Roy comeback getting closer and closer to reality

Recently published Montreal Suburban newspaper states that Roy is indeed expressing interest in coming out of retirement to play for his former team where all the glory began. He would like to see his number 33 retired up in the rafters of the Bell center alongside Jacques Plante’s jersey. The buzz is getting greater and greater in the Montreal area and the same names always pop up. Theodore and Brisebois for Morris, Tanguay and the rights to Patrick Roy. Several players, coaches and hockey personnel also heard about a deal being in the works, notably Matthew Barnaby and Ken Dryden.

If this where to happen, the habs would forfeit a great young goalie and perhaps a bright future but will indeed bring more nostalgics to the arena thus hiking sales and revenue for management. We all know that it takes smart people to run a multi-million dollar business and Gillet, Gainey and co are part of that group. I believe that the King still could stop those pucks and no doubt the salary dump would allow Habs for more offseason leeway.

We’re talking 4 million for Breeze-by and 5.5 for Theo. Almost 10 million dollars which is good savings considering the US-Canada exchange rate.

In any event, we could consider this being a good thing for both clubs whether he is traded or not. Even after a sub-par season Theo is definately better than Aebischer no doubt about that and Brisebois has more experience on the power play than Morris even though his defensive game is lacking. Tanguay is to even up the difference between Theodore and Roy. Experience vs youth.

Oh well, the Avs will win the cup this year anyways.