Ryan Smyth to Colorado to be announced soon?

According to Howard Berger on HockeyBuzz, Ryan Smyth to Colorado is almost done.
Go inside to see how it developped…

First, Berger came up with this update:

As of 9:45 p.m. EDT tonight, a good source tells me Ryan Smyth has narrowed his list of teams to four — Colorado, Calgary, Montreal and the Islanders. The Canadiens have the most tempting offer on the table at $39 million over six years, which means Smyth would be guaranteed to make $6.5 million in the final season of the contract at age 37. Not a bad number. But, neither Smyth nor his wife are said to be happy with playing in Montreal. Smyth reportedly told his agent, Don Meehan, that he didn’t like the Maple Leafs’ depth, and does not believe the Canadiens or the Islanders will be strong enough teams in the immediate future. The Islanders have a five-year, $32.5 million deal ($6.5 million/season) on the table.

Right now, it appears to be between Colorado and Calgary. Avalanche captain Joe Sakic is pushing Smyth hard to sign in Denver. The Avs have offered Smyth $31.25 million over five years ($6.25/season). The Flames have two offers on the table — five years at $6.15 million per season, or six years at $5.67 per season. Privacy could be an issue with the Smyth family, which might take Calgary out of the picture; Smyth would be swamped in every corner of that hockey-mad city if he signed with the Flames.

He then annouced this:

Ryan Smyth has instructed agent Don Meehan to proceed with the Colorado Avalanche, accepting a five-year contract worth $31 million. Contract breaks down as follows:

Year 1: $8 million ($4 million salary/$4 million signing bonus)
Year 2: $7.25 million
Year 3: $6.5 million
Year 4: $5.25 million
Year 5: $4.0 million

Contract has a no-movement clause.

Meehan has told Avs’ GM Francois Giguere that [his client will be an Avs] if he accepts all terms of his deal. Should be done soon.