Roy comeback getting closer and closer to reality

Recently published Montreal Suburban newspaper states that Roy is indeed expressing interest in coming out of retirement to play for his former team where all the glory began. He would like to see his number 33 retired up in the rafters of the Bell center alongside Jacques Plante’s jersey. The buzz is getting greater and greater in the Montreal area and the same names always pop up. Theodore and Brisebois for Morris, Tanguay and the rights to Patrick Roy. Several players, coaches and hockey personnel also heard about a deal being in the works, notably Matthew Barnaby and Ken Dryden.

If this where to happen, the habs would forfeit a great young goalie and perhaps a bright future but will indeed bring more nostalgics to the arena thus hiking sales and revenue for management. We all know that it takes smart people to run a multi-million dollar business and Gillet, Gainey and co are part of that group. I believe that the King still could stop those pucks and no doubt the salary dump would allow Habs for more offseason leeway.

We’re talking 4 million for Breeze-by and 5.5 for Theo. Almost 10 million dollars which is good savings considering the US-Canada exchange rate.

In any event, we could consider this being a good thing for both clubs whether he is traded or not. Even after a sub-par season Theo is definately better than Aebischer no doubt about that and Brisebois has more experience on the power play than Morris even though his defensive game is lacking. Tanguay is to even up the difference between Theodore and Roy. Experience vs youth.

Oh well, the Avs will win the cup this year anyways.

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  1. Habfanforever says:

    First let’s stop bashing the habs. Ok they got a crappy team now but that doesn’t deny the fact that hockey was born here and the fever spread. Avs have got 22 more cups to win order to catch the Habs record. That’s a minimum of 22 seasons thus 22 years. Hell, my ashes might be spread over Mars by then.

    Secondly, how could you blame Roy for wanting to come back to his roots, to where all his glory started. Whether the trade is good or not doesn’t really matter. Just think about the nostalgics (believe me when I say WE are many) that will overfill the Bell stadium, boosting revenue for a team that struggles with US exchange rate in order to maintain an average payroll for the average player minus 1-2 key stars. Theo HAS proved himself and to get as far away from this city as he can could only make him better. I don’t care if there’s 20 top prospect goalies in the AVs organization, none of them come up to Theos heel.

    With Theo in nets, Avs should be almost guaranteed a 50+ win season and a good cup run that could unsurprisingly end in a parade. Don’t give me that crap “Why would he ever want to go back to a has-been team”. If Hasek could come out of retirement and escape jail time, if Lemieux could come out of retirement to sell tickets, hell Roy could come out of retirement to see his #33 next to Jacque Plante’s jersey where it belongs.

    Roy, leave the ice a HAB.

  2. habs_punk says:

    montreal sure has been getting ripped here for some reason. i dont know maybe the 24 stanley cups is creating some jealousy, or maybe its there unbelievable group of prospects that ranked behind only 3 teams in hokeysfuture prospect rankings. this trade isnt as completely one-sided as all you are saying it is, sure it is one-sided, but not completely over the edge one-sided. i mean the flyers getting the fourth overall pick for ruslan fedotenko was more one-sided than this one, and it went through. the big thing that will be a holdup in this one is the fact that the value of a starting goalie is waaaay down after the cechmanek trade.

  3. habs_punk says:

    i’d like to see the habs keep theo though

  4. cgolding says:

    yeah, no need to use the caps like that… and goalie prospects count for exactly sh%t. aebischer’s only moment on the large forum was him getting his azz lit up in the olympics. i think he’s gonna be a fine goalie, but if you really have stanley cup aspirations he prolly won’t take you there this year. all the offense in the world won’t get you a cup, just look at the pens once they started playing musical goalie.



  5. Lint07 says:

    You should think about why Brisebois is so afraid to shoot the puck or why he does so many mistakes…

    When playing home, your “fans” should not BOO you every time you touch the puck. That makes you afraid of making mistake so it means you don’t want the puck… which means when you have it you try as hard as you can to give to anyone else and then BOOM, you make a mistake.

    It would be the same for anybody in these circumstances.

    Brisebois is a good offensive D-man. It’s just that we are (Canadiens fans) too stupid to recognize it.

    Just look at how Montreal PP was dead when he’s been injured…

  6. cgolding says:

    while i very much doubt we will ever see Roy strap them on again, the trade in some sense may have some truth involved. that truth being the fact that the Avs are looking to get a goalie, in which case theo ain’t a bad option. think about the fact that his career numbers haven’t been that bad, and once he settled down last year he wasn’t all that horrible. the problem was he was absolutely miserable at the start of the season, like 4+ GAA and what not i think, and he could never get his numbers back down to “respectable” season numbers.

    all this being said, he’s a very attractive target for teams seeking a goalie and willing perhaps to risk something for it. the Avs have what some may call a ‘slight’ amount of depth at forward. i can’t see morris getting traded due to the mentioned fact that the Avs have some serious questions concerning their defensive corps. maybe they throw one of their goalie prospects at montreal in return for breezy and theo along with a tanguay.

    regardless, theodore is a goalie who severely lowered his market value last season and it is not too far-fetched that he could recover to previous form. now, he may never again be the goalie he was when he completely carried to the Habs to the playoffs and then past boston, but even a slightly lower version of that goalie would have been incredible. his numbers off that season were just filthy, he was a fantasy goalie god that year when you consider his draft position coming in.

    but as others have said, Avs fans screaming bloody murder about how, “we have lots of goalie prospects,” are not really thinking clearly. stanley cup contenders don’t really have ‘goalie prospects,’ they have ‘bait.’ and bait gets used to catch bigger fishes, especially when you have a plethora of it which the Avs fans are more than happy to point out.

    Aebischer is probably not the answer to a stanley cup run, similar to the fact that realistically a guy like Esche is not in philly. Both of similar resumes, and teams that i don’t think are that far apart in reality when you factor in the defense of philly against the offense of colorado and the fact that philadelphia was a horrible underachiever offensively last year. so i find it somewhat bemusing that people are handing over mr. stanley’s cup without question to the Avs, and look at the flyers and wonder which lump is gonna be between the pipes.

    don’t get blinded by the lights folks. pittsburgh lit it up for a long time once they started manuevering goalies around without getting a cup. the avalanche are a team that will score on paper, and almost definitely in reality, but they may be giving up just as many goals as they get. and may struggle in tight defensive games that we see down the stretch and in the playoffs.

    so one should expect a trade for a goalie from the franchise that has done easily the BEST job the last few years of aquiring individuals to help them when necessary. but who knows, perhaps one of those guys they got will step up and be the man. goalie’s prove one fact every year, you don’t know what you got until you throw it out there. mebe aebischer is the next turco.


  7. PeterPuck says:

    My point is this, the Avs are rumored to be in the hunt for Theo, not the Habs phoning them, point is, if you want Theo, you pay, end of story.

    Why is Theo questionable? 1 bad season, ha ha, if you followed Roy’s career , you will see that he had a few also and the Hab fans wanted him when the Bruins swept the Habs in 4 straight, it was in the 80’s, do you remember that, ummm, what did Roy do, he came back!!!! We are talking about a Hart winner here!!! A guy who beat out Roy for the venizna!!! What the hell has Tanguay won? Morris is better than brisebois in 1 part of the game and Brisebois is better than Morris in another end, in my opinion, in order for the Avs to get Theo they must take Brisebois, Roy’s rights? well what does the Avs have to lose, maybe he gets 1 year more to play. By the way, Tanguay struggle all year and was rumored to be on the block, did you watch any of the Avs games? The fact is we are talking about a HART winner, mvp of the league, remember what Theo did do your Bruins in the playoffs? maybe that is why you are so bitter about him !!!!! get over it…….

  8. Gforce says:

    we know denile is hard ,but you keep on telling yourself that….

  9. FoShizzleMyNizzle says:

    you can just lizzle my nizzle

  10. defenestrate says:

    How’d you know my middle name?

  11. avesfan33 says:

    one cup is pretty crummy, i smell envy in the air! stop living in the past buddy, and come to your sinses. the habs are a joke!

  12. avesfan33 says:

    one cup is pretty crummy, i smell envy in the air! stop living in the past buddy, and come to your sinses. the habs are a joke!

  13. avesfan33 says:

    If im not mistaken the baseball site is next door! If you need help look to your left!

  14. goodfela26 says:

    Generally, money buys championships in every sport. Occassionally, you’ll have a low budget team win a championship against a high budget team, i.e. Anaheim Angels last year in baseball. You’ll also have low budget teams play against high budget teams but for the most part, the team with the money will usually beat the lower budget teams.

    I hate that is that way…but unless they institute a salary cap in the rest of the sports as Football did, then it will remain this way.

  15. AvsBruinsFan65 says:

    I wish that all these people that post articles on the AVS would realize that any trade that is going to happen between the AVS and name the team is not going to be know until it happens.

    Pierre Lacroix is the master at keeping things quiet. So if you read it, it will NOT happen.

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