Rumor Round-Up

Trevor Linden And Canucks Close?

Take this for what its worth but according to Eklund the Vancouver Canucks and Trevor Linden are close to agreeing to a new deal. Linden would provide the Canucks with some much needed leadership and some scoring here and there.

Selanne Moving

Once again according to Eklund, Teemu Selanne has put his home in California up for sale. One can assume that Selanne bought a bigger house in California to stay with the Ducks or he is on his way out of Anaheim to another team or going into retirement. The four teams chasing Selanne are Montreal, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Buffalo.

Josef Melichar For Sale

There are three teams currently chasing the young, talented defenseman. They are the Buffalo Sabres, New York Islanders, and the New York Rangers. This is going to be an interesting bidding war with 3 out of the 4 New York area teams. Rumor is from Eklund.

Roenick To Toronto?

According to several sporting news outlets Jeremy Roenick contacted the Leafs to inquire about playing for them. The Leafs have not shown any interest back towards the Roenick camp. But expect this story to unfold in the next few days.

Devils, Parise Closing In On Deal; Martin Signing Still A Possibility

According to, talks between the New Jersey Devils and Zach Parise have picked up steam. Parise, who made $703,000 last year is set to make atleast 4 million this year. Currently they are just trying to work out the length and other small details. Paul Martin has stated that even though talks between him and the Devils haven’t gotten to deep yet, but it is likely they will work something out before training camp.

Ovechkin Next To Sign Extention?

According to, after the upcoming season, Alexander Ovechkin’s contract is set to expire and he is set to become an RFA. One has to wonder that with Crosby locked up for five years, have the Caps and Ovechkin begun talking? Caps GM, George Mcphee, hasn’t yet released a statement whether talks had begun.

Bruins To Make More Off-Season Moves?

According to that after the acquisition of Peter Schaefer yesterday, the Bruins added a cap hit of $1.175 million dollars, drastically biting into their available cap space to sign another player unless they can make 1 or 2 moves. PJ Axelsson, who’s game is very similar to Schaefer’s may be moved if he waives his no-trade clause. The Bruins are also expected to trade goaltender, Hannu Toivonen before the beginning of training camp.

14 Responses to Rumor Round-Up

  1. saw234 says:

    The Linden thing will be interesting whether he retires or not. Vancouver also is loaded with 3rd/4th liners so if Linden re-signs we might see a trade and not including Ohlund!

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

     If Selanne signed with anyone but Anaheim I would be absolutely shocked. Montreal's chance to sign him passed on the last time he was an UFA when Koivu begged Gainey to sign him, but didn't.

  3. leaffansareajoke says:

    Trevor Linden still plays hockey?


  4. flyersfan10897 says:

    And the Flyers can't afford to sign him. At least not right now.  And with Gagne, Knuble, Hartnell, Upshall, and Lupul all making decent money, they don't need any more high paid wingers.

  5. gronk says:

    yeah the selanne to philadelphia rumor makes 0 sense to me

  6. kamullia says:

    Could you please send me your name and address? I need to send you a cleaning bill for my keyboard, screen, and desk since I spit out coffee all over it when I read "talented defenseman" about Josef Melichar.

    From having to endure the torture of watching Melichar in every game he played in 6 seasons, I can assure you he is not talented in anything. Unfortunately for Melichar, and the Pens teams he was part of, Josef has one good game out of every ten. He has incredible mental lapses with the puck in his own end in just about every single game. His shoulder had held up, but is suspect of dislocating every time he is hit which is a lot being he is a defensive defenseman. He can be physical, but is nowhere near it most of the times, even though he has the weight and size to hold-off players. And when you notice Josef on the ice, is always from having made a blunder of a play which inevitably translates into the opponent's perennial scoring chance, or worse, a goal. One can only summarize that, if true (a big if coming from Eklund), all of the Sabres, Islanders, and Rangers are nothing short of dire desperation if they are truly looking to sign Josef, let alone willing to outbid over him.

    Summarized, Josef is a Jekyll and Hyde story. If any NHL team signs him, their fans will be cringing to find out on every time he steps over the boards, which Josef is coming out. I for one, and many more Penguins fans who have confided in me in their moment of sorrow, are all ecstatic that we will not have to endure the dreaded "Melichar Twitch" any longer. Good riddance!

    On a positive note, if signed by an NHL team, Melichar will be sure to provide a very hearty laughter when the news comes out that whoever team has signed him. I shall wait in suspense for the moment of joy.

    A Josef "fan"

    PS Expect receiving many further cleaning bills from the other Pens fans soon.

  7. mike7psu says:

    I will also have to send you my bill for cleaning but it will also include all the desk supplies from my work because not only my computer, but my phone, clock, and wall have orange juice on them.  I jumped for joy when the Pens let Melichar walk.  About the only thing he is talented in is giving up the puck in his own end.  He is an all star when it comes to throwing the puck around the boards and calling it a breakout pass, and maybe even a hall of famer in terms of playing defense by just standing next to the forward in front of the net that scores the goals.

    Buyer Beware, this guy is a defensive nightmare when he has the puck, and not too much better when he doesn't.  At best he is a 6th or 7th d-man on a bad team.

  8. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    The Bruins better not trade Axelsson or Toivonen, they're two of my favorite players on the team!!!

    If they want to trade some players trade Murray and Thomas, at least Toivonen is young and still has a lot of potential to be a great goaltender.

  9. the_word says:

    Trevor Linden, guy score 1 or two playoff goals and is rewarded with a contract, this Cowan all over again.   I hope Luongo gets injured so Nucks fans can see just how bad the rest of their team is.

  10. kamullia says:

    First of all, I have to say that I never ever ever read or waste any energy in reading or looking up anything that has “Eklund” attached to it. The only time I actually do read something related is on the off-hand chance that I read it here on HTR because another subject is of interest, in this case, Josef Melichar. And my interest on the Melichar subject was to the fact that I was convinced his next job would be in the AHL or in Europe, because I though no self-respecting NHL team would dare hire him. Therefore when I saw that Melichar was being sought out by several NHL teams, I was incredulous and had to read on, and that is when I found out it had root on Eklund.

    But after having my keyboard, screen, and desk temporarily decommissioned, I decided to see who labeled Josef in the light that he was, if either the author of the article or Eklund. And therefore, I went to and read Eklund’s latest entry. I will just quote from it:

      Josef Melichar Sweeps
      He is a valuable, talented d-man who has more than a few teams looking at him currently, Phoenix, The Isles and The Rangers…

    “Valuable.” “Talented.” I was not sure if I had just stepped into a fairyland.

    At any rate, the point is, do not kill the messenger. Eklund should bear the brunt of the cleaning charges on all of this.

    But on a side note, if I ever read anything about Eklund, I did so while biting my tongue. Seldom do I ever say anything more than suggest to people not to put much water into anything the man says. But after reading this about Melichar, I have to approach the subject. With giving such description about Josef Melichar’s abilities, the only thought to mind would be that this man had never ever seen the Pittsburgh Penguins play a hockey game. But how is that possible?

    Not watching a game with Sidney Crosby? Not watching the playoffs series with Ottawa? And for a, and Good God, if there has ever been a time when I can use these terms in full sarcasm, this is it…for a “hockey analyst,” an “expert,” and a “follower and fan” of the game of hockey, it is simply absolutely impossible that this man could claim to not have ever seen a Pittsburgh Penguins game and not have seen Josef Melichar on the ice with them.

    Therefore, in short, I have to join the already scorching criticism that Micki Peroni gave him on HTR, and add to it. At the time I was being moderate, and withholding criticism even if I thought the source merited it. I regret that now. Eklund’s remarks on Melichar prove he knows absolutely nothing about hockey. Zero. Niente. Nada. Either that, or he is shamelessly sensationalizing a rumor in order to instill false hopes of it being an improvement to the fans of the teams involved. And either of these is an excellent reason for him to withhold his real identity.

    If you have ever, or are presently paying, to read Eklund’s writing, you’ve been had. Don’t cry over it. Do not despair. Just count your losses and your blessings for having realized it, and let his hot-air displace into more global warming, as ecologically murderous that is.

    In closing, I would call Mr. Eklund a jackass, but it would be unfair to all jackasses around the world to share and be classified in the same level of such…fungus.

  11. rcichard03 says:

    a shot atr the cup u tard

  12. neilios says:

    Your such a dink,and who is your team????Luongo will not get hurt and if he did the Canucks would still be a good team they have a good farm system for there goalies in Schnieder and McCyiver.

  13. MR40 says:

    If the team is so bad how come Florida didn't ever make the playoffs. Like the Canucks they weren't great, but not only they didn't win a division, they never even made the playoffs or came close.

    I bet the Canucks still make the playoffs without Luongo. They finish 8th place with Cory Schiender.

  14. Thehun says:

    nice to see the little kid wants players to be injured. Any children you want to see get hit by a car too? Grow up

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