Rumors from the New York Post

Larry Brooks of the New York Post provides a number of interesting tid bits of speculation.

One of the most interesting tid bits that Brooks shares is that apparently the Los Angeles Kings players are quickly getting tired of Marc Crawford and G.M. Dean Lombardi. The speculation comes in the light of the goalie problems in LA over the years and the apparent confidence or lack of it that they have in their young goalie Jason Labarbera. HTR feels that in order for the Kings to have success this year all of their players need to suck it up and play to their potential.

Another interesting goalie tid bit is that Brooks speculates that the Penguins may take a long look at Capitals goalie Olaf Kolzig if the Capitals are sellers come the trade deadline. HTR feels that if the Penguins are already investigating the possibility of adding a goalie they are not showing a great amount of support to their present goaltenders, especially the young Fleury.

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3 Responses to Rumors from the New York Post

  1. big_booty says:

    Any trade rumor eminating from Larry Brooks, combined with some nice Northern California hybrid Sensamilla, will get you stoned. That’s it. As I’ve stated before, Brooks is the resident NHLPA lapdog and MSG apologist. To think that he is so in tune with the locker room in Los Angeles and can read the mind of Ray Shero in Pittsburgh is pure folly.

    Brooks’ opinions continually border on fantasy and Manhattan-centrism. His backtracking is more than evident – he rightfully criticized Brendan Shanahan a couple of days ago, then recanted today when it occured to him that he might offend some of his precious “sources.”

    Take Brooks for what he is worth – a hack trying to drum up interest in his own work.

  2. leafy says:

    Brooks has a reputation for providing false rumors, but these ones seem a little more down to earth.

    LA is yet another example that if you don't have a reliable goaltender, you ain't going anywhere, no matter how good your team is.

    Jason Labarbera?  I've seen sedated turtles who are more mobile.  LA's in trouble to say the least.

    Kolzig, on the other hand, has been consistently excellent for years, and on a poor team no less.  If the Penns are smart, they'd target him like he's JFK.

    But Kolzig always comes up in trade rumors before the deadline, yet he never gets moved.  Good consistent goalies are a valuable commodity.

  3. broc says:

    The Kings should try to pry Marty Turco away from the Stars… they have Mike Smith still don't they? Is he still playin good that the Stars might let Turco go?

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