Rumor Update: Lacroix wants netminder is reporting that Colorado Avalanche General Manager Pierre Lacroix has been in close talks with both the New York Rangers and the Tampa Bay Lightning with regards to trading for a replacement to Patrick Roy.Recent rumors had Jose Theodore going to Colorado, which could be true, and would allow the Avalanche to have a proven regular season goaltender.

If Lacroix wants to trade for Mike Dunham, nothing would be completed unless Glen Sather saw Curtis Joseph heading to Broadway, which could be a plausible trade.

Also, the Khabibulin trade is unlikely since numerous reports previously stated that Tampa would not trade the Bulin Wall.

Im thinking that the only trades that we could see happening is either the Jose Theodore trade or the 3 way with Colorado, New York Rangers and Detroit.

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  1. TC_4 says:

    Personally, I think it will be a 3 way deal involving the Rangers, Wings, and Avs. Maybe it will go down like this:

    To NYR: Curtis Joseph

    To Det: Peter Nedved and a 5th round pick


    To NYR: Vaclav Nederost and a first round pick

    To Col: Curtis Joseph

    Just a thought.

  2. Rampage_Winger says:

    I believe Nedorost was sent packing in the Worrell deal. Anyone?

  3. frankd0g says:

    if the rangers get cujo trade him, not dunham…and do not trade him or any other goalie to boston for the same reason detroit wont trade with colorado. play hard to get…since we are really the only team that can take cujo off their hands, dont bite so quick, let his market go down, and hopefully a desperate detroit will trade him for almost nothing which would be better then just putting him on waivers… if we do get cujo trade him for tangauy..great young left wing… and there have been rumors of ryan smith comming to broadway…he would be a nice fit, i just dont think the rangers would give up a lundmark or blackburn to get him…if we can get him for cheap, go ahead…. that makes 2 good left wings…now sign arvedson…u dont have to give n e one up to get him so wut are u waiting for…now providing bure comes back and everyone stays healthy…look at the rangers line up…there were even talks of gettin tkchuk…im too tired and lazy to look up the correct spelling…he would make a nice fit in the ranger line up as well, and if bure doesnt return, that would free up about 10 mill to go out and replace him…so there is alot of options for the rangers to fill each and every hole…then all they have to do is gel…soo there is alot to look out for the the upcomming weeks…very exciting

  4. frankd0g says:

    so we would be a bride between colorado and detroit and ultimatly be trading nedved for that nedorost guy? not worth it…

  5. Lint07 says:

    yes he was. You are right.

  6. Rico71 says:

    Let’s just keep repeating this over and over and over…

    How about the admins start filthering the repeat articles? 5 times a week should be enough of “Cujo’s” and “what the Leafs should do”. I know its a slow month, but c’mon…

    Quit it with Cujo already!

  7. sniper_96 says:

    nederost was traded to Fla couple wks ago

    i dont think Col is in a hurry to trade for a proven goalie, didnt they say they would give abby a chance?

    i think they will let abby play as their #1 for a couple months, if he cant get the job done, there will still be plenty of goalies for the Avs to choose from, like sean burke, biron, potvin, cujo(if he clears waiver), irbe, storr.

  8. NHLman says:

    Yeah, that’s how it’s going to happen… keep dreaming.

    Vaclav Nederost, no way Jose

  9. Glen says:

    I guess Curtis will be playing for 2 teams next season?? Please explain.

  10. Gforce says:

    Dude, Who would want Irbe???

  11. wayne2 says:

    If Sather gets his hands on Cujo he will keep him,he always goes after ex-oilers.Dunham would be traded then.

  12. mikster says:

    Still is a tough call. Rangers are in one of their best positions in goaltending in their history. They shouldn’t change unless they receive a great benefit.

    Dunham and Markkanen is a great combo. Let them play 55/25. Then they have Blackburn in the minors, and Henrik Lundqvist as the all star goalie in Sweden, and may make Blackburn expandable if he does much better than Dany in training camp and pre-season.

    Anyway, back to the Cujo saga…..i think he’ll be put on waivers. Why didn’t Holland trade Osgood, who was easily tradable to both NY teams, at the time, or other teams. Holland should be nervous if the Avs grab Cujo off waivers though, but that would make things a lot more interesting for us, especially if Cujo beats Hasek in the playoffs.

    That nervousness may force Holland to trade him. I still think the only way to do that is with a 3-way deal. Rangers won’t trade Nedved. No way, not now. If Bure retires then it may open up room for the Rangers to land Jagr….and really, who would not want Kovie-Nedved-Jagr as a line on the ice?

    Rangers would be looking to get more than just Cujo. Definitely a quality top 6 forward as part of the package.

    It’s all up in the air and i guess nothing will happen yet. Probably, after the arbitration hearings are concluded, then somethiing should happen.

  13. habs_for_the_cup says:

    bring back the ‘ROY’ in Montreal for one more year oin exchange for Jose Theodore, that would be great if the avs could give some extra players like morris and tanguay………….. and by the way, the habs could give some old guys like joe juneau, karl dykhuis, patrick traverse……….. hahahahah too funny, this deal will never happen in 1000 years, the habs are not giving aaway their franchise player because his family has problems with the police…. will bryant be deal because he agressed a woman?????

  14. beefer says:

    If Cujo were to be placed on waivers, don’t you think it would be in the Rangers best interest to pick him up and then they can trade him, possibly to Colorado(who everyone is saying would grab him) …or send Dunham somewhere for a decent player. The Rangers would have the opportunity to pick him before the Avs and it would be great to get him for nothing. And evryone is talking about his “long” contract. He has 2 years left. Thats only one under the new CBA.

  15. Austin1981 says:

    Don’t you know montreal….do not be suprised if theodore gets booed at the beginning of the season because of his family problem…

    As for the Avs i heard that Lacroix could give 1st round choice to sign Giguere…I don’t think it will happen but who knows….

    The other rumors was Theo and Brisebois to Colo in exchange for Tanguay,Morris and the right to discuss with Roy…hmmm pretty interesting lol!!!

  16. jpmac says:

    It would be funny if he gets put on waivers and is picked up the canes.

  17. aaron says:

    Um…Cujo was only mentioned once in passing in that entire article.

  18. GilaMonster says:

    the ducks will not let giguere walk away like they did kariya so stop dreaming and thinking giguere will be in the colorado nets.

  19. Wickedwrister says:

    I would be surprised if the Rangers would give up Nedved (especially for the most overrated goaltender in the league in Joseph) because he was there most consistent forward last year next to Matthew Barnaby believe it or not. I know Lindros has been shopped all over the league by the Rangers, but I still think that he would be the most likely to go in that trade. He is good friends with Yzerman and Shannahan.

  20. avesfan33 says:

    Well, He needs to do somthing! Abby just don’t cut it right now. I think he needs more time to grow. The Bulin Wall would be the best bet, but I guess you take what you can get. I’ve been an Avs fan since the get go(Nordiques), and Lord Patrick’s retirement is the worst news in many, many years. I think he had one or two good years left in him. He’s prob kicking himself now, since the Avs signed the Denver Duo! All hail Lord Patrick!!!!!

  21. FoShizzleMyNizzle says:

    Lacroix nizzle a netminder rizzle bad. They nizzle just stizzle with aebischer. why dizzle they pizzle some fizzle in aebischer.

  22. DrHockey says:

    Hockey First has no reputable status whatsoever, so I wouldn’t take it for anything.

  23. RonJeremy4Life says:

    For Shizzle but why all the quizzle? Are you dizzled? Fucking deuch bag.

  24. avesfan33 says:

    WHAT?????(i think that is broken english!)

  25. Madskillz9 says:


  26. DG says:

    Please use proper English.

    -DG (Vice-Admin)

  27. Seattleaf says:

    Check this theory:

    So Colorado needs a goalie, they trade Montreal for Jose Theodore for Alex Tanguay, Brad Larsen, and a first round pick. Then Montreal needing a netminder, signs Quebec-native Felix Potvin. Meanwhile Detroit unloads CuJo to NYR for Petr Nedved and possibly D-man Dale Purinton. Now NYR trades Mike Dunham to Boston for defenceman Sean O’Donnell and Swedish prospect LW Nils Ekman.

    The final product would look something like this

    Boston – Mike Dunham

    NYR – Curtis Joseph, Sean O’Donnell, Nils Ekman

    Colorado – Jose Theodore

    Montreal – Felix Potvin, Alex Tanguay, Brad Larsen, 1st round pick

    Detroit – Petr Nedved, Dale Purinton

  28. HockeyFan96 says:

    Everyday I read an article from this website and everyday theres some goofball complaining about the amount of Leafs articles or the amount of Rangers articles or the amount of whatever. It’s really just idiotic. If theres too many of them and your sick of seeing them…DONT READ IT!

    If your so fed up then why do you continue to read the articles?

    Believe it or not there are some people on this site who enjoy reading stupid Leafs trade rumours or stupid ideas for which team Cujo is going too….its called entertainment.

    Who gives a rats ass if its repetitive. If you dont like what is being written…dont read it, because I guaruntee you that there will be someone who wants too….

    Either your with me….or against me

  29. cujo_999 says:

    man, so true, i totally agrees on u on that one ^^

  30. OldNord says:

    Montreal will never give another gift to Lacroix like the Roy’s trade. Tanguay is ok but not great, Larsen, Mtl don’t care and a 25th choice….never.

  31. FoShizzleMyNizzle says:

    ronjeremy4life can lizzle my nizzle

  32. vendre20 says:

    Isn’t Nils Ekman already in the Rangers? Either way – he’s not a prospect!

  33. avs37 says:

    Aebischer is going to be the number one in colorado for at the very least half a season. Yet he will end up playing more and become either the franchise goaltender or will be the backup to Suave(who would be the goalie if Abi doesn’t cut it.) Back to the topic, if you listen to what the team and Granato have all said that he deserves the chance and will stand behind him even he if doesn’t perform as expected.

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