Roy and Yzerman pull a switch

Well, It was thought to be the other way around for retirement, at leats thats how most thought it to be. Yzerman with injury’s would hang up the skates, especially after being Zipped in the 1st round.

And… Roy was thought to play at least one more year. But reports have him hanging up the pads.Can anyone tell me they truly knew Roy would hang up his pads? He is still one of the top goalies. Him and Broduar as the top guys in the league, right now anyways……

Roy looked like age was getting to him a little but he is still top goalie material. I mean after all it’s Roy. But it does come as a surprise, that’s no joke. His old coach, (why his old coach? I don’t know) is saying he is done and will announce his retirement very soon.

Yzerman on the other hand. One of the best Captain’s, who’s injury is a serious one will come back for one more year. It’s not a bad move … but I would think he just came back this year to end his career as a player.

As I said a long time ago, on a post, when I first got here, We are losing the Great players of this generation One by one……. Who takes a hold as the best Goalie now? Yzermann, and Mess 2 great captain’s are almost done. Who is the holder of the best Captain in the years to come?