Rumors are just That

I’ve been looking over the various articles that have been posted about possible trades/moves, etc. for about a year now on this site. One thing that always amazes me is that people will jump all over one another and bash/flame people when speculations are made.

It seems to me that the Leafs fans have it the worst. Especially this year with the rocky start that they have had. As a Leaf fan I am admittedly disappointed with the way things have progressed so far. The fact that 2 expansion teams are having much better seasons then the Leafs are is very disheartening (Wild & Columbus) BUT I am still a Leafs fan and will continue to be.

Those of you that ‘tear into’ the Leafs fans for speculation/opinions/wishful thinking make me wonder just who your favourite team is? Do you really have a team that you ‘religiously’ follow or are you just a ‘band wagon’ jumper and cheer for the team of the moment. Or do you cheer for the team that won the cup last year?

Those of you that ‘blindly’ say that a trade will not happen, what basis do you make that on? Are you in the GM’s office of each team? Are you related to a GM? Maybe you are, but most likely you are not. You are making a statement based on your opinion just like the one stating their thoughts on a rumour or opinion that they may have.

I would like to think that while there are rivalries on the ice, we as spectators/fans can treat each other with a little more respect.

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  1. mikster says:

    This si the best part of the message:

    “Those of you that ‘blindly’ say that a trade will not happen, what basis do you make that on? Are you in the GM’s office of each team? Are you related to a GM? Maybe you are, but most likely you are not. You are making a statement based on your opinion just like the one stating their thoughts on a rumour or opinion that they may have.”

    I like that because too many people on here give their opinions and portray their opinions as fact since they think that they are the know-it-alls. When one gives his/her thought, it’s a thought…an opinion, yet they think that they are smarter so they say it’s a fact, but in reality it’s just their opinions.

  2. titans says:

    Awww Shaddup! I’m cryin buckets over here!

  3. TML_4EVER says:

    i know what u mean, but what does this have to do with hockey rumors? or anything like that, this isnt a message board.

  4. mikster says:

    hockey rumors?

    It does, because everytime people complain there aren’t enough rumors on this site and when there are all they do is complain about them.

    Sad, but true….

  5. cwhockey says:

    Just starting by saying that I have “religiously” followed a team from day one, the Thrashers (insert laugh here if you feel so inclined). I still follow them as passionately as I did when I first heard we were getting a team. I’ve been a very passionate hockey fan for a long time in a place where not many people give a damn about hockey. And I had to go two decades before I got a team that I could call my own. Even though they are probably the worst team in the NHL, they get all the support I can give them. So I’m not what you would call a band wagon type of fan.

    As for the respect angle, I agree completely. Like pretty much everyone here, I don’t have all that much free time. And this board has a lot of potential. But the sarcasm and snide remarks that I frequently see here are a waste of time. I realize that everyone has their opinions and that’s fine, I’ve got no problem with that. But the heavy sarcasm is annoying and spiteful and a waste of everyone’s time to read. We’ve all got better things we could be doing than reading the rants and attitude and chest-thumping bravado seen here all too commonly. State your opinion, post your views on a topic, start a dialogue. But leave the attitude behind please. This could be an excellent forum for discussing the game but it’s getting spoiled. Besides, I get enough attitude from others in real life, why would I possibly want that when I come to discuss something that should be a very pleasent distraction? Why would anyone want that?

  6. gprodent says:

    Good Post! I agree with the idea of posting your opinion and point of views in response to someones post, just leave the attitude behind. Honestly the idea of the site (at it’s core) is to post what you have heard/seen/read pertaining to hockey, yet all too many people are out bashing people like a bunch of asses. Hell if you don’t agree with the angle someone presents their post, at least have the respect to write your own point of view and DON’T bash the person for theirs. Were all grown ups here…I think 🙂

  7. big_booty says:

    Leafs fans do have it the worst. That’s just the way it is. Why? Because they BRING IT ON THEMSELVES!

    I mean, c’mon already. How many Paul Kariya-for-Hoglund, Antropov, Lumme, and Berg-type speculations did all of us hear over the course of last season? It got so bad that I wouldn’t even read half the stuff that was getting posted.

    I’m not saying it’s just the Leafs fans. There are plenty more grade-A nimrods out there with vivid imaginations. It’s just the frequency with which the Leafs faithful take their zeal to a stratospheric level. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being optimistic about your team, but for God’s sake be somewhat realistic when you speculate.

    Yes, I have been known to call Leafs fans on the carpet on many occasion. I’m a Flyers fan and make no bones about it. I love my team and hate others. I am not ever going to jump off the bandwagon just because things aren’t going my team’s way (unlike certain other people – titans). I will be with my team through thick and thin. But when I see some homer post a speculative piece where the optimism is endless and players who are dogs seem to be over-valued on the ice or on the trade market, I try to be the voice of realism.

    And realistically, the Leafs are a bad team that has made bad moves over the past couple of years. That’s not just blind speculation, that’s a fact backed up by their less-than-mediocre play of late.

    It’s when the blind speculation turns to rampant fantastical prescience – that’s the annoying part. Like those out there who thought that Brad Boyes is the second coming of Steve Yzerman. Or those that Nik Antropov will become a full-time NHL player. Or those who think that Tomas Kaberle will “dominate” the voting for the Norris trophy. Or those who think that Bobby Holik is worth nine million dollars per season.

    I respect those people’s right to their opinion, and respond with my own. If they don’t like what I have to say, well, that’s tough. I just call ’em as I see ’em.

  8. The_Baron says:

    Ahem, dead horse, give it up. YOU MADE YOUR POINT!

  9. Robert says:

    heh i al clan picture when u talk is in ape scrathing his armpits.

  10. titans says:

    What the hell did you just say??

  11. Per says:

    I really think your opinion is worth thinking about and i would really like this forum to be open to what different people think.

    But as to the matter of Leafs fans, they have the right to have their own opinion of course but, their suggestions is sometimes worth criticising.

    Like the latest rumor i read about here that should include Green/Antropov from Toronto for V.Bure/Yushkevich from Florida.

    That just doesn’t make sense. I don’t have that much knowledge about hockey but I know which players that are equally good and the earlier mentioned trade is not equal at all. The panthers would be stupid if they pulled off that trade.

    I think the naive/overoptimistic suggestions by some (not all) leafs fans is the cause of people making fun of them.

    But keep the rumors flowing everyone because it’s really interesting to read about.

  12. buckman says:

    You don’t need to be a GM or related to one to know that the Sharks are not going to trade Stuart and Marleau for Corson and Tucker……that’s just common sense. If that’s an’s a really bad one.

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg with Leafs rumours. It’s non-stop with every big name free agent, and player on the trading block…inevitably leafs fans start a rumour.

    There’s a name for this….it’s called false hopes. The leafs have nothing to trade and obviously are too cheap to sign UFA’s. So shut up leafs fans…’s not going to happen , and neither are the playoffs!!

  13. leafsrule31 says:

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  14. leafsrule31 says:

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  15. titans says:

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  16. leafsrule31 says:

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  17. Lint07 says:

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  19. ProngerBlues44 says:

    I agree 100%. I have been here for a long time now, and I love writing here, getting the word out. But it seems that the past couple of months have been the worst. Everyone just trashes all of the articles, no matter what they say.

    I could see trashing someone’s views if they say that their prediction at the end of a season is that the Capitals will lead the league in points with 132 points (old school HTR members will remember this one). But a lot of people (like me) go to high lengths to write some of this stuff. If there is a source of the info, then why should the submitter’s article be bashed? He is just relaying info to give to us bitching fans.

    If the collective attitude does not rise on this site, we could see the decrease in views very soon. There is no respect here.

    Now everyone shut the hell up and stop your bitchin and moanin!! jk

    ~Jeff P.

  20. Lint07 says:

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  23. titans says:

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