Rucinsky's Agent Might Face Reality

Larry Brooks from the NYPost states: “Though Sather yesterday said he didn’t think that Paul Kraus, who represents the unsigned Martin Rucinsky, “is that determined to get something done,” The Post has learned that the parties have agreed to a $1.6 million base for this season, though they’re still not at all close on the bonus package that would be included in the contract . . . The Rangers are talking to Vancouver about unsigned Group II Peter Schaefer, the 25-year-old winger who played in Finland last year after a negotiating impasse. Blueshirts are also chatting to Canucks about 27-year-old winger Jarkko Ruutuu, who’s been quietly shopped by Brian Burke.”

Though the NYPost is not a reliable source, I think those statements seem to be true.

14 Responses to Rucinsky's Agent Might Face Reality

  1. Stretch says:

    OK, done… Schaefer and Ruutu to NY for Tomas Kloucek 😉

  2. Krockasian says:

    actually i was thinking maybe Mureau and Cleary for Klouchek. Sather and lowe are good friends and have traded before.

  3. mikster says:

    Not a chance 🙂

  4. mikster says:

    Riiiiiight…. and i’ll give you Barnaby and Oliwa for Brewer.

  5. marcop says:

    why are you so high on kloucek? i think moreau and cleary are easily enough for an unproven defenseman

  6. marcop says:

    id rather see marchant and moreau/cleary for someone like rachunek with more potential and no injury history.

  7. mikster says:

    Well, its hockey smarts. Kloucek is only 22 years old. His potential is worth drooling for.

    Moraeu is in his 30’s….??? And clearly? They are 3rd line players. You don’t trade a defenseman who could be a future #2,#3 d-man, for two aging 3rd line players.

    I am not “so high” on Kloucek. He proved to me that he can be more lethal than Kasparaitis with his checks. He’s proven to me that he can play solid D. I think with Schoenfeld, he will learn so much. Why would i want to waste that defenseman for two 3rd line players? Only an idiotic GM would even think of such an offer. Kloucek still hasn’t proven to me that he can stick in the NHL and that he will learn to not take so many penalties.

    Think about it. Would you trade your 22 year old defenseman prospect for two 3rd liners, one mostly being a 4th liner? Ok..i thought so.

  8. marcop says:

    moreau has just had an off season, 2 years ago he threw hits like no tomorrow and provided 110 percent effort every night, something that alot of ranger players do not provide because they care about money more. He is gritty along the boards as well and is a role player critical for the playoffs. So…No a gm would not be “idiotic” to accept this offer along with cleary who if paired with the right person can contribute as well such as 2 years ago when paired with weight. Kloucek on the other hand has been battling just to make it in the nhl and came off a major knee operation as well combined with the fact that he takes so many penalities. So think about it mickey, because i have

  9. mikster says:

    I have thought about it. I have my Hartford AHL team that has young players who are a year or two away from making the NHL, some most likely to start on the 3rd line…probably Garth Murray. Why on earth would i want to add a 3rd line player, 27 years old, makes over a million a season when my team already has a complete 3rd line, and when i know i will get a younger 3rd line player next season who makes a lot less? Moreau barely scores 30 points too.

    Kloucek is ONLY 22 years old. No way i would trade a defenseman that old with quality potential for Moreau and Cleary. I trade my defenseman who is only 22, quality potential, works hard, for two 3rd line players? No way, out of the question. I’d rather get two players for my 3rd line from my farm team, Garth Murray….Hollweg…Colleymore, Dominic Moore.

    It’s a dumb trade, and a dumb offer. I’d decline it in less than a second. I don’t care about Kloucek’s injury. As if it never happens? Kloucek is only 22 years old, and if he makes the NHL at 22 or 23…hell that’s great, i’d give him time to make it. I wouldn’t give up on him for two 3rd line players and see him become a 2nd or 3rd d-man in 3,4 years.

    So, i thought about it again and there’s no chance that i’d even think about it again, no GM should.

  10. marcop says:

    Are you sure those players are good enough to crack the team cause your best rookie lundmark can’t even do that. Also if they do i hope they are defensive players because your team needs some of those like moreau because your defense is not doing the trick.

  11. RangersInMyFlesh says:

    How bout Nedved for Schaefer and Ruutuu? Schaefer,which I learned is a left wing can play alongside Bure and Lindros.Those three can score up to 100 goals combined.Ruutuu I don’t know much about maybe he can play on third line with Barnaby and Murray or the Canucks would have to sign Schaefer first,could give him the same amount of money that Nedved and Slats wouldn’t have to pick up of some of Nedved’s contract.Also please be aware that I’m a black teenager who knows alot about hockey and every team,and Hall Of Famer.

  12. Nemix says:

    never knew a color would be an issue in this..I have a good friend who knew nothing of hockey before coming over from pakistan and he now follows every stat he can ..Its a sport and thats all that matters bud

  13. darz says:

    rucinsky should take whatever sather throw’s on the table, i don’t think any other team’s gonna be knocking at his door. i wonder if san jose would be interested, his best days came playing left wing with damphousse.

  14. Amazingoilers says:

    Actually Mikster, Cleary is 23(24 in December) adn Moreau will be 27 in a couple of days. So they aren’t that old but I doubt the Oilers would make that deal anyhow because they want a proven Defencemen, not a prospect. They have a couple good prospects including Bobby Allen who is great with the puck, if anything they want a top 4-5 guy who is reliable in his own end and can handle the ice time.

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