Rumors and Speculation from the Ottawa Sun

The Ottawa Sun is reporting that the Flyers are very interested in Jay Bouwmeester and they may be offering a package deal that would include James van Riemsdyk and Scott Hartnell for the soon to be unrestricted free agent.

It is rumored that Bouwmeester does not like playing for the Panthers and that the players all live far apart. As a result it is heavily speculated that he will not resign with the Panthers organization.

Besides the flyers it is mentioned that the Canucks, Senators, Oilers, Kings and Blue Jackets have also talked to the Panthers about possible deals for Bouwmeester. It is noted that the likelihood is that Bouwmeester will sign with the Oilers in the offseason.

Also mentioned in the article is that Sean Avery cleared waivers yesterday which is paving the way for him to return to the Rangers on reentry waivers.

Surprisingly, Manny Legace also cleared waivers yesterday and will be sent down the Blues farm team in Peoria.

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19 Responses to Rumors and Speculation from the Ottawa Sun

  1. cam7777 says:

    I cannot believe that Holmgren would be stupid enough to trade those two guys for Bouwmeester with no guarantees.  If Bouwmeester signs an extension, than that changes everything, but that deal on its own is brutal for the Flyers.  If he doesn't resign their, they've lost a huge chunk of their grit (and 30 goal scorer), and their top prospect.  I guess if they won the Cup with Bouwmeester, it would be worth it too…but that's a Hossa like risk, if not worse.

    Even if they did manage to resign Bouwmeester, they would be extremely strapped for cash. 

    Kaberle would be a far better option for the Flyers.  He's cheap, locked up for two and a half more seasons, and has playoff experience.  

    Tomas Kaberle and Jiri Tlusty to PHI
    James vanRiemsdyk, Scott Hartnell, and a 1st to TOR

  2. ncAvalanche21 says:

    Correction: It was Manny Legace sent down to the Blues farm team Peoria after being put on waivers, not Fernandez, who plays for the Bruins.

  3. paulieplatypus says:

    This trade would make lots of sence for the Flyers.  Next season the Flyers need to sign two goalies and at least one good D-men like a Mr Bouwmeester.  Unfortunately for Philly, Holmgren has not left nearly enough cap space to sign these types of players needed to make them an elite team.  At least not without ridding themselves of Hartnell' s $4.2 million long term $$$ cap hit.  The Flyers though should have enough depth at the forward position to replace Hartnell, so this trade would seem to be a good idea. 

  4. zenator says:

    The Flyers really need cap relief with Briere due to return so I would see them wanting to add a contract like that of Jones thereby freeing up $7 million plus to add to their expiring contracts, which should be enough to provide needed flexibility in the off season.  I imagine that the Flyers would rather trade Lupul than Hartnell, who has a NTC in any event.

  5. mozzy says:

    No way do I give JVR for Bouwmeester…Flyers have been burned all to often giving up their prospects for quick fixes or so called big aquisitions. Bouwmeester does not impress me as much as people build him up to be. He’s playing at a time where there just isn;t many defensemen with his size and skill, but he’s not a bons fide superstar…not yet….I propose

    Fla: Hartnell, Jones
    Flyers: Bouwmeester…

    I make no trade unless Homer has some informal agreement that JB will resign….i’m getting tired of the greedy UFA market which is bankrupting the league….everybody suddenly wants upwards of $7m
    for having decent numbers

  6. frezz says:

    lmfao….. there is no way that deal would happen

  7. Plekanec says:

    Van Riemsdyk alone would do it, have any of you ever seen him play, wow! Boowmeester is very good but unless he's ready to sign a long term extension? No way the Flyers give him away, VanRiemsdyk will become the next great Power-Foward in the NHL, I bet he wins the Calder next season!

     If this is true the Panthers should make that trade in a hurry!

  8. Plekanec says:

    You know whats funny, The Flyers started it all when they signed Hartnell, Briere and Timonen to unbelievable contracts. It all started going ever since.

  9. cam7777 says:

    thanks for your moronic input frezz….mind clarifying why it would never happen?

  10. cam7777 says:

    I think it actually has more to do with Penner and Vanek getting their ridiculous offer sheets.  Of course, it looks more and more like Vanek could potentially meet the demands of a 7.143 million dollar contract, but Penner is a 2 million dollar man at best.  So the argument will always be, if Penner is worth 4 + million, how much is "insert greedy UFA/RFA here" worth?

  11. cam7777 says:

    you're right.  I would trade Kaberle for vanRiemsdyk straight up if they were still interested in Tomas.  It sounds to me like media outlets are including Hartnell in the deal to account for the salary dilemma Philly is in, but I'd gladly take his contract on too, and throw in a solid prospect.

  12. LeafsNation91 says:

    Uhmm, the Flyers are overpaying a bit you think?

    But if we somehow had Higgins, it would work, because he seems to be the most wanted guy in the NHL.

  13. cam7777 says:

    I think they're overpaying in the deal I mentioned, but if they're willing to pay VanRiemsdyk and Hartnell for 15 games and the playoffs with Bouwmeester, than they might as well give those guys to the Leafs and have Kaberle for 2 and a half years at one of the most affordable prices in the league.

    I assume that Hartnell is only in there for salary purposes, but he is really an after thought.  The basis of the trade is Kaberle for vanRiemsdyk.  Everything else is irrelevent really.  My original idea before this Bouwmeester blockbuster was mentioned was this:

    Tomas Kaberle and Jiri Tlusty to PHI
    James vanRiemsdyk, Randy Jones and a 1st to TOR

    Jones would clear up the cap issue Philly has with acquriing a big defensemen like Kaberle.  Tlusty replaces VanRiemsdyk, and while the swap is far from equal, Tlusty should be a competent enough center for years to come.  Plus, you can't under-estimate the value of a contract.  I really don't believe the Flyers can afford Bouwmeester.  They'd have to give up the farm, and then still trade away other players in the summer, just to have the room to resign him.  Kaberle gives them a top 10 d-man at a price they can afford.

  14. oyoyer says:

    I would prefer not to trade Hartnell, as he creates a lot of the space that Carter needs to operate… also Van Reimsdyk (sp?) is untouchable.  So the guy I offer to Florida is Briere… plus a 1st with Biron and R. Jones for Bouwmeester and Vokoun.  I realize that Florida is getting slightly ripped off but the Flyers can deal from a position of strength in as much as JBo won't resign with Florida.  And if they get outbid, offer Briere for Backstrom of Minnesota.

  15. cam7777 says:

    Briere's value is terrible right now, and his contract is even worse.  You will be hard pressed to get anyone to take that on (except MAYBE Columbus), even in an unfavorable trade.  I like Briere, and I'm not knocking him, the player, by saying this, but with the financial state of the league he's a tough sell right now.  I think he's far too rich for Florida's blood.  Goalies have zero value right now too, especially struggling ones.  Florida wants to make the playoffs, not trade their good goalie for one who's in a slump.

    Also, vanRiemsdyk is amazing, but if you've read some of Paul Holmgren's interviews about him, it doesn't sound to me like he thinks he's an untouchable.  I think for a top tier defensemen (Kaberle, Pronger, Niedermayer, Bouwmeester, etc…), the Flyers would consider moving him. 

    I agree about Hartnell though.  If I were Philly I'd much sooner move Joffrey Lupul.  Again though, it sounds to me like Holmgren is in favor of Lupul over Hartnell, if one of them has to get traded.  He made a big deal about resigning Lupul last summer, because Lupul wanted to play in one city for a while.  If he stays true to that, and there's no takers for Briere, then I suspect Hartnell is the odd man out….

  16. UsedandAbused says:

    This is a retarded rumor. I doubt if there is any truth to it. James van Riemsdyk and Scott Hartnell is WAY to much. Besides it isn't the defense that is keeping the Flyers from being a true championship team, it is our goaltending.

  17. jeff_friesen_wpg_jet says:

    Here is a deal that makes sense
    To: Pittsburgh Danny Heatley
    To: Ottawa Jordan Staal, 1st rounder

    Pittsburgh gets the goal scoring winger they desperately need and give Heatley a fresh start to the season. Ottawa starts its rebuilding mode around Jordan Staal, their 1st rounder(which could be top 5), and pittsburghs first rounder.

  18. habz2007 says:

    I wouldn't take this rumor too seriously The Ottawa Sun's Trade rumors usually end up being no more than rumors majority of them never happen.

  19. wayne98-mapleleafs says:

    first off that would probably be a good trade for both Pits and ottawa,
     second I would totally trade kaberle to philly for JVR straight up, and take on a salary dump, i think i would rather throw in kulemin instead of tylusty, i think tylusty is going to be a good player for the leafs, great skater and a good shot, if burke has already been offered JVR in a trade for kabby and he is holding out for more, and ends up pissing off philly to the point where they say F U now, then burke should be fired and never given another job again. I dont care if he doesnt do any other trades this year for me if he lands JVR , then its been a success already. JVR is going to be one of the best power forwards in the nhl in the coming years.

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