Rumors from the Toronto Sun


RedWings looking for a goalie?

Bolts looking to make a move?

Canes looking at trade options

The whispers have started that the Red Wings are looking for a goalie with Chris Osgood and Jimmy Howard both struggling. There aren’t many options available … An NHL scout’s take on Tampa Bay’s Vinny Lecavalier: “He looks like a guy playing like he wants to be dealt..” … Ilya Kovalchuk’s agent Jay Grossman and Atlanta GM Don Waddell continue to hold discussions to try to get a contract extension in place. Kovalchuk becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1.


The Bolts haven’t been thrilled with the play of Andrej Meszaros and there’s talk GM Brian Lawton is trying to move the 23-year-old blue-liner who has five years left on a deal he signed with the club in September, 2008. Making an average of $4 million, the Bolts will find it difficult to find anybody to take him … What’s this we hear about Dallas GM Joe Nieuwendyk sniffing around for a big forward? He’ll be doing a lot of talking in Toronto.


The Carolina Hurricanes are desperate to make changes, but GM Jim Rutherford is finding it difficult. While there was a rumour the ‘Canes are willing to move Ray Whitney, he has a no-move clause. Sources say Carolina has been offering defenceman Joe Corvo to teams trying to improve their power play … There are plenty of eyes on Peter Forsberg, who will wrap his participation in the Karjala Cup in Finland today. After suiting up with Team Sweden, Forsberg will decide tonight whether he wants to resume his career in the NHL or, perhaps, accept an offer with AK Bars Kazan in Russia. The Canucks are the frontrunners.

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  1. nordiques100 says:

    wings will try and wait out the return of rick dipietro to long island than go after biron i think when rick does finally return. until then, they are SOL as they simply couldnt take on giguere's salary and toskala is completely useless.

    meszaros. there's a player who only looked good with chara.

    canes are bad, but kinda hard to win without staal and now ward. if any team needs to get young, its the canes. they can do it though. whitney, cullen, a.ward, wallin, corvo and walker are all ufa's. certainly they can stockpile from sending out those rentals.

    with ward, staal, pitkanen, gleason, ruutu nucleus, and sutter, boychuk, paradis, bowman, mcbain, decent kids, they can turn over pretty quick. right now though, they're a stale, old hockey club.

  2. leafshockey says:

    I concur.

    Yeah Osgood was pretty bad last night. They need someone, and for sure Toskala is not someone they'll even consider. Giguere, also no. Which leaves Biron, but the Canes might also be looking at him, depending on how long Ward is out.

  3. mojo19 says:

    What other options might be available for goaltending?

    Kari Lehtinen or Johan Hedberg?
    Josh Harding?
    Jaroslav Halak?
    Pikke Rinne or Dan Ellis?
    Jose Theodore?

    How about a UFA like Gerber or Fernandez?

    discuss amongst yourselves

  4. mojo19 says:

    Anyone else watching the Atlanta-St.Louis game? How good is Zach Bogosian?

    He just played over 9 minutes in the first period, he's out there all the time, and I see he has an 'A' on his jersey. Holy shit! This guy is something else.

  5. KingCanada says:

    Id love to be watching this game right now, stupid work lol.

    Ive got Peverly, Little AND Antropov in my hockey pool, I hope they do good hehe…Thought about getting Bogosian but the league isnt that deep and Wizniewski just came off the IR so I picked him up instead.  He was a point a game b4 the injury.

  6. KingCanada says:

    What really surprises me is that the Red Wings never made a push to get Gustavsson last summer.  They must have known that Osgood wasnt going to be solid forever, hes getting kinda old.

    U would of thought that Gustavsson would of considered playing for such a first class organisation that is always a contender.  Not to mention all the Swedes on the roster…Lidstrom, Zetterberg, Franzen, Holmstrom, Kronwall, Ericsson….

    I guess not…haha oh well the Leafs are the benefactors here!

  7. nordiques100 says:

    gerb is in the k so he's out. fernandez retired? i am not sure on that, but having not played since last april, unlikely anyone takes him on.

    lehtonen is a wet kleenex. always hurt. more brittle than toskala. another back surgery for him. either he is weak or the atlanta dr's are terrible.

    harding is an option, as is halak. i'd see the preds moving ellis before rinne who is kinda like the monster, a big, space eating goalie. harding, halak and rinne are all young enough to still grow into good goalies.

    theo is in the toskala class. kinda useless.

    i think someone will pay to get cory schneider. i could see the wings maybe trying a hudler for schneider swap. he's a goalie they can build around.

  8. nordiques100 says:

    as an american and playing in atlanta, a place where no one cares, bogosian goes unnoticed here in canada, unlike say doughty who has gotten a ton of praise despite playing way out in la.

    saw him in a few games with the petes. bogosian is every bit as good as doughty and may have more offensive upside.

    and good on john anderson not playing him 6 minutes a night and calling that "development". i think that's why doug maclean spends his time now fighting bob mckown. 

  9. ExAle_Bruins says:

    Two things come to my mind to answer this. Detroit has excellent scouting of the european players and were not interested…..maybe they have a reason. So far Gustavsson has been good but until last season Toskala's career looked great too.

     The other thing that comes to mind is a look at the goalies that have been between the pipes for Detroit the last several years. Proven veterans or goalies brought up through their system. If I was a betting man…I'd bet on Roloson coming later in the season. Heck maybe even Toskala….he might play good in front of a good team.

  10. mojo19 says:

    20 teams made offers to Gustavsson, and he narrowed it down to 4. The other 16 are all unknown, so there's a good chance that Detroit did make a pitch for him.

    He was also one of the goalies at the Swedish Olympic orientation camp and Lidstrom raved about him, comparing him to Lunqvist in a lot of ways.

  11. LEAFS_54 says:

    i think its safe to say these teams have no business going after "the monster" because of their current goalie.

    fluery- pitts
    luongo- van
    ward- carolina
    nabokov- sj
    thomas- bos
    miller- buf
    kipper- cal
    lundquist- NYR
    mason- cbj
    thats 10 teams that certainly were not looking to add a goalie in his stage of development last summer. i think its safe to assume that detroit put some sort of bid in for the monster.
  12. JoelJoel says:

    Plus you have teams like Montreal and the Islanders who have two decent goalies and did not need more competition between the pipes.

    Furthermore, I think Gustavsson really wanted to play in the NHL right away and knew that only with a team that doubts their goalies, like the leafs, would he get a fast shot.

    Also, your logic is a bit flawed, as Dallas was one of the final two teams the monster was considering. Turco is a lock to start and it would take some amazing play to even split goaltending duties.

  13. dumbassdoorman says:

    I do not see Minn or Van doing det any favours in the goalie dept. just my opinion though. Halak maybe but not until later in the year as Mtl will probably want an experienced goalie back if Price starts to play better.

  14. KingCanada says:

    Ya but you have to PAY to trade for a goalie, Gustavsson would of come free..aside from his salary of course.

    I think the Red Wings just f**ed up on this one lol.  A crack in their armor!! haha

  15. KingCanada says:

    Yea I hear ya they probably did.  What Im wondering is why Gustavsson would potentially pick say Dallas over Detroit.  You would think hed have a better chance to steal the #1 from Osgood rather then Turco.

    But then again, I totally get why he chose Toronto.  Toskala wasnt playing well, came off a surgery so hes a gamble to start with.  He also is going to another popular franchise for Swedes with the likes of Sundin and Salming who are legends back home.

    Another thing I noticed… Dallas (Turco), Toronto (Toskala) both had goalies who were UFAs at seasons end… And then he also considered Colorado who had Anderson signed just for one more year..but who would of thought he would have some of the top stats this year coming from a career backup??  So the Monster definatly took a look at whose spot he could steal…end of the day Toskala was the biggest goat lol.

  16. FlamingHomer says:

    Still think Osgood is underrated? As soon as the talent thins out in front of him and he has to face typical NHL shots, he can't handle them.

  17. mojo19 says:

    He's just not motivated anymore. He used to be such an incredible goalie, but he'll never be remembered that way. Sad really, cuz he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

  18. mojo19 says:

    Yep good point. His decision wasn't just based on 'who is the worst starting goalie with 1 year left on his deal'. Played a factor but I think he really liked Toronto, and apparently their new practice facility played a huge part in him choosing Toronto. Apparently that thing is amazing, i've only seen the back of it from the GOtrain

  19. reinjosh says:

    A very big part of his choice was the coaching and training he would receive.
    He stated this as one of the bigger reasons choosing Toronto out of his top 4 and then between Dallas and Toronto.
    He stated that coming in, he wanted a team that wanted him, would give him a chance to win the starting job, and would help him improve his game.
    The biggest sticking point was when he told Dallas and Toronto (and I assume the other 2 teams in his top 4 but he only stated Toronto and Dallas when i heard him) was that he wanted promises that the coaches would not change his game but only refine it.
    Apparently him, Wilson, Burke, and Allaire sat down for like 4 hours talking and agreed not to change his style of goaltending, but only refine it.

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