Rumors are just That

I’ve been looking over the various articles that have been posted about possible trades/moves, etc. for about a year now on this site. One thing that always amazes me is that people will jump all over one another and bash/flame people when speculations are made.

It seems to me that the Leafs fans have it the worst. Especially this year with the rocky start that they have had. As a Leaf fan I am admittedly disappointed with the way things have progressed so far. The fact that 2 expansion teams are having much better seasons then the Leafs are is very disheartening (Wild & Columbus) BUT I am still a Leafs fan and will continue to be.

Those of you that ‘tear into’ the Leafs fans for speculation/opinions/wishful thinking make me wonder just who your favourite team is? Do you really have a team that you ‘religiously’ follow or are you just a ‘band wagon’ jumper and cheer for the team of the moment. Or do you cheer for the team that won the cup last year?

Those of you that ‘blindly’ say that a trade will not happen, what basis do you make that on? Are you in the GM’s office of each team? Are you related to a GM? Maybe you are, but most likely you are not. You are making a statement based on your opinion just like the one stating their thoughts on a rumour or opinion that they may have.

I would like to think that while there are rivalries on the ice, we as spectators/fans can treat each other with a little more respect.