Rumors from Leaf land

The is reporting that the Maple Leafs are still a ways away from resigning defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo. In order to protect his rights the Leafs will have to make him a qualifying offer but the First of July.

Of grater interest is that at the bottom of the article there is a statement that the Leafs are unlikely to bring back “unrestricted free agents Bates Battaglia, Mike Peca, J.S. Aubin, Yanic Perreault, Travis Green and Jeff O’Neill.”
While HTR does realize that the Leafs may not want to bring all of these players back I find it interesting that they report that the Leafs will most likely not bring back Peca, a hardworking two way player.

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  1. Glucker says:

    he is, but in a second-line capacity, with Antropov on the other wing and Wellwood centering the two… a big winger is still needed for Sundin. as for the young talent, we have some pretty good prospects in Tlusty, Williams, Kulemin, Aubin, and Earl at the forward, and we have really deep Defensive talent too… these guys are spending a bit more time in the minors to develop further(along with Pogge). In the meantime, the team infront needs some improvement, and i doubt the Leafs are gonna start rebuilding until after Sundin is retired. While he is still here, they will do everything possible to get him his long-deserved cup.

  2. the_word says:

    The Leafs had the 6th lowest shots against in the league last year, so there defense was fine, goaltending was their problem.  But thanks for playing.

  3. Glucker says:

    I don't think wellwood was a callup… he has 2 seasons under his belt that he started, I believe…

    and yea williams, 250 goal season next year XD XD XD

  4. bernie1parent says:

    nah, i was thinking along the lines of bryz or tosk, and you guys have been willing to trade tucker, so i think they could package something to get them one of the two.  Plus, im not sure on there cap hits, but it might free up some cap space, give you the room for the big free agent, or at least two smaller ones, ie gary roberts (good fit).

  5. bernie1parent says:

    well, i think if you want a captain, it has to come through the system, not from outside, it usually takes a while to become the captain if you come from the outside, look at hatcher, he sucked as an interim captain.  Plus smyth is getting older, what is he, 31 32?  How much does a physical player like him have in the tank is another thing you have to worry about.

  6. Glucker says:

    every player in the league wants to play in TO, don't you know that? 😛
    kidding, kidding…

    this is why: He likes Canada, he is more likely to take a Canadian team's offer then an American team's offer. Edmonton doesnt wan't him back, they made that clear at the deadline. Calgary can't afford him, although rumor has it something went down today, and they're ready to get him(and by 'rumor has it' i mean eklund, so take it with a grain of salt). Ott can't afford him either, and MTL is trying to get Marleau. oh and the Canuks are facing Edmonton 8 times next year, I doubt he'd want to go back to the home crowd 4 times to get booed(same with Calgary). TO has the room, they're looking for a player with his style, and they are in Canada, if they offer him 6.5 mill and he doesn't take it…1)I'd be suprised, 2) oh well, we'll get Peca back, and sign another winger like Blake.

  7. Glucker says:

    well, Sundin has a good 2,3 years left in him, by the time he's out, Smyth will be the face of the franchise.
    and yes, Smyth is getting up there in age, that is a realistic concern, but he's a really tough guy, I think he can survive… and if not, we can always trade him, washed up, htere would still be teams willing to pay for him.

  8. the_word says:

    I think you entirely lose any respect for your supposed 'rationale' when express yourself in this manner…


    When all your post are littered with exclamation points, you tend come off a little frustrated.

    I don't mean to be PC, but I don't see where you get off lecturing us Leafs fans when you come off as a complete hick.

  9. KingCanada says:

    nah bro he didnt make the team in his rookie year and then Sundin got injured right at the start remember?  They then called him up, he strut his stuff and never looked back since.

  10. simplyhabby says:

    I won't disagree at all about your assessment with O'Neil and letting another player take his spot.  Just a little irony to see some frutition of O'Neils play starting to truly show towards the end of his tenure and they have now given up.  I will give O'Neil some credit that during his first year, he did deal with a tragic loss but the new NHL is passing him by.  If you can keep him for less then a million, why not?

    Leaf fans overrate Antropv way too much.  His is a big strong forward who was put on the first line because realistically, there was no one else available for that wing that would not hurt the "balanced" attack.  That has provided some benefit for Antropov but to me, he is not a reliable player for those typical first line pressure situations.  A good depth player at best for me.  Great for leaf fans if he proves me wrong in the long run.

    You hit it on the nose with Carlos and Peca. 

  11. JuicemaN says:

    Bernie1parent….what are you so mad about? You came out firing right off the bat….seriously, settle down.

  12. bigscoup says:

    They have been rebuilding…….. for the last 40+ years

  13. Have2BeLeaf says:

    I think you are the only guy I respect on this site.

  14. bernie1parent says:

    alright, that seems reasonable, but whose to say he doesnt find somewhere in the US that he doesn't like, maybe minnesota, detroit, somewhere else where hockey is big, but that does make sense.  Say if you do get smyth, is he really worth the 6.5 million?  I mean, for a max of 70 points, the leadership quality, but he doesn't know the team, so that would take time, and some good defensive skills, is he really worth that when you can get two quality wingers for the same price?  get someone like roberts and stillman (just throwing names out there).  People that'll cost 3 or less but can put up 70 points in the right situation.  Just a thought from my point of view, two players is better then one.

  15. bernie1parent says:

    how does "YO!  YOU CUM GUZZLING SPERM DUMPSTER WHO CALLS HIMSELF A HOCKEY FAN EVEN THOUGH EVERYONE (including leafs fans) KNOWS THAT LEAFS FANS ARE THE MOST CONCEITED FANS EVER EVEN THOUGH THEY DONT WIN ANYTHING", come off as being a hick, im a bit confused?  I know where i come from in calling you conceited, but you calling me a hick, it just doesnt make sense.  I mean, yes, im an outdoors type of guy, but i dont in breed or does any of my family, i dont like relatives of mine, and i have a vocabulary that would confuse the hell out of any hicks that i know, although, i do support the confederacy, so you might have a little bit of a point.

  16. bernie1parent says:

    im not mad, i just dont like ppl who dont give a rationale basis for their arguement on why someone will be coming to their town.  only one guy in here has given me a reasonable explanation

  17. bernie1parent says:

    isnt that where you guys get yourself into trouble a lot, lol.

  18. Glucker says:

    lol, but we're talking about Cap'n Canada here, sum1 will always want him for his intangibles

  19. Glucker says:

    I never said i thought it was worth it, i said i thought it would happen, lol.

    6.5 for Smyth?…that'd fit in with the Leafs track record of over-paying guys by .5-1 mill (McCabe, Kubina, Antropov, Gill)… its not a terrible signing…

    I'd take Smyth over Roberts, they both bring the same elements to the game… but Smyth is younger. I think that playing with Sundin and say…Wellwood on the first line would net Smyth plenty more, maybe 80-90… that is a really good line if you think about it, 2 grinders and a dangler… Smyth is one of those guys who doesnt really need to know the team… the team knows him, lol. Even though he's not a fantastic talent… he's almost a legend in the hockey world… just thinking back to when he got traded to NYI, all the players where excited to meet him, like children on christmas morning(according to the reports)…

  20. Glucker says:

    yea, but early reports have the profits being really good:P… maybe not 52 million good, more likely 50 million

    and intangibles do have a great deal to do with signings, if a player makes every1 around him better just by showing up… then you're gonna cash out to keep/get them. Just look at Edmonton after he left… did they win a game at all(i think they won one of their last games)? if 1 player can do that much to a team… he's worth the money… on the opposite side of the spectrum, you have a guy like Blake(jason) who put up big numbers, but by all reports, he's a jerk in the locker room, that brings down morale, and the guys dont play as well. Why do you think Antropov was given a similar salary to Poni?… he's not worth it entirely, but they are best friends, they share the bloody hotel rooms when the team is away… keeping Antro makes Poni a better player, and the two make the team better(they're funny together) by raising morale… you gotta look at other things then just production.

  21. Glucker says:

    we have a better team then Vancover, just not a better goalie

  22. Glucker says:

    when did Sundin get injured last year(I know he did, just not sure when exactly) because Wellwood played 81 games, and unless Sundin was taken down in the 1st game, Wellwood started with the team

  23. Glucker says:

    if we had been willing to trade Tucker, they wouldn't have signed him on deadline day… that gives a pretty sturdy message

  24. Toonces99 says:

    With respect to my post, yes l am a leafs fan, but l'm also the first to call a spade a spade or in your case a moron a moron. You seem to carry this anger and frustration that makes no sense, if you think for a moment that you've gotten anywhere think again….And yes he will receive 6.5 because that is what the market dictates and if you can read you would see that majority of the teams if they had the cap space would love to have him on there roster….you want to split hairs keep going maybe one day someone will give a s**t what you think, l can gurantee that it won't be here.

  25. Peca4PM says:

    Screw you…….lots of ppl come back after mssin half a season……his leg could be even stronger…..and he certainly is more determined..

  26. Peca4PM says:

    Screw you…….lots of ppl come back after mssin half a season……his leg could be even stronger…..and he certainly is more determined..

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