Rumors – Bertuzzi, Skrora, Marleau, Ozolinsh and others

This weeks roundup discusses rumors that involve Petr Sykora, Alexander Mogilny, Sandis Ozolinsh, Nabokov, Bertuzzi and others.The New Jersey Devils are set to make a deal. Presently they are bordering on the verge of the pay cap and Patrik Elias is set to make a return to the team, As a result of Elias’ return the Devils are forced to make a trade to lower their overall salary. The name most discussed to be on his way out of town is Alex Mogilny. One of the problems with trading Mogilny is that he has been one of the hottest players for the Devils so far this season and this does not look good to fans. The other problem is that he is 36 years old and makes 3.5 million and the difficulty in finding a trading partner who is willing to pick up his big contract. Personally, I do not believe that it will be Mogilny who will b e traded. He is too valuable to the team. Look for the Devils to trade a different player such as John Madden, for draft picks.

Another player who is rumored to be available is Petr Sykora. Mighty Ducks G.M. has made it quite clear that he is willing to move Sykora to any team that is willing to pick up his 3.116 million dollar contract. Burke is trying to change the look of his team to one that is modeled upon grit and speed, just as he did with the Canucks. By dumping Sykora’s contract Burke will be able to pick up a player who fits his mould. One of the teams that is rumored to be in heavy discussions with the Ducks is the Montreal Canadiens. Although much of the Habs discussions have centered around Sandis Ozolinsh it is thought that they may have to take Sykora in order to pick up the slick defenseman. It is evident that the Habs are looking for some additional scoring since the injury to Kovalev. Look for the Habs to offer a package that is built around prospects such as Tomas Plekanec and draft picks.

Wow, Is all that I can say about the Joe Thorton deal. Boston sent arguably one of the greatest players in the game to San Jose for a package of average players, that is in comparison to Thorton. It is well known that Boston is cheep and this may be one of a the factors leading to this trade. Thorton signed a big dollar three year deal this offseason. It just makes little sense that a GM would trade his franchise player for several talented players. Players like Thorton are hard to come by. Thorton is a tower of player who is able to turn a team around by himself. Just wait, the San Jose Sharks are in for a real treat. He has already made an impact with the Sharks, setting up some goals that have led to wins.

Speaking of the Sharks, they are rumored to be actively seeking other trades. The player mentioned most in rumors is Patrick Marleau because of his large contract and his tradability to get a prime defenseman in return. Don’t believe this rumor. The Sharks brought Thorton in to play with him. They want to turn the teams around and have an exciting talented line that have the chance to score each and every shift. The true player that the Sharks are shopping is goalie Nabokov to try to get a defender. The Sharks are tired of his inconsistent play this season and have several goalies such as Shaefer and Toskala in the waiting.

Speaking to huge players who could be on the move, rumors continue to persist that the Canucks are looking to move Bertuzzi. The problem with Bertuzzi is that him and Naslund are best friends and they love to play on the same line. Although these rumors continue to build the reality is the Canucks are not going to move Bertuzzi in the near future. He is way too valuable to the team and has started to turn his play around of late. The players who may be available are Brendan Morrison and Ed JovoCop.

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  1. robinson19 says:

    Ozolinsh/ Sykora for Souray/ Bonk/ good picks.

    Like this the Habs would actually be dumping salary.

    Plus Souray’s wife wants him to be in California to see their daughter.

    Plus Plekanec and Begin are both better third line centers than Bonk right now.

    Listening, Bob?

  2. leafs4cup says:

    i heard sundin ,stajan and klee to vancover for bert and jovo or sundin to florida for bowmester??and stewart

  3. TheWho says:

    There’s no way in hell that Dagenais will be traded. I agree with Lint, Bulis is the one of the few guys available, Gainey is not stupid enough to give away top prospects like Plekanec and Perezhogin.

  4. TheWho says:

    Well at least Latendresse will be there next year

  5. Pucked says:

    Normally I would say this is crazy, but a friend I had suggested what if Florida and San Jose swapped goalies to shake things up. Nabokov for Luongo. Why make the trade? To shake things up just like the Thornton trade. If he sucks, we have Toskala and Schaefer. Nabokov needs some new territory to wake him up just as Luongo needs, I suspect. Comments?

  6. Adam_0486 says:

    I like the way that trade sounds but i doubt San Jose would trade Nabokav straight up for another goalie like Luongo. Only because the Thorton deal took so much depth from the club that i suspect any deal invoving an intricate part of their team (i.e Nabokov or Marleau) would require some other team to give up depth in return. But if SanJose decides to trade both Marleau and Nabokov i could potentially see them pulling a deal for Luongo and give up Nabokov, and then another deal involving Marleau for some depth (somthing like the Thornton deal but less)

  7. Adam_0486 says:

    That is a trade that makes so much sense i totally agree with you in theory but if Lowe is going to pull a move like that i dont know

  8. dcz28 says:

    Even if the Leafs got Bowmester and Stewart for Sundin Quinn would not want to play Bowmester since he is too young for him and would cut into the ice time of his pet project of Berg and Belak lol

  9. Air33 says:

    Ya, I’m listening.

  10. habs79 says:

    Well that depends on what the Sharks want in exchange (if they are indeed looking to trade him). Would they want youth or established talent. Either way it will take alot to land a player like Marleau, probably more than Gainey would be willing to part with. Besides you know Ribs won’t get dealt, come on he is french. Koivu got booed by the Montreal fans after he had a fight with Ribs in practice, maybe Ribs was pissed cause Koivu woke him up. People call him a diver, I don’t think he is, it’s probably just so easy to knock his lazy ass off his skates it just looks like he is diving.

  11. habs79 says:

    You might want to fix that, Glen Murray already plays for the Bruins.

  12. habs79 says:

    Maybe you missed the part where Burke is looking to dump salary not take on more. Souray could go the other way cause Burke will have to take on some salary. However there is no way Montreal would get anything for that useless Bonk.

  13. JannettyTheRocker says:

    What the f*uck is your problem Shakmakr? So I mentioned a trade that I thought would make sense for the needs of both teams. It doesn’t mean that because I said it that it’s a guarantee, it’s just a prediction. I don’t know what your problem is, but get over yourself. Just because your from Edmonton doesn’t mean you and I are going to agree on everything. Seriously, if you don’t like what I say, then don’t read it. F*uck, you’re so annoying. Grow the f*uck up.

    And as far as Avs19 and HockeyFan………….I already know what your problems are. Again, I am an OILERS fan, so I do post on Oiler talk. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. But, SHUT THE F*UCK UP!!!!!!!!

  14. JannettyTheRocker says:

    I’d like to see Marleau in an Oiler uniform. It definitely won’t be for the deal I set out. We’d be given up too much……….But it could still happen. Really, how long would Marleau want to be a second line centre in San Jose. And the Sharks do need defense.

  15. JannettyTheRocker says:

    I agree, Luongo to Colorado has a pretty good chance of happening…………While it may be a long shot, it may still happen that Patrick Marleau comes to Edmonton. Why not? Anything is possible. This is the new NHL with a level playing field. The Oil can now afford anyone the Avs can. This is not the old days where we were sellers. Now we’re buyers.

  16. Neely4Life says:

    Hahahahaha, to the leafs. But i doubt they will trade in division

  17. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    dont encourage him

  18. Kraut182 says:

    But San Jose doesn’t lose any depth trading Nabakov for Luongo straight up, all they do is get a better goalie. I understand that they might want to get depth in return for Nabakov, but Nabakov for Luongo is still better than no trade at all.

    Of course I doubt Keenan would let Luongo go that cheap, and would want more than just Nabakov … so I could see why the trade wouldn’t happen, but straight up I think this is a deal the Sharks would have to make.

  19. mtl_prince says:

    hahaha so true, he’s a feather. when did koivu and ribs get in a fight. damn im behind on my habs gossip!!!

  20. Marky2Fresh says:

    I know this is way off topic, but I thought some of you guys might get a kick out of this thing I made.

  21. Komisarek says:

    back in 2003….Koivu went after Ribs because he was taking it easy in a practice, Ribs wasn’t happy. They should trade Ribs and a prospect for a decent center, Ribs is useless in the playoffs, disapears when it gets physical, gets most of his points on the PP, which explains his -6.

  22. Mikeyribs says:

    You got it soooo wrong. Koivu the Kaptain was pissed because Ribs was seriously outscoring him and fans were beggining to realize that he is self-concerned. Koivu is always trying to keep his job. For a while, Ribeiro was seen as the n1 center of the habs.

  23. shakrmakr says:

    See this is what I’m talking about. Too much for Marleau? So your telling an overated player in Dvorak, a future career minor leaguer in Greene and an average dman in Staios for Marleau? Like I said you get dumber with every typed letter. I have seen your posts in the past they are nothing but garbage. You bad mouth other teams like a little kid even when teams are better then your Oilers.

  24. habfan1160 says:

    At first, I thought it was #68 and not #8 who scored that goal for the Rangers. When I realized it was Mailk, I was speechless. Didn’t he have the longest goaless streak during the 1990s? This streak will be surpassed by radek Bonk in due time.

  25. neilios says:

    Well Canucks just might trade Bertuzzi if the right trade is on the table and there might be one from there old pal Burke,and this is how it would go down Iam hearing this rumor on couple shows now like Sportsnet News,The Province,and couple other papers and shows.

    To Canucks-Sykora,S.Neidermayer,Perry,and Bobby Ryan

    To Ducks-Bertuzzi,Baumgartner,Kesler,and a pick

    So what does everyone think of this deal if it where to go down????I wouldnt mind it cause they would have a couple olympian Dmen playing on D and plus Perry aint a bad player for the new NHL and I hear that Ryan kid aint a bad prospect either.Plus Bert is playing like crap right now he is my favorite player on the Canucks but whatever the Canucks have to do to male the team better I dont give a crap who they trade away.

  26. mtl_prince says:

    fuudge, that was 2 years back, i remember now. i thought u were talking about recently. i dont think anyone would take ribeiro, and you would have to throw in dagenais….

    we shoulda signed mark savard, and traded ribs last summer 🙁

    then we would’ve been able to pick up some wing and d help

  27. mtl_prince says:

    Burke ain’t going to trade scott neidermayer and bobby ryan. its just not going to happen, period.

    give away one of the best d men in the league, the 2nd round choice of this years draft, perry, who is another of there prospects, and sykora, i dont think so.

    i could not see this happening without giguere involved.

    To Vancouver: Giguere, Sykora, Perry, Draft Pick

    To Anaheim: Cloutier, Bertuzzi, Cooke Draft Pick

    HAHAHAHAHA, im nuts i think lol

  28. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    a higher draft pick would need to go to vancouver then anaheim to make this deal a little bit better. perry pretty much evens it out… almost though.

  29. Komisarek says:

    Ribs is signed to a 1 year contract…so is Savard with Atlanta. We migh have a chance at Savard next summer but he is 5’10″…not really the big center we hope for, but he’s got skills.

  30. BigCanuck says:

    Ya, he is a #1 d-man, I’m saying he is terrible in his own end. I watch every game, trust me, he plays detective defense, following his check everywhere. If you want to watch great d, look at Ohlund. Awesome!

  31. BigCanuck says:

    Hey! Murray IS ALREADY a Bruin. You think you would know that being Neely 4 life

  32. mtl_prince says:

    wheather hes bigger or not, i believe that savard has more skill, and a little more attitude….

  33. GretzNYR99 says:

    Yeah but Elias didn’t lead that team, it was Stevens who lead that team.

    Lecavalier didn’t lead the Lightning, it was Andreychuk. If anything, Richards was the young leader on that team.

  34. GretzNYR99 says:

    Keep dreaming, both of those deals are just unrealistic.

  35. neilios says:

    When a deal happens just remember I told you 1st cause I was right about the Thornton deal and everyone thought I was nuts.The deal might go down with Bert are without Bert cause they might give Jovo in the deal cause I dont see the Canucks trading away Naslunds bum buddie.Here are some possible deals.

    To Canucks-Giguere,S.Neidermayer(BC boy),and Perry

    To Ducks-Cloutier,Jovo,and Kesler

    I think Giguere would be a bit of a upgrade since he did bring the Ducks to the finals couple years back,and Burke love Kesler.Another possible deal is trading with the Sharks since I hear Marleau is on the block and I dont see why they would trade him cause they guy is ripping it up now Thornton is there,but this is how the deal would work.

    To Canucks-Nabakov,Marleau,and Hannan(BC Boy)

    To Sharks-Cloutier,Jovo,Cooke,and Kelser

    What does everyone think of these possible deals????

  36. BigCanuck says:

    I agree shakrmakr, it would probably take someone like Smyth to get Marleau.

    But if it is d the Sharks need, I don’t know who the Oil trades.

  37. BigCanuck says:

    Not bad, but I’m a Cooke lover. Maybe throw in a pick instead. I wonder if this would demote Morrison to a different set of wingers? He sure has been sucking this year.

  38. BigCanuck says:

    I’m a huge Canuck fan, and I would do that trade in a second, but it might have to be Kaberle instead of Klee.

  39. JannettyTheRocker says:

    AGAIN YOU POMPOUS IDIOT, this is my opinion and that only. If you don’t agree, then so be it. But quit acting like the only opinion that matters is yours. All I posted was a trade THAT I thought would be pretty fair, and if you read through the responses, not everyone disagreed. So I don’t know what your problem is, maybe you’re dealing with some personal issues or whatever, but don’t *****ing take them out on me………………..And if you don’t like what I post or don’t agree, then fine. But just state why you disagree………..Don’t just make an ASS*HOLE response.

  40. habs79 says:

    Seriously outscoring Koivu? The Habs true number one center? Dude stop snorting coke. Ribs had 10 more points and played in 13 more games. Koivu is the heart of the team, Ribs would never come back from cancer the same year to play. Ribs plain and simply is a *****, and the only reason he is considered so good, is because he is a french-canadian playing for Montreal. All hockey fans know how much the fans and media in Montreal love french players. We know that’s why Rejean Houle, the worst GM in NHL history kept his job for like 6 years, cause he is french. If Ribs played anywhere else he wouldn’t be so overhyped.

  41. Adam_0486 says:

    Marleau would fit perfectly in edmonton because of his smooth skating and the type of fast pace hockey acostume of the Oilers. I thought the guys proposed deal could work Heres why?

    1) Marleau makes 4M playing as a 2nd line centre, if Thornton is the go to guy at centre you dont need to be paying another guy 4M to play the same postion. All be it they have a different style of game.

    2) When San Jose acquried thornton they traded alot of their depth in stuart and sturm. If they truely want to make a run at the playoffs i suspect they will add some depth. The logical approach to that is making a trade.

    3) Although edmonton is in the same conference a trade between the 2 teams isn’t impossible i just thouth that sturm replaced by devorak would make sense stat wise. dvorak has 15pts this year sturm has 19pts, dvorak came off a season in 03/04 where he had 50pts (+18) while sturm had 41 (even rating) etc. Then Statios replacing stuart is a stretch but Stuart had 9goals 30assists 39points in 77games while statios had 6goals 22assists 28points in 82 games. On top of the one of two other kids added in the deal, i thought that the made some sense.

  42. neilios says:

    Yes Morrison would get moved to the 2nd line or even traded if they can pick up Marleau to play with Nassy and Bert .I would love to see a trade go down with the Sharks it would help both teams out Sharks would get there stud Dman what they despartly need and Canucks would get a solid Dman in Hannan(BC boy)and a 1st line C what they need so bad that Morrison aint doing crap.This is how the lines would look after the deal.

    Nassy Marleau Bert

    Sedin Sedin Carter

    Goren Morrison Park

    Ruttu Linden Green

    Salo Hannan

    Ohlund Allan

    McCarthy Baumgartner

    Nabakov and Auld

    Not bad 3 lines after the deal if it where to happen 3 solid lines and plus Morrsion can quarterback the powerplay since he would be moved to the 3rd line.

  43. BigCanuck says:

    Actually, Cooke would look good on a line with Morrison and Park, If they decided to keep him. Lots of speed and Cooke loves the corners.

  44. FLAMESOWNU says:

    LOL…wow i thought i was the only one who felt this way..

  45. badshepard00 says:

    The Devils will not pursue Sykora. Lameriollo and Sykora clashed towards the end of his stay in New Jersey hence the fact he was traded all the way out to Anaheim. The Devils should look to move Langenbrunner for a scoring forward within the same price range . Vladamir Malakhov and Daniel McGillis’s bad defense and limited offense has warrented them to be the players traded to free up space for Elias return. I see David Hale stepping up in Malakhovs spot.

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