane.  I'm thinking it's an even toss right now. 

    The Ottawa forwards showed tonight that they are more than capable of holding their own, and playing better than the Buffalo forwards.  The Senator defense is an absolute machine.  Buffalo's defense was outskated completely by the Sens forwards.  If Ottawa keeps this up (and they've kept it up all during the playoffs), I totally see them taking this series. 

    I don't like the idea of losing Rachunek, as he showed some flashes of some good play.  But Marc Staal will probably be pushing for a higher spot on the overall depth chart, and I don't know if the team can afford to lose Marek Malik, even though he has some lapses in his play.  One thing to look forward to next year is a fully healthy Jagr. 

    The market value on Drury is going to rocket this summer.  I really don't know if the Rangers can drag him in, but if Smyth is available, Sather will definitely, definitely look hard at him.  I've never been huge on Briere either.  I think that he needs the Sabres more than they need him. 

    Lamoriello proved that he is indeed, very human.  I'm never going to be one that buys in this notion that he is the best decision maker in hockey.  One of the best, sure, but not THE best.  I have two names for anyone who disagrees:  Vladimir Malakhov and Alex Mogilny.  Yeah, oops. 

    Totally agree about the Sundin topic.  I can't add anything more there.

  9. Sedin23 says:

    NOTE: The player involving the Schiender trade would be Bobby Ryan. So he would fit in the lines somewhere.

  10. 92-93 says:

    So far i am 9-3 in these playoffs …/

    3rd round:
    #1 Buffalo vs. #4 Ottawa                       
    Buffalo in 7


    3rd round:
    #2 Anaheim vs. #1 Detroit
    Anaheim in 6

    Stanley Cup: Buffalo over Anaheim in 6 games (prediction made in early-April)

  11. flamingsenator says:

    so i take it corey perry is a nobody then….oh and teemu selanne who?….beuchemien?….

    detroits blue line is getting thin…they got away with a 2-0 win over the sharks…but we all know the sharks didnt have that spark to play to their potential

    the ducks are gonna grind down the wings…and i have a feeling holmstrom is gonna get it finelly…GOD i hate that guy :p…(i wish he played for my team haha)

  12. mojo19 says:

    The sad thing is, this isn't the first time Simmons has written an article about Sundin not returning. Last summer he wrote that "the people closest to Mats will tell you he's playing in Sweden next year" and when Mats sold his house (to move to a different part of Toronto, peopld do move sometimes) Simmons wrote that it was because a trade or retirement were inevidable. Wow Steve Simmons is terrible.

  13. muckies says:

    Ottawa will beat Buffallo. Ottawa is playing like a team, buffallo is not. You can't just flip a switch in the playoffs and hope your team starts playing well.
    Buffallo has played 1 Really Solid game all playoffs, other than that they have been getting by on talent alone – it's never enough to beat a more determined and hungry opponent.

  14. wingsfan13 says:

    paris' boobs were bigger than i thought after the whole sex video thing.  i think they're pretty decent b's.  though she's be around the block so i wouldn't so much as touch her with a stick and latex gloves.

  15. 92-93 says:

    i actually totally agree with you. what you said in your first sentence is almost what i said to a buddy of mine word for word the other day.

    that being said, i just want to go with my original prediction i made in early-April. also, i dont think Buffalo is incapable of improving as the series progresses. the 5-2 score was flattering to Ottawa IMO. yes they deserved to win, no question about it. but if that was a bad game by Buffalo – and it was – and they played a close game for most of it – that gives you an idea of just how good they are – even when they are playing bad.

    i think tonight will be the night the Sens finally go up 2-0 in the series. and i still dont think that will be the end of the Sabres.

    got to be a good time to be a sens fan mucks. they are FINALLY playing up to their potential as a team. how long will it last??? i dunno. and i am not asking that question just for the next 2 rounds, i am asking that question in terms of the next few offseasons when the cap goes up and the Sens have to resign some of their players.

    but like i said, great time to be a Sens fan. As a leaf fan i know how spoiled a fan can get. When they made the ECF in 1999 and 2002 and the 2nd round numerous times, it was just assumed that it was always going to be that way. not so. granted the situations/context are quite different (lockout, introduction of the cap, toronto a big market that overspends, etc.) … but as a Sens fan you obviously know how fleeting success can be sometimes.

    enjoy it while you can. 🙂

  16. muckies says:

    It is finally nice to be regarded as good by all fans in the NHL.

    I think Redden will be traded to Edmonton this off-season for a draft pick, and they'll focus that saved money on Fisher-Spezza-Heatley. Muckler has said his #1 d-man is now Phillips, and he is making 3 million less than Redden. It's a cruel business, but when you see what the Spezza-Heatley line is doing and how few players in the NHL can match Fisher in the way he plays the game, I think they are making the right decision- eased by the #9 overall lottery draft they got in the lock-out and drafting Brian Lee who is a Redden clone.
    They Sens will be good for a while. Don't be surprised if the Leafs take a run at Chris Kelly as thier #3 center and top PK guy, he is just a great all-around player, a mini Kris draper but a little less physical.

  17. BruMagnus says:

    How can you say the Sedin twins are great when they put up 9 points combined (5+4) in 14 games of hockey (including OT)?

    They are nothing but glorified 2nd liners and chokes in the playoffs, having taken that title from Alfredsson and Datsyuk.

  18. BruMagnus says:

    the scary thing is buffalo managed to win two series despite all this.

    if they can start playing like a team, the Cup is theirs, even down 2-0 ain't no thang so long as they win game 3.

  19. BruMagnus says:

    Blake would not be a good addition to that line. He is selfish and that line would self-destruct.

    As for Bobby Ryan for Cory Schneider, Bobby Ryan is a more highly touted prospect than Schneider. Bobby's got a 8.5 on hockeysfuture whereas Schneider has a 7.5.

    A more realistic trade if you wanted Ryan would be giving up Bourdon, which won't happen. Or else you could try to get RW Bryce Swan from Anaheim for Schneider.

    Bottom line, why the hell does Anaheim want another goalie when they have Bryzgalov and two choices in Caron or McKee as RFAs to re-sign? I'm assuming Giguere goes to another team.

  20. Sedin23 says:

    Bryz isn't great, and just an average goalie, or a good backup. Cory Schiender is probably the best unsigned goalie in the world, and will be a star (not a Luongo, but more like a Marty Turco who plays well in the playoff more then one year).

  21. Sedin23 says:

    Are you mentaly retard? Seriously like wow. It's one year. They play with no one, what the hell do you expect? Plus it was there first time playing in a playoff series where they've been the go to guys. Give them a break.

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