Rumor Roundup

I have heard many rumors lately in the past 2 days, and I will give you what I can remember.

I was watching television when a news update came up about Kovalev possibly reuniting with Mike Keenan, while hockeybuzz has been saying Latendresse is being looked at by a western team and the deal the canadians may make will be a 2 for 2 deal- with one d-man for 1 d-man, and 1 foward for 1 foward.

According to hockeybuzz, I am hearing the sharks are seeking a d-man, and Chara may be taken into consideration.

Hockeybuzz also says that Jose Theodore may go to the penguins, as they have started off this season slightly weak.

Jason Allison has been looking popular, as nhlline states that He may be invited on a tryout basis to either Calgary or Edmonton.

That’s all the updates for now, more to come soon.


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  1. Rico71 says:


    Ugly rumors. The only one I know about is the Kovalev trade. Theo would not interest the Pens…not at 6M! They will look for cheaper goalies.

    Chara in SJ? Who else than Chara can play defense for Boston? And at 7M+…not going to happen.

    Latendresse…no. Montreal can't trade him. The fans and media would go berzerk. He is the only big forward in the whole organisation. Never.

    Allison is slower than a blind turtle. He can produce, but he's soo slooow.

  2. Archion113 says:

    I agree, SJ can't afford another 7+ mil/year player.

    Chara will have a tough time being traded with that salary.

    I agree with the Jason Allison comment as well.

  3. MR40 says:

    San Jose has ton's of cap space. They have enough Cap space to aquire Chara and have it not cause a big money problam.

  4. senators101 says:

    I just checked NHL numbers, and it looks like they got just over 10 million to spend.  SHIT! Doug Wilson is the man!  What a friggin awesome team built around Thornton, Cheechoo, and Marleau with a bunch of really good young talent and they still got 10 mil to spend.  Unreal.

  5. rob121 says:

    Hockeybuzz doesn't really qualify as a rumour site. eklund is the biggest joke on the internet. His rumours are never right, he never gives sources, the quality of his writing is 4th grade and he relies on Canadiens fans and Maple Leaf fans for most of his traffic, which, by the way, has declined dramatically in the last year. What eklund is finding out the hard way is that you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. The content and quality of writing on this site is far, far superior.

  6. Archion113 says:

    Seriously?  I could have been mistaken then.  Thats insane.  I swore they had problems resigning Marleau, and that was because of the cap.

    Nevermind than, Chara would be a great fit in SJ!

  7. senators101 says:

    Maybe the cap problem they were having was to make sure they keep everyone else there in the future as well. They got a heavy list of ufa's and rfa's to sign at the end of the year:
    People worth mentioning:
    Bernier (RFA), Pavelski (RFA), Clowe (RFA), Carle (RFA), Ehrhoff (RFA).

  8. Rico71 says:

    What is SJ gona have to give up to get Chara anyway? I would not trade youth for Chara.

    Boston will want at least 1 defenseman in return…and I guess that they would ask for Carle. SJ will never let that guy go. He's at 20…the #1 defenseman in SJ.

    Another great goof on the part of the Habs.

  9. MR40 says:

    Bernier has a career high of like 35 point's or something. He might fetch 1.75 million. Pavelski hasn't even played a full season yet. 1.1  million is reasonable for him. Clowe hasn't played a full season yet. Maybe 1.2 million. Carle has been good, but at the most is worth 2.4 million. Ehrhoff might be worth 1.6 million.

    Those contract's won't be problam's. That might be an extra 5 million against the Cap. The problam will be the extension of Marleau, Michalek, and Thornton.

    They probably can't afford Chara by next year, but they could now for sure.

  10. senators101 says:

    I don't expect to see a one or 2 year deal out of some of those players though.  They need to leave room for them otherwise they are as good as gone come summer time.

    The combined total of increased wage of Michalek, Thornton, and Marleau, will be less than the 5 million bucks.

    Obviously Chara fits the price now, but I guess its both reasons, the combined 10+ million in space taken next year hat doesn't allow for it to happen.

  11. RealisticNick says:

    I don't get what the Habs have to do with Matt Carle.  He was a second rounder, any team could have taken him.

  12. turdfergusson says:

      LOL…  ouch

  13. elburito says:

    I thinks its time that the Oil gave Jason Allison a call… or at least make a *****ing trade to help kick start this team…

  14. Rico71 says:

    Change the coach. MacT sucks. The players are tuning him out completely. Hire Bob Hartley. He is a good coach that was stuck in a pathetic franchise.

  15. rtpuckhog says:

    Let's not forget that SJ is gonna have to give up a man or two to get Chara so that will free up some space immediately or by avoiding a resigning or two in the offseason.

    Could we see Marleau rumors about this one soon? As a local fan it would be hard to let go of Marleau but he's a little slow out of the gate in a year that he needs to be proving himself. Other possible Sharks trade "bait" could be; Davison, Ehrhoff, McLaren (cause his role would be filled by Chara and Boston would probably like him back) on the back end and Bernier, Rissmiller, Clowe or Brown. Any two at the most and I'd probably add a draft pick to boot. I don't think Boston wants to see any more 2-for-1 or 3-for-1 deals though.

    On a side note, the Roenick signing is starting off well. He looks like the Roenick of the Chicago days… almost. I mentioned (the day it was printed) that this was a good move for him and we would see a rejuvenated JR, and I'm stoked that he's finally in a Sharks jersey, albeit a really shitty looking one.

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