Rumor on Saku Koivu! / News On José Théodore

There is a rumor running in Montreal right now that Canadiens GM Bob Gainey is looking for a centerman in the unrestricted free agent market.

Yvon Pedneault, a well known journalist on the french version of TSN is saying that Bob Gainey is backing off in signing Saku Koivu for the next few years. Despite his talent, heart and courage they don’t think he can stay healthy for a long enough period after all his injuries and disease since the start of his career. Koivu will be an unrestricted free agent next year and they don’t want to buy his free agency in singing him to a long term contract.

The Habs are looking for a big talented centerman to size up their team and there’s a lot of talent available right now in the unrestricted free agents list.



article title: ”Théo: Plusieurs Options”

Habsforever wrote:

José Théodore

I was on St. Laurent tonight and I bumped into Jose Theodore. He said that yes he will be returning to the Montreal Canadiens and that he did vote in favor of the CBA in todays vote. So that is one player that you won’t have to worry about during the free agency period.

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  1. simplyhabby says:

    Theo is a slamdunk to stay in Montreal. He filled in Roy’s skates nicely and he loves the attention and pressure.

    Koivu will stay in Montreal. I am sure Gainey wants to revive the Montreal of the golden years with strength down the middle and after Koivu’s World Cup and playoff performances, he proved that he is a valuable player with great leadership qualities. But you never know?

  2. wingerxxx says:

    I love Saku, but I think he’d be better off as a second line center. Maybe he’d have to go to another team to do that. Bonk is more of a second line center than Koivu is, so I’m not sure how much that helps. But it would be nice if he could stay put in Montreal. On another note, Koivu reminds me a lot of Pikachu for some reason. Sorry.

  3. nordiques100 says:

    The Habs are in great shape to make some changes

    Player 2005-2006 salary (US)

    Patrice Brisebois $3.42 million

    Craig Rivet $2.66 million

    Radek Bonk $2.394 million

    Sheldon Souray $2.128 million

    Richard Zednik $1.8 million

    Niklas Sundstrom $988K

    Steve Begin $608K

    Cristobal Huet $456K

    8 Players $14,478,000

    Lets say they rid themselves of Breezy by declining their team option for this season. And they buy out Rivet because the 2.6 million price tag is a bit much for him and they could do better. That will bring the payroll down to $8.46 Million. They have tons of room to maneuvre with.

    Lets say they re-up Theo for $4 million. He is good but no goalie should make over $5 million as that is what Brodeur roughly makes. But he is their franchise player and should be at the top of the payroll. They already have Huet under contract for the league minimum.

    Total for goalies = $4.45 Million

    For their defence, the habs should sign Zubov. at his age, 2.75 million may be enough to bring him to Montreal. He is very familiar with GM Bob Gainey in their Dallas days.

    The Habs should also try to sign Adrien Aucoin. He is very steady, plus can play lots. He would be worth like $3 Million per. THe Habs havent had a horse like this on defence since Desjardins or even Schneider.

    I say add a veteran guy like Odelein. They should have never traded him away in the first place. Stupid Houle. He could be had for the league minimum.

    resign Komisarek at 900K, Markov at 1.3 Million and Bouillion at 600K. with Souray already at 2.1 Million, their defence would be set.

    Total for defence = 11.1 Million

    Up front, Koivu is awesome. The only way the Habs get rid of him is if Forsberg comes to town. Not likely. The habs need to reform that top line that ate up the Bruins. resign Koivu at 3.5 Million and Kovalev at 4 Million. Of course they need to bring back Ryder and Ribiero as well. Ryder should get about 1.3 considering he has only played 1 year and really should earn more of his keep. Ribiero has had only 1 good season so far and probably should get roughly the same 1.3 Million. Bulis should also be brought back at 1.1 Million and Jason Ward should be resigned at 700K.

    As for free agents from the outside, the Habs should go after a former Bruin. No not lapointe, Glen Murray. They could get him at 3 Million and have him play with Kovalev and Koivu. That would allow Zednik to play with Ribby and Ryder. And have a 3rd line of Sundstrom, Bonk and Bulis. Their 4th line would have perhaps a prospect like Higgins or Kostistsyn or Hossa or Plekanec playing with Begin and Ward on an energy line and slowly working them up the lineup.

    Total for Forwards = 21.7 Million

    Total payroll = 37.25 Million

    whatever the habs do, they have room to make some noise this summer and should be very busy.

  4. habswinthecup-again says:

    Kovalev is going to Pittsburg, they will let Brisebois go but not Rivet. Theo and Koivu will sign 5 mill each, not 4 and 3.5 as you said(Koivu maybe 4.5). Aucoin would be nice but I don’t see it, Zubov would be a waste. How about Koivu for Primeau? Oh and Montreal is not allowed to spend 37.25 million, are they?

  5. Tops04 says:

    I read the article you are quoting, and it was speculation, rather than any fact. I know this is a rumor site, but quoting something as fact is still wrong.

    Personally I feel that Gainey knows that Ribeiro will flop this year, and that trading Koivu could be disastrous.

  6. paul_dmc says:

    Of course Theodore ain’t going nowhere, unless Bob Gainey is considering suicide and would rather get killed instead.

    As for the center thing, we’ve got a “happy” problem on our hands as I don’t see either Koivu, Ribeiro or Bonk as legitimate 1st line centers but I don’t see any of the three as a third line center either. What should we do? Possibly move one of the three to wing or trade one and get this mythical 1st line big center we’ve been looking for for years.

    What about Joe Thornton? I wouldn’t mind sacrificing Ribeiro in a trade to get him!!! Actually, the only two players I would never ever consider trading for such a guy would be Markov and Theodore…

  7. TheAwaKe says:

    What about free agent Jason Allison??

    I heard he was in good shape, better than ever. The guy knows he can’t ask for a 4 or 5 millions salary so the Habs could get him for 1.5 or 2 millions.

    Sign Mike Rathje… good strong d-man, he could play very well with Souray!

    Trade Ribeiro and Plekanec for another good d-man like Brewer or Kubina…

  8. Habfanforever says:

    that oughta make hockeyhead happy! lol

  9. Habfanforever says:

    Habs off season:

    Signings of Theodore, Koivu AND Kovalev.

    Buy out Brisebois, sign Zubov. (right handed point man to play with Markov)

    bye byes: Sundstrom, Ward and sadly, Bouillon.

    Perezhogin to make the jump as well as Hainsey.

    Danis will start the year in MTL as Huet is injured.

    free agent forward signings should possibly include: Teemu Selanne, Eric Messier, Adam Deadmarsh, Sandy McCarthy, Mike Rathje or Brian Marchment.

    My team (in all realism):


    Jose Theodore

    Yann Danis *Cristobal Huet


    Sheldon Souray-Mike Komisarek

    Andrei Markov-Sergei Zubov

    Ron Hainsey-Craig Rivet


    Alexei Kovalev-Saku Koivu-Richard Zednik

    Alexander Perezhogin-Mike Ribeiro-Michael Ryder

    Jan Bulis-Radek Bonk-Eric Messier

    Sandy McCarthy-Steve Begin-Raitis Ivanans

    That’s pretty much what I think could happen in the most realistic of cir*****stances.

  10. paul_dmc says:

    Instead of going for Zubov I’d definitely go for Adrian Aucoin… and I’d buy out Rivet instead of Brisebois!

    As for Allison good idea, I’ve always liked him too and he wouldn’t be too expensive at first given his injuries history!

  11. TheAwaKe says:

    instead of Hainsey, they should call Mark Streit from Swiss… He’s a real good d-man.

  12. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I heard a small rumor that Gainey was interested in bringing Mike Modano to Montreal…I haven’t heard any more of it, so I don’t think there’s much to it…but it was mentioned.

  13. masarume says:

    I don’t think anybody can fill Roy’s shoes.

    But he has been a great fit. Too bad he didn’t draw this kind of support when he blew the playoffs for you guys.

  14. masarume says:

    Ummm, goaltenders would be paid more and IF Kovalev is going to be returning… a lot less than 4 mil.

  15. AfroCon says:

    Why is Koivu not a legitimate 1st line center? 0.80ppg not enough for you?

    Everyone saw what Koivu can do when he has a true first line winger (Kovalev) playing with him.

    I would agree if you said that Zednik is not a first line winger though.

    As far as Ribeiro goes, he was the 12th best center in the league last year… How many teams are there? Think he’d make first line on a couple of them 😉

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