Rumors Already Swirling

It has been just one day since a tentative agreement was reached between the league and NHLPA, and rumors about the upcoming offseason are already swirling. This is shaping up to be a frantic sprint to training camp, and here are some of the latest rumors.– Bruce Garrioch is reporting that the Senators’ Bryan Smolinski and Greg de Vries are candidates for being bought out. They would free-up over 4 million dollars and give the Senators some needed room to re-sign their RFAs and go after some UFAs. One name that the Senators could pursue, according to Bruce, is Rod Brind’Amour. They inquired about him last trade deadline, but his 5 million dollar deal was too much. He will likely be bought out and there is a strong possibility that he will come home to Ottawa.

– Brian Burke is apparently interested in bringing Markus Naslund to Anaheim, as well as trading for Todd Bertuzzi.

– Chris Stevenson wrote that Gary Roberts could be heading to Anaheim.

– The two teams that are strongly interested in Nikolai Khabibulin are the Red Wings and Canucks.

– If the Canucks are unsuccesful in landing Khabibulin, they may go after Curtis Joseph.

– If the Red Wings are unsuccesful in landing Khabibulin, Chris Osgood may return to Detroit to split goaltending duties with Manny Legace.

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  1. nskerr says:

    It would be closer to 40 million because of the 2/3 rule, but for a team like the Isles, that is probably too much meaning we are stuck with him until we can trade him.

  2. Scruffy05 says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if speedy stars like Yashin and Kariya explode next season due to the new more wide open style. At least more than they have been. Yashin is overpriced though IMO, but if another team picks him up for half that and he crazy you will kick yourself.

  3. GretzNYR99 says:

    Yeah, and Florida is a team that doesn’t have a lot of fiscal resources to make that trade. Plus, a bluechip young player who will probably be a Norris Candidate one day for a guy that’s in his prime, with a huge salary?

    Unrealistically bad trade.

    They’ll keep Jovo, Nieds will come at a lower price if he really wants to play there, which I think he does.

  4. Scruffy05 says:

    Bouwmeister was just an example… I could have mentioned anybody. There are many teams we could dump a salary like Jovocops off on. I would prefer to keep him personally. I’m a big fan. Unfortunatly I’m a bigger fan of the two Niedermeyers….

  5. rc21pa says:

    Kovalev also has pleasent memories of Pittsburgh and the Penguins have money to burn as well but I’ll make a statement if the price gets to high I look of the Pens to pull the plug and go after Kariya. Kovy is good and can be great at times but your going to spend big bucks you might as well get something. Regardless there are quite a few stars out there and not many teams that can buy out the gates. The Pens have to so I know they are going to bite fast.

  6. rc21pa says:

    Kariya might be worth more then you think. The Pens are WELL under the minium cap and have money to spend. If Pittsburgh is looking at him them his value just shoot up to at least a 5 million mark. At least that is where the Pens gave up on the bid for Hull and Paul is younger.

  7. rc21pa says:

    Exchange rate I believe has nothing to do with anything I believe everything is figured in US currency after all Jackman made the same when he came to Pittsburgh.

  8. Scruffy05 says:

    Depends on how much he wants to come home to play. An offer of 5 million from Pittsburgh may be worth the same as an offer of 3 million or so from the Canucks. We can tall from the fact that he took a 1.5 million dollar contract to play with his buddy Selanne and shoot for a cup as proof that money isn’t the only thing driving him.

  9. nordiques100 says:

    well nieds and kariya are bc natives and not ontarians so that would make sense that vancouver is the city of choice but like what we have heard with lindros, allison, murray, oneill, and even bertuzzi. all from ontario and all in one way or another still live in this province at some point during the year.

  10. rc21pa says:

    I agree on Kovalev becoming a Penguin one again. If not Kovy then the Pens have to buy someone and I would consider Kariya fair game.

    I disagree on any goalie we have to many young promising goalies and I won’t quit on any of them.

    A stronger defense is likely but no one big. Darius Kasparaitis is likely if cut. Aucion, Rathje, and Ray are other likely canadates. A defender might be had cheap in this free agency.

    But remember, Transtrom, Orpik, Jackman, and Whitney will be be on this team also any one or two above is all you need. Neidermayer, Hatcher, or Stevens would be overkill and to much money when you need to improve offense on this team.

    After hearing Kovalev, Kariya, Leclair, Straka,and Lang as possible signings I can’t wait to see what the Pens do to improve and get within cap range. They have quite a bit to spend and if there smart they will strike fast before the big boy try to cut and reform there teams.

  11. rc21pa says:

    I would love to see Lang, Straka, and Kovalev on the same line in Pittsburgh again but that might be a longer shot then the Pirate winning a World Series in the next five years. I expect Kovalev the why his name is being thrown around. Straka would be a pleasent surprise back here in pittsburgh. I really don’t see Lang being cut though. The wing have a ageing team and Lang isn’t that old. I look for the wings to try and hold someone like Lang. I would take all three back in a heart beat. Them three plus Recchi and Maybe Leclair on a young team under the leadership of Mario could be a force. Hell just for kicks if you though in Robitaille sense he isn’t seeing eye to eye with LA and he always wanted to play on the same team with Mario. Hell thats three lines of allstars. I wish this could be reality but to much would have to go right for that to happen. But one can dream.

  12. rc21pa says:

    Kovalev is highly likely to be a Penguin.

    Straka will no surpriese me at all.

    Lang is highly unlikely sense he isn’t even on a list to be cut.

    The Pens have to spend money this year and They have a owner that want’s to spend.

    Hell you have to when even Kariya is being mentioned here.

  13. GretzNYR99 says:

    Oh I know what you’re saying, but I’m just saying Niedermayer and Kariya in specific have said it themselves they want to go back home. Niedermayer in the 03 Cup Finals, like I said, and even this year in Newsday, NY’s paper. Kariya said it in some paper this offseason, I forget which one, but I saw it on Spector’s.

  14. rc21pa says:

    It’s amazing what a new owner and a drive to get a new arena can do for you team. Plus when you have a salary base a 25 million and a 40 million roof you better pay fast before you over pay for something that isn’t worth it just to get the cap up.

  15. 19Yzerman says:

    Your missing something which is that the degree of separation for top to bottom is said to be cap of 39 mil to a floor of 20mill. Don’t expect what has been the lower tier teams to all start fitting their roster right up to the top of the cap. So the NHL will still have owners who can be and will be spending twice as much as other owners. I agree that the wings and flyers will likely spend right up to the cap this season as they adjust to the new CBA and I also think that they each will display future spending according to how relaxed other teams become with their spending. The 11 money making teams will still have more money then the 19 money losing teams. What will be interesting is not only how the teams who have displayed larger budgets work with and function under a cap but, how the lower spending teams adjust and how many spend no more then the 20mill floor. Blackhawks, Pittsburgh , Carolina and Washington might end up having to give a player more then he is worth simply to go over the 20 mill floor amount as they sign that last player. Boston has functioned with its owners self established cap for years which makes it interesting to see not only what they do initially but, what they do over the next few years and how that differs from its pre cap era doings. All attention has been drawn to the cap as though its an amount that every team will certainly spend. There is good reason for the floor at 20 mill which will require owners to invest to a certain degree because they might not have with out it. Just because there will be a cap doesn’t mean players won’t gravitate to teams who tend to spend more. It only means the players will get less money when they get there.The NHL got its cap so now the pressure is going to be on those 19 teams who had been losing money to start making money or at least breaking even.

  16. 19Yzerman says:

    Your Pens are only 13 years removed from a special time that dreams are made of and anyone who tells you you cannot dream shall be told listen to the song lyrics to “The Impossible Dream”.

  17. GretzNYR99 says:

    You’re using an example for a young and upcoming defender, right?

    And I’m saying, it would take a lot more to trade for a young and upcoming defender.

  18. GretzNYR99 says:

    He’s not worth 5 million, not in the cap era and not since he hasn’t put up good numbers since 03, and a long time before that. Kariya will probably get the same 1.5 mill that he got last year. I wouldn’t go higher than that. He was injured last year, and didn’t produce when he was in the lineup. Anything higher than that isn’t worth signing him to. Because you don’t know if you’ll get the same Paul Kariya you got even 2 years ago.

  19. 19Yzerman says:

    1997 the Karia and Salanne duo combind for more goals the the rest of the ducks on that team. Gets knocked TFO and goes to the Ave’s like he still is shell shocked from Steven’s talking about I’ll play for 1.5 mill like some kind of a 90% off self reduction. when Sergi steps in and collects his 10 mill or close to it. Then gets hurt there dosn’t play a bunch of games. This guy is a great scoring play maker who gets a lot from a blue collar work ethic. I think if you were to take Karia set him aside untill after all signings and then use the player arbitration method to establish his worth he would tip the scale in the High 3 mill range.

    1.5 is way under his worth even in a new CBA CAP era. Unless he somehow isn’t the same Karia anymore in which case he should be put on a heavy incentive based payscale.

  20. 19Yzerman says:

    I am still having nightmares of JR’s shot from center ice in the 98 playoffs and Adam Deadmarsh in the 2000 playoffs with a rebound a goal in OT for LA.

  21. rc21pa says:

    Like I said it’s a dream. But the Pens have alot of money to spend. They are only a 5 million to cap team and seven players signed. They might be big buyers out of the gate. They have at least 20 million to split among 18 more players to make a team. That is at least 1 million a player and everyone knows there will be at least ten of them under a million. Let’s just say this team has room for three 5 million plus players. One of them will be mario but who will be the other two.

  22. wingerxxx says:

    It would be a huge buyout to get rid of Yashin. They’d be better off backing up their investment to him by picking up a scoring winger for him to play with. Which is something that has obviously not occured to Milbury ever since he traded for Yashin.

  23. rc21pa says:

    It’s a fairly even situation. On one hand he goes home. On the other hand he plays on a team with a hall of fame great. I don’t even know how true the rumors are.

  24. frezz says:

    what are you talking about an all time low maybe until hes reinstated then he has prob close to the best trade value in the leauge… i will say ur out of your element because clearly you are…. i can see more then just kariya coming here

    i can see niedermayer coming here and kabibulan coming here… its gonig to be a new look team and a good team at that.

  25. Kamakaze says:

    See I think the Red Wings were very special and very different, in that they had players there, and they kept them for a while… I mean the core of Shanahan, Yzerman, Draper, Lidstrom, etc, have been there, and they still had guys like Maltby, McCarty, Holmstrom, Dandenault.

    They added young guys in Datsyuk, Fischer, Zetterberg and Williams and could eventually throw in guys like Kronwall and Bootland, and supplemented all of that with free-agents like Thomas, Lang, Hull, Hatcher, Schinder and Chelios over the course of several years.

    I agree that they are big spenders, but the guys they get are really top notch guys, who did specific things very well, they were (for the most part) not just big names, they went to Detroit and played.

    The difference with Toronto trying to do it is, well… they just don’t do a good job of it. Nieuwendyk, Francis, Leetch, Renberg, Reichel, Johanssson, I mean, these are NOT the same caliber players. I would say in the last several years the only good players Toronto signed were Roberts and Nolans, and Nolan was a bust compared to how he played on the Sharks. Leetch is also a good player, but I don’t feel he is the kind of guy you add to this team, not yet anyway…

    And why do the Leafs need a second line center? Why not Stajan? I agree Antropov probably won’t be a big scorer or that kind of guy, but he seems like a big player with some decent hands, who could develop into the kind of player you love to have on your team, big and tough with the potential to score.

    With guys like Antropov, Ponikarovsky, Tucker, Wilm, Kilger and Domi, you have a bunch of tough guys who can work the boards and grind pretty well, some of them can even score. Compliment that with younger guys like Stajan, and some vets like Mogilny, Sundin, and Roberts (who is tough in his own right), and you have a decent group of forwards that can do some damage.

    Slowly bring in young guys who can score, and you can really build a team that is very competitive, and in a fairly short amount of time. I just don’t understand why you need to add all of these guys. I’d agree their defense is kind of in shambles, but, build around McCabe and Kaberle, keep one or two of the quality vets they have, cut the rest and let the younger guys fight for time. I don’t know the Leafs system, but if there aren’t any younger good defensemen, well then they should draft better… Simple as that.

    I guess in short… Trim the fat… there is a lot on the team to work with, you don’t need the 1985 scoring champion to win… besides, the way the NHL seems to be shaping up, you’re going to have to…

  26. Stan says:

    Sources in Western New York feel Yashin and Peca are buyout casualties and the Sabres are interested in signing Mike Peca.

  27. nskerr says:

    I also think Peca might be gone. Unfortunately the team needs leadership and grit and he provides both. But I think they can get that now in Dave Scatchard for a lot less and eliminate a player whose skills clearly dropped after the knee injury against Toronto.

    As for Yashin, they should get rid of him but I agree 40 million or so is a huge nut. I would like to see the Isles pick up a true sniper like Satan so that Yashin’s great passing skills can be utilized.

  28. muckies says:

    No goalie, because Marc Andre Fleury is the best goaltending prospect since Luongo.

  29. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Mike Modano’s future in Dallas is up in the air. He’s a free agent, looking for a long term deal to let him finish his career in Dallas…the Stars are looking at him as a 35 year old player comming off the worst season of his career, and would rather re-sign him to one year contracts until he’s ready to retire…

    Making matters worse for Modano is the fact that Bill Guerin’s buyout might be too high for the Stars to take. If the Stars are stuck with Guerin, bringing Modano back might be hard to do, especially with Zubov being a free agent they also want to retain.

    There’s also a change that Hatcher might end up back in Dallas if Detroit does buy him out. The Stars are interested if they can bring him back at the right price.

    My take on this? Hatcher didn’t want to be in Dallas, so the hell with him. If they have cap room, and an open roster spot, I’d say bring him back, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to make room for him…Modano has to be re-signed. He’s the franchise player, and I really don’t see how you can let him go. Find a common ground, meet in the middle, but find some way to bring the guy back. I don’t think he’ll be as good as he was in his prime, but I doubt he’ll be as bad as he was in 2004. Modano’s value to the team carries over off the ice.

  30. guinsfan4life says:

    He isn’t ready to assume the duties full time. He had a so-so year in the minors last year.

  31. nordiques100 says:

    Maybe the flyers if they buy out desjardins, leclair, amonte, brashear. they could them make a run at both hatch and modano, two players who were great under hitch

  32. wingerxxx says:

    I think it would be worth it to patch things up with Hatcher, to maybe…maybe…bring him back at on a decent deal. Hopefully so, because I’m not sure he’s a top defender anymore, especially with the rules changes that will be implemented. One of the biggest reasons Modano had a bad year is that he just isn’t really set to be a captain with all of the off-ice problems he had. Some guys just aren’t captain material…that isn’t his fault. Getting the “C” off his sweater would do a lot for him, similar to Leetch’s resurgance after Mark Messier came back to New York. There’s no reason that he can’t be a top talent again.

  33. GretzNYR99 says:

    You mean 2001?

    He was traded for with Aaron Miller for Rob Blake at the deadline in 01.

  34. GretzNYR99 says:

    For the last 3 years, I’ve heard Satan to the Islanders rumors before the deadline, and it has not happened yet.

    Something tells me that it’s not going to…

  35. GretzNYR99 says:

    Your last paragraph said it all. I wouldn’t go by past numbers. Kariya has not put up decent numbers since 03, and those are still a far cry from the numbers he put up back in the day with Selanne.

    He still may be capable of scoring like he used to, but I wouldn’t give him more than 1.5 mill.

  36. GretzNYR99 says:

    Modano didn’t like playing under Hitch*****. He kept quiet because they were a perennial contender.

    I really don’t think he’d go to Philly to play for him.

  37. nordiques100 says:

    i dont think nobody likes to play for hitch, but like i said he had great success under him and he also wants to win and the flyers are a team that will contend for sure. he may not like him but knows he can play for him and knows what to expect.

  38. BLACKNGOLD248 says:

    An article in todays Boston Globe by Kevin Paul Dupont says that if the Bruins don’t make a big long term offer to Joe, there may be trade possibilities with the suitors being Florida, Toronto and Detroit. He also mentions Sammy might be too expensive and Detroit (Sammy’s home in the off-season) and Chicago being likely suitors. Also he says the Bruins may be interested in Fosberg if he is bought out and Eric Lindros.

  39. nazzy says:

    this is what is going to happen to the six canadian teams this off season

    Vancouver- the canucks are going to resign naslund there is no way they will let him go, naslund will resign, as for bert he isnt going anywhere i dont know y ppl keep talking about bert leaving he has already said publicly he wants to stay. After Vancouver resings all their key players i think they will go after one free agent possibly Karyia due to the fact he would really like to play vancouver and may sign for less but otherwise from that they will have no money left to sign anyone else no Joseph or Khabibulin the canucks are fully confident in Cloutier.

    Edmonton- They will be the biggest canadian team digging into the free agent market. After signing all their key players watch for Edmonton to go after some big superstar possibly Forsberg,Murry,Palffy or Nedimeyer i think Forsberg will join. Then Edmonton will sign one more less key player but still good such as Foote,Francis,Messier who will add some Veteran expericence to a young club.

    Calgary- Will sign all their key players and go for 1 possibly 2 players. Nolan might be a good fit for Calgary or possibly Roberts. Arvedson might another

    Ottawa- Will go after one player dont enough money to do too much possibly Brind Amour will be the right fit or Selanne maybe even Francis

    Toronto- Will buyout Nolan get rid of

    Roberts and sign two key players Jeff O Neil will sign aswell as possibly Nedimeyer. Lindros is one other naming being mentioned

    Finally Montreal- I think they will sign one or two players Selanne might be a big one or even Palffy after Kovalev leaving they have some money to sign one or two key players.

  40. nazzy says:

    by the Way Scruffy you are living in a dream World no way in hech Vancouver could Sign Forsberg let alone Karyia and the Nedimeyers if they resign Naslund only player the could is and maybe….. Karyia and that might be very difficult.

  41. killerchris says:

    The Sportsradio guys here acknowledge that Roberts was attracted to Ottawa when he was a free agent years ago, however, it may be more founded in his friendship with Jacques Martin.

    They suggested that now that Jacques is in Florida, maybe he’ll head down south to finish his career.

    This is doubtful in my mind for two main reasons, Florida doesn’t look to be in any position to make a cup run, unless they turn their roster over…which is not entirely impossible with Keanan at the helm.

    The second thing is that, although Martin and Roberts may be great friends, they are a contrast in styles. In all the years in Ottawa it seemed that Martin had some sort of aversion of playing or letting his team play the style that Roberts does.

    These two factors illustrate the differences in styles of not only Roberts and Martin, but also Keanan and Martin. I don’t see how this partnership will work without one of the two taking a step back to let the other steer the ship.

  42. the_hockey_bandit says:

    A player bought out by a team CANNOT play for that team for one year!

  43. the_hockey_bandit says:

    Players bought out by a team CANNOT play for that team for one year! The league would not approve the trade!

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