Ryan Kesler to be a Flyer if Canucks don't match offer

The Philadelphia Flyers have signed Vancouver Canucks restricted free agent forward Ryan Kesler to an offer sheet. The deal is worth $1.9 million for one season.

The Vancouver Canucks have seven days to match this offer, but if they choose to walk away for financial reasons, they will receive a second round draft pick.

http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=177269&hubname=nhl and

http://www.philadelphiaflyers.com/pressbox/archive/2695.aspThe Canucks only have about $2.3 million to spend under the salary cap, making Kesler’s offer sheet difficult to match unless they make a trade.

My speculation is that Clarke is trying to push Nonis around. Clarke really wants Naslund, and is willing to trade Gagne, but Nonis wants Carter in the trade and in return he’ll add Kesler. Clarke wouldn’t part with both superstars, so now he’s trying to force Nonis’s hand. I like it.

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  1. Turnbull says:

    good move by Bobby C.,…..I hate the flyers, but I’d love to see Naslund and Forsberg together. Nonnis wont match the offer so it looks like Kesler will be a flyer.

  2. Turnbull says:

    Just read on Spectors that Nonnis has stated that the canucks WILL match the offer and will hold a press conference on wednesday to discuss the situation.

  3. habswinthecup-again says:

    I thought there was an unwritten rule that you do not sign anybody to an offer sheet? Leave it to this idiot to break that rule.

  4. marcs797 says:

    wow i love this move by clarke, except some GMs are saying there gonna make sick offers to the flyers RFA’s

  5. Flyers4Ever says:

    hate to tell you but all the flyer RFAs are already resigned.

  6. Flyers4Ever says:

    first R.J. and now Kesler. The vancouver canucks should just give the flyers their first round picks from now on lol.

  7. marcs797 says:

    yeah i know, but in the future with players like carter and richards

  8. Pedro says:

    Bobby breaking a unwritten GM rule here. Not good. He has done it before to Tampa Bay with Chris Gratton.

    Shame on bob, stick to your own players.

  9. marcs797 says:

    from the tsn article:

    Not surprisingly, there is all sorts of talk of retribution. Other GMs say they can hardly wait for some of the talented young Flyers – Jeff Carter and Mike Richards, in particular – to become restricted free agents so other teams can make Clarke’s life miserable with an offer sheet.

    But one GM cautioned against that type of thinking.

  10. Flyers4Ever says:

    chances are he’ll have those two signed before they hit the market. As long as he pays attention to the deadlines he’ll have no problems.

  11. deuceswild says:

    to all you who think clarke will let carter,richards,pitkanan or any of them fall in the hands of another team due to an offer sheet, u are sadly mistaken. He is a smart GM who knows who is the future of this team and who are the faces of the franchise for years to come. First off, the player does not HAVE to sign an offer sheet givin to him. From the looks of it, having all these young friends together(umberger,calder,richards and carter) they will want to stay here for a long time. Dont think Clarke will become unaware of possible situations, he will deal with the dates very well and sign them before such a thing could happen. He will not simply allow them to be taken. He will offer them good money and i doubt the player will want to move.

    Also, I dont think many GMs are going to really attack clarke for this move. I mean look back to when we gave an offer sheet for Gratton. Nothing happened that would plague us for years to come. I know the cap is in now, however, if GM’s mentality is to get back at others, this will only lead to bad things. Nothing good will come out of it, it will become a huge cycle and never be resolved.

  12. marcs797 says:

    yeah i agree, but just food for thought

  13. nonhl2005 says:

    That’s the pot calling the kettle black. Go back to the late 90’s, Federov and Carolina. Break what rule?

  14. Pedro says:

    never said it, never implied if you read the post.

    Bobby may get black balled now when it comes to negotiating trades, or more likely they will stick it to him.

  15. deuceswild says:

    o i wasnt tlking about ur post..sry its where i randomly responded to this talk

  16. Treva says:

    Finally some GMs start acting like businessmen. But bobby ought to be renamed `Balls` Clarke. Is this going to affect his trades in the future?

    Clarke wants to have kesler and umberger – who played together at uni

  17. gtweb says:

    It will be fun when Richards, Carter, Umberger, Meyer and Pitkanen are all tendered offer sheets by other NHL clubs.

    Clarke knew very well Nonis would match the offer…he was doing this to screw him over and send a message to the league. The message Clarke sent is that he is a jacka$$

  18. kamullia says:

    Clarke is a shithead. As if players salaries were not going through the roof already this year with all those arbitrations, all he has done is automatically drive prices up!

    And he thought Gagne was not worth $6M? But he offers a 20 goal scorer close to $2M. What is a 30 goal scorer worth then? And a 40? He just automatically drove prices through the roof with such an asinine offer for Kesler. It is not like they were going to get him, and he knew it! What good has he done with that move to anyone? He even screwed his own Flyers in the process. If Gagne would have been up for a contract next year, and not this one, Clarke would have had to sign him to $7M/year average in order to keep him, all because of his own move with Kesler.

    The agents are smoking some fat cigars right now, just dreaming of how good it is going to be. First some nut gives a 15 year contract, now some dumba$$ did not give full thought to the process and drove prices through the roof. How stupid!!

    GMs have a right to be mad at Clarke, but I hope they do not go out and do exactly what he did, because that will make things just worse, and would keep driving prices up. However, when it comes to trades, I hope the other GMs simply blackball the Flyers for the rest of the time Clarke is in office. What a shithead!

  19. gojiclan says:

    Does anybody here understand the process of signing RFAs? Unwritten rule my @$$, here’s why GMs do not often try to sign RFA’s:

    Most of the time trying to sign one requires you overpay for the player in hopes that the team that has his rights cannot afford to pay him. In compensation, the signing team must give away a draft pick, which varies depending on the amount the player signs for. Higher salary means higher draft pick. If you have to overpay for a player, expect to give up a 2nd or 1st round draft pick for the compensation.

    GMs have no unwritten rule of signing RFAs. They would rather not take a gamble on a player who often runs between ages 21-26 years old and give away a high draft pick, which is almost 100% going to happen when you try. Why do you think people are not going after Gomez, or Gagne, or Gionta or anyone else? Because they are already asking for huge money from their team, and if someone tries to swoop down and sign them for that amount, they have to give up a 1st round pick, maybe more I have to see the compensation sheet. Unwritten rule does not apply here, only business smarts, if you want him that badly, work out a sign and trade for another player, or wait unril he is an UFA.

    All of you fans out there that are looking at this on a personal level would fail as a GM. Its nothing personal, its business. Sure teams can try to blackball Clarke and go after Umberger, Pitkannen, and Carter when they become RFA’s next year, but would you be willing to overpay to the point where you must give up a 1st round pick? That would be the dumbest thing you could do, pump up a team with 2 or 3 first round picks.

    Clarke is showing how much of a tactician he is. Not only is he picking his fights on this matter, but he is forcing a team to make a move they are not prepared to make. This is the essence of the business world, and lets face it professional teams are a business now to the owners and personel that run them.

    Clarke is not trading Gagne, Primeau is going to retire, and they want another young prospect to take his place. Makes sense to pay 1.9 for youth (22) and take the 2nd round pick than shell out another 3 million for a player twice his age.

  20. AfroCon says:

    Happens all the time in all the other leagues with salary cap…

    Was bound to happen at some point in hockey too… and will probably happen more in the future too…

  21. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I love Clarie.

    People who are mad at him for this move forget the way he played. It was the same stick in your face – slash to the wrists moves as he does as a GM.

    I predicted Gagne would be moved if the contract negotiations went wrong. They didn’t but does anyone else find the idea of Clarke in MTL to finish the deal a little out of the ordinary? I do.

    As for Vancouver – Clarke will have the room under the cap for both Kesler and Brian Leetch who Clarke has been after for years. Leetch would be a GREAT replacement for Primeau in terms of short term leadership which is according to my sources inside the Flyers – is the biggest problem other than defending other great players.

    Why would Nonis trade Naslund? The guy is an A-LIST STUD. If so – buy me one of his Flyers jersies.

    Second prediction: Clarke inks a deal with Forsberg next. 2 more years as SOON as he shows he can play without pain. He’ll never make 82 games but MAN that guy is good.

    As for Flyers UFA – Clarke will sign them. Don’t worry. Plus the cap will be higher by then. The NHL is fixed and teams are making $$$….

  22. Believe83 says:

    The canucks have enough enough room currently to sign Ryan Kesler, A back up goalie, and valerie bure or radek dvorak let me show you how.

    According to TSN.ca here is a list of those players that are currently signed to a one way contract.

    Roberto Luongo $6 million

    Markus Naslund $6 million

    Daniel Sedin $3.575 million

    Henrik Sedin $3.575 million

    Mattias Ohlund $3.5 million

    Willie Mitchell $3.5 million

    Brendan Morrison $3.2 million

    Matt Cooke $1.5 million

    Sami Salo $1.5 million

    Jan Bulis $1.3 million

    Marc Chouinard $1.1 million

    Taylor Pyatt $700,000

    Trevor Linden $600,000

    Rory Fitzpatrick $525,000

    Yannick Tremblay $450,000

    Kevin Bieksa 502,500

    Lukas Krajicek Undisclosed (likely no more than 1 million)

    Alexandre Burrows (likely no more than 600,000)

    Total Money Against cap = 39.2 Million

    If they sign kesler add $1.9 million

    Back up goalie (Shields) $500,000

    Bure, or Dvorak add $1.5 million

    Also add $500,000 for brandon reid who will likely see some NHL this year and you new total

    $43.6 million

    Is this a comfortable place to be as a GM no but the thing is it can be done.

    And chances are they won’t sign Bure or Dvorak which means farm players like Jesse Schultz, Jason King, and maybe even Lee Goren will get to see some action. so without bure or dvorak in line this is what the line up should look like.











    Schultz, King, Goren, Bieksa, Trembley, Maxime Quellett

  23. BruMagnus says:

    At least the shithead was smart enough to re-sign Gagne first before pulling this stunt.

    As it is, two of my least favorite teams are the Flyers and Canucks.

  24. PensFansRejoice says:

    For the cap to go higher they are going to need to better national tv deal and they arent going to get one. I seriously doubt the cap will increase much at all the next 2-3 seasons…

  25. BruMagnus says:

    Leetch is going to the Rangers

  26. BruMagnus says:

    That is the actual salary paid and not what goes against the Cap.

    Go to http://hockeyanalysis.com/?page_id=333

    It doesn’t have Linden’s $600,000 ($800,000) or Kesler’s $1.9M yet. Right now it stands at: $39,045,000

  27. Gretzkin says:

    According to TSN the Canucks only have 1 Million to play with and another roster player to sign after they pay Kesler.

  28. BruMagnus says:

    Here is the NHL compensation for signing a RFA:

    Offer Compensation

    660,000 or less none

    Over 660,000 to 1 million 3nd Round Pick

    Over 1 million to 2 million 2nd Round Pick

    Over 2 million to 3 million 1st Rd and 3rd Rd Pick

    Over 3 million to 4 million 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Rd picks

    Over 4 million to 5 million Two 1st, One 2nd and One 3rd

    Over 5 million Four 1st rd picks

  29. Gretzkin says:

    Cut throat filthy buggers really.

    Bob Clarke just fired one across the bow during a cease fire, which is what the new CBA really is.

    Now that he’s raised the value of a 10 goal scorer to 1.9 million, watch out for all of the other young kids and agents who renegotiate next year.

    Expect this to be somewhat of an isolated incident. The GM’s that have responded are pissed.

    I’m not against business and sneaky moves, but moves like this can only be bad in the long run. He’s just driving up the costs of other teams in the future, and don’t expect this not to happen to him. He’s just got all of his guys signed at the moment, so he’s just laughing.

    I think it’s a bad move on his part. Just because allegedly Nonis wouldn’t deal with him in the summer, Clarke throw a wrench into his spokes, but don’t expect the other GM’s to be happy about this and work well with him in the future.

    He’s shot himself in the foot a little bit, and opened a can of worms that will play out next time around.

    Idiotic. I like him, but dumb move.

    Read the TSN article, it sheds some light on the fallout approaching.

  30. kamullia says:

    GMs have no unwritten rule of signing RFAs.

    That is completely the opposite of what the actual GMs are saying in the press. I find it hard to believe that the people involved in the business, especially the veterans, would all (to this point not one GM has taken Clarke’s side) be mad at this move if they are all business men? There is three possible explanations that come to mind: Every single one of the NHL GMs is incompetent to have the same reaction accross the board…or the entire north american press reporting the reaction from the other GMs are fabricating the quotes and views…or Clarke actually did do something legal, but broke an unwritten rule which the GMs have claimed exists in the past (it did not just surface after this offer sheet was given, it has been talked about in the past long before).

    Regardless of the above, you fail to see the ramifications of handing out such grossly overpayment and the ramifications it will have as to salary in the future. This even works against Clarke’s strategy as is, because not only he did not get the player, but he just guaranteed that a replacement for his intended Kesler will cost him far more, especially if it is a veteran with better qualifications than Kesler.

    In the end, the move by Clarke accomplished absolutely nothing, but enfuriate the vast majority of the GMs and tie up the Canucks hands a bit temporarily (but this can be resolved). And to top it off, his own move works against him, since the next agent to get on the phone with Clarke will pressure him money wise, after having given such dumbfounded offer to a player who is clearly not worth it. This could potentially render Clarke a liability to the Flyers if everyone decides to black-ball him in trades and the like. He could be left with just his picks, UFAs and his existing players (if he is able to sign them) to manage if no one talks trades with him. Talk about an expensive proposition.

  31. kamullia says:

    Indeed. That is the only smart thing he did, as far as the offer sheet move.

  32. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

    I think this is great…….espically for the league. This whole clarke is shamefull thing is shit, I think that the league needs for of this stuff.

    Think about it, if you offer a shhet to anyone under 600k than no comp. and if they get from the 600-1, its only a 3rd rnd pick, and 1-2 its a secong pick. This is a pretty good deal, and on this site wqe have already talked about good players under 1mill, so offering a player like kessel his 1.9 mill and only having to give up a 2nd rounder i think is a good way to go. It keeps gms on their tippy-toes thinking that they need to sign back their own players first than worry about bringing in others, kind of what gainey did this summer. You bring in others think you have all the time in the world to bring back your restricted free agents and bam you lose one of your better cheap role players, than you get pissed off gm’s. Good stuff

    Jut imagine if the habs made an offersheet to one of the leafs young guns, and signed him, their would be mad chaos in eastern canada.

  33. WYflyerfan says:

    The difference is that they would demand more money wich in return means first round draft picks. Gange was the first who took a while to sign. The young players he gets under contract quick. So I don’t think this will be an issue.

  34. Aetherial says:

    Regardless of what some people here think, There absolutely *was* an unwritten rule about doing this.

    After the Sabres run last year, there was no reason to not go after one of their numerous RFA’s.

    Clarke just broke that rule, or gentelmen’s agreement if you will.

    Maybe it will come back and bite the Flyers in the ass? Maybe not!

    The thing is, as a hockey fan, I love it! I hope that this opened the floodgates … it just means all that much more possibility of wheeling and dealing 🙂

    As far as driving up salaries…

    They can only go so high people. No longer can one signing screw over everyone else in the league. Teams just don’t have the cash to play around with.

    There is an example of this right in your face… Anson Carter. He would be signing for 4 or 5 million this year under the old CBA… *one* of the usual suspects would have paid him that. The truth is though, he is the odd man out.

    If salaries for certain types of players increase, then either the bottom feeders will have to raise their payrolls, or the salaries for certain other types/statuses of players decreases. A lot of teams are flirting with the cap.

    … give it a chance, Bob Clarke may have just done a great thing for fans!

  35. FlamingHomer says:

    I think your speculation is very accurate. Welcome to the NHL, Mr. Nonis

  36. big_booty says:

    First of all, where is the “Clarke really wants Naslund and is willing to trade Gagne” sentiment coming from? I think this is the first time any one of us has heard that. Gagne and Jeff Carter for Naslund and Kessler? Makes no sense whatsoever, I don’t believe it for a second.

    For all you bellyachers who are calling for Clarkie’s head on a stake, you would do well to drink a tall glass of shut-the-hell-up and pay attention:

    1) Primeau is retiring. This frees up salary for Gagne’s new deal, but also creates a hole in the lineup. Kessler is a big, young, hard-driving center in the Primeau mold who would come at about half Primeau’s price. Ergo, the move makes perfect sense.

    2) Those who complain that Kessler is getting overpaid are probably right, but that is how the group II offer sheets work. Don’t believe me? See: Sakic, Joe. Gratton, Chris. Federov, Sergei.

    3) Those who complain that Clarke is breaking a “gentlemen’s agreement” are flat-out kidding themselves. Those type of unspoken promises and unwritten laws can not only be broken from time to time (see: Sakic, Joe. Gratton, Chris. Federov, Sergei), but could also be construed as collusion. Any labor lawyer worth a salt could take depositions from any number of sources and present them to the NLCB. But we have labor peace and don’t want that disturbed now, do we?

    4) Those who complain that Clarke is driving up salaries with this move seem quick to forget that highly over-rated players like Pavel Kubina are suddenly worth five million dollars per season.

  37. marcs797 says:

    if hes not worth it why are the canucks going to match the offer?

  38. big_booty says:

    Forgot this:

    5) Anyone who thinks that players like Joni Pitkanen, Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, and RJ Umberger are going to get HUGE offer sheets when they become RFA’s as payback for this move is a complete moron. The Flyers historically have taken care of their own, and don’t lose a bunch of players to free agency. In all likelyhood, these players will be locked up to long term deals before they reach restricted free agency. And if, by some miracle or harmonic convergence, some idiot GM decides he wants one of them bad enough and throws a boatload of cash their way, Clarke will take the draft picks and laugh all the way to the bank.

    So there.

  39. Aetherial says:

    The last time that “from time to time” occurred was what 1999? At that time, this sort of thing did occasionally happen. It is a helluva lot less than “from time to time” in recent history.

    Therefore there most definitely IS an unspoken agreement in place, and there IS collusion.

    The problem is, that as long as there is compensation oweing (draft picks) it is all but impossible to prove. Every team can simply say either they did not have the money to pursue an RFA, they were not interested, or they did not want to give up draft picks… all perfectly rational answers, especially in a cap environment.

    Hey, I am all for what Clarke did but to ignore the fact that this is NOT normal (hopefully it becomes normal) and to suppose that there was no “unspoken agreement” in place is naive at best.

    (See: NHL RFA, Every single one for the past 7 years).

  40. Aetherial says:

    Have to agree here…

    I am just hoping that this move makes it more of a commonplace tactic among GMs.

    I remember doing an analysis on this board a couple years ago basically asking the question whether or not 5 first rounders was a fair price for a marquis player.

    I looked at the teams’ past 5 years draft picks.

    Overall, I could conclude that for a front-line player, it was actually a worthwhile move to give up the compensation to sign him.

    Most teams will match though, especially with a cap. Teams are not likely to go way over market just to sign another team’s RFA.

    So, in the end, this move by Clarke may have absolutely no effect on anything whatsoever.

  41. cecilturtle says:

    There are so many reasons that Leetch would never sign in Philadelphia that it would be impossible to list them all… Just take my word for it that Leetch is smart enough to not subject himself to the harsh critism of the Philadelphia Fans, Media, and Management in the last year or two of his career. Also, I’m sure he heard plenty of Philadelphia horror stories from Lindros. Not to mention how everyone in the Spectrum?, FUC Center?, What ever the corporate name your arena was pimped out to at that time by Comcast… Cheered when Podeen broke Leetch’s Arm in the playoffs. I mean Leetch played in MSG! The worlds most famous arena his whole career except for last… He understands there is no substitute for New York anywhere! Especially not in Philly! Leetch in Orange and Black… If not for Wang running the Islanders, that would be the stupidest idea I could remember in a long time!

    Cecil Turtle

  42. nova_scotia123 says:

    I don’t think Shultz will be a spare. pretty sure he will be playing

  43. kamullia says:

    Many reasons, for one, not to let Clarke get the best of it. For two, the Canucks do want Kesler, and were in the process of signing him to a contract, but a realistic one. In fact, they were reportedly very close to signing him to a two-year contract which combined, was less than what he is going to get in one year now, thanks to Clarke. Kesler shows enough promise to be worth while to grossly overpay for him, in the hope that he will live up to bigger expectations.

    But from wanting to keep him, to Kesler being worth the $1.9M are two different animals altogether. If the offer would have been slightly higher, the Canucks would have probably walked away from it, but Clarke himself could not afford to give a much higher offer. Clarke obviously did not think this through, or he lives in a world of his own. Those same GMs that have been talking to the press expressed that they too would have matched the offer if at all possible, regardless of Kesler’s real worth (I am sure they all meant up to a point, of course). Just so happens that $1.9M was within range (and Clarke should have known that), and therefore they will sign him and all Clarke will have accomplished is get many people mad at him and the Flyers, other than restrict the Canucks a bit. Clarke might as well gotten all 29 GMs on the phone and said simulstaneously: “Is everyone there? Good. SCREW YOU ALL! *dial tone*”

    And in fact, that is basically what he told TSN today. The Flyers should seriously consider (not do, just plan B in case) at this point a replacement for Clarke, in the eventuality that he truly gets black balled by the other 29 GMs. If he is not able to broker trades, he is worthless, because signing players to contracts can be done effectively by people with much lower skills.

  44. flyersfan21 says:

    Even though RJ was a first round pick, the Canucks traded him to the Rangers and the Rangers didnt want him so Clarke signed him.

  45. wingerxxx says:

    The bellyaching really needs to stop. If I were Clarke, I’d probably do the same thing, given that Primeau is retiring. He is a hardline GM, and he doesn’t give a crap about hurting other people’s feelings. He just cares about his team. Granted, I hate Clarke, and I hate the Flyers, but there is a reason why signing RFA’s is written into the CBA. It’s not like this has never happened before. The Naslund thing is nonsense.

  46. neilios says:

    Clarke is a dink I always respected Clarke but after this crap he is a complete assmuncher.The Canucks and Kelser where only like like 300 000 apart and then Clarke gives him like 900 000 more thats just bull shit 2 mill for a 10 goal scorer smart move Clarke.Dont get me wrong Kesler will put up some huge #s this year playing with Nassy and Moe,so I hope that they lock him up for couple years now like a 15 year contract for 1.9 a season.Canucks will be a top 4 team in the West this year they have kesler and the next martin St.Louis coming up in Reid so watch out West,and the best D core in the NHL starting with Luongo and Ohlund,Mitchell,and Bourdon is looking like $ right now in training camp.

  47. J_Retz says:

    Why does everyone blame Clarke for bidding on a guy? It’s a perfect business-like move and it should be done more often. It’s a win-win situation for the flyers. I’m sure Clarke could care less if the nucks kept Kessler. When you don’t win the cup the year before you’re always gonna try something new.

  48. sean2006 says:

    Im a huge Canucks fan, and have been for a long time. Although Im choked at the thought of the Canucks losing Kesler, I think Clarke is merely taking swift action, knowing that he lost a centerman, and the replacement cupboards are looking really bare. Clarke doesnt want to give anything up, and is willing to pay to get what he wants. It’s a bummer for the Canucks, but Clarke’s action is within the structure of the CBA and above the board.

  49. gojiclan says:

    Boo Hoo all the other GMs are crying because Clarke grew a pair. Last time i checked signing RFAs is allowed in this league. If they don’t like it, tough. Unwritten rules are a bunch of crap, and any GM that claims otherwise should be ashamed to consider themselves businessmen.

    All Clarke did was prove the rest of the league that they are weak and spineless. If you are not willing to compensate the other team, then dont try to sign restricted free agents. But for gods sake DO NOT quarrel at another person’s decision to play by the rules.

    The GM’s that claim there is an unwritten rule should go cry to their mommy, because there is no sympathy for their fears from me.

  50. gojiclan says:

    Boo Hoo all the other GMs are crying because Clarke grew a pair. Last time i checked signing RFAs is allowed in this league. If they don’t like it, tough. Unwritten rules are a bunch of crap, and any GM that claims otherwise should be ashamed to consider themselves businessmen.

    All Clarke did was prove the rest of the league that they are weak and spineless. If you are not willing to compensate the other team, then dont try to sign restricted free agents. But for gods sake DO NOT quarrel at another person’s decision to play by the rules.

    The GM’s that claim there is an unwritten rule should go cry to their mommy, because there is no sympathy for their fears from me.

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