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RUMORS ARE BACK!! YAY!!! Here’s what I’ve heard, and my take.As I went to the usual morning websites, I as usual went to the Eklund blog, he posts the following:

“Some teams are starting to try and get a jump on FA signings… A source told me this morning this:”once the lockout has ended the Leafs will announce the signings of Jason Allison and Byron Dafoe.” I have also heard rumors involving Paul Kariya and the Flyers. No word yet on how day 1 went at the PA meetings. “

LeafyMcSpazz’s Take: Ok Jason Allison with two years off Should be pretty good, but we’re still looking at fifty games at most. Byron Dafoe, well good ol’ Byron will be backup to Belfour. I hope to God he doesn’t get injured.

Now for Kariya to the Flyers. First, an “I told you so” goes to everyone who said he’d be a Leaf, this goes out mostly to people on Wow. But I told everyone he woulnd’t be a Leaf, and I was right. But he won’t do well there. The Flyers are too strong a team. Their rivals are other dirty teams, the Leafs and Sens. He’ll need some damn good goons around him to survive there. Brashear and Stevenson… That should probably do it.

Spectors Hockey is reporting that Sergei Gonchar and Martin Lapointe will likely not return to Boston, and if they do, will have to take major pay cuts.

Leafy’s take: They’ll both have to take major pay cuts any ways. Might as well stay in Boston. Gonchar expressed interest in being a Leaf, but I think that was to please the guys who he thought would be his future bosses. If he doesn’t stay a Bruin, I’d say he’d become an Av. They wanted him, and have lost Forsberg, Kariya, and Selanne, which leaves plenty of space.

Spectors hockey is also reporting that Bertuzzi wants out of Vancouver, and other news outlets suggest Toronto.

NO!! Todd Bertuzzi is staying with the Canucks. For christ’s sake why do people listen to Nick Kypreos. (Who originally reported this.) This guy reported Pronger (Growing up an Isles fan.) wanted to be a Leaf, for God’s sake!

Well hope you have fun with this. Leafy out.

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  1. Lint07 says:

    here we go again!

    I somehow didn’t miss the ”(insert superstar here) is gonna sign with the Leafs soon” rumors…

    oh well.

  2. NjDEVSFN says:

    glad the rumor mills have starting running again

    for the Devils, i know Brian Gionta signed with the Albany River Rats…not sure when his Devils contract runs out…but it looks like theyll have him after this whole lockout mess…glad i didnt waste money on a jersey with #14 on it!

  3. hockeyhead says:

    jason allison and byron dafoe??? two former bruins that couldn’t get the job done…..why would they get it done in TO? the answer better not be b/c they grew up dreaming of playing for the leafs.

    gonchar signed a one year deal after arbitration hearing, i would think that that contract will still be offered.

    i think lapointe will sign with boston for cheaper….why wouldn’t he…he all ready won a cup, cashed in and is on an up and coming team.

  4. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Jason Allison isn’t a superstar anymore and perhaps never was.

    I can’t see Kariya as a Flyers but MAYBE in the new league with more scoring he could be a wing for Jeff carter.

  5. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    To who ever posted this, thanks for inserting the bold and italics, I don’t know how to unbold things so I don’t bother.

  6. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The River Rats are the Devils farm team, so really his chances of leaving are slim to none.

  7. wingedim says:

    Okay so some teams are trying to get a jump on FA’s? I don’t really see how they can since there is no indication (as of yet) what direction the PA is leaning toward regarding a new CBA.

    If they are remotely true, Dafoe would be okay as a backup but with him being injury prone almost as much as Eddie is (if not more so) why even bother when you can give Telqvist a season as a backup and therefore see more ice time with the big team then potientially take the step up as starter?

    As for the Allison rumor, YIKES!! I hope that there are significant escape clauses in that agreement. Allison is about as dependable as Lindros is in the concussion department!!

    Gonchar and Lapointe if they are smart and want to stay in Beantown then they will take the pay cut, like most FA are going to be doing in order to play.

    Bertuzzi out of Vancouver. I can’t say that doesn’t surprise me. With all the negative vibes going around that city with the lawsuit and everything, I can see wanting to try for a fresh start. Toronto makes sense as his home is only 40 miles away in KW, but I don’t see it happening. The Leafs have enough issues of their own so they don’t need that baggage.

  8. Lint07 says:

    how ’bout Todd Bertuzzi then?

  9. simplyhabby says:

    Maybe Marty will want to play in the blue, blanc et rouge with his good pal Riberio. LOL, actually, he is a guy the habs could really use on the PK and add some grit.

  10. Lint07 says:

    I posted it, no problem.

    You can see who posted your article by looking right over the ”Read more” button under your article on the main page.

  11. Lint07 says:

    btw, I hope you’ll enter the HTR Quiz tomorrow for your chance to finally get your own button!

  12. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    He won’t win the quiz, I will…. duh…

  13. markjohnston says:

    I don’t know if this makes me crazy or not, but I think the most likely of those might be ‘tuzi to toronto.

    I don’t know why, but I’ve always thought he’d end up in t.o. at some point (hopefully before he’s 40). I think he thrives in the spotlight (and who can offer more light than toronto?), but he needs a new start.

    I could see him with the wings or rangers as well, depending on the economics and timing of the whole thing of course. I’ve heard poeple say ‘tuzi will go somewhere quiet to start over…but I just don’t think that’s his personality. he want’s to be seen and loved.


    I don’t think karyia will sign anywhere that isn’t run and gun style. I think maybe edmonton if the economics of the game are changed…maybe atlanta? I really don’t know…could be any number of 20 teams for him.

    dafoe to toronto seems somewhat likely…but he could just as likely go anywhere else.

    I think gonchar and lapointe will both stay in boston with thornton as well.

  14. hockeyhead says:

    the habs were talking to him when with detroit but before he decided boston…..

    the habs would probably dump money into kovalev over marty.

    but ya, i would like to see the first scrimmage between the squad if he did go to the habs.

  15. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The Habs could prolly afford them both. Another underrated market. They have the highest attendance average in the league. (Only cuz the ACC doesn’t have as many seats.)

  16. simplyhabby says:

    They also pay more taxes then all of the US teams combined. Something like 8 million a year. Under the old CBA, 8 mill a year could put a team like the current habs over the top. (ie all star d-man and power forward) which the habs are really lacking.

  17. ranger_fan says:

    Leafy, pull your lip over your head and swallow.

  18. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Ya.. lousy goverment.

  19. NYRules says:

    if bertuzzi came to the rangers i would officially be a hartford wolfpack fan only

  20. CechmanekForVezina says:

    The last thing the Flyers need to do is spend more money. We have so many amazing prospects that free agents aren’t necessary.

  21. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I want to earn my button with insight NOT trivia

  22. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    With Comcast holding the check book and players being REvaued – you will see MANY old players bought out.

    JR might make the cut but Clarke will offer him a 2 year deal, closer to what he is worth.

    LeClair is gone. Amonte too. Not that I have anything against them but their price versus the price of better, younger talent out there makes them expendable. Zhamnov may or may not be back but he’ll NEVER see the 4 mill per year for 4 years he was offered.

    The flyers ARE stacked with young talent. They need some veteran, speed and scoring for a new, faster paced league.

  23. ranger_fan says:

    The Flyers are NOT stacked with young talent. They have quite a bit, but also lost a few players last couple of deadlines. The Flyers have about 5 players that are great-good prospects, but then they are like the Avalanche, not much.



    RJ Umberger-C

    Pat Sharp-C

    Those are 4 of the 5 top prospects. Ruzica(sp?) who is a wing being the other prospect that has a future. Dennis Seidenberg(sp?) I think is overrated, but hell, there is SIX prospects. That isn’t stacked.

  24. wingedim says:

    I’m undecided about what impact Bert would have in TO whether it be positive or not.

    He is a big force that Toronto could use, but they need D first, a solid back up second then filling the holes up front.

    Everyone thought Nolan would be a force to be recokoned with when he was brought over… only to have fizzled and sputtered.

    IF the old guys can hold together and stay off the Injured list (I know not likely) then there is hope with the current roster assuming you get some solid D and a SOLID back up.

  25. rojoke says:

    A source told me this morning this:”once the lockout has ended the Leafs will announce the signings of Jason Allison and Byron Dafoe.”

    So this “deal” was done back in September, on or before the 14th. Because once the lockout was official on September 15, all contract negotiations between NHL teams and players was prohibited. So this ranks right up there with the done deal that was to have been done a month ago as well.

  26. Serdy says:

    hey its better then “(insert management here) is ruining negotiations”

  27. hockeyhead says:

    is that vladimir “rosie” ruzicka’s son????

  28. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Don’t forget Niittymaki (phew), Pitkanen and Voce.

  29. ranger_fan says:

    Pitkanen isn’t a prospect, he has played over a year now.

    Antero Niittymaki had one good year. That doesn’t prove you are a good prospect. He is pushing 25, so I doubt he will ever take the reigns from Esche.

    Tony Voce had been impressive at Boston College. However, he is rather small-5’8″, and hasn’t been a “stand-out” for the Phantoms. He is a poor mans Nigel Dawes. Also will be 25 in October too, so he will need a stong tryout next camp.

  30. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Actually, it isn’t prohibited, check your facts.

  31. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Well Nolan has been a hard hitter, but his scoring (If he played all games it would have been about 27 goals if you look at the average.) isn’t that great. I don’t know why this rediculous Bertuzzi rumor is spreading so much.

  32. guinsfan4life says:

    Why are we even bothering worrying about FA when there isn’t even a freakin’ CBA?

    Are you THAT bored with life?

    The draft was cancelled today, another step taken which may end up in the total distruction of the sport of hockey. I actually think hockey is done. I would be shocked if the NHL continues to exist beyond 2006.

  33. SabresAreCool says:

    This just in from the AP wire- With A CBA agreement somewhere down the road the Leafs have signed every free agent player on the market. JFJ believes signing every player will be part of a special clause put in the new CBA agreement, where the Leafs will be the only team who won’t have to accept a salary cap. JFJ also said he frequents HockeyTradeRumors and doesn’t want to disappoint all of us who so look forward to the ” ” to Leafs rumors. So he just signed everyone…….

  34. SabresAreCool says:

    Right I think they just want to keep him in their system and have him try to help some of their prospect and maybe help them into the playoffs..

  35. raine_kalisz says:

    Dafoe’s not going to Toronto, I can assure you that. It’ll either be Telly or Aubin. Both are having great campaigns down in St. John’s. Well Aubin’s trailed off a bit lately with injurey problems, but he was the top AHL goalie for a while and could easily cut it as a backup in the NHL, if not an irregular starter. Telly’s ripping it up now, and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see him with the big club next year.

    I doubt the Flyer’s would want Kariya. Clarke likes big players, and doesn’t have much interest in small guys. The only reason he picked up Comrie last year was for trade bait.

    Bertuzzi won’t leave Vancouver unless Naslund and morrison go, and that’s quite possible, but I don’t see him coming to Toronto. If he can’t handle the press in Vancouver there’s no way he could take the jackals in Toronto.

    I see gonchar going back. He’s still young enough that Boston could use him to grow around along with Thorton, Raycroft, Boyton, and Bergeron. Lapointe might as well retire. His value is at a career low and I don’t know many teams that would be vying for an aging centre with decreasing value…. well maybe the leafs.

    Allison I don’t see in Toronto either, but this is the type of player they’ve become famous for picking up. Injury prone, and inconsistent. I see him ending up on a team looking for a bargain superstar, maybe an Edmonton, a Nashville, a Minnesota, or a Pittsburgh even. Any team willing to take a risk for a low salary cost.

  36. hockeyhead says:

    being a huge bruins fan i must defend marty….he is a right wing and he is a valuable grinder…..he may not score 25 goals but he is good for 18 or so plus his toughness defines the bruins tradition.

  37. Nemix says:

    I hope It would be edmonton, Since trading off any centre for spare change, There isnt a viable entity to provide any type of threat up the middle for the first two or maybe even three. Allison would at least provide edmonton with one line and lets hope jani rita matures at a rapid pace

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