Ryan Smyth to Colorado to be announced soon?

According to Howard Berger on HockeyBuzz, Ryan Smyth to Colorado is almost done.
Go inside to see how it developped…

First, Berger came up with this update:

As of 9:45 p.m. EDT tonight, a good source tells me Ryan Smyth has narrowed his list of teams to four — Colorado, Calgary, Montreal and the Islanders. The Canadiens have the most tempting offer on the table at $39 million over six years, which means Smyth would be guaranteed to make $6.5 million in the final season of the contract at age 37. Not a bad number. But, neither Smyth nor his wife are said to be happy with playing in Montreal. Smyth reportedly told his agent, Don Meehan, that he didn’t like the Maple Leafs’ depth, and does not believe the Canadiens or the Islanders will be strong enough teams in the immediate future. The Islanders have a five-year, $32.5 million deal ($6.5 million/season) on the table.

Right now, it appears to be between Colorado and Calgary. Avalanche captain Joe Sakic is pushing Smyth hard to sign in Denver. The Avs have offered Smyth $31.25 million over five years ($6.25/season). The Flames have two offers on the table — five years at $6.15 million per season, or six years at $5.67 per season. Privacy could be an issue with the Smyth family, which might take Calgary out of the picture; Smyth would be swamped in every corner of that hockey-mad city if he signed with the Flames.

He then annouced this:

Ryan Smyth has instructed agent Don Meehan to proceed with the Colorado Avalanche, accepting a five-year contract worth $31 million. Contract breaks down as follows:

Year 1: $8 million ($4 million salary/$4 million signing bonus)
Year 2: $7.25 million
Year 3: $6.5 million
Year 4: $5.25 million
Year 5: $4.0 million

Contract has a no-movement clause.

Meehan has told Avs’ GM Francois Giguere that [his client will be an Avs] if he accepts all terms of his deal. Should be done soon.

24 Responses to Ryan Smyth to Colorado to be announced soon?

  1. flamingsenator says:


    hes giving up playing with iginla and kip to play with sakic and theo?…BOOERNS!!

    ill say this

    he went on about playing for a canadian team…then just snubbed them all cuz theyre "hockey mad"…..bunch of bs….he knows wat happens wen u play for a canadian team…

    with that being said…why dont all players just play for florida and california teams for the "peace and quiet"

    "a mad calgary fan" hahaha

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

     Ryan Smyth is an idiot if he doesn't think that Montreal will be a strong team in the immediate future, Christ they are just as strong now as Colorado with a much brighter future. I can understand Smyth not wanting to play in the media circus that is Montreal but to say that we won't be a strong team soon enough for him to win is pure f**king bulls*it.

     P.S. if it isn't already painfully obvious the frikken media in Montreal better learn damn quick that they are the main reason the Habs cannot sign any of these top UFAs, and they damn well better start doing something te rectify the situation.

  3. Mainer87 says:

    I know where u r coming from man. Howard Berger of fan 590 said the habs offered Smyth over a million dollards more but "Captain Canada" said the habs and leafs are not good enough to play for. Enjoy Colorado, Captain Douchebag.

  4. Mainer87 says:

    100% agree with you man. F..K Smyth.

  5. flamingsenator says:

    is it me or did smyth just ruin his name

    i hate the leafs…but with toskala and blake…..these guys are gonna be alot better than last year….especially since they kept the entire core

    also….if the habs cant get smyth for THAT much money….the habs can get NO ONE….

    the flames offer was MORE than fair….wats more…they even gave him a choice 🙂 haha…..i loved smitty….but if he wanted quiet….go to florida…its where everyone else is going

  6. Komic-J says:

    I didn't even know that the Habs were after Ryan Smyth. He's the only guy I really wanted, but I thought for sure that Bob had his eyes set on Briere, and Briere only.

    It kills me to see that we tried to get him, offered him even more money, but still watch him sign with another team. I can't really blame him though, Montreal is a very tough place to play, and evethough the offer made by the Canadiens was superior, he'll get more money in his pocket in Colorado.

    I just think he's the type of guy Montreal fans would have been crazy about. Shows up every night…

  7. wingerxxx says:

    This move, plus the deal for Scott Hannan makes the Avalanche winners today.  Colorado fans have their future captain now. 

    And you've got to believe that the chance to skate with Joe Sakic played a big role in Smyth going to Colorado. 

  8. malkin_71 says:

    And he called him self Captin Canada……

  9. hattrick44 says:

    Wow are u guys really mad at smyth for going to colorado of just not going to your team. Unlike most players he took a bit of a pay cut to be on a winning team. Sure edmonton was offering him 5.5 mill but that alot less then he is making now and he must feel colarado has a good team and he probably wants to win. So what he didnt go to Calgary he probably knew that every one in edmonton was dispise him for that and probably still loves the city of edmonton who's fans are angred for a reason yet to be seen to me.

  10. habskovalev27 says:

    winning team ?? uuuuhhhh…Colorado…with Jose ? uuuuhhhh….

  11. Penssuck says:

    The leafs and canadians aren't good enough for a player of his caliber.  He wants to win, and he wants a team dedicated to winning.  Plus the taxes in canada suck ass when you're being paid butt loads of cash.

  12. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    But the tax in montreal is so brutal he would have made even less even tho they are offering him a million more ahaha plus he has to speak french there!

  13. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    They only have Theodore for another year.  I say good for Smyth.  He owe's the Oilers nothing, and he owes the Islanders nothing.  He bled for the Oilers and they threw him away.  I hope he goes and scores a hattrick evertime he's in Edmonton.

  14. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Goodbye Forever Smitty!!!

    An era has truly ended in Edmonton, with Ryan Smyth and Jason Smith gone now. I love the way the Edmonton Oiler's are creating an entirely new team, with more trades/signings to come.

    And I'm happy that Ryan Smyth signed with Colorado, instead of Calgary……It's gonna be fun watching my Oilers beatup on the Avs and Flames this year, and we'll show Smyth why he should have taken the Oiler's offer, because we are winning the cup this year.

    Nice trade today K-Lowe, Joni Pitkanen is gonna look great in the Copper and Blue. Hopefully Geoff Sanderson will be able to provide some leadership in the lockerroom now, and maybe pot a few goals.

    Nice job K-Lowe, keep the deals coming…….

    GO OILERS GO!!!! 2008 Stanley Cup Champions!!! City Of Champions!!!

  15. Penssuck says:

    Finally a response with class and pride.  Thank you for not flaming on a player just because of where he signed.

    We should all take a page from this person's book.

  16. Oil-Life says:

    yah i gotta agree with smytty on this one pal.  im glad hes not in canada and is still playin in the oil division! go smytty go!

  17. Oil-Life says:

    yep! go ryan go!

  18. Oil-Life says:

    haha id pay to see that! im with ryan all the way (glad hes not a flame lol)

  19. Jrugges says:

    I'm not too happy at all about this signing, Lol. I'm a die-hard redwings fan and absolutely hate this team but DAMN they are getting to look alot better. They added some good solid defence by signing Hannan, but even more offense/girt/leadership/all good quality's by signing Smyth. The goaltending looks like it'll be held down by Budaj, or atleast someone split with Theodore. The defense looks solid with Liles, Leopold, and now Hannan. The offense is really scary now with young bucks like Wolski, Stastny, Arnason, and Svatos(assuming he resign's RFA), But… they've also got proven vets like Sakic, Hejduk, Brunette, Laperriere to help guide the young players in the right direction, along with coming up in big times playes that they've been known to do when it's been needed.

  20. habsoverserver says:

    you think smyth really said that about montreal?  you think gainey called him offered him $30 mil and ryan said, "sorry dude, you guys suck?" 

    maybe ryan said montreal hasn't been a strong team for 15 years and didn't make the playoff last year. 

  21. Gretzkin says:


    more please.
    good too see you TheRocker
  22. hattrick44 says:

    I know fan likes to think that there team is going to win the cup but as a oilers fan you have to know that its gonna take a miracle. The have lost Ryan Smyth and Jason Smith two great leaders and dwanye roloson is only getting older and for a team that is all about defense where dose Pitkanen fit in he was a minus 25 last year

  23. superjoefan says:

    WOW can't beleave how pissed most of you are it makes no sense. Just because Smyth signed with the Avs does not say a damn thing about person he is your all just a bunch of babies. He signed with them because it was the best move for himself and his family and thats what is most important. And just for the record Janettytherocker your oilers will not win the cup in 2008, infact they wont even make the playoffs, sorry bud but the coming season will be a very long season for you and all other Oiler fans( not runnin them down just stating a fact).

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