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Bruce Garrioch of the Toronto Sun is reporting that Tom Renney could be in trouble. He also indicates that the Stars may be looking to deal Avery back to the Rangers and provides his latest updates on the Mats Sundin saga that never seems to have any closure to it.Garrioch begins his article by speculating that Sundin will narrow his teams down to Montreal, Vancouver and New York in the very near future (today) and then will most likely make a decision by the end of the week. It is noted that if the Canucks do not win the Sunin sweepstakes and loose out to the Rangers, the Canucks will most likely try to make a move for either Drury or Gomez.

Carrying on with the Rangers, it is noted that Tom Renney may be in some hot water if the Rangers do not winning more often. One possibility to make a move back to the NHL at the coaching level is Pat Quinn who is set to coach Canada at the World Juniors.

It is also noted that the Rangers may have interest in Sean Avery. The thinking is that the Rangers would ship Michal Roszival to the Stars for Avery and then assign him to the minors until he is ready to play.

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  1. Kramer says:

    Avery was not pushed out of Dallas because of rude remarks. He was pushed out because he was sleeping around with other players girlfriends!!!! The whole thing was just an excuse to get him out. Why would Dallas give him the heave ho just for making sexual jokes? He was sleeping around, that’s why.

  2. sakukoivumc11 says:

    Kramer, maybe he was sleeoing with yours hence the reason for all the stupid posts !!  Get over it and write better posts as sometimes your posts are good !! Then again, maybe an aliene has the real Kramer !!

  3. hockey_lover says:

    I guess its a matter of opinion. I find Kramer's posts rather amusing and enjoy them more than most of the idiotic crap that people post "seriously" on here.

  4. DandoEagle says:

    you might actually be on to something here – but then wouldn't he be the one going after other's "sloppy seconds?"

  5. mon167 says:

    Avery to the Rangers makes no sense, they decided they didn't want him back during the summer, they could have if they wanted to but they didn't. And aren't they actively pursuing Sundin?

  6. Rico420 says:

    I'm leaning toward the mafia myself – what do you think Kramer? Here's why I think this. Avery asked the Don on "the day of his daughters wedding" for a favour – that favour of course was to play in Dallas – and of course it was granted – because of the old sicilian tradition, now what Avery didn't realize though was that the Don would ask him to repay the favour – and that the Don's favourite hockey team just so happens to be the Dallas Stars – so he sent in some goons to make Les Jackson and Brett Hull an offer they couldn't refuse. (Possibly they gave Brett Bobby's toupee) And of course they signed Avery – because if the mob comes to you and says "do this or else" you're going to comply – now the Don is a puckhead – little known fact but he's been a season ticket holder to the "surprise surprise" New Jersey Devils since '82 – but he put some money on the Stars this year with one of the other four of the five families – and made a wager that Avery was going to be thrown off the team before Christmas – so when the Don called in his favour to Avery – the sloppy seconds comment came out and away it went. Obviously the bookies, the five families, the police and even the CIA were involved in this at someway – because I think that the Sean Avery we see now might actually be a clone of the old Avery – who was taken captive by the Sasquatch Aliens.

    It all makes sense to me now – thanks Kramer.

  7. muckies says:

    This will probably be a huge year for trades because the talent level of the players being moved will have huge sways on the balance of power. Say a team like Washington or Boston make a huge move for the CUP and trade for a player like  Kovulchuk, or Vancouver gets Sundin and also trades for Gaborik or Havlat- suddenly they would maybe have the best goalie and best 2 lines in the Western Conference. If your a GM in San Jose or Montreal or Detroit and you think this s your year to win the CUP, you don't just sit there, you go and try to get a player like Bouwmeester or Spezza to gve your team a chance to match talent with talent. 

    Huge Trade Season, and at the deadline the rices are going to be huge for guys like Gaborik, Kovulchuk, Bouwmeester, and Brad Richards. especially a team like Vancouver who has a small window with Luongo, or San Jose who has always underachieved. Best to pay the price early as you can and get that franchise Impact Player who can win a game on his own any given night.
  8. Kramer says:

    If Avery was a foot tall, he’d be a 12 inch prick.

  9. Kramer says:

    Don’t laugh, all that is possible. The mob controls everything. They got the gambling, unions, narcs, and most importantly, the brothels. Next thing you know, they’re gonna control the cheese industry, heaven forbid.

  10. Rico420 says:

    oh no man I'm a believer – it all makes sense though as I just outlined above – it was definately Don Pascoali of the Manhatten Family.

  11. Rico420 says:

    Hahah man you cracked me up with that one!

  12. sakukoivumc11 says:

    Hmmm let me see….."An alien is coming and plays hockey"  or "there will be  a trade today " you consider these amusing ?  If people would stop writing stupid Leaf articles or the Sundin saga, this site would be great.  As a Habs fan I am also getting tired of the Hab articles that don't say shit or mean nothing to the average hockey fan.  But Kramer has good input at times so when I see he responded I go to check it out but than I see an alien landed or something stupid…..makes me want to go home and listen to my wife talk about hockey !!

  13. mtlman2005 says:

    it would make perfect sense: trade for him, put him in the minors where he doesn't count against the cap, and trade someone with a big salary. Everyone knows the rangers are after sundin, so if they try to trade for cap space they will have to be on the losing end of the deal. In this case, they get one player that they can send anywhere they want!

  14. hockey_lover says:

    Yeah actually, I do. I like the randomness of it. Besides, like I said, its better than some of the other crap thats on this site.

    Sooo let me get this straight … you are sick of all the Leafs and/or Sundin articles but as a Habs fan, you want more Habs articles? Lest I remind you, this isnt a Habs news/trade site. "Fans" like you are even worse than Kramer. At least we know he is just trying to be funny … whether you like his sense of humor or not, thats not the point. But you seem to think that this site should be tailored for your tastes.

    Im a Pens fan. I could care less if I NEVER see a Pens article on this site. Why? Cause Im a hockey fan first. Thats why I come here. To read HOCKEY news. You seem to want to read HABS news. I suggest googling for a site that contains only HABS news that you want to hear.

  15. Rickler says:

    Yeah, I think we'll see some deals after Christmas for sure…
    It will be interesting what effect the Sundin signing has on the NHL.

  16. argonacon says:

    they do control the cheese industry. in montreal anyways. those saputo bastards…

    no wonder you can get 99 cent slices in montreal still…its a giant money laundering scheme.

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