Rumors and tid bits from the Boston Herald

The Boston Herald is reporting that although Phil Kessel will not be on the move for a star player the Bruins may still be looking at making a deal possibly for Martin Havlat.

It is reported that Kessel may have been a big part of an offer to the Thrashers for Marian Hossa, a deal that is not apparently off the table. Of interest is that a source now believes that Hossa will be on the move for sure and that Montréal is named as his likely destination.

Also of interest is that it is reported that the Detroit Red Wings apparently offered Mats Sundin a two year contract extension if he was to agree to waive his no trade clause. We all know by now that Sundin is not going anywhere but it is interesting to think about what could have been.

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  1. mmamolo says:

    Knowing how Ken Holland and the Wings organization operate, it's fairly obvious that the Detroit would not be willing to give up all to much (Hudler/Filppula) for a pure rental.  After last year's Bertuzzi situation I would imagine Detroit would only trade for a rental that they can then in turn sign to an extension.  I really doubt Detroit will land a Sundin or a Hossa because of this stumbling block.  The only rental I can really see Detroit going after and actually acquiring would be a Brad Stuart.

    I'm really surprised, in a way at leat, that the Wings aren't more involved in the Olli Jokinen pursuit.  He's easily one of the most valuable players in the league for what he's paid.  Maybe Holland doesn't feel they can afford another top end forward with Zetterberg's contract expiring after next season.

    If I were the wings GM I would be after Stuart and some more toughness up front.  I don't mind the soon to be addition of McCarty and the possible acquisition of Lapointe (2.4M/year).  Problem is, now who sits out?  If you're trying to add toughnes do sit out Downey (who has really stepped it up as of late) or a Kopecky?  I'd much rather see Detroit sign McCarty, trade for Jokinen and Stuart then next year let Hasek walk and allow Osgood and Howard the chance to take over the goaltending.  This would free up a significant amount of cap space and if need be, at the deadline you could look for a goaltending upgrade.  Sooner or later Detroit has to take a chance on Howard.

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