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The latest on Mikael Tellqvist, Evgeni Nabakov, Craig Conroy, Sergei Samsonov, and more…

I’ll start with Sergei Samsonov, because this makes me so angry. This is a guy who has just signed in one of the best two hockey cities in the world, to a nice contract, has stunk, and is being played on the third line, and now wants out! I’d be begging to stay in a great hockey town like Montreal! To the point, we can remember this past summer that Detroit and Chicago were interested.
I’m a big fan of Glen Murray and he’s been on an absolute tear since tehse rumors started, and you know, he had a good last year, probably would’ve scored thirty goals had he not got hurt. I can’t imagine a team in the league that wouldn’t have at least some level of interest, as, except for his salary, he’s perfect in the new NHL, not paticularly fast, but he can still finnish very well, and us very gritty. He really seems like the type of player that Bobby Clarke would sign, were he still employed leaving me to believe that Philadelphia, or whoever employs Clarke next will be interested in Murray, though with his play as of late, will the Bruins want to dump him?

The Tampa Bay Lightning are trying to dump Martin St Louis and you know, he looks perfect for the new NHL, but he isn’t getting things done, and needs a change of scenery. Remember he himself was interested in joining the New York Rangers last year. Bob Gainey has seemed to be bringing in a more French presence since becomming the GM, and Montreal would seem like a perfect fit for Martin St Louis.

Away from speculation…

The Phoenix Coyotes have been linked to both Evgeni Nabakov, and Mikael Tellqvist, this might lead to the departure of Curtis Joseph. Tellqvist would be a decent backup for a 2nd rounder, but why waste a second when David Levenue could probably do the job better? My guess is that Evgeni Nabakov is probably who they’ll go after, if anybody. Nick Boynton has been linked to this deal also.

Yanic Perreault looks like he’ll probably be signing in Phoenix, according to, ironically enough, I just finnished writing about how he was probably going to retire, when I stumbled upon the article, trying to find out who won the Argos came (damn Als).

Apparently, the Chicago Blackhawks are shopping defenseman Jassen Cullimore, unfortunately, the Chicago Tribune, who reported this, do not mention what the Blackhawks would ask for in return. Rumors persist regaurding Los Angeles Kings centre Craig Conroy and according to the ever unreliable Eklund, the Calgary Flames would love to get him back, to help centre Iginlas line.

Rumors are also floating about Darius Kasparitusno clue as to where he’d go, and Allison and Leetch remain unsigned, other then that, there’s not much else to report.

I have managed to do the longest rumor roundup, without a rumor of a Leafs signing…


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  1. PaulK123 says:

    Fantasy Question!

    I have Lundqvist and Brodeur in my leagues, should I trade them?

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Trade Brodeur, he’s not playing great, but is still a higher profile then Lundqvist, it’ll get you alot.


    huh? Brodeur has 3 shutouts

  4. woodsco85 says:

    St.Louis isnt going anywhere, Feaster hasnt called anyone in the League, and for good reason… St.Louis has a NO TRADE CLAUSE! The only superstar on the team witout a no trade clause is Vincent Lecavalier, and I can’t see him going anywhere, anytime soon.

  5. Habfanforever says:

    Samsonov needs to put up or shut up. If he were to be dealt, I’d welcome St-Louis any day of the week.

    Why would the B’s trade Murray? He’s been one of their most consistent players for years and a good guy in the locker room. I agree with the fact almost any team would show interest.

    Tellqvist seems like the cheaper option for Phoenix as the Sharks would ask for a solid return, probably one key player and a high level pick/prospect which Phoenix cannot afford to lose at this time. Tellqvist could be had for a mid-level draft pick and/or depth player.

    I see Phoenix dealing Morris before Boynton.

    Finally I think Calgary will be pushing hard for Conroy who always had great chemistry with Iginla in the past. The cost??? Probably a depth winger and a mid level pick or a blue chip prospect.

  6. Drifter says:

    Samsonov isn’t going anywhere. He played a fantastic game tonight against the Leafs and that’s what Carbo was looking for. I think Sammy will realize that after his great performance how much he is needed and appreciated, and that each player has to earn their icetime. Despite the fact that I’m a HUGE Michael Ryder fan, he hasn’t been performing as well as I expected for the last few games, I say let’s try and do what they did to Sammy and cause him to work. They could reward Sammy by placing him on the first line and punish Ryder by bumping him to the second or third line for a game or 2. Everyone needs a little fire under the pants sooner or later. Bottom line is, I don’t think Sammy is going anywhere and I think it’s bs how blown out of proportion it has been. Go HABS Go.

  7. habswinthecup-again says:

    Gainey is going away from the French “presence”, not bringing it in. Dandenault is the only French player he has signed or traded for while he has gotten rid of Ribiero, Theo, and Dagenais.

  8. mtlman2005 says:

    and St Louis would be a terrible fit to this team… he is small and our team is small enough… he gets paid way too much for what he does (or doesn’t do…) … maybe he does have experience but thats not what we are laking right now…

  9. 2006 says:

    brodeur is having a great fantasy year.

  10. ranger_fan says:

    Samsonov is a typical European… he tries to finesse and be spectacular instead of playing hard and throwing the puck at the net. If he wanted to win and performance, Detroit shoulda been his destination… the Hawks are just a horrible organization.

    Kasparitis should be moved, NY needs to rid themselves a defenseman or two, and he Rozival or Malik should be gone

    Craig Conroy… let me just say that I was the first one to bring up his name in an article before the season about “firsts” I said first to be traded was Craig Conroy, and now I will tell you it will be to… drumrole!!!…. Long Island.

    And Leafy… two things. You had to mention Tellqvist who Phoenix has no interest in – especially as a first or second string goalie. And two when writing this- the only reason you incorportated Allison and Leetch is because deep down you want them both back.

  11. Sharkattack01 says:

    No way in hell will the Sharks trade Nabokov to a division rival.

  12. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    see what you can get for the 2. i would recommend saying those 2 are available for the right offer. then weigh your options with your weak spots on your team etc. see what your getting in return who is your third string goalie etc.

  13. habswinthecup-again says:

    Way to go Leafy, you even have the famed and fabulous Spector commenting on your trade for St. Louis. Here is the link

  14. XOXOHTH says:

    Bouginecki (sp), however unimportant, was the first traded.

  15. XOXOHTH says:

    LOL, I dont know what to think of this. Is it more pathetic if Leafy actually copied his text from that website rant or if he was indeed quoted and pwned by this guy.

  16. habswinthecup-again says:

    Leafy was quoted and pwned by Spector.

  17. Pucked says:

    I would agree with that. Why trade him to someone you play that often. Bad enough sending Kiprusoff to Calgary, lets not make another similar mistake.

  18. blarneylad says:

    also he is a right winger…ryder, kovalev, latendresse..where does st. louis fit?

  19. Tachmo says:

    i think Nabokov should go to Boston for Murray and a prospect.
    or Murray and a draft pick. San Jose doesn’t need him anymore with Toskala. And soon Toskala will be demanding more money and they can’t afford both

  20. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Well I don’t play alot of fantasy, how much is a shutout worth? He also let in 6 goals to Toronto. His GAA is 2.70, and his save percentage is .909, although all things considered, Lundqvist has terrible stats right now, I still see him turning it around. Lundqvist being streaky is a result of having a few bad games, Brodeur could very well be a result of being old.

  21. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Jason Allison sucks, but yes, I am dying to get Brian Leetch back, he did something no one has ever done…

    Make Bryan McCabe look good.

  22. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Because a super-star has never waived a no trade clause? All things considered, I’d be willing to waive a no trade clause if it meant going to a better city, or a contender. Contending may not be as important though, as he’s already won a cup.

  23. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I totally agree on Samsonov, and he did a good job of showing that he can play last night, I just posted this as he scored his second goal.

    As many people have pointed out, I was way off on the St Louis comment. I was talking to someone at the time who said Gainey liked the French guys, and the first few Habs that came to mind were French, and I didn’t bother checking into it, I also kinda thought, well Gainey has continued the tradition of not retiring non-Quebecers numbers. I can see St Louis waiving his no trade clause to go to Montreal. In fact, I can’t see any sane person not waiving there no trade clause to go to Montreal. If they won’t, they’re retarded.

    Why would anyone want Tellqvist at this point? I like the kid, but come on, he’s played like total shit, and Levenue and Curtis Joseph are both WAY better then Telly, though Joseph has started slow. With Levenue there, if there’s a goaltending issue, it’s as the starter, and with Joseph’s league worst (among starters) 3.95 GAA, he could be the one they want replacing. I’m tired of all this “division rival” bull shit. The Leafs got Andrew Raycroft in a deal with a division rival.

    I see Morris staying ahead of Boynton, Boynton is an ass hole, and takes dumb penalties. I like Morris though.

    The Murray rumors are all over Pro-Sports Daily, and Spectors, and as I said, since the rumors started, he’s been great, and I don’t see why they’d want rid of him myself.

    If Calgary doesn’t want Conroy, they’re retarded.

  24. HabsRUs says:

    Leafy I was about to write a long comment, bashing you for the St. Louis to Montreal trade. Not just the trade itself, but your idea that Gainey is going with more French players. lol However, I don’t need to do that because “Spector” has already done that for me. Just read the article….….. Other than that, pretty good article i guess

  25. ranger_fan says:

    first star traded was the post. whoo cares about Bouginecki? he is a career roster filler

  26. lynchmob540 says:

    For the record…Gainey did bring in at least one other Quebecer…Begin (he also signed a Quebecois d-man this offseason…i can’t remember his name…but he sucked the 1st time he played in Montreal…and he didn’t make the team this year).

    Also, if you’re looking at a real French acquisition…Huet is Francais!

  27. gg_idiot says:

    this is the funniest thing ever

  28. gg_idiot says: is reporting that Florida is interested in Nabokov

  29. PaulK123 says:

    french people suck

  30. Tropbovin says:

    Great call PaulK123,
    constructive and smart.

    Gainey signed Francis Bouillon to a 4 year deal this summer. Bouillon is curently hurt and may not play this year. Also, he signed Bégin, Latendresse and Côté.
    Forget about St-Louis in Montreal. We don’t have the cap space.
    I think, but it’s very personal, that he is very interested in Lecavalier. For me, it would be the perfect fit in Montreal. I would expect Gainey to trade a D-men before the deadline. Everybody thinks Sourray will go but I think Markov is the one with the most value and the less chemestry with the team. Personnaly, I would prefer to see Rivet go because he is the one that we can replace the most easily. But you could not get a lot for Rivet, and you could maybe get Lecavalier for Markov, a goaltender and a youngster.

  31. Doctor says:

    I have to point out a few things. Samsonov was demoted to the 4th line, not the 3rd and got less than 5 minutes of ice time in the game v. Boston. Richard Park is getting 3 times that time on the stinking Island; Samsonov has the right to complain. Maybe he is in the wrong place.

    Martin St. Louis had a hat trick the other night and has just been playing very well the last 4 games. I have had the oppurtunity to watch the last few TB games on NHL center ice. A side note: Richards may not be the second coming of Sakic (but on the other hand, he may prove to be better) but he sure as hell is the best player in Tampa. Anyways, I do think St. Louis can be moved for a #1 draft pick. He has talent. But he won’t end up in NY.

    I do wonder if Perreault will make a difference in Phoenix. They look bad. 2005 Islanders bad. 2005 Blues bad. Even worse. This team stinks. Even if Perreault wins huge amounts of face offs (and he will) who will benefit? Nagy has to deal with his own line, so he can’t benefit. Doan has been injured or invisible. Roenick should retire now. We all know his is obcessed with himself and his games played tally is just getting further and further away from his point total. And you know this is killing him. I am being a bit cynical. Perreault will obviously help Phoenix a bit, as he did score last year on top of winning face offs.

    Good article.

  32. Pucked says:

    One of them should go. Schaefer has shown that he can play at the pro level, certainly as a backup to Nabby or Toskala. Eventually one of the two will demand a trade and then the issue will be forced. Not sure if Boston is the best choice, but at least it is out of the division.

  33. habswinthecup-again says:

    Tropbovin I don’t know what kind of fan you are, but PaulK123 is a Leaf fan. Both of you are F*CKING RET*RDS(with my apoligies to special needs people).

  34. robinson19 says:

    While in the parctice Samsonov played on the fourth line, it was in fact the third line he played on in the game, with Bonk and Johnson. However, after Kovalev was thrown out, the line got all juggles up anyways. But he started on the third.

  35. CrazyCanuck says:

    You’re a loser!! get off this site if you’re gonna say stupid ass comments like that..

  36. saku_rulz says:

    after writing an article 2 weeks ago about conroy, rumors are more laive than ever that he is being shopped. mtl is still looking for a n.2 centerman…apparently, according to, visnovsky also is being shopped so why not :
    to mtl : visnovsky + conroy
    to LA : souray + perez + round pick
    LA improve their offensive Def. with souray and get a good young player in perez……yes i know souray is hot now but he always wanted (according to rumors!) to be next to his daughter in LA and also he is UFA at the end of this season!
    mtl gets a def. capable of playing in his zone and a good puck moving def. and a 2nd centerman …also, since bouillon is probably injured for the rest of the season, his 1.8M dont count on the cap so there is cap space! if he does come back, trade niinima!

  37. neilios says:

    3 rumors going around today from Darren Dreiger from TSN and Lebrun and Ludzig from TheScore.The 3 rumors where almost the same players involved in all 3 deals.
    (1st deal
    To Habs-St.Louis and Ranger
    To Lightning-Samsenov,Niinima,and a pick
    (2nd deal
    To Bruins-Nabakov and Vlasak
    To Sharks-Murray,Toivonen,and a pick
    (3rd deal
    To Flyers-Morrison,Cooke,Bourdon,and 1st and 2nd rounder
    To Canucks-Gagne,Jeff Carter,and Meyer
    Just deals I heard they all look pretty even and would help every team out in some way,so dont shoot the messange just rumors I heard.

  38. TheFish12 says:

    The only reason Toronto got Raycroft from a division rival was because they traded one of the top 3 goaltending prospects in Tukka Rask (given the Leas did have another one of the top 3 in Pogge) for a goalie that had had a horrible year and had fallen to third on the depth chart. Ferguson made a stupid trade (IMO) despite the fact that Raycroft is playing ok now, I don’t see him playing any better then that, and not at that level for long, whereas Rask will undoubtedly have a great career.

  39. Tropbovin says:

    Hey Guys,
    I was using something we call irony.
    To complicated for you ?
    And I would be the retarded ?

    By the way I am a proud french speaking canadiens fan.
    I think saying “french poeple sucks” is stupid.

  40. habswinthecup-again says:

    My apologies to you Tropbovin, I should not have written that at all (1 too many wobbly pops), anyways I am not French but I agree that it is totally stupid to say that french people suck.

  41. PaulK123 says:

    Guys, can u take a joke, I don’t mean anything that I say on the internet, sorry if i offended u

  42. Tropbovin says:

    Man, the Flyers would be crazy to complete this one.
    I persist to say St-Louis is not the man needed in Montreal. Lecavalier is. I see nobody who could fit better with the russians. But you guys are probably all right, Feaster is not gonna let this happen.

  43. wheresthesoda says:

    youve got lundqvist and broduer?…keep them and be happy

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