Ryder Signed

The Montreal Canadiens have signed winger Michael Ryder to a one-year contract. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.The Montreal Canadiens avoided salary arbitration with winger Michael Ryder.
Ryder scored 30 goals and added 28 assists in 82 games with Montreal last season.

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  1. nordiques100 says:

    well you're obviously gullible. some of his "facts" were in fact incorrect

  2. Shatterday says:

    Ryder can't skater? WTH you talking about?. Have you seen Ryder skate without his back injury? Him and Higgins were flying on the ice when both were healthy.

  3. the_word says:

    Definitely seeing a lot of extreme positions taken on Ryder.  The fact is, he's star and not an allstar.  A fringe top line winger, perfect to have on a 2nd line.  He has trade value, but he won't land someone like Lecalvier, Hossa, not even Marleau.

  4. habz2007 says:

    Resigning Ryder i hope was just to deal him yah he scored 2 30 goal season and thats good but how many times did he give the puck away and look at his plus minus rating and the habs could get good market for a player that scored 2 30 goal seasons in a row

  5. ferron says:

       Joe Thorton had around 120 pts in each of is last two seasons, Koivu got around 130 in both is last 2 season and how do you explained that Marleau in is 7 years without Thorton never had over 57 pts? Than you say that they don't play together, so who do you think that the others teams send there best defensive line against Thorton's line or against Marleau's line? Thorton's the only reason why Marleau's actually producing ofensively the last two season and if you think that a player that gets 57 pts a season and will be UFA next season is worth a guy(Ryder) that had better stats than Marleau in there 3 first NHL season, a top ten goalie prospect, and a defenseman(Bouillon) who would probably be top three defenseman on a weak San Jose defensive squad? I want what your smokin!

  6. ferron says:

     This is the average point per games for bot players.
    Ryder= 0.72 PPG
    Marleau=0.68 PPG

    Ryder never played on the same team as an 100 pts man(Thorton) or a 50 goals scorer(Cheechoo). The best player Ryder ever played with was Koivu who's best year was 75 pts. One thing most of us agree on is if Ryder was playing on the same team as Thorton(best passer in NHL with Crosby) Ryder would have better stats than Marleau.

  7. nordiques100 says:

    you dont think age makes any difference? i sure do. marleau was EIGHTEEN when he started. Ryder was TWENTY THREE.

    you have to compare them at the same age. in that case marleau is head and shoulders a better player than ryder. let me break it down for you:

    the number 18 is lower than the number 23. this means that when some is 18 he is young, perhaps less mature and definitely less experienced than someone age 23 who has had more time and opportunity for growth at that age.

    i would have loved to see ryder perform in the NHL at age 18….oh wait he was in junior back then still…….and he spent a couple of seasons in the ECHL as well.

    tell me if you think ryder at age 18 would have performed as well as marleau. you cant. if at that age he couldnt make it to the NHL….and a year or two later couldnt even crack the AHL, what makes you think he would do well in the NHL at such a young age??????

    i did say marleau and thornton dont play together. so you are saying then that because the otehr teams check thornton exclusively thats why marleau got hte points. then i guess sergei fedorov then got a free ride to the hart trophy cause teams focused on yzerman. and forsberg is a hack really and couldnt carry joe sakic's jock strap because he was the 2nd line guy and was purely lucky he was in that situation to take advantage of it. and i guess chris drury is a hack as well because he got the free ride to 7 million dollars thanks to all the work briere did taking on opposing teams top defensive players. and obviously rod brind amour is a joke as well and shouldnt be in the NHL because really eric staal is doing all the work fighting thru all the waves of top defensive talent thrown at him while rod gets to skate through pylons to all the points and glory. and brad richards……why is he even playing hockey? his conn smythe win was a total joke of an award because lecavalier did all the work right?

    so if i understand correctly, your reasoning as to why marleau is better is because thornton took on all the defensive specialists while marleau was free to do whatever he wanted playing against lower class talent. i'm not sure but maybe the canucks changed goalies on the fly to ensure marleau played against lesser talent because i could have sworn that he still had to beat luongo just like thornton. i also think he maybe had to face mikka kiprusoff in calgary too…..but maybe the flames pulled their goalie when marleau was on the ice. or maybe they didnt need to because marleau would have been too busy anyways eating glove from dion phaneuf who i think maybe is a half decent hockey player though no defensive stud like regehr.

    but who cares really. we know marleau is second class. after all he is such a pathetic useless horrible non-hockey player who should be serving coffee at hte local diner…..or at least shining up all the trophies that michael ryder has won so far in his career.

    and i guess if you're right well that makes all those other 2nd class centres i mentioned who had a top guy to play behind a bunch of marleau's as well. by themselves then i would have to assume they would be nothing players without thorntonesque talents carrying the entire load and burden.

    "thornton is the only reason marleau produces". you obviously find something wrong with good players making others around them better. i think thats the whole point of it all. hockey is a team game and no one individual can do it all. if you cant understand taht, your sanity must be questioned.

    marleau is worth way more than ryder based on the last 3 seasons and when both were the same age.

    halak is not a top 10 goalie prospect. i'd rather have these youngsters any day than halak:

    price, pogge, bernier, irving, montoya, schnieder, harding, howard, varlamov, helenius, rask, pavelec. not forgetting the other young goalies in the NHL already like leclaire, lehtonen, ward, budaj, fleury, emery lundqvist.

    "bouillion would probably be a top 3 defenceman" HAHAHAHAHAH that is the most absurd thing i have ever read. rivet, ehrloff, mclaren, vlasic and carle are easily far superior to boullion who is a depth guy at best.

    just that last sentence alone tells me you are smoking the biggest, largest, fattest reefer of horse crap in history.

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