Roy and Yzerman pull a switch

Well, It was thought to be the other way around for retirement, at leats thats how most thought it to be. Yzerman with injury’s would hang up the skates, especially after being Zipped in the 1st round.

And… Roy was thought to play at least one more year. But reports have him hanging up the pads.Can anyone tell me they truly knew Roy would hang up his pads? He is still one of the top goalies. Him and Broduar as the top guys in the league, right now anyways……

Roy looked like age was getting to him a little but he is still top goalie material. I mean after all it’s Roy. But it does come as a surprise, that’s no joke. His old coach, (why his old coach? I don’t know) is saying he is done and will announce his retirement very soon.

Yzerman on the other hand. One of the best Captain’s, who’s injury is a serious one will come back for one more year. It’s not a bad move … but I would think he just came back this year to end his career as a player.

As I said a long time ago, on a post, when I first got here, We are losing the Great players of this generation One by one……. Who takes a hold as the best Goalie now? Yzermann, and Mess 2 great captain’s are almost done. Who is the holder of the best Captain in the years to come?

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  1. jon95616 says:

    The best goalie without Roy in the league is obviously Brodeur. He will continue to chase all the goalie records.

  2. mikster says:

    No way Roy should retire!!!!! I still say that he should play one more season. Just give it one more shot!!!

    Bottom line is, Avs won’t win it next season without Roy! Sauve is too young, you can’t give him that kind of pressure right away. Next season, the Avs are expected to be in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

    They can downgrade the goaltending by letting Sauve play, or signing goalies like Dafoe or Potvin. Another option is to lose depth by trading for Sean Burke, and i say that is not worth it. Sean Burke may perform just as good as Roy for the Avs, or he may not, but he is not a young goalie and th asking price is just WAY too much.

    The Avs cannot afford to lose anymore key players, and young players. Giving up Drury was a big factor. Bates Battaglia should have a solid season next time, but…..losing Vrbata is big for the long-run and the Coyotes would most definitely ask for the Avs 1st rounder and Nedorost/Tanguay.

    Also, the Avs should know that they would not be the only bidders in the “Find the Right Goalie” hunt. The Blues are also hunting for wabbits.

    Yzerman should play next season. No reason for him not to. He played fine this year, should next season. Also, it betters the chances for Fedorov to stay.

  3. JStatic87 says:

    Anyone from Detroit would have told you Yzerman would be back for another year. Our captain is the toughest man in sports today.

    I was certain Roy would wait until after the impending lockout to hang them up, but I could be wrong. Maybe 2 humiliating playoff losses in a row are enough for him. He surrenedered the majority of the goals in a 7-0 whitewash to Detroit, and losing to the Wild this year just gave him the idea to hang-em up before he loses to the Blue Jackets.

    Well, we all know Brodeur will take over as the best goalie after Roy hangs em up, since he already is the best goalie in the game. If this year’s playoffs are any indicator, Giguere and Turco will also be mentioned among the greatest of the game.

    After Yzerman and Mess are gone, it is tough to say who will become regarded as the best captain. It is not Pronger, he comes unraveled in the playoffs against good squads (Detroit). It is not easy to say who will be the next great captain, but I believe it will be Rick Nash. He is already one of the best players on his team and he’ll get the C at a young age and grow into it.

  4. Leb_Boy says:

    Yzerman will be there to lead the young team. With that new Igor kid coming in they would probley throw them on the same line. hes already playing on a line with Datsyuk at the worlds. The next great captian will be Joe Thorton. what am i saying next for? he already is. he took the captiancy at a young age. i would of thought Vinny but now that Dave took it from him. hopefully he will get it back.

  5. bruinfan37 says:

    I just can’t see Roy retiring in this way.. Arguably the best goalie of all time, i find it hard to believe that he’d retire finishing like that. I’d love to see him win one more before he does. Or at least come close. I doubt he wants to end his career blowing a 3-1 series to the WILD of all teams.. and especially with that game 6 OT goal he let in. Its just not the way a goalie like him should leave

  6. mikster says:

    Scott Stevens, Sakic….. Stevens will be done soon too.

  7. mikster says:

    Yeah really. I mean, imagine 10 years from now when they talk about Roy and he did this and that and how did it end? Giving up a 3-1 series lead against the expansion team Wild.

  8. amok says:

    I think Roy should play one more year but I doubt he gives a damn how he goes out. He didn’t care much for his shot at the Olympics and he’s more than proved himself. What more is there for him? Other stars of his generation have also had less than stellar endings. Look at how Gretzky went out… no playoffs. Messier could face the same fate. Unless Mario leaves Pittsburgh or plays until his mid 40s he’s not going to get a sniff of a playoff chase.

    Ironically, it seems only Ray Bourque and Dominik Hasek will go out as champs, something that they only did in their final season.

    This leaves Brodeur miles ahead of any other goalie left in the league. Look at the other goalies that have won cups in the last decade:

    Richter: no playoffs in six seasons, no awards.

    Osgood: decent goalie, great team in front of him.

    Belfour: solid career and three Cup appearances, but only one win and nowhere near as consistent as Brodeur.

    Nope, no one’s even close.

    Best captain other than Yzerman… I’d go with Sakic. And even he’s no youngster. Thornton looks to be the best of the younger guys.

  9. amok says:

    Well… I rarely hear people mention that Gretzky went out on a non playoff team. It’ll be the same for Roy. No one will really care, probably him least of all.

  10. Freeze says:

    I haven’t seen anything official about Roy retiring, but if it’s true then I have a lot more respect for Roy for facing the facts and hanging it up. Unlike Mark Messier, Roy has enough class to recognize that his skills have diminished and it’s time to bow out. Besides, what more does Roy need to accomplish? He’s done it all. I had a chance to see Sauve play for Hershey a few weeks ago and he had a rough outing against the Chicago Wolves (lost 6-0), but Sauve had a great regular season. I think Colorado will be OK in nets. Just don’t expect Roy in his prime.

    Who’s the next great goalie? For now, Broduer. For the future, I like Turco, Giguire, and Lalime.

    Yzerman came back from a type of knee surgury that has never been performed before on ANY professional athlete – very risky. He had the bones in his leg realigned. I thought Yzerman was one of the Wings’ better players at the end of the Anaheim series. You could see him get a little better every game. He came back late in the regular season and was not in shape going into the playoffs. He needs at least one more year to see what he can do.

  11. Freeze says:

    The Avs farm system is pretty well spent. Most of their prospects are already in the NHL. That’s probably why Hershey got wasted against Chicago in round one. Suave looks like a good prospect, but you’re right. If you trade any more young players, you end up making a thin team even thinner. Aebisher and Sauve will have to fill the gap left by an aging and failing Roy.

    The Drury trade was a bad one. No knock on Morris, but you just don’t trade away guys who have a knack for scoring OT goals in the playoffs like Drury. Trading Deadmarsh and Miller for Blake and Reinprecht was another strange trade. Deadmarsh is a beast in the playoffs, although he’s was badly hurt this past season with LA. The Avs would have won the Cup without Blake. Borque was the big difference on that defense that year. Rob Blake is a satisfied hockey player and he plays like it.

  12. jon95616 says:

    right on about Thorton.

  13. WLFHCommishJava says:

    im not totally sold on either Turco or Giggles the fluff.

    until they perform on a consistant basis year after year, then talk to me about the next great goalie.

    1 good season and playoffs don’t cut it, i want to see it year after year

    brodeur, lalime to a degree are the top right now.

  14. Sands says:

    Look at Nabokov, looked likea proven great goalie, this year he sucked. Checkmonik…. he can’t play in the playoff’s….. Turco on the other hand i like, he’s young and he may have some good years a head of him.

  15. Kyleton says:

    It would be great to see Yzerman come back and play one more healthy season and try and lead his Redwings to another Cup. Yzerman is by far the greatest Leader ever to play the game, and although I am not a fan of the Redwings it would be great to see him lift the Cup next year and retire on top of the world…

    As for Roy… He may have one more season left in him, but he also has the chance of being embarrassed for a third year in a row, and would stain the great career that he has had….

  16. BlueNBurgundy says:

    Messier may be old, but he still puts points on the board for his team, he’s a leader, and without a doubt he does a great deal for his very confused mess of a hockey club. With that in mind, the Avs could use Roy for one more season, but only he can make that decision.

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