Rucinsky Jumps Over NYC, more on NYR. Devilish Offense Burns. Tampa No Way.

Rucinsky just wouldn’t accept what the Rangers offered him, so he goes to the Blues to…..

…So Ruicinsky not coming back, who is going to come to NYC, and who will depart?

Devils are 4-1, but how will they survive against superior teams? Danton’s a locker room headache.

Reason why Tampa’s hot.Well, I am not upset for Rucinsky not coming back. But, it does leave me to think that Slats will go for a trade. Nedved has to play as a center. He is working really hard, playing with a lot of effort, surprisingly back-checking, and the best way to go is to move him back at center. But, that leaves a question for the Rangers LW.

St. Louis needs help, and Ruicnsky is worth a shot, so why not? However, if he can’t play the way they expect him to play, they just wasted money on him and he has no trade value, little if any. Worth a shot though…

It’s just a hunch, but might be worth mentioning. No, Barnaby will not be traded. I doubt McCarthy will. Samuelsson won’t be traded. Lundmark has been one of the best Rangers, no trade. Bure, no trade. Ok, you get my point. Radek Dvorak? Most likely. Sather was going to trade him during March instead of York. No real proof, but obvious reasons and a given clue by Sather during the Press Conference of the York for Poti and Murray deal (seems like a good deal now). Dvorak has done everything but score, so has Lindros. But, The Rangers need a solid LW’er and the only way to get one is via trade. Dvorak has come back really well from the injury, but the Rangers need a left winger. Jamie Lundmark is making Radek Dvorak more exandable. Lundmark mentioned he wants to work his way from solid defense to then using his excellent offensive skills; smart kid. Lundmark should be shifted up on the right win, and for the 4th line, Dixon Ward, Ted Donato, or Rico Fata could be called up.

Expect Radek Dvorak to be traded. Purinton has been rock solid for the Rangers, as he completely shut down Jaromir Jagr every time he faced him. If Kloucek doesn’t excel well enough in the minors, and could be risky to call up as he takes many penalties, he could be traded as well.

Despite the Devils record (4-1-0-0) against sub par teams (excluding Ottawa), their offense has been very underachieving and unimpressive. People, you’re watching the reincarnation of the 95 Devils. Though I still stick with my gut feeling that Friesen will at least score 25 goals, I am starting to doubt it. They have solid shifts, especially when Patrick Elias is on the ice, but no results. Expecting them to spark their offense against the worst defensive team in the NHL, the Devils did not fully outplay the Thrashers, and only beat them 2-1. Their power play does “stink” as Pat Burns has said, and this team has only been winning because of Martin Brodeur and a solid defense, which isn’t as solid as it should be. I have yet to watch a good game by the Devils, and the time when they will realize they have talent and strength is when they beat a power house team like the Flyers, Wings, Stars, and the strong offensive teams with a tough defense.

Mike Danton changed his name for…well, a lame reason, and he criticized the team’s staff for scratching him. Though I totally agree with him (why put Guolla when the 29 year old bust couldn’t even make the Thrashers line-up?), he still isn’t such a team player off the ice. Worst of all, is his agents worsening the problem. GM Lou kept Danton in New Jersey, not for suspension, but to knock some sense into this youngster. GO TELL HIM LOU!

Here is the reason why the Tampa Bay Lighting are storming around North America…

…they’re last season’s Islanders! No one is expecting to play such a tough team, so it is not so competitive. Sure they have good players like Richards, St. Louis, Lecavalier (…a bust? don’t think so…), and so on…

They have risen their chances of making the playoffs, for sure, but once the Eastern teams play tough and start playing their game, the Bolts will face a much tougher competition than now.