Rumors from the Otawa Sun

The Ottawa Sun is reporting that the Senators G.M. is anxious to make a move and has interest in a Blue Jackets defenseman.

The two defenseman who Murray apparently has interest in include Kris Russell and Rostislav Klesla. What throws an interesting twist into things is that Murray may have been looking to deal Vermette for one of those two defenseman and it would appear that the Jackets may not have a need for Vermette any longer due to their recent trade for Jason Williams.

Other names that were mentioned in this article that are mentioned in trade talks include Jason Spezza and Mike Fisher.

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5 Responses to Rumors from the Otawa Sun

  1. KingCanada says:

    Well Murray has previously stated that he wont trade HIS 1st round pick, but the thing is he has aquired San Jose's 1st rounder thanks to the Meszaros trade so maybe he can offer that instead to aquire some help.  Itll be one of the last picks in the 1st round anyways so its no biggie to loose it.

  2. Sundin101 says:

    Jackets wouldn't even want vermette in the first place
    vermette has no trade value..he did last year which is when ottawa should have traded him…many teams were up and willing to take his contract.

    But right now,it looks like Ottawa found their #1 goalie in Brian Elliot

    But heres a question to you all.
    Who do you think is a better goalie?
    Justin Pogge (TOR) or Brian Elliot (OTT)

  3. habs79 says:

    Right now you have to say Brian Elliot, because even thought Ottawa in lower in the standings than Toronto. Auld and Gerber have better numbers than Toskala and Joesph. You can't really blam Auld for the Sens demise as the offense has really sputtered this season. Still the Sens decided to put the youngster in net, while Pogge is in the minors behind two suspect goalies.

  4. mojo19 says:

    Auld's numbers are solid because he was playing well early on. Lately he's been really letting them down. Elliott was called up out of necessity because Auld and Gerber haven't been good lately.

    Jospeh and Toskala have been terrible this year overall, but you can't bring a young goalie up into this mess. Kid's get shell shocked just look at what happened with Kenny Wregget in Toronto, it really hurt him coming up too soon but he did eventually find his way. We don't want that happening to Pogge who is far superior to a goalie like Elliot.

  5. habs79 says:

    I'm sorry did you just say  that the leafs are in worse shape than the sens right now? I don't think any team in the league right now is a bigger mess than the Sens. Hell if the Leafs could have got any kind of goaltending this year, they could even be in a playoff spot right now.

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