The two-headed look in Colorado ­– president Joe Sakic and VP/coach Patrick Roy — is trying to make changes after pushing GM Greg Sherman to the background. Sources say Roy has been aggressive in an attempt to have success behind the bench right away. There is talk the Avs have been trying to see if the Leafs have any interest in centre Paul Statsny. Toronto needs a No. 1 centre and Stastny has one year left at $6.6 million before becoming a UFA … Confirm or deny: The Florida Panthers tried to acquire Matt Duchene from the Avs and were quickly turned down? … Calgary GM Jay Feaster, who has marching orders to make the playoffs next season, has been busy working the phones. He’s not only trying to deal some of the club’s three first-round draft picks, he has also been shopping Mike Cammalleri.

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  1. mapleleafsfan says:

    Tanguay and Sarich for David Jones and Obrien?

    Tanguay is old but surely he could have returned a little bit of value. It’s a fairly irrelevant trade I guess, but I still think it favours colorado. Jones is overpaid and Obrien is nothing.

    • The deal favors Colorado. IMO, Sarich is an upgrade over O’brien. If the idea going forward was to shed salary, Flames failed here. They take back 500k more in salary (I know, it’s not much) but in the long run, Colorado saves as contract length is shorter.

      • reinjosh says:

        Sarich is not an upgrade over O’Brien. Sarich has been brutal for the Flames. It could be an Avs win since Sarich only has one more year on his contrac though.

        But this Flames lost this trade. I’m none to pleased with Feaster on this. In fact I haven’t been pleased with a single trade of his since he took control…

        • O’Brien has been terrible. I still consider Sarich an upgrade, although older I believe.

          I agree on Feaster. I’ve seen nothing positive.

          • mojo19 says:

            Is this David Jones guy better than we think? He’s 28, so he’s in his prime but he’s had a few 20 goal seasons. I have no clue what type of player he is though. Is he tough? Is he finesse?

            Overall, I’m unimpressed for the Flames because it does look like a hefty contract they’re picking up here. Who knows, maybe they needed a culture change, so they’re shipping out the older vets. I guess that’s it. Money is close to equal…

  2. reinjosh says:

    Phaneuf spent an average 3 minutes and 6 seconds on teh PK last season. Only one number 1 dman spent more time on the PK than him…Chara (although you could considered Beauchemin a number 1 last year). The players above him are number 2 guys.

    The Leafs have a desperate need to add a top pairing dman to the team. It would make help the team immensly and take off the huge amount of work we place on Phaneuf.

    • nordiques100 says:

      I still think the return for Dion would be much like what the Blues gave up for J-Bo and simply put, that’s not worth it for the Leafs.

      I know, Leaf Nation will lament not getting a 1st instead of seeing Dion walk for nothing, but if the goal is to be a better team next year than this past year, well we need Dion.

      He needs help. If a top 4 guy could be added to join Franson, Gardiner and Dion in the top 4, that would be huge for what Carlyle wants his team to do. Gunnarsson, Fraser and Liles as next in line, then you can say there’s some real depth there. But that top 4 guy is really really needed for Toronto to take that next step.

  3. leafy says:

    I heard the Bruins are trying to deal Tyler Seguin. Economics being a big factor and having to resign several core players.

    Other dudes available in addition to Letang are Braydon Coburn, Rich Peverley, Dave Bolland, Tom Gilbert, Drew Stafford, Thomas Vanek, Ales Hemsky, and Valtteri Filppula can be had.

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