Rumor: Boston to trade Wheeler, Savard to Columbus for 4th overall pick

I’d like to preface this post with a quick disclaimer: right now, this can only be classified as a rumor, although one that certainly seems to have legs. Proceed with caution.

Pro Hockey Talk has learned of a possible trade in the works, with the Boston Bruins dealing Blake Wheeler and Marc Savard to the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for the fourth overall pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft. It’s likely that the Bruins would also include their 15th overall pick in the deal as well, leaving Boston with both the second and fourth pick in the first round.
Talking to another source, PHT was told that the Blue Jackets are interested in trading away their pick, although as of now there is nothing concrete in the works as far as a trade goes. Considering how reliable our source is for the information regarding this trade proposal, it seems as though there is certainly something substantial in the works although there is no guarantee this is going down. It’s also important to note that Boston including that 15th pick isn’t certain, although you wonder if Wheeler and Savard alone are worth the 4th. So you’d think something else would have to come back Boston’s way, although I doubt they’re looking to take on much salary in this trade.

Here is where things get dicey however, if this is in fact the proposed trade. Marc Savard has a full no-trade clause that he would have to waive and Blake Wheeler isn’t under contract for next season — he’s to become a restricted free agent after making $2.8 million last season. Savard would have had to agree to be traded to Columbus, something I haven’t even caught wind of being a possibility. While it’s certainly possibly, that right now is the big sticking point in this deal.

Columbus is also hoping to acquire top line center this summer (hence the rumors about a possible Spezza trade) and while Savard has decent numbers throughout his career I’m not certain he’s the level of center the Blue Jackets are hoping for on the first line. That being said, he would still help fill a void on the Blue Jackets roster and allow them some flexibility to not have to give up a ransom this summer to make either make a trade for center or overpay in free agency.

For Boston, this is a trade that works in freeing up cap space while also giving themselves the ability to instantly infuse the franchise with two outstanding and talented young players, one of which will certainly make an immediate impact. The cap space is important, especially if the Bruins are looking to make a big splash in free agency — Patrick Marleau , anyone?

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  1. Boston_Bruins says:

    You do not trade a guy just about to start his 7 year contract with a NTC who signed at a hometown discount. Not to mention he's by far our best offensive player. Blake Wheeler I could care less about but that seems like an awful lot to give up and it would only take $4 million off the cap. Why not just dump Ryder or Wideman?

  2. TheLeafNation91 says:


    I wonder why I saw Rik Nash doing cartwheels infront of my house…

  3. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Cam Fowler isn't worth Marc Savard straight up.

  4. leafy says:

    Just something to consider. Will Marc Savard be the same player after a serious concussion?

  5. reinjosh says:

    Your nuts. Fowler hasn't played a game in the NHL and Savard is arguably a top 5 playmaker in the League. This type of thinking and comment prove how ridiculous draft picks and prospects values have gotten out of hand.

  6. reinjosh says:

    This write is kind of a moron. First of all thats a massive package to get a top 5 pick. And then adding the 15th? Yeah, sorry but that would be a terrible trade for Boston.

    Then saying he isn't sure that Columbus is looking for this type of center for Nash? Who are they looking for? Backstrom, Malkin or Crosby?

    I can't see this happening but if it did, Columbus would have to be considered a legit playoff team and a dark horse contender if Mason stepped back up. That would be huge for the, /

  7. Mapleleaves says:

    i think you missread him.

  8. cam7777 says:

    My guess is that a trade very similar to this one goes down at the draft:

    To Ottawa:

    Derick Brassard
    Sami Pahlsson
    Chris Clark
    2nd in 2010 (34th overall)

    To Columbus:

    Jason Spezza
    4th in 2010 (OTT)

    Brassard and the high 2nd are the real value on Spezza (who's own value is crippled thanks to his enormous contract and impending NTC).  However, the Sens would like Pahlsson, who has shown good chemistry with Alfredsson in the past.  Clark is a toss in to make the salaries work.

    Boston should select Hall/Seguin (most likely Seguin) with the 2nd overall pick, and use their other assets to move their 15th overall pick up to 3rd overall, and select Cam Fowler.  I think that Tallon should expect to be at the bottom of the barrel for another year or two, and might prefer to grab a couple additional assets rather than just the one top pick. 

  9. mojo19 says:

    ya I agree… that's a stupid rumour. Savard is king in Boston. I would never move that guy for a chance at Gudbranson or Fowler… they're not exactly sure things.

  10. mojo19 says:

    lol, ya he misread him for sure….

  11. broc says:

    Boston, by all accounts, should have been in the Final this year… they were 1 game away from the final, and now they're just going to trade their #1 center (as mentioned, at the beginning of a 7 year, home discounted contract, with NTC).

    He probably gave the discount, in exchange for the NTC.

    This deal is wasting my bandwidth.

  12. turdfergusson says:

      Assuming Wheeler's cap hit will be somewhere north of 2.5million and Savard's at 4million, this deal spells disaster next summer for Scott Howson having to sign Mason, Voracek and Hejda. Kudos on the diclaimer.

       Somewhat off-topic, what's really interesting is Savard's contract. This is how Peter Chiarelli comes up with a 4million dollar cap hit:

    2010/11   11/12   12/13   13/14   14/15    15/16    16/17

    7.00mill      7.00       6.5         5.00        1.5        0.525      0.525

     Get the picture? Even with a salary cap, commissioner Bettman created a reasonably flexible framework for teams to operate under and a contract like Savard's takes advantage of that flexibility. I can almost empathize with Gary Bettman's volatility when drawing up the next template if this is a GM's definition of capology 101. Even Brian Burke knows better.

  13. DannyLeafs says:

    Yeah, not to mention the message that sends to future free agents. "Hey come sign in Boston and we may trade you before you play a single game under your new contract".

    I would be shocked if this trade happens, it would be absolutely idiotic. To be fair, the writer of this article does not exactly come across as knowledgeable.

    "wonder if Wheeler and Savard alone are worth the 4th" are you kidding?
    Leafs fans weren't exactly thrilled with the idea of giving up Kaberle for the 4th overall, so I think it goes without saying that nobody in Boston would be happy trading their best player who is signed for a reasonable cap hit for a long time.

    "Columbus is also hoping to acquire top line center this summer (hence the rumors about a possible Spezza trade) and while Savard has decent numbers throughout his career I'm not certain he's the level of center the Blue Jackets are hoping for on the first line. "

    Here are the list of centers who have scored more than Savard since the lockout. Crosby, Thornton, Staal, Spezza, Datsyuk, and Lecavlier. If you want to go by points per game over the same span, we take Lecavlier and Staal off the list and add Malkin and Backstrom. Finally maybe we could consider Toews, Getzlaf and Richards better centers as well. So that makes the list of centers on another "level":

    Great now all Columbus has to do is get hung up on 8 times in a row, find out that Vinny isn't waiving his NTC to come to Columbus and that Spezza plays a similar game to Savard but has a much higher cap hit, gives the puck away even more, and is more injury prone. I really have no idea what center that is on a higher level than Savard could possibly be available.

    The fact that they could even suggest trading the 15th overall pick with this is just insane. Savard being used to move up 11 spaces in the draft? Nuts!

  14. cam7777 says:

    Yea, there's really no discount in Savard's contract at all, as he'll never play the last 3 years of that contract,  So unless you think the real average salary of 6.375 million is a massive hometown discount, than Savard's being paid very well.

  15. reinjosh says:

    ima a moron. My mistake dude. Hopefully no hard feelings.

  16. LeafsneedSteen says:


  17. Tachmo says:

    What a dumb rumour. Columbus would take Boston to the cleaners on that especially if they threw in the 15th pick.
    What else is dumb is the fact Columbus isn't sure if Savard would fit their need of a top flight centerman. Give me a break. What better can they go out a get?

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