Rumored trades and signings

Toronto is talking to Steve Tambelini of Vancouver. They have been granted permission to talk to Tambelini, and they have been given until August 1 to complete a deal if they want. Additonally, the Maple Leafs have a very good chance of signing Joe Nieuwendyk this offseason. He wants to finish his career in Toronto alongside his friend Gary Roberts from thier stint in Calgary. Toronto has also been rumored to having a very good chance of signing Greg De Vries, and that Calle Johansson is also a good possibility.

Brian Smolinski looks like he will not sign with Ottawa. He has been rumored to be a possible suitor in Chicago or Colorado.

It looks almost certain that Teemu Selanne will return to Anahim in July, re uniting him with long time team-mate Paul Kariya

Nikolai Khabibulin has been bad at Tampa for leaving him out of the last game of the NJ/TB series. Colorado and Philidelphia are definately interested in his services.

Dominik Hasek has not yet ruled out the possibility of returning to an NHL team for next year. Detroit still owns his rights, so a trade must happen for him to play for another team than Detroit.

Detroit has been rumored to be in the market for Vincent Prospal and Ken Klee if they do not re-sign star foreward Sergi Federov.

The Carolina Hurricanes have been heavily rumored to be very interested in Florida’s #1 pick. Of course, with Weekes signing a 1 year contract, Carolinas goaltending core is weak. Marc Andre Fleury would fit in nicely as either a #1 or #2 goalie in Carolina (more likely as #2).

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  1. wingsrock34 says:

    i havent heard anything about the wings being in the market for Vincent Prospal and Ken Klee have any of the other wings fans on this site

  2. jon95616 says:

    Ottawa isn’t going to spend any money on keeping Smolinksi, we all know that.

    Colorado sounds like a good fit for him, since the Avalanche will need to add to their scoring depth…especially after they miss out on Teemu Selanne who I agree will sign with Anaheim.

    Any Carolina fans know how goalie prospect Cam Ward compares to Marc Andre Fleury???

    If hes anywhere close to his level then I’d say they are better off adding a dynamic forward in the draft.

  3. WildWing89 says:

    The Stupidest Thing For Carolina To Do Is Trade For The 1st Pick, Unless They Give Up Only Their Number One Pick, Which Is Second Overall. They Have The Second Pick, And With A Good Goaltending Core Of Roberto Luongo And Jani Hurme, Whom Are Both Young And Will Last Quite A While, They Likely Won’t Take Fleury As A 3rd And More Likely Go For Eric Staal Or Nathan Horton, Guys Who Can Generate Offence, Instead Of Yet Another Good, Young Goaltender. That Leaves Carolina’s First Pick Next, And Fleury Still Available. I Don’t See Why’d They’d Go For The Pick, Unless Some Team Like Boston Attempts To Trade For It To Get Fleury, Then They Need To Try For It, But Otherwise, They’ve Got Fleury As Their Pick Anyways. And, A Smart Move For Toronto Would Be To Convince Svehla To Come Back, Sign Wesley, And Sign Yushkevich, Who Never Really Wanted To Leave T-O. As For Niewendyck, This Is Even More Likely As Lou Lammorello Has Been Known To Let UFAs Go And Not Resign Them (Mogilny, Holik)

  4. mikster says:

    Where did you get the Wings interested in Prospal? It kind of makes sense for them to try and acquire Prospal, but i think the Bolts will re-sign him.

    The Avs tried to acquire Smolinski this year at the deadline and they’ll try to sign him this summer. Good acquisition for them.

    Selanne could be playing against his former team right now in the finals, if rumors from a number of sources are right about Selanne declining to be traded to the Devils. If so, would the Devils already have won the Cup? Good for him to go back to Anaheim. Finally the Ducks are regaining their respect, if the Murrays can keep it up.

    Khabibulin is not going anywhere. If he does, then Feaster is one of the worst GMs. Acquired the goalie that got them in the playoffs, and you keep that goalie. He is part of their equation.

    Hasek, won’t come back.

    Carolina should not bother swapping with the Panthers, they get 2nd overall and unless the Panthers want to trade Luongo, which they don’t want, then they won’t pick Andre Fleury 1st overall, Canes would at 2nd over.

  5. WeStSiDe says:

    Would you please quit that capitals shit, I cant even read your post.

  6. WeStSiDe says:

    HNIC Sattelite Hotstove has these latest rumors.

  7. Pokecheck89 says:

    it was on satelite hotstove last night

  8. wingsrock34 says:

    why would they need Ken Klee

  9. leafscooper4 says:

    Joe is too old for the leafs to want him.

    Tambellini will be Quinns pet.

    De Vries won’t sign with the leafs. (It would be nice)

    Calle has already signed another contract with the caps. (ESPN)

    What about Hatcher?

  10. rrudd says:

    True. I got one sentence in and lost my will to live and moved on to the next post.

  11. TC_4 says:

    I haven’t been on the ESPN site, so I may be wrong, but Calle Johannson at last word was very upset with Washington management for letting him walk. They said they didn’t want him back, so I don’t think he re-signed.

  12. TC_4 says:

    Joe Nieuwendyk HAS to go to Toronto, that’s the perfect fit. Please Leaf fan, don’t tell me that he’s too old and all that BS, because if he doesn’t go, who else is there? Nik? NO!!! He’s going, and you’ll take a good run at it next year, if Yuskevich goes back(which I suspect he will)and you add another guy, maybe Johansson to try to replace Svehla. I think that’s a pretty good d corps. It would be nice to get a number one stud back there, but they few and far between. As for the article, I do and don’t like it. It sounds like this is just your opinion. That’s fine if it is, but if it isn’t, then tell us where the info is comming from. What are you basing all this stuff on? Like why is Tampa getting rid of Vinny Prospal? He’s not a UFA is he?

  13. goodfela26 says:


    Johansson, Capitals part ways


    Calle Johansson will not return to the Capitals next season, a decision made on the heels of the defenseman’s disagreements with rookie coach Bruce Cassidy. “This is a mutual separation,” general manager George McPhee said. “Calle is not sure if he will play next season, but if he does, he’ll explore free agency.” Johansson has been with the Capitals since a 1989 trade sent him to Washington from Buffalo. McPhee said Johansson is welcome on the Capitals’ European scouting staff if he chooses to end his playing career. Johansson, 36, didn’t see eye-to-eye with Cassidy during the coach’s first NHL season. Johansson was upset about being benched for most of overtime in the Capitals’ loss in Game 6 to Tampa Bay that eliminated Washington from the playoffs. Johansson has 119 goals and 410 assists in 1,101 career games.

  14. defenestrate says:

    I Just Want To Know How The Hell He Had The Patience To Do That. I Don’t Think I Could Keep It Up For An Entire post – (damn! lost it).

    SCTP – “Punctuating Every Debate”

  15. tharock098 says:

    i got it from stallite hotstove last saturday from eric Duhatschyk or whatever

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