Rumors swirling as the trade winds blow in Vancouver

A hot commodity for teams right now shopping for power play help is defensemen Sami Salo. The Finnish McInnis is set to become unrestricted at the end of the year and because of his contract status many teams are contacting the Canucks to see if he is available. It should be noted that the Canucks are top in their division right now and Salo is a huge part of the Canucks success. I would have to think that Nonis is not willing to part with Salo via trade and is more likely to hang onto to him and take his chances trying to sign him to a contact extension.

The article goes o to speculate that the Canucks may be trying to pry Bill Guerin from the St. Louis Blues. Although it is well known that the Canucks have top notch goaltending and a solid defense if the Canucks are planning to make a serious run in the playoffs they are going to need some offensive help.

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  1. FlyerzFan12 says:

    The Flyers have Geoff Sanderson, Mike York, and Kyle Calder who could add a little offensive boost to your organization, with the latter 2 also being UFA at the end of the season if you choose to just use them as rentals, but we are not taking them back I hope.  If I was the Flyers I'd be willing to try and ship one of them with a draft pick for Cory Schnider since I've heard nothing but good things about that kid, except that you already have Luongo and a couple other goalies in the way.

  2. BieksaForMVP says:

    Assuming the pick wouldn't be a 1st rounder the Flyers are gonna have to get another 1st rounde rand give the Nuck's that pick, and likely a 4th, or maybe even 3rd overall pick. I know he's not proving or anything, but were talking in about arguably the best goalie prospect in the NHL (or who is going to be in the NHL). How about just a 2nd rounder for Calder, only because he's been terrible this year.

  3. mikster says:

    Enough with stupid immature harrassing comments, okay people? I hate deleting comments, but you force me to sometimes.


    I agree and the Canucks have a very weak farm system as far as quality depth. If they want a key forward, it will come at a hefty price and now since the Preds traded a hefty price for Fosrberg, the scorers out on the market will be pricey as well.

    I think Nonis will not make any big deal, more like subtle. Maybe Richard Zednik, Fredrik Modin would look good….

  4. FlyerzFan12 says:

    If I was the Flyers GM I would do a 2nd rounder for Calder in a heart beat.  I figured we would probably only receive a mid-round draft pick in return for Calder, or if we wanted a higher one, like a 2nd rounder, we would have to add in a late one ourselves because that the price you usually have to pay to unload a guy like him that makes around 2.8-2.9 a year.  But if the Canucks offered a 2nd rounder for him, I'd jump on it and stock pile some draft picks, even though its a pretty weak draft.

  5. nonhl2005 says:

    This is news to me, you delete comments? What kind of rumor/comment site is this that you delete comments? What happened to free speech, no matter how asinine it is? I agree with banishing posters that are just here to bad mouth people for their own immature amusement (splendid_chink RIP) after complaints from other posters, but to arbitrarily delete comments is just ridiculous. I found your comments about the Flyers intentionally injuring the Rangers completely immature and with out merit, why is that still up there?

  6. Gagne1286 says:

    I second that.

  7. mikster says:

    “posters that are just here to bad mouth people for their own immature amusement”

    That comment fit in that category and it was completely unnecessary. It was a disagreement, yet it had no basis….no arguable points. Just crap.

    I support freedom of speech all the way, but not unnecessary criticism for no reason with words that are offensive.

  8. tancred says:

    I haven't been over to the Rangers/Flyers thread in question, so I can't speak for that.  But I have been a message board moderator and site co-administrator on several sites for close to six years, so I can speak with a little experience there.  

    All of those boards and sites I worked with were literary, movie, and just general message boards.  My fellow moderators and administrators and I deleted comments all the time.  Depending on the size of the board and the membership, there could even be multiple deletions of posts in one day.  It wasn't arbitrary, though; if the sites' rules were being broken, the individual post in question was either edited or outright deleted.  We would leave a note in the thread as to why.  [comment deleted for flame-baiting–tancred]  That way, the poster would know who edited it and why.  The other members would also know, and that would give them an example of what they could or could not do.  The moderator would then email the violating poster, explain everything, and warn them.  Usually, a person who was warned three times was suspended.  Anything after that, and they were banned.  If a violation was really flagrant, they'd be banned outright.  This was especially the case if posters attacked one another verbally.  One snide remark or instance of name-calling just breeds more.  It can't be tolerated.
    Simply put, free speech doesn't exist on message boards, because each board is "owned" by a private individual.  That owner can set any rules they wish (as long as they are not illegal–things that would basically amount to fraud, prostitution, etc), and anyone joining that board must abide by those rules.  Its usually part of the membership agreement each of us agrees to when we sign up.   
    The most perfect explanation I've seen of this is from a board I used to moderate at.  Here is a link to their posting policy.  It was a shining example of what a message board should be, and made everything run like clock-work.  
    The idea of having free speech on a private message board just isn't plausible or real.  
    From all the years of experience I had moderating and administering other message boards, I'm quite surprised rules against flaming, name-calling, and other verbal attacks aren't enforced as strictly here at HTR.  I don't mean this as a criticism; I'm a fellow moderator, so I know the job is a lot tougher and more time-consuming than it seems like it would be.  Its just that the attacking and abusive posts are so common-place here, and they would never be allowed at any of the other sites I've worked for.   
  9. nonhl2005 says:

    It just seemed odd you would make the comment about deleting immature comments at the same time you add one yourself about the Flyers intentionally trying to hurt the Rangers.  I for one didn't see the comment you deleted, which by the time line of the original post could not have been up for more then a few minutes. Maybe you could have just deleted the comment and sent a personal note to the poster with a warning or ban them.  

  10. kamullia says:

    I think I am all for deleting comments so long as the harassment is directed toward someone who is writing a post or article, so long as we get to have the freedom of speech of still being able to say “Bob Clarke sucks” or “The Flyers suck” types of comments, so long as there is a point to it.

    God knows there is not enough of those directed to some. Charles Wang, anyone?

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