Russia is 2003 World Jr Champs

Yuri Trubachev scored the winner midway through the third period as Russia beat Canada 3-2 to win their second consecutive world junior title.

Finland held off the United States 3-2 in an earlier game to win its second consecutive bronze medal.

The 2004 world championship will be held in Finland at Helsinki and Hameenlinna.

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  1. mikster says:

    Damn Russians beat the Canadians and USA didn’t even win the bronze, disappointing…neh? I think they planned on breaking the Canadian players’ ankles!

    One thing i appreciated is Fedor Tjutin assisting n the game winner.

  2. ibleedblueandwhite says:

    no matter what Canada is still the best.


  3. Tony says:

    Just to add a few things….

    MVP and Top Goaltender was Marc-Andre Fleury, Canada

    Best Defenseman was Joni Pitkanen, Finland

    Best Forward was Igor Grigorenko, Russia

    All Star Team

    C-Yuri Tubachev, Russia

    W- Scottie Upshall, Canada

    W- Igor Grigorenko, Russia

    D- Carlo Colaiacovo, Canada

    D- Joni Pitkanen, Finland

    G- Marc-Andre Fleury, Canada

    Other team top players were:

    Czech Republic- Jiri Hudler

    Sweden- Robert Nelsson and Alexander Steen

    USA- Zach Parise

    Finland- Jussi Jokinen and Tuomo Ruutu

    Feel free to add anyone I missed.

  4. Leaf_Expert says:

    Lupul was nothin but an extra body, the scouts should have gotten a more talented player….

    And Tootoo…..WAAAY OVER-RATED! Sure hes a great hitter, but hes got horrible speed along with awful puck handling….

    Also! The coaching was terrific the entire tournement, but in the last minute WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???they had Bouchard(who has been struggling the entire tournement)Tootoo, Roy, and Wellwood….C’MON, where was Upshall? theres NO WAY you have Tootoo on and not Upshall, same for a guy whos been struggling(Bouchard)….

    Either way…I’m sorry Upshall will have to accept the fact his coach was a moron when it counted!

  5. mikster says:

    Colaiacovo did better than Pitkanen.

  6. Tony says:

    I didn’t pick these awards it was the directors of the tournament. I guess the Fin defensemen was a better two way player. Some are calling him a future Norris winner.

  7. cwhockey says:

    From what I read, it looked like Kari Lehtonen did a stellar job in net for the Finns (even though he didn’t play in the bronze medal game). Hell of a job to get the Finns to that bronze medal game.

  8. pantherboy says:

    I dunno what makes people think this kid is a great hitter. He runs across half of the ice, then smacks into some player. In hockey we like to call that a charge.

  9. Leaf_Expert says:

    I agree completely with you….

  10. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    I’m not sure if this kid is a great hitter or a future NHLer either. All I know is he brought alot of excitement to the ice. And the fans appreciated him. They didn’t say he was going to score goals. He was an energy player.

    Someone that gets the team going when needed. He’s built like a brick shithouse and likes to throw that around.

    With all this kid has gone through, he is easily the MVP of the Major Junior Season.

  11. amok says:

    The Russians deserve congratulations for their well deserved gold. I thought that they dominated the Canadians in every aspect other than goaltending and the score was very misleading of the play. Even when it was 2-1 Canada it seemed as if the Russians were still in control and it would be them who determined who won the game, not Canada.

    The only thing I did not like about the Russians’ play was all the diving, especially Ovechkin’s snow angels, which seemed to be the only one that duped the refs (no penalty, but the play was stopped). I guess that’s to be expected when your captain spits at the camera when he receives a penalty, which seemed like something a pissed off ten year old might be clever enough to come up with.

    From a Canucks’ standpoint I was interested in watching Kiril Koltsov, who looked good and led Russian defensemen in scoring, however I hope that he stops those acrobatic dives – I don’t want to see the kid hurt himself. Still, it was good to see one solid Canucks prospect, as for hte most part they don’t have many worth watching.

  12. amok says:

    From the limited Finland games I saw I would list the Oilers prospect Jesse Niinimaki and Dallas prospect Jussi Jokinen.

    Canada’s Ian White changed how teams guarded the Canadian powerplay with his great shot. Kyle Wellwood and Derek Roy were absolutely dominant at faceoffs.

    USA’s Rob Goepfert was great whenever I saw him play. He kept the Canada/US game close.

  13. amok says:

    If you made those comments about Tootoo two days ago you’d probably have an angry mob gathering outside your house.

    I agree though, he did get a lot more praise than most two point scorers will. He’s an energy guy, but really, if your team needs energy in the last two minutes of a gold medal game you should check their pulse. I’d rather have an offensive player out there to score.

  14. Tony says:

    You saw that spit thing too, at first I thought he was just spiting out water or something but then he kept on doing it. I’m still wondering if he was doing that on purpose.

  15. amok says:

    I’m 99.9% sure it was on purpose. At first I didn’t think anything of it, but he just kept on going, and it’s not like it was water/gatorade. Maybe he was spitting on the glass as a gesture to the ref (who I thought did an excellent job of letting the teams play). Pretty immature for a captain to be doing.

    Trubachev must have attended Bill Guerin’s class on ‘the captain setting a good example.’

  16. montrealbruinsfan says:

    Well as much as I hate to admit it. The better team won this tournament. The Russians DID dominate and if it wasn’t for Fleury the game would have been lopsided. In the end the Russians simply had more talent and skill and also showed a fair amount of grit and determination. Message to Hockey Canada: You can’t win on grit and determination alone, you need skill.

    On another note, am I the only one who thought Parenteau was a bum? The guy missed like 5 open nets, sure he had 3 goals or something but those were off rebounds with a wide open net that he FINALLY was able to hit. This guy is NOT going to make it in the NHL. A waste on the top line and PP if you ask me.

  17. montrealbruinsfan says:

    I think this is one for the record books: I also completely agree with you 😉

    I CAN’T believe Upshall was not on the ice for the last minute. He was our best player player overall and played with such heart and intensity it was contagious to the team.

    The player who I thought stunk the most in the tourney:

    – Parenteau : What a bum!! Plays on the top line, and the PP gets 3 goals but had someting like 5 or 6 OPEN NETS . Constantly tried to make too many moves and was weak defensively. Guess it’s obvious this guy ticked me off, but come on he blew so many chances. Not just decent chances but GOLD, Platinum chances whatever you want to call it. He’s not going to make the NHL and if by some off chance he does he’ll be just like Jean-Yves Roy. Remember this bum? Played for Sens, Rangers, Bruins. Complete one dimentional player. No concept of defence and while he thought he was the next Lemeuix no one else did. Where is he now? Oh yeah playing in Europe and won gold for Canada at the Spengler Cup!

    – Bouchard:

  18. TC_4 says:

    Wasn’t anybody frustrated with how the Canadians played in this game though? I mean, I know some self proclaimed expert will tell me I’m wrong and a dumb ass, whatever, but this team choked in the biggest game of there lives. Yes this Russian team was damn good, but Canada didn’t play their game. They weren’t punishing the Russians at all. Whenever the Russians got into Canada’s zone, the Canadians should have made them pay, and get them scared. I don’t want to hear about how the Russians can’t be because there so big either. Because you can’t tell me that Russia is the tougher country. If anybody says that they should be shot for being so stupid. Jordin Tootoo is tougher than anybody on team Russia. So is Scottie Upshall, Steve Eminger, Joffrey Lupol, just about all of them are. They didn’t play with any confidence, espically when they got there last power play, what a dumb pass by Coliacovo off that face off win!!!

  19. Tradedude says:

    fluery, no. Lehtonen, yes!

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