Ryder Riding the Pine

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Sportsnet.ca is reporting that Michael Ryder is riding the pine in Montreal. Apparently Ryder was benched for the third period of the game against Atlanta and his production is not up to par so far this season. Coach Carbonneau is suggesting that he needs to shoot the puck more and that his rate of play must increase. HTR takes note of the courage that coach Carbonneau displays. It is not easy to be a head coach and have to make tough moves in a hockey crazy city such as Montreal however Carbonneau continues to bench players that are not playing to their potential.

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  1. bauble74 says:

    With no disrespect to Ryder, the guy is a one move player. He tries to move the puck with the exact same back hand move but keeps getting caught each and everytime. Most of his goals are scored on the power play after getting a good feed from either Koivu or Kovalev. When he tries to play the puck it results in the opposition picking it up and going to their offensive zone. It's true that he makes allot of shots to the net but some of then from impossible angles and had he passed the puck to a teamate they would often get a better chance to score. In all Ryder is a one dimentional player and all he should do is stay on the goalie's right side and wait for the pass. I know this sounds idiotic but that's how he scores a majority of his goals.

  2. leafy says:

    Ryder owns one of the best shots in the league from up high, so if he isn't shooting, he's throwing away his bread-and-butter skill.

    He had better start shooting because he isn't much of a playmaker.

    Just a question of him finding the open areas, which he's done very well throughout his career.

    Let's see if Carbonneau's strategy works.

  3. leafy says:

    It's true he's one-dimensional but, then again, his job is to fill the net, which he's made a career of.

    The guy has scored at least 25 goals every year in the NHL.

    When he's on, I'd take him on my team any day.

  4. habsrock99 says:

    This is Ryder's UFA year, as everyone knows, but if he thinks playing like he has is going to earn him a big contract, he's dreaming. If he ends up playing like this the rest of the year and then demands big money, I say let him go, the last thing we need is another inconsistent guy under contract. (The other was Kovalev but he's playing great right now)

  5. neilios says:

    Its been reported from Sportsnet.ca that the Habs and Nucks are trying to work outta deal but whats holding it up is the draft picks been involved.The players been mentioned in the deal are.

    To Habs-Burrows,Bourdon,and Arron Miller
    To Canucks-Ryder and Josh Gorges

    I think the deal works for both teams and Miller is just in the deal for salary purposes but I think would be an assist for the Habs.

  6. THEGREATHAB says:

    First of all, I have to say I like Ryder, he is the most underrated 30 goal scorer in the league. That being said, his benching will probably spell the end of him in Montreal,  I mean he likely will not resign now  and Carbonneau has forced Gainey to think about a trade.  If the Habs are to trade him,  he will likely be packaged with a D to get something in return.  My only question is this,  who will fill the void left by Ryder?   Say what you want but he is a goal scorer, who right now is in a bit of a slump,  I cant think of any team willing to give up on a goal scorer as quickly as Montreal.  Other teams will use this benching as leverage to try to steal him.   I have heard talk of Marleau (apparently because of SJ struggles and his new salary), Avery (Who would be a third line player), Zherdev (if you think Kovalev has an attitude), and Tanguay (who Keenan apparently dislikes)  The only two of these worth persuing is Marleau, who by the way will likely end his carreer in SJ,  and Tanguay, who with the way Calgary is playing is not likely to go anywhere.
    I say Montreal try to go out and trade one UFA for another,  package a young D(Gorges) and a prospect(Halak) with him and go after Hossa.  We could eat the salary this year and re-evaluate at the end of the year.  Here is a guy who would help the team immediately and we would not have to give up our future for him.
    Personally however I would rather Ryder start producing like he can,  and stay for the year, we could then go after Hossa in the offseason if we wanted. 
    One more thing,  we need Latandresse to start playing like he belongs in the NHL,  this would take some of the heat off Ryder.

  7. Lint07 says:

    I'd personally drive Ryder to the airport if we could fetch a 2nd pick for him so if this deal was to ever happen, I'd be making backflips.

  8. Lint07 says:

    the guy couldn't make a pass to save his life…
    he would try a shot on goal even if he was on the Bell Center parking lot so I don't see why someone would need to tell him to shoot more.

  9. Lint07 says:

    I'd say he's the most useless 30-goal scorer in the league, but that's just me.

  10. habsrock99 says:

    That isn't on sportsnet.ca, I looked. The only things on there are

    1. Ryding The Pine, the Ryder benching article, which says nothing about Vancouver trading for him.

    2. Bouillon Hurt, Habs Want Rule Change, which, again, says nothing about a Canucks-Habs trade. But, at the same time, a very good article which makes a lot of sense.

    3. Lawyer Irked About Koivu's Lack of French, again, nothing about Ryder being dealt to the Canucks.

    Show me the link to this "article". Or is this a trade you did in NHL 08?

  11. habsrock99 says:

    Most inconsistent definitely. Starts off with like 3 in first 5-7 games. Goes 10-15 with just 3, scores 5-7 in 6 games, goes another 10 with just 1, scores 4-6 in next 5 games then skids off and does nothing for 15 games then ends the year on a hot streak, usually 10 goals in 15 games. And you end with a typical Ryder 30 goals, with like 25 on the PP.

  12. habsoverserver says:

    he is the leading powerplay scorer in the nhl since joining the league.  but by no means is he a first line player. 

  13. Archion113 says:

    Here's to hopeing he doesn't do anything tonight…

    Should be a good game.

    Go Flyers!

  14. habsoverserver says:

    ryder can't bring much in return (pending ufa in a slump, can't score at full strength) and he's not part of gainey's long term plans so he is not long for the first line.  ryder is a "30 goal scorer"  but peeling back the onion, as i have done several times on this site, he is a first line wing who scored 12 and 11 even strength goals over the past two seasons respectively. these are among the lowest tallies for a first line wing.  conversely, he actually leads the nhl in powerplay goals since he joined the league in 03.  he's on track for 10 even strength goals which is no worse than other seasons. 

    in the preseason, i wrote on this site that the loss of souray would allow opposing defensemen to cheat against ryder on the powerplay, since they would not have to worry about the point shot.  i said this would prevent him from scoring as many powerplay goals and that he would probably struggle to score 20 goals this season.  it doesn't take much brainpower to realize ryder would struggle.  that's probably why gainey didn't pay him much for his 30 goals.  carbo is powerless to help him.  

    no Habs forward is doing well at full strength. 
    koivu – 0 full strength goals
    higgins – 2 full stength goals + 1 empty net goal
    plekanec – 0
    kovalev – 2
    ryder – 1
    latendresse -1
    chipchura – 2 – ok – that's decent considering his ice time and linemates
    rest of fwds – 3 goals

    Over 11 games, the top line has three 5 on 5 goals.  over 50% of montreal's offense is generated on teh powerplay, compared to 31% league wide.   the forwards are scoring one even strength goal a game. 

    montreal has an awesome powerplay and a goal is a goal but they have to pick it up at even strength, because powerplay are harder to come by in the playoffs.  also helping is that the defensemen are scoring a ton of goals. 

    the great news is that if montreal gets out of their even strength slump and continues to succeed on the powerplay, they will be unstoppable.  the fear is that if the powerplay slows, they will have a tough time winning. 

    ryder isn't going to bring much in return and he is only  a small part of a long standing problem of anemic even strength scoring.  but hey when an 8th round pick gives you 85 goals over three seasons, that's huge.  the fact that the organization can't find a legit first line wing is the root issue. 

  15. prairiehab says:

    I know everyone is down on Ryder and for good reason. But the guy can score. He has proven that.
    But with your proposed trade, is a consistant 30 goal man(no matter if he is a UFA) only worth a 4th Line Agitator.
    I realize Bourdon is a better prospect D then Gorges, so maybe that's where the deal even's out.

    Honestly I don't know much about either of Burrows or Bourdon, all I am going by is stats and what TSN writes about them.
    So unless Burrows is a going to break out and score a ton of goals I don't see how this deals helps us.
    Other then just getting rid of Ryder because Habs fans need someone to dislike and this year it is Ryder.

    I mean I don't like how the guy is playing either and wish we would have a better scorer on our first line.
    But it seems everyone thinks that we just need to Dump Ryder for anything because we have some depth on forward and we can't have that so get rid of ryder and promote Akos to first line. But with Akos's age and expierence is he going to be able to score anymore then Ryder or play any better in the back end this year?
    So like I said above, I don't know much about the nuck's young guys, so please enlight me how this deal helps us.
    You said miller is just there to even out Salary, So this is how I see the deal.

    Ryder (consistant 30 goal 60 point man), poor defense, but natural sniper intstincts when ploped in front of the net, 27 yr old UFA
    Burrow (4th line enregy Agitiator) 26 yr old but has limited scoring intstincts and hands 9pts in 81 gms last year

    Gorges 23 yrs old Defensive D, Career 6th Dman
    Luc Bourdon 20yr old D Prospect ( I don't know how good he is)

    Miller for Salary diference (maybe some picks exchanged)

    So we get 2 dmen and a 4th liner for 1 d and a 1st/2nd liner.

    Is Bourdon any better then any of our plethora of D Prospects we already have in the minors, and if he is does he stick with the habs this year and if so who does he replace?

    Who would Miller Replace?

    Who does Burrow replace?

    But the one thing I do know is that we are able to promote one of Grabs or Kost to replace Ryder and hope they perform, But will they be able to do any better then we have now?
    And does the Media and fans ruin their confidence as soon as they are not scoring a goal a night because they are playing with koivu and are expected to do so, or as soon as the make an inexpeirenced Defensive blunder?

  16. mtlman2005 says:

    completely agree! the this is, he isn't on that much… 🙁

  17. prairiehab says:

    Everyone knows there 5 on 5 was pathetic last year.
    That was the biggest thing to improve coming into training camp this year.
    But in order to improve there play 5 on 5 where do you have to start?
    Do you start by taking more chances offensively 5 on 5? Or do you first start with your team defense and work your way forward.

    You have to admit that there team defense 5 on5 has been better this year. So give the Offense a little bit more time to adjust, because I would rather see no goals scored on or for even strength then 4 goals scored for and 6 scored against.

  18. darcysucker says:

    How is this neews?  So what carbo benched a guy during the 3rd period, he's not producing he's got to get the message, Ryder simply has to shoot the puck more it was the same thing last year.  Just because Carbo benches him doesn't mean he's getting traded, it's just a wake up call, besides as far as I know he's playing tonight.  By the way I wouldn't trust sportsnet as a good news source, it's a pretty bad sports channel, and they do not know much about the habs, they usually just talk about the leafs.  If you want to know what's really going on in the habs world learn french and check out rds, or go to habsinsideout.

  19. habsoverserver says:

    Good points.

    Tell carbo to lay off ryder for not taking as many shots.   by your logic, he should be pleased with the team for focusing on defense. 

    benching ryder tells me he wants more offense. 

  20. leafy says:

    He isn't "on" so far this year – for the first time in his career.  I'd wait a little longer before calling him a Samsonov.

    More than likely, opposing teams are preventing him from finding the open spaces, which is how he scores most of his goals with his good shot.  He has to fight through it.

  21. mtlman2005 says:

    I would never call him a Samsonov, but the thing with Ryder is that he will play amazing for 5 games, score 8 goals and everyone will be happy. But for the next 15 you won't see him… and then he'll come back. He just needs to be more constant and then no one would complain and he would get his big contract… He reminds me of Kovalev, but when Ryder plays he's never BAD, he's just invisible…

  22. mtlman2005 says:

    Agreed. He already have sooo many Dman and we don't need a 4th liner… What I would like from Vancouver would be Naslund, but I know that we would have to give up more than that…

  23. mtlman2005 says:

    just came to me, and i'm thinking out loud here but Ryder and Grabovski for Naslund?
    Grabovski would be a PERFECT center for the Sedin twins. He's fast, intense, and can pass/shoot pretty well. Maybe we throw in a pick to make it fair.

  24. mtlman2005 says:

    are you serious about that stat?

  25. habsrock99 says:

    Naslund would do nothing in Montreal. Plus he's 33, seen better days and has been talking about leaving the NHL when he turns 34. (He's been saying that since he was 28). He is, however, an upgrade over Ryder but hasn't done much since the lock-out. Plus, I still have faith in Grabovski and I see him being a future 2nd line Winger, not a center.

  26. ferron says:

      Trading Ryder would solve a lot of problems in MTL, right now we have no space on the two first lines to develope players like Latendresse, Kostitsyn and Grabovski, those are players who where born to play offensive hockey. Also Chipchura' s looking better every games and why was the line of Kostitsyn/Plekanec/Higgins was split up after having a massive offensive production for last year's  last twenty games! Latendresse plays great along Kovy or Koivu and will never be known for his defensive abilities so lets try the three of them together . Hopefully we will get draft picks for Ryder(maybe a third rounder) and Huet(1rst rounder) who looked good this year, cause we don't have any space for new  player(s) on our team! One more thing, why is Gorges still in NHL?  And why isn't O'Byrne given a chance yet? Brisebois starts to look more like the Patrice "I" know every day! The biggest surprise this year is Dandenault, he beats a lot of foward with his speed and look much better as a defensive foward.



    Goerges play the other day was one of the worst play, I've ever seen during an NHL game! I wish he never plays in MTL again!

  27. MR40 says:

    I don't think that make's sense for Vancouver.

    As overpaid as Naslund is he can absolutly fetch atleast a 1st rounder at the trade deadline. I'm a Canuck's fan, but I really don't see the Canuck's making the playoffs this year. I think Naslund, Miller, Morrison, and Cooke will all be traded. If Danius Zubrus can fetch a 1st rounder, then Naslund could probably fetch a 1st rounder + a solid prospect (some GM's are REALLY dumb, and would give up a lot for a player like him).

    To Atlanta (desperate to get in the playoffs, so Waddell doesn't lose his job): Markus Naslund
    To Vancouver: 1st rounder, Bryan Little, Boris Valabik (a huge bust for a 10th overall pick, but I think still think has big upside)

    That's only a little bit more then they gave up for Keith Tkachuk.

  28. leafy says:

    I dig.  That pretty much describes Ponikarovski of the Leafs.

  29. jarcpitre says:

    Good for Carbs, I think he's doing an excellent job with Montreal. I wish my Leafs did this with some of their players, but then again who would we have playing. Can't wait for the game Saturday night, but I hope the right Leafs team shows up.

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