Ryan-for-Kaberle trade? Really?

Based on some of his public statements, Toronto general manager Brian Burke has made it pretty clear that he’ll trade puck-moving defenseman Tomas Kaberle if a good offer comes across his table.

The intentions are pretty clear when you send out details of your player’s contract and the specifics of when his no-trade clause will be lifted to the other 29 NHL teams.

The Ducks are said to be one of at least four teams that have serious interest in Kaberle , according to this article by Michael Traikos of Canwest News Service . Who wouldn’t take a look at a four-time All-Star who is a proven point-producer from the blue line and is relatively underpaid at $4.25 million?

Ducks GM Bob Murray may be interested and he may not be. Kaberle , 32, would be a significant upgrade for a deficient blue line and, at the very least, be a nice insurance piece in case Scott Niedermayer does hang up his skates.

Bringing in Kaberle will come at a cost and Burke – Murray’s predecessor in Anaheim – is said to want a young scoring forward with size. Reading between the lines and it’s easy to say the outspoken executive wants Bobby Ryan in the worst way. At least that’s the case throughout cyberspace.

We know Burke took Ryan with the No. 2 pick in the draft behind Sidney Crosby and we know the 23-year-old sniper is exactly the type of player he needs to help rebuild his offense-challenged Maple Leafs. We also know that Ryan and the Ducks haven’t come to an agreement on a contract extension.

So would the Ducks consider trading Ryan for Kaberle ? Murray did address that part of the speculation, calling it “ridiculous.”

As much as they want to upgrade their defense, it’s hard to see Murray trading a potential 40-goal scorer with significant upside for a defenseman who can be an unrestricted free agent in 2011 and has never shown an inkling that he would sign with a team in the Western Conference.


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  1. Neely_8 says:

    Keep the dream alive Burke….not gonna happen unless you throw in Shenn or Kadri in that deal with Kaberle.

  2. futurebruin says:

    I'm sure they wouldn't mind Gustavvson, Bozak, or Gunnarsson though.

  3. leafit2me says:

    To ANA: B. Ryan, Parros, & Jake Gardiner

    To TOR: Kaberle, Schenn, Grabovski, Reimer
    * If Kaberke re-signs w/ ANA
    I think this is fair trade. Both teams get the position and skill players that they want, both get good prospects to restock the cupboard.
    Leafs: get a young scoring forward w/ size and a good puck moving defenseman that     MAY one day replace Kaberle. Parros is there mostly to balance the cap but bring more of what Burke likes (kind of redundant with Orr already on the roster but both are cheap).
    Ducks: Get a slick puck-moving defenseman that will be in a lot of highlight reel goals by teaming up with the likes of Perry and Getslaf, Schenn is a solid stay at home defenseman that IMO has a higher offensive upside than people think he does. Reimer is a young monster in his own. He has had some good numbers on the farm and will an opportunity to develop behind Hiller & McElhinney. Grabovski provides some good secondary scoring.
    I think Schenn, Reimer, & Grabo provide good compensation in the event Kaberle does not re-sign once his contract is up. Plus, with his brother being a prospect for the LA Kings this might be a good thing for the Schenn's.
  4. leafit2me says:

    If the above is accomplished; BB keeps Finger and trys to re-sign Van Rynn to a bare-bones 1yr deal (if he is healthy). Blacker, Aulie, & Gardiner are call-ups if necessary.

    BB then goes after Marleau (4 yrs, $27.5M), some spare parts to fill-out the roster along with resigning RFA's Hanson, Mitchell, & Kulemin.
    Parros-Mitchell-Orr   28
    Finger-Van Rynn
    Cap hit should be in the $55.5-$57M range
  5. 93killer93 says:



    Kaberle(need offensive defenseman)


    Neal(cheaper replacement for Ryan)
    Beauchemin(solid defenseman to replace Niedermayers minutes)
    Grabovski(secondary scoring they are looking for to replace koivu)

    Jake Gardiner


    Chi(Salary Dump)



    14th-Nick Bjugstad- 6'5'' Center
    71st-Greg Mckegg-6'0'' Center
    80th-Jared Knight-Kadri's Linemate in London

    Free Agents
    Dan Hamhuis 4 years 14mil
    Colby Armstrong 3 years 10 mil
    Paul Kariya 1 year 4 mil
    Mike Van Ryn 1 year 900k


    Aulie-Van Ryn


  6. mojo19 says:

    lol if we traded them Gustavsson! In less than a year we've already dealt Pogge, Toskala and MacDonald to the Ducks.

  7. leafit2me says:

    1. Armstrong brings the same size and skill sets as Kulemin. Why spend $3M on him when we can resign a much younger Kuli for $$2.5-2.75M?

    2. Kariya will not sign with the Leafs (I considered this 3 months ago). At this stage of his career he wants to do what Guerin, Selanne, & Madden have done. I see him considering a team like WAS or LA
    3. Thanks to the Komaserk deal last year, players like Hamphius and Volchenkov will be signing contracts in the $4-$5.5M range. The Leafs don't need to jam more cap into their defensive corps. I hear Vancouver will make a strong push for him being from BC and all.
    4. IMO Kadri and Caputi need another year in the minor leagues to mature both personally and skill-wise. Cap constraints may cause the Leafs to play one or both next season.
    5. I really liked Bozak last season but if we listed the #1 centers in the East (let alone the entire NHL) you and I both know he would rank in the bottom half.
  8. mojo19 says:

    1. Armstrong is a good, solid support winger, but I don't think he has Kulemins defensive capabilities. That guy is a tenacious backchecker, I love that part of his game.

    2. Bang on, Kariya has never won a cup.

    3. couldn't agree more

    4. Hmmm… I can't really judge that, you may or may not be right, but I think both guys will have to really prove themselves at camp, and both will get a good look. I believe Caputi will make the team.

    5. Agree. I love Bozak…as the #2 centre of the Toronto Maple Leafs

  9. leafit2me says:

    RE Kadri & Caputi: 

    1. Yes he will have to prove himself in camp. The thing I fear is that Wilson and Burke might give him more leeway than he deserves because they need him to crack the lineup to make things work capwise which may or may not be in his best interest in terms of player development. Funny how the business side of the game can be ruthless in that regard.
    2. The other thing that worries me is their attitudes. I'm not saying that they have bad attitude (ala Kassian or Grabovski) but I just think the age factor and the fact that both would be playing in front of hometown fans everyday, not to mention the Toronto media that would be all over Kadri's every step….I just don't think thats a good thing. 
    3. Caputi's minutes last season dropped steadily after his first few games as a TML. I dont think that sitting for 45-50 mins of the game helps with player development and right now I dont think that there is spot for him on the top 6 ahead of Stalberg, Hansen, Kadri and Kulemin.
  10. cam7777 says:

    I think it's entirely possible that Ryan becomes a Leaf for much less than people are anticipating.  It's pretty hysterical if you think Kadri or Schenn are going to Anaheim.  Maybe if Ryan had two years left on his entry-level deal, but the fact is, Anaheim doesn't have that kind of leverage right now.  I said this a while back, but perhaps Anaheim will look for a winger in their price range, and an additional add on if they deal Ryan.  A three-way trade that works for everyone:

    To Anaheim:

    James Neal
    2nd in 2011 (tor)

    To Dallas:

    Tomas Kaberle
    James Reimer

    To Toronto:

    Bobby Ryan
    Todd Marchant

    Anaheim dumps 1.125 million by moving out Marchant (this is actually helping them out quite a bit given their wealth of affordable 4th line, AHL talent, and lack of financial stability).  They trade Ryan (seeking upwards of 5 million) for Neal (seeking about 4 million), which is not a massive downgrade, but obviously more in their price range.  They also land a high pick for next year's draft.  Compared to an offer-sheet, this is a sweetheart offer.

    Dallas moves the winger they can't afford to resign for the puck-mover they desperately crave.  Presumably this would leave them shopping Ribeiro to get under their self-imposed cap, but otherwise intact.  Benn and Glennie can easily cover the lost ice-time of Neal, and at a quarter of the cost.  Also, Dallas has long been in the market for a young goalie prospect.  They lost out on Gustavsson, Rynnas and Scrivens, but Reimer is available, and ahead of the latter two on the depth chart.

    The Leafs move a star defensemen, a prospect, and a pick, and take back a young star, and a useless (to Anaheim) contract.  Again, if Ryan is forcing his way to July 1st, which it looks like he is, than this is better than the 1st, 2nd and 3rd they'd get in the 2011 draft if someone gets the oppurtunity to front-load an offer-sheet and price the ducks out.  Also, you have to think Murray doesn't think as highly of Ryan as many of the fans on these websites do.  After all, the man started negotiations at 3 million, and is unwilling to go above 4.5.  It doesn't sound to me like he feels Ryan is as integral as fans like to think.  And to be fair, the Ducks do have Getzlaf, Perry, Lupul, Selanne, and Blake – which is a decent scoring group – as well as Holland, Beleskey, Palmieri, and others coming up, plus two selections in the first round this year (probably a Granlund or Niedderreiter, and maybe even a Kabanov).  So it's not as though Ryan's goals are irreplaceable.  Neal himself scored only 8 fewer than Ryan this year…

  11. leafit2me says:

    I can live with that.

    I still don't think we need to pursue an Armstrong. I would rather we traded Grabo for the highest pick we can get (hopefully the 2nd we gave up for him) and use the cap savings from that and an Armstrong signing to get a #1 center like a Marleau.
    We made that mistake last year when BB extended Grabo for $2.9M and then went out and signed 2 similar-ish style defenseman in Beach and Komi. Had we only signed one of them and not extended Grabo we might have been able to sign Cammaleri who was in the building that morning.
  12. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Not sure why you keep thinking that your gonna get a 1st and 3rd for Kulemin. Everybody and there brother knows that the Leafs and Kulemin are in a contract battle. Burke has publicly stated that Kulemin is asking for the sun, moon and the stars with this contract.

    The only way Burke gets a 1st round pick for a contract holdout is by trading with himself. He seems to be the only one that throws 1st round picks away for contract problem players who are asking more than they're worth.

  13. leafmeister says:

    Yeah. Getting a future 40 goal, possibly 50 goal sniper who is a proven NHL commodity is really "throwing away" draft picks. Did he overpay? Probably. Is it totally decided yet? Absolutely not. Either way, the Leafs have Kessel, and he is a very valuable asset.

  14. cam7777 says:

    Kulemin is asking for 2.7 million.  Some people think he's deserving of that. Like I keep saying whenever this is brought up, you don't think that Pittsburgh or Detroit woudl rather have a 2.7 million dollar Kulemin than a late 1st and a late 3rd in the weakest draft in a decade (2011)?  Of course they'd rather have Kulemin you brainless toad.  Picks that late have less than a 50% chance of making the NHL (probably closer to 30%), and they take years to develop.  Cup ready teams don't give a shit about late picks.

  15. Kev_Leafs says:

    I'd love it if Burke ends up swinging a deal even remotely this good for Kaberle.  I'm worried we're going to end up with a couple 2nd rounders or some decent 3rd liner and a pick.

    I'd be ecstatic over getting Neal, let alone Ryan. 

    Gotta love Whitby boys.  Nieuwendyk, Roberts, the Primeaus, Foote, Neal, Ranger.

    If Kaberle is gone and Van Ryn is a no-go, I'm all for trying to steal Ranger from Tampa for next to nothing (a sixth rounder?) – under the pretences of 'letting him play close to home might do him some good'.  Maybe Stevie will bite.

    I was raised in Whitby and am totally biased. 

  16. cam7777 says:

    Not true at all.  Beauchemin was signed days after the free agent frenzy, long after Cammalleri was a Hab.  Cammalleri signed with Montreal on July 1st, Grabovski was signed the next day, and Beauchemin was signed a few days later.  Cammalleri would have been nice, in hindsight, but 6 million is a lot of money for him.  It looks like he would have been worth it right now, but it was not so crystal clear last year.  Remember, Cammalleri has had a history of having radically different performances year in and year out.  Burke was willing to pay 5, and Gainey was willing to pay 6.

    As for the original discusion.  If the deal for Ryan went through, I would look to sign a 2nd tier forward, keep Grabovski, and maybe make a push for David Clarkson.  Also, if it's true that Kyle Beach is on the table if someone is willing to take on Huet or Campbell, I would jump on that:

    To Chicago:

    Jeff Finger
    Kenny Ryan

    To Toronto:

    Cristobal Huet
    Kyle Beach

    -Cristobal Huet borrowed to a European club.

    To New Jersey:

    Jimmy Hayes
    John Mitchell
    5th in 2010 (NJD)

    To Toronto:

    David Clarkson

    -Clarkson extended 3 years, 7.5 million

    -sign Alexander Frolov, 1 year, 4.5 million
    -sign Matt Cooke, 3 years, 5.625 million

    alexander frolov (4.5) – tyler bozak (3.725) – phil kessel (5.4)
    viktor stalberg (0.85) – nazem kadri (1.75) – bobby ryan (5.0)
    nikolai kulemin (2.2) – m. grabovski (2.9) – dave clarkson (2.5)
    matt cooke (1.875) – todd marchant (1.125) – colton orr (1.0)

    fred sjostrom (0.75), christian hanson (0.9)

    dion phaneuf 'C' (6.5) – luke schenn (2.975)
    carl gunnarsson (0.8) – francois beauchemin (3.8)
    mike komisarek (4.5) – mike vanryn (0.75)

    phil oreskovic (0.525)

    jonas gustavsson (1.35) – j.s. giguere (6.0)

    I think Grabovski could really make himself valuable on this team if we give him another shot.  He was so much better when he returned from injury last year, even with less experienced linemates.  He has chemistry with Kulemin, and putting someone like Clarkson with these two could be money in the bank. 

    Frolov is looking for 5 million on a multi-year deal, but he's coming off a very weak performance last year.  Burke could try to sell him on a 1 year deal show-casing himself in the biggest market in the hockey world.  "come here alex, play on our top line, get all the attention – if we like you here, we'll give you the money you're looking for longer term, or trade you to a contender at the deadline."  We already know Kessel and Bozak have mad chemistry, so putting a big bodied Frolov with them would be a solid add on.  It's no Marleau, but it's pretty good.

    I really like this lineup because pretty much everyone is going to have to fight tooth and nail for their ice-time save for Kessel, Bozak and Ryan.  If Frolov is slacking, Stalberg or Kulemin can take his place.  If anyone in the bottom six is slacking, Hanson, Sjostrom, Caputi and Irwin are goin to be pushing for spots.  Even all the younger guys (Stalberg, Caputi, Hanson), could see guys like Paradis, DiDomenico, Beach (although if we actually landed Beach, I would try to swap him for a disgrunted Canuck prospect, ahem), and Stefanovich push for their spots.  VanRyn and Oreskovic are given the benefit of the doubt, but Holzer, Mikus and Aulie will be looking on constantly.  Hell, even Giguere has to be careful late in the year, or we'll just bring back Huet, or call up Scrivens or Rynnas.

    One more year of question marks, and by next summer, we'll truly see Burke's team.

  17. mojo19 says:

    Nice comment. I think I would take Caputi, based on what I've seen from him, right now over Stalberg and Hanson. Kadri I won't comment on, and Kulemin is the best of the bunch.

    someone made an intersting comparison of Stalberg and Jonas Hoglund. Big guy, decent hands, but just a perimeter player, a guy who looks like he has the tools to post 50-60 points but only puts up 30. I know they're not exactly the same, Hoglund had that heavy, deadly wrist shot that basically kept him around on Mats' line, and Stalberg has that breakaway speed, but there is definitely a comparison to be made.

    So I'm not sold on Stalberg yet, I actually prefer Freddy Sjostrom.

  18. mojo19 says:

    Switch Kenny Ryan with a different prospect. I like that kid. When they asked who his favourite player was growing up he answered "Darren McCarty" lol

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