Roy vs Brodeur

Now that Patrick Roy, the greatest goalie in the modern history, is retired; only one is able to break up his NHL’s records: Martin BrodeurTake a look at “Casseau”‘s records :

Season records

1) 551 wins

2) 1029 games played

3) 60 227 minutes played

4) 12 seasons with 30 wins or more

Playoffs records

1) 151 wins

2) 247 games played

3) 23 shutouts

Brodeur, 31 years old (born may 5 1972), will play let’s say seven more seasons or eight, all depends if he will have a lockout in 2004. And he will probably be in a good team for the rest of his career. So let’s take a look at each record and his chance to break it or not.

(I will base my probabilities on seven seasons left in his career so if he plays more than his chances will be better yet)

Season records :

1) Brodeur has 365 wins in the bank so he need 187 wins to break the record. He must have an average of 27 wins by season to make it.

He can do it.

2) He has 665 gp, so an average of 52 gp by season and he break it.

He will do it

3) He has 38957 mins, for the record, he must play about 51 full games by season.

He will do it

4) He has 8 seasons with 30 wins or more (consecutively with four forty wins or so (NHL record I guess)) Five more 30 wins season and it’s in the bag.

He can do it

Playoffs records :

1) Marty has 80 victorys so far (if NJ wins the Stanley Cup, 83 wins) Anyway, he must wins 69-72 games in the playoffs, about 10 wins per playoffs appearance. Equivalent at 2 rounds and a half.

Roy will probably keep this record.

2) He has 133 gp so far (136-139 max. at the end of the playoffs). He need around an average of 15-16 games per playoffs appearance. Again, more than two rounds.

I guess Roy will keep this record too.

3) He has 18 shutouts so what’s 6 more for Brodeur?

He will easily break this.

Remember that I based my probabilities on a seven years career left in the tank; and I don’t considered the imponderables (injuries, decline (btw,I don’t think so!) etc.).

Statistics source : and Le Soleil

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  1. devfanman4 says:

    Great comparison. Brodeur still doesn’t get enough credit. I agree with everything you said. He will break Roy’s records you pointed out. Also, he could have another one that Roy doesn’t have if these playoffs keep up the way they’re going – 7 shutouts in a single playoff season. Hasek had 6 last year, Brodeur just tied that last night. Should be interesting to see if he can get one more before this round is over.

  2. defenestrate says:

    Brodeur will never have the same impact, even if he breaks the records. I love his game, but he doesn’t have the same personality as St. Patrick. And he’s most likely going to spend his entire career w/ the Devils. While this is laudable from a loyalty standpoint, especially in this day and age, it unfortunately virtually assures he will be stuck with that dreadful appellation – “boring”.

    And, I’d rather be accused of beating my wife than be convicted of sleeping with her sister. Next on “Ricki” – “Goalies who cheat and the women who love them”……


  3. ORIGINAL-6 says:

    If Brodeur beats some of Roy’s records, Oh well, But he’ll never get the same respect Patrick has, cuz he plays in the East…..Being a Detroit native I obviously, don’t like Roy, But I’m also not that shallow. I know he was the best. & there isn’t a goalie playing, that even rates a compharision.

  4. Lint07 says:

    Great article ‘Nord! I really like Brodeur, and now that Roy is gone, he becomes the best goalie in the NHL hands down.

    The problem is, Brodeur doesen’t seem to have this ”Attitude” that Roy had. Roy was a winner, no doubt about it… and so is Brodeur, but Roy was cocky about it and when he said something, he backed it up with stellar performance on the ice.

    Remember in 1992-93 when Québec took a 2-0 lead in their series against Montréal and after the 2nd game, a Nordiques’ player told the media they had figure out Roy’s weak spots? What did he said when the reporter told him what was said about him… ”This Series is over, they will not win one more game.” -Patrick Roy.


    Canadiens 4, Nordiques 2.

    And couple of stellar performances by Roy!! That’s what I mean. He is #1 of all-time hands down.

  5. matteo says:

    Why, is her sister ugly? Don’t hate the player, hate the game nephew……

    As far as I am concerned that only makes me a bigger fan of both of them. If Marty wants a piece, at least he is keeping it in the family.

    Brodeur won’t have the same impact simply because Patty was there first……tell me the names of the guys that followed Louis and Clarke?

  6. matteo says:

    I really miss the Nordiques jerseys……they were one of the top 5 all time.

  7. big_booty says:

    Put the crack pipe down, and slowly back away.

    Yes, I did mean Pat Cronin.

  8. MantaRay says:

    Regardless that Brodeur will break all of Roys’ records, he will never garner the respect he deserves until his hall of fame induction ceremony.

    He never gets the credit because he plays for a non-market team. But anyone who follows the Devils will tell you that Brodeur makes the Devils go (the chants of Mar-ty’s Better bellowed at Giguere/Irbe during the finals is an example).

    -He alters an oppositions game plan

    -Makes the timely and momentum shifting saves

    -He instills a confidence level that allows his defensemen to take risks (if need be).

    -He communicates with his d-men better than most other goalies (just watch the next two on one against him).

    Barring injury, he will retire as the best big game goalie of all time. And I for one appreciate what we have in the Garden State.

  9. OldNord says:

    That’s only a statistics point of view not about their personalities.

    I posted a personality test at each of them but strangely, I’ve got no responses???

  10. matteo says:

    You never answered me about this before… this Booty…..the booty that I played hockey with in college?

    What did Cronin say about me??? Drop me a private message

  11. OldNord says:

    I remember that serie as it if were yesterday, that was not a Nordiques player who said that “find” the weak spot but the Nordiques is goalie trainer (forgot his name, maybe D.Bouchard).

    I was so pissed about the result of that serie. In game two I think, Montréal had the 2-0 in the game and Québec has scored two goals late in the third period and won the game in overtime. I thought that serie was in the bag…This year, all the better clubs were out early in the playoff and Montréal had a “easy way” to the Stanley Cup final.

  12. OldNord says:

    One thing is sure for the moment, it’s that Marty is the better goalie of all time around his net. He intercepted the puck behind the net and pass it very well. And he has a good shot, two goals I think?

  13. defenestrate says:

    Don’t get me wrong, you did a great article. And your English was superb.

    Btw, what the hell is an OST sect??

  14. defenestrate says:

    (A ten year old that can outrun her brother)

    Actually, from what I can see, the sister is more attractive than the wife.

    It would have been fun to see him on “Cheaters”, though……

    I played out that whole scenario on another post, from “Cheaters” to “Dr. Phil” to “I’m a celebrity – get me out of here”, so I won’t repeat.

    He would’ve been showing enough class to be in SCTP if he’d done them both at the same time, and admitted it in “Maxim”, “FHM”, or “Stuff” magazine.


  15. OldNord says:

    In french it’s Ordre du Temple Solaire, that was a sect (I’m sure you heard talk about this in the media) about losers who was brainwashed and they made a collective suicide I guess four/five years ago. In english it’s maybe Sun Temple Order or something like that.

  16. OldNord says:

    I didn’t misjudged your purpose, I was just kidding.

  17. bender says:

    Brodeur WON us the GOLD!!!!!!!!

    Roy sat like a pilon!!!!!!!!

    Nuff SAID

  18. matteo says:

    A Rich Pilon?

  19. bender says:

    YUP, the worst kind of pilon one can be!!!

  20. Lint07 says:

    Yeah! Exactly! Daniel Bouchard.

    No wonder I didn’t remember this ”player”.

  21. Lint07 says:

    exactly what I was gonna say. Word for word.

    The other team can’t dump the puck in the NJ zone to break the trap because Brodeur is there and takes care of the puck.

    Which make NJ system look even better!

  22. MantaRay says:

    Thats what I meant by how he alters another teams game plan.

  23. defenestrate says:

    Ok, I got it. No – we’re not like that. We drive other people to suicide.


  24. defenestrate says:

    God – no one told me it was “Bad Pun” week…

    I would have brought my old “Kotter” episodes.

  25. mikster says:

    How should he be given more credit?

  26. defenestrate says:

    With at least a gold card….

    God, that was bad……

  27. Pock says:

    I have no problem saying that Patrick Roy was the best goaltender the game has seen, and Brodeur is currently the best goalie in the league. I thought it was in typical Roy fashion that a series that featured argumentally the best two goalies in this years playoffs had to once again steal the show and announce his retirement. Just couldn’t wait one more week eh? Roy was the class of his position, atleast let the spotlight remain on the playoffs! I guess he wouldn’t be Patrick Roy if he did that.

  28. OldNord says:

    Who is on the black list at this moment?

  29. Lint07 says:

    Roy I thought the same thing!

    Did he not say he was waiting for the playoffs to finish??

    ahahah! Yup, he did steal the show once again!

  30. PeterPuck says:

    Nice column “Old Nord”, and I agree with you on some points, but I think you missed some points. It is a given that Brodeur is on a better team than the Habs of 86 and 93, just look at the shot totals per goalie, and that is why Roy won the Playoff MVP, twice with the Habs, Brodeur is a great goalie, but come on, 16 shots per game to stop is not MVP material. When Roy won the MVP with the Avs, you must recall that the Avs played an open game and again Roy faced twice as much shots as Brodeur, too compare both goalies, you must look at the shots and the teams system, the Devils play a tight defensive game that do not allow alot of shots. Roy has clearly had the most work, he has won 3 playoff mvp’s and that is something i don’t think Brodeur will do, and that is why Roy is the better goalie.

  31. OldNord says:

    My article was not to point who is better, only the record run. Roy still the best IMO.

  32. PeterPuck says:

    I know that, I just wanted to add my two cents…still great post (idea). IMO i agree but in the history of the nHL, i think Plante was the best.

  33. PeterPuck says:

    where do you think Roy came from, THE EAST, and he had respect when he left.

  34. OldNord says:

    For what he did in the NHL or because he was the wise man to wear a mask at first 🙂 Plante is a good pick. It’s hard to decide who was the best in the entire history of the NHL. Sawchuk was a great one too. That’s why we must rank who is the better goalie by generation. We will never know how this guys would perform in the NHL of today.

  35. Oilspill says:

    Goalies are kooks

    What kind of man relishes the idea of stopping a 100 mph slapshot with his body, then flops around like he’s been shot with a 12 guage when he’s brushed by an opponent.

    Forgetting off ice antics, Roy will be remebered making bold moves and actions that cost him a little, but gained him everything (his exit from Montreal was classic!!). Too bad he didn’t wear the maple leaf more. But thats where Martin Brodeur will be remembered where Roy will not. Brodeur wore the maple leaf and got us our first gold medal in 50 years…its still fairly recent, but mark my words, as far as history goes, getting us the gold is a far greater achievment than any patrick roy has accomplished. Because Roy wasn’t assured the starters role for the olympics, he cried and went home, while joseph, brodeur, and belfour checked their egos at the door and gave it all for canada. And even then Joseph still got the the job, yet tanked it. So who comes along to pick up the pieces?

    Martin Broduer

    He may play for the most boring team of all time, but I’ll forever thank Martin Brodeur for playing so well during the olympics.

    I guess being an ass gets you somthing doesn’t it patrick? It gets you NO GOLD MEDAL!!!


  36. ORIGINAL-6 says:

    I’m talking the past 8-10 years, The West has & is WAY more dominant!

  37. PeterPuck says:

    This so true, with the equipment today, (including players sticks) , the game as changed very much, there was a time when the goalie wasn’t the best athletic on the team, that is why the greats of past, ie, sawchuk, bower, plante, parent, worsely, etc, stood out. Now the goalies today are the best athletic’s on the team, they are more agile, stonger and so much taller/bigger, it would be interesting to see plante played today, and let;s reverse that, it would be interesting to see today’s goalies play with the old equipment and see how they do….

    Old Nord, i have been hearing through the grapevine that Savard will be looking to trade up in the draft and there might be a deal with the huricanes, have you heard anything…….

    cheers mate.

  38. OldNord says:

    I never heard something about this rumor PeterPuck, but that might be a good one. Hurricane have which pick? second, third or fourth I think? Don’t know who they should pick but this young might be on the team this year or next.

  39. devfanman4 says:

    Sure there’s people that say Brodeur is good, but most everyone says he’s on a better team than Roy ever was and it’s the defense he gets in front of him that makes him look good.

  40. CaliDevilGirl says:

    That’s right!!!!! Gold for Marty!!!

  41. CaliDevilGirl says:


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