Rumors heating up for Sundin!

It’s about 26 days until the NHL trade deadline, and alot of rumors have been going around Leafs land that Sundin will be traded.

If you were the leafs GM would you consider talking Sundin into waiving his no trade clause? If you do who would you trade him for?

I heard that teams like Detroit, Philadelphia, canucks, Flames, Pittsburgh, Dallas, and many more are interested in acquiring Sundin before or during the trade deadline.

One interesting trade rumor that I heard was Philly sending young gun Carter, and a 1st round draft pick to Toronto for Sundin. I thought that this would be a good trade, but would Philly blow a young talented player who has many years left in him to play, where Sundin has only 1 or 2 years left!

According to, Sundin met with Fletcher, but doesn’t say if he convinced him to waive his no trade clause. He hasn’t grown tired of these rumors, but he told reporters that, “Beautiful,” with a slight smile. “That’s part of the deal, when your team is in the position we are in, that comes with the territory. That doesn’t bother me.” Sundin did meet up with Fletcher on Wednesday night, and both agreed that Sundin’s future in Leaf land is not up for decision.

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  1. FarFromFreedom says:

    The Carter for Sundin deal was shot down weeks ago, dont expect that happening.

  2. Armstrong67 says:

    Philly is crazy enough to send Carter for Sundin, why wouldn't they if they believe they can win this year (maybe not if this is considered a rebuilding year).  Why would they still want Forsberg?  If they don't get him, wouldn't Sundin be wanted next (in Philly) according to the current rumors?

    A TSN analyst mentioned (opinion only) that Anaheim might be the best fit for Sundin.  They have the cap room.  The assets.  A desire to repeat for a cup.  A Swede named Selanne.  And maybe Burk is salivating at the fact that when he takes over in Toronto this summer, it would be nice to have Anaheim's draft pick's and young players to start with (again just more speculation).

    Either way, no sense in waiting.  Start the revolution now!

  3. ovechkin8 says:

    anaheim does not have the cap room unless they give up a high price to get sundin. They are already barely squeeking selanne and niedermayer in. And brian burke doesnt even want the job for leafs GM. By the way selanne is a finn

  4. omegz says:

    Um.. Armstrong67… Selanne is called the Finnish Flash for a reason… not the Swedish Flash.

    I would talk to Sundin and give him two options, let us trade him to a contender or get him to sign another one year deal, so I can try to trade him next year.

  5. lafleur10 says:

    Let's get one thing straight right now!!BRIAN BURKEis not going to toronto in the off-season!!i repeat he's not going to toronto!! in the off-season!!!you guys will probably end of with jim rutherford(carolina )g.m.i think sundin will waive his n.t.c clause and will get the leafs a good return for their future!!i think that team will be detroit they are going to counter anaheim's move getting selanne back!so i think detroit is his destination!!

  6. Armstrong67 says:

    My bad, thought Selanne was a Swede!  As for Burke, he has said all the politically correct things to keep things happy in Anaheim but has also stated things like "Toronto is the centre of the hockey universe" and "it's appalling how JFJ was treated."

    Pretty sure if his contract is not adequately extended in Anahiem, he will be looking to move.  But is only speculation.

    Sundin's salary for the prorated rest of the Season is just over 2 million, Burke can make that up easily.

  7. Armstrong67 says:

    Either way, Burke or Rutherford, Anaheim or Detroit, I agree, Sundin will wave the NTC.

    Do you have an opinion of who Detroit would part with?

  8. Armstrong67 says:

    Brain failure here.  Sorry bout the Swede/Finn thing.

    Don't you think if Sundin doesn't want out of T.O. now, he wouldn't want out next year either? 

    I feel if they sign him it should be for 3 or more years and truly go out to build around him!  Like 2002-2004, but finish the job.

    I belive the best option is to trade him and start the next stage in Toronto.

  9. lafleur10 says:

    as a habs fan of course its hard to say!!but as a hockey fan and a non-biased leafs fan i think this is what they get from the redwings!!i think they will get  mikeal sammuelsson,cory emmerton,and/or niclas kronvall, a 1st r.d pick in the draft!!i don't want leafs fans jumping all over me about the sammuelson pick-up but he is a veryuseful player that would help toronto more than he's helping the redwings!plus emmerton,andand kronvall are a big part of the wing future and are some of there better prospects !the first r.d pick will be a later one probably 30th overall but if you package that up with something else you can move down in the draft and land some really good prospects for your rebuilding procees!YOU have to start somewhere!Aand i'm trying to be realistic and not rediculos or a dreamer like some fans!!i think this is avery realistic deal and a very good return for sundin !who i believe will return next year with you guys!!

  10. arigold says:

    The Leafs are not going to look to bring in another contract when dealing Mats.  Whoever puts up the most picks will get Mats.  Everyone seems to think Detroit is the favourite because of the Swedish factor.  I think they are the favourite because they have proved in the past that they are willing to part with picks to field a contender.  Other teams that could put up a fight in the picks department are Pittsburgh, Vancouver and Calgary.  I think Pittsburgh is the most obvious second choice.  With a team as young as theirs, draft picks over the next few years probably aren't as valuable.  I can see them parting with at least 2-3 picks, and a player like Esposito if they believe they can make a run at a cup.

    Vancouver is always gunshy, and highly overrates their younger players like Edler and Kessler.  I don't see them having the gonads to pull the trigger on that one.  Calgary realizes they have a small window of opportunity, and wants to be back in the final badly.  I think they are more likely than Vancouver to make a real offer.

    Outside chance award goes to Anaheim.  Whether or not they make an attempt at acquiring Sundin will depend on this next road trip.  If they start winning a lot of games, they will most likely stand pat.  If they go on a losing streak, Burke will feel the need to beef up and get back to the finals.  The Leafs could make a deal with Anaheim and take salary off of their hands if they get some under the table confirmation that Burke will eventually take that job.  Don't be surprised if that happens.

  11. Armstrong67 says:

    Nice comments.  I agree all the way!

  12. the_word says:

    Anahiem I think is the most likely suitor, the have all the pieces already in place, Mats would put them well over the top as the hands down favorite for the cup.  With Sundin being a rental, Burke only having enough room for Mats in the short term (no tagging rule issues with Mats contract expiring) and having two first round draft and a lot of young talent all the part match up logically. 

    The only way I realistically see Burke taking this job is if the Leafs get after next season after his contracts up.  In the meantime Fletcher could have adequate time to tear apart this mess of a roster. 

  13. Leafs101 says:

    Fiirst there has to be a reason to trading Sundin

    If it's because we're not winning and we need to rebuild our team. FORGET IT!

    If your going to rebuild your team you have to have someone to rebuild around. Look at Pittsburgh they had like 10 years of not making the playoffs then they get Croby and start rebuilding aroung him.

    If I were the leafs I would trade Kubina to like st. louis, or chicago(who are need of a vetran d-man) which will clear a lot of cap and which could lead to better and younger players in the future.

    But what i really want to see is a d-man for d-man deal. Like Kubina to St. Louis for Eric Brewer.

  14. jpmac says:

    "A Swede named Selanne"  I am pretty sure that his nickname is the Finnish Flash, which I would think, induces he is from Finland and not Sweden.  Sorry to burst your bubble.

  15. goose says:

    to stlouis: tucker, kubina, white, and a 3rd


    to toronto: perron, brewer, mayers, and a 2nd

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