Rumors have Rangers in mist of deal…..

Ottawa supposedly has been interested in gritty winger Matthew Barnaby of the NY Rangers…..

Muckler likes what he sees in Barnaby, who could be packaged away with Klouck and Dvorak….

While Sather has his eye on what he believes is his LW 1st Line Tough guy…..Magnus Arvedson, and Jarko Ruutu. But Sather hasn’t forgotten the D needs help and is also trying to land defensive-men Karel Rachunek from Ottawa.Somehow Dvorak always seems to find a way to not be traded. His torn ACL last year, on the night that the rumor started of Poti being dealt to the Rangers was luck for Dvorak, and bad for York….. as rumor has in Poti would have been here, and with York still on Broadway. And now Dvorak hurt’s his other leg…. but this time not long enough….

Expect Dvorak to be sent packing early this season and maybe soon… before his price run’s out even more.

On an Ottawa note… Muckler still say’s he will not trade these guy’s, but of corse GM’s saying they won’t trade there players are always said up until the day the deal is done.

If this deal went down It may help both sides…… Rangers would get the best of it….. Dumping some salary and bringing in some big guns……

Ottawa would probably get the worst of it, but not too bad. Klouck needs a fresh start and could be very good with the Ottawa type of playing…… Barnaby would still fill his role….. and could up in maybe 12 more goals for Ottawa. Dvorak…. Talent is there but he’s got to find it…

Ottawa and Rangers don’t play this month…

on a smaller note: Devils could waive Zyuzin… note to Sather….. Go for it.